Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Camerooned between Tory La La Land and Brownsville

Woke up this morning in the early hours with a startling thought.Cameron must be disposed of! He is the Tory Trotsky and well, to put it not bluntly the axe must fall...

My second thought is that Brown must not be let anywhere near the levers of power.Blair must stay to the very end and defer it as long as possible.Simon Heffer must have been reading my thoughts as he comes to the same conclusion in today's telegraph(sorry still don't know how to link).Must find the missing link. I have! It is called Brown.The misssing link between the animal and vegetable kingdom (ie between Marx and Keynes.)

Blair, I went on musing, is a nice fellow and you wouldn't mind him as a next door neighbour -my ultimate test.But Brown -well,have sympathy for Tony because Brown is the neighbour from hell.If he becomes leader there would have to be an election as no one voted for or mandated this mad Marxist as leader.

This troglodyditic economic backwoodsman who would be refused a job as a second hand car salesman or estate agent on the grounds that some ehtical standards have to be maintained, this brooding fiscal delinquent with a chip so large on his shoulder that it could supply Macdonhalds with fries for a year,this defalcating Scottish mountebank and financial prestididgitator, charlatan and advocate of the bloated welfariat is a public menace, a grave threat to economic freedom and liberty, and he must be stopped.Let the Freak Alert sound out across our beleaguered country -before it's too late.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Les Enfants Terrible

Politically of course France is stuck in a time warp.Every day is Groundhog Day. It's 1968,the students are still revolting. A State locked in permanent puerile juvenescence.

The EU -an essentially French construct is the cocoon within which this juvenile psychodrama is acted out with no consequences to the players who cavort and hurl rocks and stones and molotov cocktails at police and showcase their arrested mental and moral development for news stations around the world. 'Oh look its the French again indulging in their national pastime' we say almost affectionatley (rather as you would say' oh look Morris Dancing,how quaint...')

How could a nation that produced Ravel and Debusssy,Hugo,Voltaire,Proust,etc exhibit such moral delinquency,such political backwardness,corruption and imbecility?They never had their Thatcher I guess.

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Mind Menders of the State

It should be a cause of great fear and horror that we have given the State such power over our lives,specifically in the educational and medical spheres.In both cases the results have been nothing short of cataclysmic:children who are educationally lobotomised by State Socialist engineering,robbed of autonomous thought and reasoning,reduced like Pavlovianised dogs of auto suggestion and behavioural socialisation. And in the medical field patients literally put in the hands of State operatives to drug,and murder by the tens of thousand.

When the State achieves total power over the individual,Orwell and Huxley's nightmarish totalitarian vision is realised and complete: State worship becomes the offical religion,the only orthodoxy, inexorably leading to the destruction of the human psyche, a total anhiliation of the self, to be replaced by the Collective Being, the Herd as one mind,one body,the socialised Collective Self, incarnate in the all- seeing,all- knowing State.

A living death,a long protracted night of the soul ensues,marked and punctuated by periodic blood letting,genocide, ethic cleansing, leading ultimately to One World government (UN anyone?) - and Globalcide.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Psychopatholgy Of Leftist Dynamics

Why does the left have visceral appeal to so many? It appeals to the emotions and bypasses reason.People are more lie oriented than truth oriented so the left can appeal to human nature which more readily listens to that which is appealing to its lower instincts rather than its higher reason -atrophied if not totally non existent in the masses.

To the average Joe lies are far more appealing.It is the staple diet of the many.The leftist hones in on this lie oriented human condition and milks it for power. Emotions are the key and tool of all power lusters.Base instincts are nurtured and tapped into.Envy and covetousness are manipulated to stir up the people in a collective spasm of scape goating and victim persecution,usually against the most noble and industrious members of society who are labellled greedy and selfish for seeking to provide for themselves and their families through self help rather than recourse to welfare.

Ugly emotions of envy and hate have to be redefined as virtues in the leftist lexicon. Anyone who questions the ethical base or legitimacy of leftism has to be smeared and character assasinated,misrepresented and villified usually with such epithets as 'fascist', weird, demented.

