Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Carty and Brown Must Die

They must be tortured to death! I have been thinking since yesterday of different forms of torture that would be befitting them. Something that lasts for years. Creative suggestions are welcome. These black bastards are beyond subhuman they are un human. And they got 15 years. This is the sign of a civilized society? I don't think so.

Strange argument that we gave up the death penalty because it was uncivilized. Are we more civilized as a nation since we abandoned it? The evidence all around is that we are less so, death is treated lightly. Human life is cheap. Take it and you can live in relative luxury inside and then be free to live your life outside after a dozen years or so.

I think I would like to string up all those people who changed the law and who think the present state of affairs is just and fair. Where is the outrage over all of this -have we as a nation been so beaten down that we lie back and take it with nothing but a whimper? Looks like...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cameron: Method (Acting) In His Madness

Eureka! Some of us are slow to catch on. It's an act. Cameron and his Pretty Polly Says Parrotting. A Ruse. A Machievellian ploy. Tebbit is in on it too. His role is to fulminate from the sidelines. Saatchi has a walk on part villifying Cameron for throwing out the tory ballast and free floating in his green balloon.

Coming soon. Metrosexual Dave reveals that he always reads at least three chapters of Marx before going to bed and feels Blair was a bit hasty in jettisoning Clause Four.....

Dark Sarcasm In The Classroom

Are teachers the real school bullies? AN Wilson who appeared on Radio 4 Any Questions last night seems to think so. I think he has a point. We can all remember teachers who seemed to relish making us feel stupid with their 'superior knowledge' ( all got from books and learned parrot fashion of course).

Children can be scarred for life from such malign influence. Very often the teachers are little more than Socialist change-agents engaged in robbing the child of its spirit, soul and individuality under the dark satanic sway of Socialist mind control. Their job is to instill doubt in the minds of their young charges, filling their heads with useless and pointless knowledge, raping their souls with perverted sex education and politcal correctness - polite communism/groupthink.

People who send their children to government school should know that there is a very real possibility that they are the hapless charges of classroom Himmlers.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Down With Skool?

Truancy rates higher than ever - tens of millions of pounds spent on programmes to cut truancy notwithstanding, children being stabbed and murdered in schools, bullying rife, subjects and exams dumbed down, drug culture within schools burgeoning, police called in to keep the peace, teachers drowned in bureaucracy - who said the State can't get things right?

Homes schooling is on the increase and small wonder. The sound of liberal chickens coming home to roost is deafening. And what is the government's solution? (Wait for it, roll of drums) Raise the school leaving age to 18! And send even more illiterate innumerate youths to university.

Not content with doing a Potemkin village on the unemployment figures by shifting all the shiftless on to the disability rolls they now have a new wheeze. Send everyone to university. Media studies anyone?

Only liberals believe any longer that the cure for poisoning is yet more poison. But then how many of them send their children to sink comprehensives Mr Blair? Not many Benny.

The evil (and I use by words advisedly) Mr Hain has pledge to oversee the destruction of the grammar school system in the UK (such as what little of it remains) just as was done in Northern Ireland. Who needs the IRA with intellectual terrorists such as Mr Hain?

So the only sytem that enabled the working class youths to rise up out of the quagmire of their impoverished environment will be removed in order to satisfy the perverse juvenile ideological fantasies of a failed 60's class revolutionary.

Piss Heads Of Europe

So said the producer of BBC's harrowing documentary on alcoholism last night, referring of course to the UK's shocking statistics of alcohol abuse.

Why do people drink was the question posed and one comment - that the drinker is seeking to drown his inner gremlins came pretty close to an answer. Victims of past abuse can temporarlily blotto out painful memories but they end up pickling themselves in a agonised protracted slow motion suicide rout. Others resort to different forms of self medication such as legal or illegal drugs -all with the same woeful result: chemical psychosis, disease and death.

Denial may be a river in Egypt but its pellets of posion are flooding our waters and there is always payback time when the chickens of denial come home to roost.

The cost to the NHS in hospitalising these walking wounded scarred human beings is phenomenal and the institution is at the sharp end, left to patch up as best it can the car wreck lives of people unable to address their inner demons.

What is old peculiar to the British people that makes them so prone to this insane solution and failed salve to the human condition? Could it be the social autism, residue of the stiff upper lip repressive anal conditioning that renders the average Brit tongue tied and awkward without the liquid sollution to oil the social wheels?

Moreover, what deeper causes lead people to act in such a self destructive fashion in the first place? People do not suddenly become drunks over night. Childhood issues and bad parenting obviously play a key part. Very often the most intelligent people are alcoholics and cannot stand the phoniness of the adult world, its hyposcrisy and plasticity. They seek refuge from the horrors of 'reality' in alcoholic haze. As the great Keith Moon once said drink 'gives you a pleasant blur'.

