Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Wildly Exagerrated death of History and Politics

When you have an ex Channel 4 economics reporter Mason openly saying on radio 4 that the wealthy rich will be 'taken down' by a Corbyn government and repeating this open threat you know the howling madness of collectivism has returned with a vengeance. Not since the Right wing - let it be noted - Labour chancelor Dennis Healey threatened menacingly that he would 'squeeze the rich until their pips squeaked' in taxation which threat he carried out raising income tax to 99% in the 70's and creating the tax exile phenomenon, have we seen such a direct assault on capitalism  so baldly and starkly articulated.

When Churchill warned that the introduction of the Welfare State in 1945 would necessitate a Gestapo to enforce it he was widely condemned and dismissed as an alarmist/ fantasist and in a sense he was proved wrong because the British people proved perfectly capable and indeed willing to act as their own self enforcing Gestapo and voted for  enslavement through  the ballot box but it is nevertheless an inescapable fact that freedoms have been curtailed and circumscribed in order to bring about this wholesale co option by the State of the individual in practically every area of his life and this latest particularly virulent strain of militant socialist expression is merely an extreme amplification and intensification of what was an already  pretty advanced direction of travel towards a progressive State expansionism. The prevailing orthodoxy and culture of collectivism and anti individualism was very fertile ground for the leftists to emerge and go for a final push from mixed economy to pure socialism as represented by the Corbyn leadership coup.

If anybody believes that Theresa May is going to halt this trend when every speech she gives is interlarded with socialist sentiment of state interventionism and suspicion of capitalism and self advancement they are in for a very rude awakening.With Ukip advancing on the same Old Left protectionist ground there is simply and alarmingly no opposition whatsoever to this Statist collectivist juggernaut hurtling towards us. Democrat's Demagogues are waiting in the wings...

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