Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tax Payers Alliance

It is good there is now a pressure group in the UK seeking to introduce the idea to the population that taxation is not an unalloyed good,and that society can only remain economically viable if taxes are radically reduced.

What a pity our Tories are not paying any attention.They say that economic stability must come before tax cuts as if the two are not joined at the hip.This economic illiteracy is quite alarming until you realiase that the conservatives are little more than socialists pretending to be conservatives,power hungry collectivists whose militant ignorance about how the economy works is only surpassed by Gordon Brown.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Tories Slow Motion Assisted Suicide Program

It is becoming obvious that Conservatives need a new party and that Camoron has lost whatever few marbles he ever had.As Tebbit ponted out today the antics of the reformers have disenfranchised at least 4 million Conservative voters who have stayed at home at election time.

Is the formation of a new party tenable and realistic?Why not.The SDP changed the face of British politics even if just as a catalyst to bring Old Labour to its knees.We could go further and actually start a new party that would supplant the present one of pretenders and chancers.

It would resemble more the present Republican Party ;anti abortion,anti homosexuality,pro death penalty,free market capitalist,limited glovernment,anti regulation, zero tolerant on crime and would take the UK out of the EU,privatise the NHS and the BBC and State Education,slash taxes, formally acknowledge the Gramscian culture war and join it. That would be a start anyway.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hamas: The New Nazi State

The German people voted for Hitler.The 'Palestinians' -( a fictitious construct) -have voted for his Hammas incarnation and this is not a good look.With Iran flexing its nuclear muscles it is surely time for a showdown in that region.

The Western liberal media's fetishisation with all things Arab has helped to wrought a hideous monster with black heart and soul readying itself for a futile and and self immolating attempt at a final solution against the chosen people.Like a moth to a candle it flutters ever closer to its doom...

Friday, January 27, 2006

What I wanted to Post on Raw Carrot's Blog but couldn't

'They go round with an odour of sanctity as if they were a higher life form, these lefties.

They can be liberal with their own lives but not with ours. They can bare their chest in sacrificial victimhood and ersatz love but I will resist their attempt to vicariously inveigle everyone else into their compassion pathology. '

That was my response to his post about what to do with criminals. I haven't yet got my head round how to re register to post comments,or how to log in,or what my details were.When I get my thinking head back I will transfer it to RC's blog. I have even lost my wordpad! Where did that go? Help.! Lack of sleep is not helping!........

I Go I Come Back

Well here we are. My computer had Aids and now it is cured.£80 and a bit of grief later.Only had a few hours sleep so will return when freshed.Thanks for your kind comments.Look forward to reconnecting proper,very soon.