An improper resonse to the stress of human cruelty - which is really another fancy word for evil - is a capitulation to that evil whereby the victim becmes an extension of the will of his tormentor - usually a 'loving' parent. Now the victim is seen to be the one with the problem and the people who projected their problems onto him the innocent party. What a fiendish and devilish plot!

Rewind the tape at this point of the psychodrama and imagine a scenario whereby the victim is given to know that such a dynamic is in play and doesn't respond to the temptation of doubt and hate and resentment in the face of such cruelty but remains unmoved and unfazed. Where does the projected poison go but back to its source - the poisoners who are thus hoist on their own peturd.

Human beings are thus the battle ground upon which the ancient struggle between good and evil are fought. Free will gives us the choice to decide whether we shall be the victims of evil or its vanquishers.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Laugh of the Day

Was Jessica Mitford's diaries read out on radio 4. She was writing to her mother I believe lamenting her sister's involvement with fascism. In a prissy preaching manner she lectured on indignantly about her perceived sibling's treachery - despite the narrator previously stating that she herself had joined - the communist party!

One was a desiccated follower of fascism the other worshipped at the feet of the greatest tyranny of the 20th century and still managed to assume moral superiority. Dumb and dumber...

Monday, November 20, 2006

How Do They Do It?!

So Radio Four does a programme ostensibly about a woman whose child was brutally raped. Feargul Keane is the host and the series is about brave people who make a decision to stand up and be counted in the community. So far, so fair. But here comes the twist. In the town where the heinious crime was commited by foreign youths the BNP used the story in their promotional literature to highlight the problem of crime cuased by immigrants.. The mother of the victim is outraged and decides to stand in the local elections to challenge them.

She is not outraged at the perpetrators of this obscene crime. She is outraged by the BNP. Here is a story the BBC cannot resist and has no doubt done its part to spin. Foraging around for sticks to beat the BNP with is hardly within the Reithian remit but that was violated a long time ago. Fresh from its ignominous defeat where it tried to expose the BNP by secretly recording their speeches in a pub recently the BBC remains undaunted and is back on its mission to smear the only political party that has some ideas about giving this country back to its owners.

Media Studies

In yet another radio4 prog with Andrew Marr the chap was slavering over David Frost who is working for Al Jazeera. Pity Bush didn't land a hit on the station -when Frost was in it. That would have been the week that was. Also one on Bush House please.

Ian Hislop had an interesting prog about going in search of Middle England. He met some chavs hanging around a street corner with the obligatory pittbull straining at the leash. They were asked their opinions of the local grammar schooll pupils and one of the chavs complained that they thought they were superior and looked down on them. Well if you choose to dwell in the gutter dear chavs, people will look down on you. Why not try and ape your betters by raising your game and applying yourselves to life instead of hanging round street corners getting into trouble.

At least the Middle Classes do something with their lives and give something back - apart from extortionate taxes, they give their time to help the less advantaged - and as the Hislop programme made abundantly clear, have been doing so for centuries.

The only mistake they made - and it was a colossal one - was to allow the State with their collusion to take over the humanitarian impulse and Stalinise it via the Welfare State. Misguided middle class intellectuals created a rod for their own backs and now it is all but broken.

Are Palestinians the New Nazis?

Using your own civilians as human shields is just about as low as it is possible to get in a war situation. The Palestinians did it at the weekend by herding men women and children to the home of a known terrorist after Israel announced in advance by phone that his house was going to be destroyed. What other so-called aggressor would give prior warning of attack?

Israel of course, being a human and civilised State, called off the attack as it was not prepared to countenance the death of innocent parties.

The way this story was reported on the World Service BBC was of course very different. It was presented as a victory for the Palestinians who were again presented as the victims even though there have been apparentloy 900 attacks by them on Israel this year.

It seems there is now no depths to which the MSM will not sink in order to portray the Palestinians in a positive light, no pretzellogic it will not indulge in, no moral summersaults or hare brained ratiocinations it will not deploy to invert the simple plain truth, namely that the Palestinians are an artificially created construct, pawns in the pan Arab game of destruction of Israel and for that cause it is quite prepared to sacrifice the welfare, existence and survival of the very people it claims to have most concern for: the 'palestinians' themselves.

Gender Cringe

On another R4 prog yesterday I discovered a new virulent strain of political correctness which I have coined 'Gender Cringe'. Michael? Dobbs and some left wing 'comedian' were running down men - all it seemed to me - to cravenly curry favour with a fellow female guest. It was embarrassing and an inverted form of sexism or gender stereotyping whereby in order to show your right-on feminist credentials you masochistically run down your own gender.

Rather than making women think men are becoming senesitive it is more likely to have the opposite effect and make them even more contemptible in their eyes.

Evil Avenged?