Young minds are most susceptible to collectivist ideology and are always targetted by leftists in schools,universities,the media and all left dominated arenas.Unformed and suggestible young people are the perfect receptacles for the indoctrinators to work on,using brainwashing tactics such as the encouragement of sexual licence and a morals free philosophy and hedonism.The arts are also deployed to inculcate nihilism and moral relativism.Promotion of a drugs culture further degrades impressionable minds and such narcotic abuse is assiduosly encouraged and endorsed by the psychopolitical change agents of the left.Licence is presented as freedom and the young are prime candidates for such programming inculcation.

Beyond a certain age many will become more conservative in outlook having experienced the ravages wrought in their personal life by leftist thinking.Those who continue on the leftwards path beyond say 30,35 usually know what they are doing and seek power and control over others for personal/ financial gain.They are usually referred to as politicians...

Friday, March 17, 2006

Capitalist Radio and TV?

Wouldn't it be good to turn on the radio or TV and get a news presentation that isn't skewed to the left,on that you don't have to continuously read between the lines to get at the truth? That is so taxing.Mind you, I have to do that with most conversations I have with folks,perhaps because they spend their time watching the same news programmes that spin the truth away.

If I had the finance that is something I would like to do.Perhaps it could be set up on the internet.The left has got a stranglehold on the electronic media which is plain sinister.Still,we do have Talk Radio which is some minor redress.What about a TV version of the Daily Mail -why has that not happened? The airwaves must be de nationalised.

Tory Tory Tory

A BBC programme about the Thatcher revolution I saw today was a salutary reminder of how principles triumphed over cynical pragmatism in politics.I wonder if The Tory Cameron, the human oil slick was watching.

Just as NULabour is unravelling the wunderkind's scramble to the left is looking more and more ill judged and foolish.There be dragons to slay but torycameron seems intent on getting them on side, be they feminists or wacko green mist environ.mentalists,no act of oily vote grubbing is beneath him.

In this shallow chancer we see the very worst in the tory tradition of placemen:mediocrity,cynicism, amoral opportuniusm,pragmatism and short termism.A monument of mediocrity, he will rise without trace,doing alas, yet more harm to a party in very real danger of losing what is left of its soul.

Pavlov Patron Saint Of State Education

Pavlovian behaviourist brainwashing socialist change agents run our State School.We call them teachers.Mostly their aim is to promote sexual perversion and discourage independence of thought,or rather thought per se. To deconstruct cognition is their modus operandi and they deploy reading methods to this end,rejecting phonics for word picture association and guess/ memorising.

Total control by NUT teachers union well schooled in the black arts of sub Marxist conversion and State worship,the children are subjected to insidious subtle and crude indoctrination into a collectivist ethos which pervades the government dictated curicula and the whole state system.Having seiezed control of education in the mid 19th century the socialists have maintained a stranglehold on it ever since,dumbing down endless generations and breeding socialised zombies ripe for dependency on the State from cradle to grave.

Perverting the minds of their hapless charges with amoral values free 'sex education', these psychopolitical operatives stated aim is to create perverted demoralised sexualised beings devoid and bereft of sensibility and moral compass.

Terrified that parents may discover the source of their children's corruption and moral delinquency the socialist state education change agents desperately seek to hold on to their illegitimate power base and malevolent influence by propagandising against the so called private sector of education labelling such parents who care about their childrens' development as 'selfish' and elitist.

The delinquent moral free NUT clings on to its power through its influence with the Labour party and the recent rebellion of the Old Guard re the educational bill only passage through by the help of the conservatives is one more example of the Left clinging to the wreckage of State Education, knowing its only hope for survival is its continued control over the hearts and minds of its child victims pupils.

The Dunblane massacre was as nothing compared to the wholsale destruction of the young generation via the socialist mind manipulators in the state system.Only free market sollution to education can liberate society from the malevolent control of the socialists in our government schools.

Harold Wilson Was A Communist Plant

Taxation was at a staggering 98%.Britain was on the verge of a Communist coup led by far left Labour party/ Soviet funded trade unions.The troops were at the ready to topple the Wilson government and restore Democracy.I was busy playing with my toy soldiers at the time and listening to Alan Freeman Hit parade on radio one. We did live in exciting times even if some of us were otherwise engaged.

The BBC covered this story last night and it was truly spooky to see how close this country came to being taken over by Communist soviet backed insurgents in the Wilson government.Lord Mountbatten was waiting in the wings to restore Democracy with the army poised and awaiting orders.Fortunately the Conservatives won the election and Thatcher smashed the commie unions and we all lived happily ever after.It was a close one though.The Scargillistas were a beat away from victory.

