Sunday, January 01, 2017

What is the religious sense of life?

I shall illustrate this examination of the above question in the title heading by exampling that miserable wretched human abomination who goes by the name of Peter Hitchens as being an archetype of the religious sensibility. He appears to be in a perpetual sulk, a sort of airy and weary disdain  for the world and all that is in it which may be affected but one doubts it as it seems to spring from a very real and genuine well of misanthropy and hatred of the world and which manifests in divers ways from his hatred of free markets, his desire for in his words 'protection' from it, a pig headed Luddism and antipathy towards mechanisation which benefits everyone in making goods cheaper and is  especially important to the poor whose cause he putatively champions, a technological revolution that will moreover let us not forget, impact the middle classes every bit as much as the so-called working classes who do or did  manual labour whose decline of course Hitchens vociferously laments.

What is the motivation of this modernity-hatred - a genuine concern for the so called victims of it which as I have hinted by any objective standards, are rather the direct beneficiaries of? I want to posit that it is a misanthropic impulse that informs the religious sensibilities of which Hitchens is one of its most overt and extreme and for that reason most illustrative representatives. According to his bible, work by the sweat of one's brow is man's lot in life,he is a cursed being who was thrown out of paradise and condemned to work like a beast of burden to atone for the sin of being born and rebelling against God by daring to acquire knowledge and thus seek to make himself a God which God will not tolerate as he is by bis own admission a 'jealous god'.So he has to go out of Eden and do physical atoning labour. What does man do instead? He builds devilish machines that do the work for him! O impudent usurper and frustrator of God's will! Smash those machines,build those protectionist walls, get man back to work in the fields or maybe dark satanic mills perchance? Blackadder time: Mechanisation is of the devil!

So we see that the religious sensibility is anti capitalist, anti human life, anti man. Now wonder the Hitchens of this world go around with a permanent sneer and air of disdain and a bad smell under their nose. Modernity is a threat to their whole creaky structure of faith, religious bigotry intolerance and hatred. In the past religion would have put the modernist to the rack, hung drawn and quartered them,smashed their devilish machines and heaped curses and condemend their souls to perpetual torment in the flames of hell. Now they are reduced to pitiable moans and groans of disapproval and tut tutting disapprobation, the petulant and impotent flailings of a defanged beast.For this small mercy of deliverance at least we should all express our  thanks relief and gratitude.

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