R4 prog about IRA psycho killer prisoners who were given lavish literacy courses in jail and who were released under the 'peace agreement'. Imagine if you are walking along the street and see a man who was responsible for butchering your family or friends and he had a car and a good job,walking around a free person. Wouldn't you want to despatch them to hell -or get someone else to do it for you?

I don't think I would allow such a person to be at liberty.

Under this insane system if Bin Laden was ever captured he would be released in 15 years in the cause of peace.

Perhaps the Northern Ireland folly of appeasement inspired Al Quedia in its terrorism and even led to 9/11. Terrorism rewarded begets more terrorism. Only historical illiteracy could explain such folly.

Go To The Miror Boy, Go To The Mirror..

What is holding you back - if back you are? Go to the mirror boy. The answer is staring you in the face.

Human beings love to blame others for their problems but nine times out of ten it is them to blame. They may have self-limiting ideas about themselves implanted it is true, by others in their formative years but if the tape keeps playing and you don't go for the 'off' button whose fault is that?

I know someone who used to blame Margaret Thatcher for all his problems. If we were out and it began to rain I would say 'bloody Thatcher making it rain again' but he didn't seem to get it.

Of course with the intitutionalised blame culture we have going now no one has to say sorry or own up. Just claim. If you are a drug fiend and mug old ladies to get your high and are sent to jail and cannot get hold of drugs so have to cold turkey you can sue the government for your pain -and you will win. It's 'their' fault you see.

Welfare means never having to own up. In a prison pen of entitlement the inmates are too featherbedded to see that there is no way out and they are in bondage to an evil cult of Socialist mind control.

So in the blame game the finger pointer is screwed by his own mindset unless he can see that liberty can only be had by independence of spirit and mind.If you work for the State in the 'public sector' or need someone to employ you in the so called 'private sector' you are not a name but a number. They own you.

'You don't have to be ruled by inferior beings' said someone, but if you are, your part in the dynamic needs addressing.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Blair Has Secret Irony Bypass Operation

Now that Blair is eliciting the assistance of Iran and Syria to help with the conflict in the Middle East what other creative solutions to problems could follow?

How about inviting foxes to oversee the welfare of the chicken community

Gary Glitter made president of the NSPCC

Any other suggestions?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Figes - Near Flawless Masterpiece

I have just read Orlando Fige's classic history of the Russian Revolution, The People's Tragedy. I wanted to give a brief comment review on Amazon but after doing so and attempting to post it I found out I had to register by giving my credit card details so as I do not trust online credit dealings I have decided to post it here instead rarther than bin it:

This is a classic - as big as its subject but well worth the long haul (over 800 pages). Having just finished it I almost want to start all over again...

My only caveat is that the author is handicapped by his left-leaning sympathies and is prepared to give the architects of Sovietism the benefit of the doubt vis a vis their good intentions whilst not extending the same to their Janus faced collectivist counterparts of Fascism. (Neither of course deserving such 'understanding')

Such a horrible lesson of history should be read by all those who still hanker romantically for collectivist solutions to human problems. One fears such people driven as they are by blind and near theological love of Statism will alas be immune to this monumental exposure of human stupidity.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Small Poppy Syndrome

The white poppy would go well with a white feather.

It is clear the advocates of the White Poppy are lily livered poltroons who want to rain on the parade of all British Patriots for their not so hidden insidious socialist agendas.

These are the same scum who want to save Saddam on sick perverted inverted humanitarian grounds. These are the same liberal scum whom we have allowed to destroy our country.

These are the same liberal scum who took the BNP to court in an outrageous attempt to stifle free speech. Fortunately the jury were having none of it and acquitted these stalwart defenders of liberty and freedom. To those who have created this multicultural cesspit called Britain they are a threat to all they hold dear.

One day these people will be on trial for treason and when they are found guilty - as they most certainly will- they will face the wrath of the people betrayed. And if there is any justice in this world, they will meet their end by firing squad.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Let Him Dangle

Soddom's execution will bring chaos to Iraq? More like closure. Most tyrants escape the rope. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Amin, Castro. The list is endless. I always thought the trial was a big mistake. They should have shot him in his foxhole. To bring the tyrant to court was to presuppose the possibility that he could be innocent of the genocide he committed. There was no such possibility. Still, now the farce is over lets have the denouement.

Thought For The Day

Throw the muslims down the well so my people can be free.

What -can't take a joke? Join the tories. They have just suspended a member for sending 'racist' emails ie telling the truth about UK immigration. Every day Camoron gives me one more reason not to vote tory.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Taxing Question

Why has there never been an anti taxation party/movement in this country? It would be like pushing at an open door. Perhaps it is so obvious no one has done it. I sure would like to put it to the test. Getting financial support one would imagine would not be difficult. No one benefits from high taxation other than the parasitic politicians and administrators and the layabouts on welfare. The working population outnumbers them massively.

This is something to pursue methinks.