Later Wilson succumbed to Alzheimers but looking at his disastrous premiership it is not difficult to adduce that the symptoms were there right at the start.Some with similar mental instabilities such as Tony Benn have made a career out of being loopy.Unlike BennWilson chose to keep his ailment under wraps and went into a long private retreat into the twilight zone.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Left\Right False Hegelian Construct

Whether it be Socialism or Fascism, Collectivism is the J/anus faced monster foxing the world.So much confusion arises from these terms and in the midst of that fog of false constructions and definitions the collectivists scamper and flourish like febrile magggots on the dung of history.

People are forced into either camp, both believing the other their opposite when in fact they have bought a bill of goods, not seeing that they are confronted with two horns on the same goat of Collectivism.

The clues are there.Hitler the so called Fascist ran a party called National Socialist. So we may say that Fascism is Nationalism with Socialism and Socialism is Socialism without Nationalism.

Fascists are anti unions, Socialists are pro unions.But it is what unites the two that is most important and that is of course: State Worship.So whether you dress to the Left or to the right you believe in a Big State.You are a collectivist. Simple really...

If you believe in a small limited state however then you are really a capitalist or libertarian.The word Conservative is confusing because so many conservatives are paternalistc statists who believe in free markets on Mondays and Tuesdays but the rest of the week lean towards State sollutions.

All of this made much better sense when I was dwelling on it in the early hours but now it seems I have somehow missed the mark and am engaging in a laboured and imprecise discourse. But I think there is a hint of what I wanted to say here that will stay my hand from the delete button.But only a hint....

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bush Lied People Died

Have you noticed the sheer puerility of the Left? The nursery rhymes they employ, like the above titled, Bush Lied People Died,harking back to those children of the 60's Revolution with their 'Hey LBJ,how many children did you kill today'? 'Make poverty History' and such simplistic slogans bipass the cerebral cortex and have a hypnotic mantra-like effect that is the ideal state and default mode for the unfocused left.

Fashion, Fascism and Conformity

As a footnote to my last but one post,has anyone noticed how if people are waiting at a pelican crossing where the lights are on red but there is no traffick in sight, they will still continue waiting there until it turns green?Another example of how we are mindless,hypnotised slaves to authority.

Another example of course is fashion:children who pride themselves on being different and rebellious,all wearing exactly the same clothes, whereby the very symbol of rebellion,dress,becomes itself a sign of conformity and uniformity.Revolt into style?Hardly.

The effect on Democracy cannot perforce be other than baleful, dependent as it on such captive enslaved minds over whom something clearly malevolent holds sway.


If women are so good at multi-tasking how come they cannot drive round a corner and signal at the same time? (Only askin..)

How The Left Wins

You can get people to believe anything if you exert enough pressure on them.They proved this in experiments where people were actually inveighled into to applying what they thought were electrical shocks to strangers at the behest of a white uniformed figure of authority.Although the experiment was a fake, one man applying the shocks was easily persuaded to use the maximum power despite the clearly audible screams of the victim.

In another experiment they put a sign up saying 'Delaware closed for the weekend' and the majority of mototists after questioning the guard at the border were persuaded that Delaware was actually closed and drove away.

If someone is suggestible enough you can persuade them that their house is not their own and they will hand over the keys.Governments after all are pastmasters at convincing the masses that their property is not really theirs and belongs to the state.They do it every day.They utilise a pre existent national psychosis to tax the poor old British saps to the max and then some.They even convince them it is for their own good even though the evidence to the contrary stares them in the face everyday in the form of dirty disgusting virus infected third world NHS hospitals,schools that cannot teach children basic maths and english yet think it appropriate to pervert their minds with sick propaganda about homosexuality and illict sex amongst minors.

We have now been convinced that homosexuality is normal after pressure and intimidation from the sodomites through the media using shock and intimidation techniques known for decades by soviet brainwashing psychoplitical change agents.One group is called Stonewall,another 'Act up' connoting the essential puerile and infantile tactics employed.Like a spoilt child that badgers it's hapless parent until said parent gives in and the child prevails,corrupted,enabled and captured by the evil that acts through it and seeks to destroy the natural order of good and decency in the world in order to reign on earth as it does in hell. .


