Monday, August 25, 2014

Michael Brown Evil Thug

A church service is being held for small time thug and hoodlum Michael Brown but you would think it was for Ghandi such is the nauseating reverence for this delinquent creep whose only virtue appears to be that he was black which is an automatic stamp of goodness for the black racists and agitators who have used his timely death as yet another excuse for an orgy of looting and vandalism the only thing it seems the black community is capable of with tedious and predictable regularity. The media of course will fawn over this vile piece of human waste,deify him and give airtime to the spoksemen race hustlers who purport to speak for black people with their grievance mongering hate speech and rabble rousing demagoguery but a picture or in this case s video clip speaks a thousand words and we can see this specimen of social pathology in action terrorising  a shopkeeper after raiding his store using his brute force as he exits the store.This is the man the left are lauding as some sort of fallen hero which illustrates the evil of the left and their defence of the indefensible.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Muslim Extermination Programme

Instead of intervening in the middle east should we not rather sit back and welcome the spectacle of muslims killing one another on an industrial scale? The nihilistic death cult of Islam is self immolating and we should stand back and watch it go up in flames.If an idiotic photo journalist goes into the maelstrom and ends up losing his head he does so at his own risk,it is certainly not a reason to get involved.Let the damned destroy the damned and hopefully the world will be rid of this self negating death force called Islam.