Friday, February 26, 2016

Masters of Deception

If I had a dollar for every time Roy Masters has made one of his wild predictions of Armageddon I would be a millionaire.He has a worst prediction rate than Madame Rosa at the end of Brighton Pier.But still he persists and his followers blindly lap it up.

When he is not telling his audience of saps that the end is nigh he is laying claim to scientific knowledge of the origins of the universe,writing treatises of unreadable incoherent turgidity that the few scientists who have struggled through it have politely commented have no resemblance to scientific inquiry whatsoever but are merely the outpourings of Masters feverish imagination.This is hardly surprising coming from a man who claims objectivity is holding a belief in supernatural entities from another dimension outside the parameters of the human senses, in other words subjectivist mysticism ungrounded in reality.

This fluidity of the meaning of words is a characteristic of Roy Masters followers who taking their cue from their Master bandy words like reason and objectivity about when trying to justify their off the wall mysticism and it is this willful co option of the language of science  that is the most delinquent aspect of the Masters cult that seeks to legitimise its nonsense with the language of  logic and reason.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Masters of the Loony Verse

In the latest youtube of the senile dribblings of cult leader Roy Masters he asserts that judge Scalia was murdered.Unwilling to break the habit of a lifetime  he of  course offers no explanation or scintilla of proof for this wild paranoiac assertion and goes rambling on to another subject in his usual stream of consciousness fashion.It is no accident that almost all the Roy Masters followers I have had contact with are prone to holding bizarre conspiracy theories as they get such crackpottery from the Master himself from whom they are well schooled.

Further on in his Sunday conversations Roy, as his supporters tend to call him in forced informality, urges upon his dwindling audience the need for selflessness.Become a selfless schmoo,its what God wants.Annihilate the self,its the same universal nihilistic message of all mystics.Do not take any thought for the morrow,be like the birds Christ enjoins.Be a mindless hippy,tune in,drop out.For religion read anti man,anti mind,anti self, anti life.

We are only ten minutes into a 90 minute recording but you get the drift.I share this large nugget of wisdom from Masters.Are we dogs he asks.A dog lives and dies,then another dog lives that dies and then another dog lives and dies -is that all we are? Well yes, if you put it like that.We are born,we live,we die.Sorry about that,it may not please you,you may wish it were otherwise and concoct absurd bizarre stories about an after life where you worship your creator for all eternity(sounds like hell to me) but it just ain't so.Suck it up.And we are not dogs so the comparison is rather silly -like everything else that trips from the lips from this guru of the nonsensical.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pick your Nightmare

Doddery old fool and cultMasters really is sounding his age now as he asks his tiny audience to help him out with simple words and rambles even more incoherently than he has done throughout his bizarre lifetime on radio and it is hardly surprising that he endorses the equally incoherent Donald Trump the populist fascist who has totalitarian ambitions for the American people who are just dumb enough to buy the huckster's message.Its either the Fascism of Donald or  the communism of Bernie.Choiceless choice indeed.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Toxicity of Faith

Cult leader Roy Masters  said before God man is female.He should defer to the superior being like a woman presumably should defer to her man in a spiritual hierachy of authority that begins with God,then man,then woman and then their children.

The infantilisation that religion engenders here is clear.Man has no autonomy,his own judgement and desires in life are of naught.He exists in servility to his creator and he can no more question this servility than a pot can question the pot maker who has crafted him.

The psychopathology of religion is thus laid bare: mindless obedience,passivity and craven obesiance. But there is more.

Mr religious snake oil salesman favours a theocracy,rule by religious dictat,but do not fear because he  advocates,(roll of drums): a 'benign dictatorship'.I shall pause gentle reader whilst you grapple with that oxymoron.One can no more be a little bit enslaved than one can be a little bit pregnant.One is either one thing or the other.A is A as they say.Either you live under a dictatorship and have no freedom  or you are a free, autonomous agent.What if you are given instructions and resist?What does the benign dictator do? Blank out.

Mr snakeoil salesman is very calm about all this.His modulated tones denote reasonableness but in essence it is  a fire and brimstone fist in a velvet glove.He is not frothing at the mouth but then neither is Mr Cool President Obama.But he is a sociopath nevertheless.Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace as Dylan once intoned.Not that we beleive in Satan of course but the point is well made.

Faith Versus Man

One of the first of the religious radio call in hosts in the US, Roy Masters claims on his youtube recordings that man's greatest crime is playing God.I am wondering who actually does that as to play God one would have to claim an omnipotence of knowledge,indeed to be the source of all knowledge and moreover,to be able to perform miracles and have access to another dimension.Clearly only lunatics and people under medication would lay claim to such supernatural powers.Obviously Roy Masters does not have such people in mind but rather all or most human beings (other than himself of course).So what does he mean to play God? To think independently,to rely soley on one's own mind and independent judgement,one's 'mere' intellect.

This is the essence of mysticism,a dismissal of the intellect as a tool of cognition.Yet in order to convey this idea the intellect has to be used or communication of such an idea would not be possible. Roy Masters claims we should speak from the heart but I have never heard or seen a speaking heart.

Surely the person who is 'playing God' is the one who claims to have a mystical connection with a supernatural power from another dimension which is not accessible through the intellect.But in any case what is the condition of someone who abandons their intellect and relies as Masters advocates on a non sensory,non rational,non intellectual power that will direct their actions and thoughts via  the meditation he teaches which requires that a person sits in a straight backed chair,becomes aware of their hand and concentrates on the centre of their forehead? Surely not one of a sentient thinking being but rather a mindless schmoo receptive to any amount of mystical mush of which mystics like Roy Masters seem to have in abundant supply.