The liberal mindset goes something like this.They assert an absurdity,you challenge it and they resort to name calling.Example: the liberal asserts thats pink elephants are flying in the sky.The Conservative objects .The liberal says okay,lets compromise and call them purple elephants.The conservative continues to protest and the liberal accuses him of right wing extremism.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


A decade on from the Dunblane school massacre channel five revisited it.How could any programme do justice to such a tragedy?It was however handled fittingly enough.Until that is, the gun control issue was broached.Then the programme temporarily changed and moved into agenda gear.

It is understandable for the parents of those slaughtered children to seek causes for the tragedy and to want to make sense of such a senseless act of gratuitous barbarism but it is interesting to see how in the process human beings so often latch on to the entirely wrong causal explanation and seek out an object upon which to vent their anger and grief.In this case of course it was the handgun - (plural of in the killer's case) and the need to ban it,which they effectively achieved in the UK,giving it the most stringent gun control laws in the world.Since when of course the incidence of gun related deaths has quadrupled....

This sort of displacement or projection psychology has been little discussed,certainly not in the mainstream media especially as in many instances the MSM instigates or engenders such phenomena, albeit sometimes unwittingly.

Unable to confront the sheer enormity of such human evil the victims family primarily, in unconscious self defence mechanism will shift their animus away from the source of their grief and project it onto soemthing they find easier to confront, usually an inaminmate object,in this case the gun.In a few leaps of pretzellogic the gun is now seen as the cause of the crime and must be proscribed by law.The perpetrator,the man who pulled the trigger and went on a five minute act of random carnage is relegated to a side issue,beyond all analysis and thus tidly substitued by the handgun.

On a wider scale,macrocosmically we see a variant of this phenomena at work - same displacement projection psychology - in the dynamics of the anti war peace groups.Bush becomes Hitler -'the greatest terrorist in the world' acording to the SWP, and Saddom is airbrushed out.

There are probably legion other examples of this at work in interpersonal relations.Couples who fight over domestic arrangements like leaving the lid off the toothpaste.Or policemen who go after a man who displayed golliwogs in his front window,but seem to develop myopia when criminal acts of vandalism are taking place under their noses.

How much easier it is to project onto carefully selected and constructed scapegoats than to deal with the real issues we are confronted with!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

University Of Cant

R 5 BBC re the latest furore over the lecturer who subscribes to Belljar Curve thesis.The students Union chap in the studio wanted the lecturer thrown out citing the importance of multiculturalism and not giving offense to minorities on campus.

One lecturer who promotes right wing views;pretty much the rest are varying degrees of left (going across the spectrum to far left no doubt).Yet look at the furore over this one lecturer who dares step out of line and proffers something that doesn't conform to the Stalinist ideology of left wing student politics,which it appears is depressingly enough, still permeating the universities like a putrescent and toxic cancer.

So where are we here - some views are ok to promote, the rest have to be proscribed? The BNP voting lecturers are already banned - I found out today from said student union leader.In that case all tax payer support for universities must be withdrawn.

Narrow left wing Marxist student union influenced universities are not the kind of place any sensible parent would want their children attending.Lets face it, they are children, and dependants:tax funded,parent supported children,led by it would seem, a predominantly kindergarten knee jerk left wing bigotted, myopic, students union.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


What is The Tory Cameron? A ship run aground surrounded by an oil slick.(snake oil.)

Reality Check

I am a sucker for those makeover reality programmes like Brat camp,Supernanny,You are WhatYou eat with that mad Scottish woman harranguing hectoring and baiting her victims to change their diet -and latest addition the marvellous Victoria Stillwell with her dog owner training programme on ch 4.Because of course it is really all about the dog owners,not the dog;the parents,not the children.

There is a lingering suspicion in my mind that when the cameras leave all the participants revert back to type:the children start acting up and the dogs start shitting on the carpet, but that is the cynic in me.

In Brat camp the miscreant females are flown out to Utah and after a while in the dessert slowly appear to undergo a miraculous transformation -or at least some of them.When they get back to Blighty,they become subject to the old temptations,the pull of environment and go back into drugs and smoking.Recognising this two of them elected to go back to Utah to that safer envirinment without all the temptations their immature selves are subject to.One mother was even selling her house to pay for her daughter's return.No more touching committment than that.

