Sunday, January 29, 2017

Meet the New Boss?

The only good thing about the Trump, Farage ,Le pen and Wilders phenomenon is that between them they have smashed the liberal PC consensus that has so bedeviled and cast a shadow over Western culture   over the last 30 years, challenging the cosy suffocating liberal consensus,driving a coach and horses through the corrupt elite establishment with its  cronyism and illiberal hegemony. It is almost worth it to see the shock on the liberals faces as their world implode before their eyes  and their stranglehold on the culture is at last broken. Almost worth it I stress for it comes at a heavy price as what threatens to replace it is,alas, every bit as illiberal,if not worse.

It is to be rejoiced that some politicians such as Le Pen and Wilders now feel able to say what is wrong with Islam and oppose it and stand up for secular values but it is just a pity that it comes with a package deal of nativism,statism,protectionism,anti capitalism and something not far removed from crypto fascism. One step forward ten steps back in other words, for you cannot fight fire with fire, you cannot fight left wing collectivism with right wind collectivism and end up with a free liberal country that respects individual rights. Herein lies the problem.

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