Wednesday, January 11, 2017

False Dichotomy of Left and Right

It used to be said with some truth that the difference between Left and Right was that the Left wanted to control people's finances and the Right their souls.  With the death or decimation at least of social conservatism however that is no longer strictly true but in fundamentals it is the case that there is not any ideological difference between Left and Right as economically they seem to have coalesced into an incoherent blob of collectivist premises - I cite the marked verisimilitude between Bernienomics and Trumpenomics.

The religious right tend to be anti welfare and taxes at least rhetorically but in practice and when in office did very little to reduce the size of the State.To the extent that the religious right maintains anti big State ideology they are flying in the face of the essential nature of Christianity which is about altruism and sacrifice or it is nothing.Theirs is a bogus Christianity therfor.

The only way to challenge the hybrid Left-Right statist monster is to highlight its faux divisions and expose the hydra-headed monster as a single monster that needs tackling head on and that those who wish to overturn the present politcal cancerous system should separate and distance themselves from this monumental Left-Right fraud and reject its pretence of being ideological enemies and reveal its true Tweedledee and Tweedledum imposture.

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