Most of these young girls are stoned,abusive,violent and most shocking of all from 'respectable'middle class homes.Apparently thousands of parents have put their children forward as future candidates for this experiment.What is going on in our society?The middleclasses are descending into Chavery.

Fiends Reunited?

Why do people do it -go back to their old school? Meeting people you knew 30 years ago when you were children has no appeal to me but then my school was a cross between Belsen and a lunatic asylum.Alright,I exaggerate -a tad.But it wasn't something I'd want to revisit I can tell you.And they charge you -£7 last count.Shouldn't they pay us in compensation?

The two chief things wrong with it were the children and the teachers.Both seemed in varying stages of dysfunctionality and used their environment to act out their infantile regressions -on me mostly.I learned the true meaning of ennui at school.It was a Catholic secondary and the fag end of the 60's/early 70's and everyone was into Slade and T.Rex.I of course was into the Beatles, forever out of step with the zeitegeist.Well they were part of the backdrop of my childhood so I was just catching up.

Barely a week went by without blood on the playground.Strange hostile environ in which to place a child one would have thought.So all this 'lets trip down memory lane' is kind of sick to me.What do we have in common- morons with whom one was forced to socialise?The only explanation I can offer for Friends Reunited is this: we are talking Stockholm Syndrome here.Captives form strange bonds.You have no choice.

Not one of my former er, inmates has made good.I am the only one destined for fame and fortune and even I am leaving it a bit late.Others haved died in strange circumstances,committed suicide, succumbed to alcoholism,sexual deviancy,and well earned anonymity. And that is just the teachers..

Of course I use the word teachers advisedly.Had someone gone out in the street and picked people at random saying 'you are now a teacher at St#######' they could not have arrived at such a motley bunch of social misfits,failures and pedagogically challenged individuals.

Of course everything is distorted when you are 13,14.Midgets seem like monsters.The small looms large,the petty collosal,the minor,major.

Instead of Meritocracy mediocracy reigned at the old school.The lowest common denominator ruled and don't tell me it is any different now.My nose is to the ground.A freind's child goes there and reports back connote it is more of the same.Bullies hold a sway of terror and get preferential treatment over their victims.Short of murder you cannot get expelled.

You can roll that out across the country.Like a Gulag Archipellago the State Schools hold millions hostage to a clapped out, morally and spiritually bankrupt system that fails and continues to fail countless generations,to blight lives,to stunt growth,to stifle aspiration,to crush the spirit,to destroy hope,in the name of a evil ideology of Socilaism,the systematic dumbing down of minds,the negation of life,and the enemy of promise.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Rod Liddle Talks Piddle

Poor Rod Liddle is a worried man.He is greatly excercised that Christian Evangelists in this country are brainwashing children in State Schools! They are teachinhg subversive dangerous ideas such as: abstinence,creationism,anti feminism,anti homosexualism.Something must be done!

I have just watched his programme on Channel Four and I had a distinct de ja vous feeling about it.Almost as if I have seen this programme before -and I have.Over and over ad nauseam.The script is well rehearsed,and always conforms to type.Our level headed reasonable sweetness and light himself Richard Dorkins was at it a few weeks ago fulminating about the dangers of strident Christianity and what a threat it posed to all reasonable minded folk like him who were having their enlightened liberal views and sensibilities offended in such an egregious fashion by the dark primitive forces of religious reaction.One was almost moved to tears by such injustice,such imposition!

Thank goodness there are valiant daring brave people such as Rodger who will expose these evil men who would seek to bring morality and decency back to our schools.Without Liddle we might end up in a truly awful situation where our schools are no longer able to preach sodomy,feminism,baby killing(sorry abortion) and premarital sex.Perish the thought!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

British Capitalist Party

Just trying out names.Sounds good. Why I think a capitalist party would succeed: British people are apathetic and fatalistic.They pay 70% tax on petrol and do not complain.They pay tax on everything and tolerate it.They are invaded by Muslim aliens and do not complain.So if you change the system and do away with most taxes,and Muslims they are hardly going to take to the streets with placards saying 'bring back high taxes.' or 'Don't deport our beloved Muslims'.Ain't going to happen is it? We are pushing at an open door.

I would present it like this: Private health care for all! Private schools for all! Let's face it, who with a few pennies to rub together is not under Bupa and sending their children to private schools?Can you imagine people taking to the streets with placards reading 'Save our sink comprehenisve schools'? Or save our MSMR NHS hospitals?

