Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Unfinished Revolution?

The United States was founded as we all know on a tax revolt against the English crown. A Constitution and Bill of Rights was drawn up and independence from England resulted. So this precedence of resistance to tax upon which the greatest country on earth was founded is a totally legitimate and established one and as a principle and tool to throw off the yoke of oppression wherever it be there is not a country on earth that would not hugely benefit and be improved upon with the institution of such a policy as applied to its respective polities.

A written Constitution and Bill of Rights is therfor needed in the UK as the State as it stands has almost unlimited powers over its subjects,its monarchy is still - incredible as it is to believe - in place and the executive has carte blanche to trample over the liberties of its oppressed peoples with immunity. Transferring power from Brussels to the UK is a positive move but those powers will simply find another home,their arbitrary amoral nature will still remain  just as oppressive and dictatorial but a Constitution would strike them all down if it were properly constructed and defined with clearly articulated and unambiguously objectively reasoned principles in concert and accordance with the sound and just precepts of clearly enshrined and codified individual rights.Nothing less will do if the present semi feudal tyranny of state absolutism with its pettifogging injunctions,injustices, wholesale taxing usurpations and depradations against the individual, replete with sweeping tyrannical and arbitrary powers is to be done away with forever and replaced by a proper system esnhrining individual rights at its core and its sole, driving and animating purpose.

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