Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Labour's Metamorphosis

It matters not if Labour survives in its present form under Corbyn,whether they lose the upcoming bi elections or hang on to fight another day. The fact is Ukip is old labour in purple and they have poached the old working class protectionist  unionised Powellite racist wing of the party and co opted them into their new anti immigrant outfit so the party has another logo but the song remains the same. The people's flag is now deepest purple. As long as human nature remains part animal,parasitic and the desire to rule others and regard them as the means to one's ends persists there will always be  statist leftist Labour\Ukip-like  parties appealing to the ugliest in man and his base nature. Purple with rage they are reborn as Ukipites and the old battle for enlightenement and civilization continues.

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