People want autonomy.The politicians are 50 years behind the electorate.

Would you rather pay less taxes and choose your childrens school and health care arrangements or would you rather carry on paying high taxes for crap services that don't even deliver what they promise?Who is going to chose the former?Just frame the question properly and you will be surprised at the answers you will get.

How many people are socialists in this counrty? Not many.If you support the idea of the NHS you are a socialist.Once that is explained to people they start to think again about healthcare.Thatch began this re education programme.The final phase is yet to be implemented.That begins now.

Once we can separate schools from the State there will be no more brainwashing in schools about how great the State is.A more critical approach to the State will emerge.Until this is done the mind control will continue.

So many people are fatalistic about all this and say it cannot be achieved but they said the same about Thatcherism.If man can fly to the moon man can abolish the NHS and State Education.It is not(er) Rocket Science.

Cheek By Jowl With Capitalism

Berluosconi is my hero.A role model for all aspiring capitalists.He has managed to combine the entrepreneurial with politics -a unique feat surely.The only politician I can respect is one who has been and still is a successful businessman.What a contrast with Dave the no nothing done nothing effete Etonite Two Notions(both wrong -come to that later) Tory with his condescension,his oleaginious superfluities,vapid vacuities,pallid pusillanimity,stale bromides slippery equivocating Orwellianisms.

No. Berlusconi is the Man.Il Duce of Capitalism, who dared to speak up to the German fascists in the European Parliament(sick).A man who has amassed vast fortunes by dint of intellectual ingenuity and work.No wonder the entrepreneurial manques of New Labour want a bit of the magic and think - albeit mistakenly - that it can be acquired by osmosis/ association.

If the Jowells had to employ Byzantine financial prestitidgitation to circumvent the communistic criminal tax laws whose fault is that other than the makers of such redistributive systems of legal plunder?

Let us celebrate the beauty of capitalism now matter in how unlikley a source - ie New Labour -it is found.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Why Cameron Must Lose The Next Election

It took Labour 4 election defeats to change.It is looking that way for the Tories.Cameron's abuse of the English language -Cameronese is Orwellian and if he succeeds the party will be no more,a mere Blairite mutation,a new virulent form of political cancer.

The language Camorons employ is truly sinister and sickening.It specialises in the vague and non definable,in cosy subliminal fuzzy doublespeak formulated by computer and focus groups -who are anything but focused.This systematic root and branch destruction of a great historical institution by PR groups with surgically removed consciences and ideological bi pass operations is a re run of the Invasion of the Body Politic Snatchers.

Tories left out in the cold can find temporary refuge in the UKP and BNP until I can raise enough private capital to start a new party which will challenge all the socialist assumptions of the Blair Cameron axis of Weasel.For the time being we can only pray for a Brown victory so that the Cameron project can be smashed on the rocks of electoral defeat and the party can be purged of his socialist ilk of entryists infil-traitors,fifth columnists,stooges,pretenders chancers and chancres.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Cancer Of Islam

Radical surgery is sometimes required.With radical Islam chemo therapy is in order.Re Iran (know what I mean?)

There was a song from the 70's by a group called Yes and one of the lines went ' Love is the only answer -hate is the root of cancer'. The cancer of Islam is Hate -it is the leitmotif of this sick religion. We may have to conclude by saying: 'the operation was sucessful -but the patient is dead'.

There was a programme about Killer Cults on Reality TV channel last week.They featured Jim Jones from Guyana, and a Japanes cult run by a blind man whose name escapes.Koresh of Waco fame was included.But why no Islam?The cult that keeps on killing.Forget the Moonies Islam is in a league of its own for institutionalised psychopathy,malice and murder incorporated.Even the Nazis were amateurs by comparison.

Here in the UK people are locked up for critiquing homosexuality or making politically incorrect jokes but Islamic leaders can preach death and destruction and we just give them more welfare.What they need is sterilization and a one way ticket out of the country.

Remember how Waco ended -isn't that what we need for Islam in the UK -raizing of all mosques to the ground and crushing of the Islamic fascist foe in our midst.The time for compromise is over.We are at war.The Chamberlains have appeased their last.No quarter must be given to this enemy of life and scourge of existence,this bubonic plague of Islam.