The Psychopathology of Faith

Watching Roy Masters for my sins I came across a comment he made about Steve Jobs Apple creator of the I Pad. The reason he died according to Masters is because re his invention he did not give acknowledgement of the achievement to God.He worked too hard he added.Is this the essence of religious faith I wondered.Apart from the sheer malice and contempt towards Jobs,the insult is instructive in illustrating the mindset of believers.

One wonders what achievements of the human race along the slow halting and tortuous path to civilization were ever arrived at through meditation ie sitting in a straight backed chair and being aware of the moment.The religious scientists who did achieve anything of note did so by keeping faith well out of their labours and only giving a craven and perfunctory name check to God at the end  a la Masters.

Religion stood at the gates of science and barred all from entering on pain of torture and death,it  gave us the barbarity of the dark ages and the enlightenment and the dawn of civilization only came with the defeat of the religious establishment and the unseating of its votaries by the sheer force of reason and its application in science.The technology that Masters cynically avails himself of whilst disrespectfully abusing   only came about through the defeat of the kind of medieval religiosity he lauds.

Call It Sleep

A  religious snake oil salesman in the US, Roy Masters (where religion has always been privatised unlike in the UK which has a national state religion going back centuries) was preaching on the radio and he said hypnosis cannot help people because they are hypnotised already and in this hypnoidal state bad things beset them.This idea that the human race is asleep has biblical corroboration  and support as Christ himself said 'asleep ye come in to the world,asleep ye go out'.

So what is this sleep that is referred to by religious people which view is broadly held by most religions albeit expressed in different language,the Buddhist for instance talk of lowered states of consciousness and proffer meditation techniques to raise it to a state of blissful consciousness,an at oneness etc.The religious snake oil salesman above mentioned preaches a similar thing attempting to meld East and West in a hybrid admixture and he refers to this state of at oneness as At.onement.

The rational mind knows only two states of consciousness: asleep and awake apart from altered states of consciousness induced by drugs which impair cognition but this is not in the ordinary human experience but rather in the realms of medical and social pathology.

To posit some higher state of consciousness achieved by connecting with an omnipotent supernatural entity from another dimension beyond human senses through which humans can achieve awakeness is to the rational mind bizarre, fantastic and absurd.

For people to take refuge in such an abject delusion is not a guarantee of human happiness and health but rather a  hopeless craven abdication of the mind and an abandonment of any possibility of human efficacy and happiness. To quote Thomas Paine, 'the sleep of reason brings forth monsters'.That is the only sleep guaranteed those who sell their soul to faith.

Pre Natal Guilt

Patty Smith sang 'Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine'. She was not with the programme clearly for according to the religionists man inherits original sin and has no choice about it.According to our religious snakeoil salesman Roy Masters   this is how things are and were we in the same position as Adam we would have made the same mistake and brought mankind down to its present degraded cursed state by so doing.Wither free will? We have none according to cult leader Roy Masters,we are predetermined to fall.

If Masters were told his brother had committed murder but the authorities had decided to throw him in jail instead he would no doubt consider that a grievious injustice and the grievance would only be compounded if when complaining Masters was told by way of explanation that he should not complain because had he been in his brother's situation he would have done the same thing!

 But that is small beer injustice as we are told that a crime committed thousands of years ago is our crime and our sentence to serve.Monstrous injustice from a capricious psychopathic deity!Were it true of course...A God who has deliberately set people up to fail.Worship that? as the late lamented Frank Cain once asked.

The Religious Mentality

In a recent youtube talk I received religious cult leader Roy Masters  is seen openly boasting of his low vocabulary (standing at a proud 8oo words). He mentions that 50,000 are available, but 'you don't need them'.Look up  Mr OberMaster ,see the planes gracing the sky,or at the skyscrapers or perhaps at the internet that you so abuse to promulgate your anti intellectual anti man philosophy.Do you think any of those things were created by men with a mere 8oo word vocabulary?If you want to see people with the latter just go down to skid row,you will find them aplenty there.

Further on in the video he claims that wealthy people are merely compensating for their failures and that he spurned the advances of a millionaire who was seeking validation from him.Masters proudly resisted bestowing on the hapless millionaire this dubious favour.I would suggest that the man in question is indeed suffering profound self esteem deficit if he is seeking validation from such a profoundly immoral evil man who trashes the achievements of mankind like some atavistic  primitive yahoo whilst benefiting from them on a daily basis.Wonder if there is a recognised medical condition called self awareness deficit?

Patriachy and its Malcontents

Some laud patriachy but its record is not salutary.It is a sign of primitivism and cultural backwardness.Islamic societies are essentially patriachal.Women walk so many steps behind their menfolk.They are subject to sexual abuse and horrendous genital mutilation.They have to cover themselves from head to toe,worship separately,be educated separately,sometimes not even allowed to be educated at all.They are baby incubators and any contact with the outside world is severely delimited.They shall not drive cars.If they are unfaithful they can be stoned to death.

Roy Masters the religious cult leader who is an advocate of patriachy once boasted on air that when his wife was wanting a separation and was going to visit her female friends he physically prevented her from leaving by dragging her by her hair back in to the house.When the late great Frank Cain visited him in a caravan he was having an altercation with his wife and said at one point if you do not shut hp I'll knock your teeth down your throat.His wife said: 'this is the man who preaches love peace and understanding on the radio!

Such is the way of patriachy and few with any sense of decency would be promulgating it in the 21st century or any other for that matter.