Saturday, January 07, 2017

An Empty Hull

It is extremely difficult to determine just how much taxpayer's money has been thrown at the Hull Culture Centre bid as all the websites I have visited are extremely coy about details.The most I sould glean was the usual coded reference to 'no direct taxation' has been spent which when decoded means the money has gone through 3rd party State intermediaries,proxy byzantine government bodies,rather like the convolutions of money laundering procedures so hated by the Left when exposing tax evasion operations.

Leaving aside all the obsfuscations and glaring ommissions by the media in covering this story there is the central point that the State has no business bigging up and aggrandizing failed cities with taxpayer's money in an attempt to create a Potemkin Village facade of smoke and mirrors in the hope of by some alchemistic means never explained to turn its fortunes around. Culture zsars are airlifted in to this doomed enterprise and it all has the whiff of White Elephant syndrome that statists revel and specialize in from Olympics on down.The grandfather of all this empty show was Goebelles himself, one of the first Ministers of Culture which profoundly sinister  sinister post has incredibly enough been replicated by most post-war  European countries including alas the UK.

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