Monday, January 02, 2017

My Green Bicycle

One of the major assaults on modernity is the environmentalist movement and of its countless and ugly manifestations in recent times the most irritating surely has to be the resurrection  and fetishisation of the bicycle as a modish mode of transport, driven by Green public policy and ideology and used by its practitioners as a particulary tiresome form of virtue signalling.This has set up a direct confrontation between modernity as represented by the automobile and the bicycle as symbol of Maoist backwardness and boorish reaction  as typified by Peter Hitchens (yes him again) and his kind who insist on riding their bikes in built up areas in a deliberate and conscious attempt to not just arrest modernity but drive it off the roads and out of history altogether.

The bicyclingistas must not be allowed to win this battle and they must be crushed under the juggernaut of history with their hooligan insolence and their flagrant upfront violation of all highway rules and etiquette -one minute they are road users then the traffick lights turn red and they are up on the pavement carreering along and threatening and intimidating pedestrians with their loutish delinquency and recklessness and complete open and unchecked,un policed contempt for others. Yes as kids we were told by policemen patrolling the streets -remember them? to get off the pavement, now they turn away which can only be as a result of orders from on high which of course has been completely captured body and soul by the corosive Green lobby\Gestapo.

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