Saturday, April 22, 2006

Cry, The Beloved Country

Watching a programme on ITV last night on the Queen and seeing all the footage from over half a century ago I could almost weep at how a once great and noble country has been reduced to a multicultural cess pit,a crime infested Socialist hell hole.

The Queen represents everything that was good and noble about the British,something unique,great,gracious,a bygone era of respect and dignity,where duty was the byeword.

Ruled by restraint,decorum,decency,honesty, integrity,honour,the country that defeated Hitler was a great homogenous nation,united by valour and a common culture.How could a nation fall so low,become so degraded, bastardised,mongrolised?

The answer can be summed up in one word: Leftism.The forces of darkness,the left systematically dismantled a great nation without a shot being fired by introducing an alien cancerous spore called Socialism.By sleight of hand it presented this evil as good,as humanitarian, and a nation was beguiled by the siren voice of Hell,falling deep down into the maw of Hades,eaten alive by Welfarism,the parasites charter called The Welfare State.

With the Looters Charter,robbing Peter to pay Paul,institutionalised plunder,a spirital cannibalism,Britain was sold a bill of goods and now with the very soul bred out of it only the facade remains,the Potemkin village of Buckingham Palace, a cultural theme park where millions flock to witness the remnants of a truly great nation that until very recently ruled over half the earth with a benign munificence,bringing civilisation to the unwashed natives of far off countries.An empire on which the sun set with a vengeance.

Subjected to black rule the newly 'liberated' African nations quickly fell back into the darkness from which they had been sprung,reverting to type:killing and eating one another.Like dominoes the nations fell back into the pits of hell,Marxist hell holes ruled by Black Hitlers with periodic cycles of blood letting,looting,cannibalism,genocide,Devil worship, brought low by Communist Voodoo Economics.A new word was coined to sum up the newly emeging African States: Kleptocracies:Rule by theft and plunder.

In a reverse of Empire the subject peoples fled to their former masters ,to the UK, but brought their subculture with them and like a bacillus it fed on the host nation till it was reduced to the same degraded state and became what we have today, a mishapen multicultural after-birth.

President Bush: Strike While The Iran Is Hot

Dear President Bush.America is the last beacon of Hope in a dark world.The forces of death are gathering around us.They are beyond reason and sanity.Not just insane -they are Unsane.Like creatures of the night they plot their foul satanic deeds,building up a deadly arsenal to deploy against the good and the true.

As leader of the free world you have it in your power given by God to strike down the evil Satanistas of Iran,the Mad Mullahs of Death.It is your duty and calling to rid the world of this pestilential threat,this cancer of Islam as it threatens the free world and seeks to plunge it into eternal darkness.

The world is waiting for you to act.Be bold,be true to the principle of your great country that has brought civilisation to the world.The richest greatest country in all of human history,standing tall against tyrants from its birth.Do not listen to the enema within,the siren voices of liberals who caution restraint and negotiation.How can you negotiate with the anti Christ?

That Tower of Babel the UN is Satan's own cauldron and you have allowed it to flourish like a cancerous growth on American Soil.Foolish,foolish act of self immolation. Send this motley crew of traitors and anti American anti human detritus packing,ride them out on a rail and bring together your coalition of the willing,the few noble countries who will stand with you in the war against evil and not undermine you with weasel words,flying under false colours.

Iran is waiting for you to lose popularity with the American People,waiting for a Democrat to enter the Whitehouse.It is playing games.This is a game of chess and you are losing.You only have a little while left.The future of civilisation is in your hands.Please act and act fast.

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Disease Of Islam

Forget bird flu.Forget Black Death.The Plague.Nazi Germany.Communist Russia.Aids.Mix all that together and it is still not as great a threat to Humanity as Islam.This cancer of death ,this monstrous evil must be felled once and for all.The disease is incurable.We have allowed it to mutate and breed,multiply like the spawn of Satan that it is.We must give it no quarter.It must be destroyed. Thatisall.

Naughtie Liberal

Jim Naughtie was well and truly exposed on Today this morning when a BNP er he was interviewing called him a liberal.He reacted defensively 'you don't know anything about my views'.Ha Ha.From the man who refered to New Labour as 'we'. 'What are we going to do' he said, when he meant 'what is the Labour party going to do'?.A Fraudian slip if ever there was one.

