Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Money For Nothing

When Rudyard Kipling wrote a hundred years ago of a government welfare project whereby people would be paid just 'for existing' some may have thought he was possibly being a tad harsh but now somewhere in Scotland that is about to come to pass literally as they are rolling out an experiment where some people in a few towns will actually be paid just for existing although it will have the characteristic euphemistic gloss that politicians apply when they want to pull a scam on the public and is thus termed universal income.The rationale for why they are doing it? to see if it will discourage the recipients from seeking work.(?!) Politicans kill satire do they not.

Everyone will get it irrespective of income! English taxpayers may feel that funding Scottish communist programmes is just a bridge too far and independence is a consummation to now be devoutly wished and who could frankly blame them. This programme if it is successfull (?) will bankrupt the country so there is obviously something in the water North of the border of sanity and howling madness. The infamous Scottish parsimony is clearly off the menu when English mugs are footing the bill.

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