Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Intellectual Treason Pt2

As alluded to in the last post and as a follow on, the intellectuals have led everyone down the primrose path and alienated all but their incestuous milieu of self referential cadres with their codified language, obfuscations and tortuous ratiocinations designed deliberately to keep out the riff raff common folk with their jargon-free no nonsense commonsense so feared by the intelligentsia.

Just as the clerics in previous centuries kept their arcane knowledge jealously to themselves, insisting on the use of latin so the congregants would be dependent on their interpretation of scriptures and later with the advent of the printing press were totally hostile to the idea of the bible being made available to the masses, so too the post religious intellectuals have shown the same obscurantist elitism,deliberately couching their intellectual constructs in abstruse impossible to decipher language with tortuous and serpentine prose and hairbrained essays in illogic which left any common reader completely and indeed justifiably baffled, resulting in the most sensible ones ultimately abandoning the field of ideas and philosophy altogether which of course was the motive and purpose of such intellectuals to the begin with ie,to establish a de facto closed shop monopoly, an intellectual caste system of elite rulers of the mind.This is the root of the so-called and much derided 'anti intellectualism' of the English which far from being as presented, a form of militant Phillistinism and abandonment of the mind was nothing more than a self defense mechanism of the sane in the face of a direct assault on the mind and reason from said intellectuals.

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