Does Naughtie think All his listeners are that dumb they cannot recognise a liberal when they hear one? Anyway, the BNPer delivered a shaming indictment of the multicultural cesspit this country has become due to unfettered immigration.Even NU labour is worried it will lose its core vote to the BNP.Bring it on.

Perhaps if the BNP gain a few seats we will be able to drive the Muslim hordes from our green and now unpleasant land thanks to their pestilential presence.Nothing less than total de-Islamification of the West will do.Cultural decontamination is well overdue.A beautiful vision of mosques crumbling to dust as the bulldozers are sent in to wipe the stain of Islam from British soil.The cancer of Islam given radical surgery,obliterating its foul memory.

If I want to see Mad Mullahs I can go to Iraq or Iran.We don't want that sort of thing here thank you very much. Incidentally when do they Nuke Iran? If not now,when?

The Truth

The moment of existence: from the womb into a world of madness the infant emerges.Never a sane breath drawn.The madness of parents,school,the workplace.Into this insane world the child is born with no hope that it will ever confront a sane soul.Isn't that the story of everyone's life?Into a human cess pit we are thrown which we laughably miscall civilization.

Children shouted at by angry parents who were shouted at by angry parents right back to the first family of Eden.With a cursed heritage of Orignial sin we stumble through nightmare life seeking solace in the very sin that enwrapped us from birth.All our loutish utterings and effluence called culture applied like a torniquet and balm to our tortured souls.Songs and Llulabys to our dysfunctional selves and deflated egoes.

We reacted with hatred to the hatred we were dealt and became the hatred,the cancer eating at the soul.The doctors applied their quackery and fed the disease.The teachers brainwashed us with their useless and pointless klnowledge,the politicians fed us more lies and enslaved us with their chicanery and moral turpitude served up as philanthropy - a Satanic Welfare.

Our loved ones became demons they always were and we enlisted them in the service of worshipping our fallen egos with the inevitable result of self enslavement. Alll of human life one long charade of death masquerading as life.Billions of human souls consigned to hell, worshipping the wrong God.

Happy Easter.

The message of which of course is that JC conquered death and the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune with Love.We by following his example can conquer death and triumph over all evil with Love.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Democracy's Fatal Conceit

Democracy contains within it the seeds of its own destruction because in any society only a small minority is super productive and creative.The rest are drones.

In a democracy the drones will always outvote the producers who will become slaves to the drones.In a Democracy they will vote to redistribute the wealth and productive efforts of the wealth creators who, if they can, will flee to another country where their productive efforts are appreciated, or they will simply go on strike and stop producing.

So democracy is mob rule,rule by the lowest common denominator and through ignorance and stupidity the non productive destroy the country by their ill cast votes,appealed to by politicians whoring for power and promising the moon but only ever delivering green cheese.

On a BBC programme last night there was a programme about Lloyd George and the welsh presenter was drooling over this great man who it was clear, was the original blue print architect of the welfare state.The man was practically a communist.Tony Benn was salivating over his 'achievements'.Here we have the classic case of mountebank politician vote grubbing for the democratic mandate to rob the producers and give to the non producers with all the dire consequences that followed.Wouldn't it be good if all the instigators of such fatal reforms were brought back to life to see the devastating results and consequences of their perverted philanthropy, and had their noses well and truly rubbed into the new social ordure they have spawned?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

How To Destroy a Nation

Unfettered immigration is a tried and tested way of the liberal power elite to deconstruct a country and dilute its social cohesion deploying bastardised aliens from third world states with a a free pass to wreck the host country like a virulent bacillus. The weapon of choice of the liberal is unchecked immigration for the reason that such unwashed social detritus is their natural voting fodder and a useful battering ram against the white beleaguered Middle classes.

White flight is the result,urban corruption and dereliction,crime infestation and breakdown of society,the sine qua non of socialists before the ultimate ushering in of their totalitarian endgame.

Anyone who questions the liberal immigration agenda is immediately dubbed a fascist,a racist and is silenced.All debate is shut down and the immigrant enema within is employed to foment social discord by bringing with it into the host community its corrupted and debased sub cultural mores,weakening the host country and diluting its natural and civilised cultural hegemony.

Both in the UK and the US we see this defacto germ warfare of unchecked immigration destroying the indigenous population rendering it a multicultural cess pit.No great country can survive such culturicide,such dismantling of its social norms by the importation of inferior non democratic entrants who mean the host country only harm and destruction.