Friday, May 20, 2005

The Parallel Lawyer Looniverse

Lawyers and the liberal media are earnestly and seriously discussing the violation of Sodom Hussein's rights under the Geneva Convention after photographs of him in his underpants were published in the Sun.

Lets see now - a mass murder responsible for gassing and murdering tens of thousand of human beings is photographed in his underpants and that is a violation of his human rights? Only in lawyer la la land.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Kylie and the ugly truth about Cancer

Sad about Kylie but she has used her sexuality in a perverted pornographic way to make a sick career out of it and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

I go along with the theory that most disease is an own goal -including cancer. There is ample scientific evidence to back up this belief. Women use their sexuality to gain power over men and their breasts are brought to the unholy service of that end. By abusing their bodies in this way nature exacts a heavy penalty - in this case cancer.

The medical profession hasn't got a clue and thinks it can cut out the diseased part without enquiring as to the cause of the dis-ease.

Koran -a flush in the Pan

Re the fictitious Newsweek story about the Koran flushed down the toilet -what's the big deal even if it were true -as long as the Americans used it for toilet paper first.

In Islam we see an ugly cult, it'sfollowers are clearly nuts and far from acting unIslamically as so called moderates claim the fanatics are merely aping the behaviour of the founder who was a bandit -and a paedophile to boot.

The sooner this dangerous cult is outlawed the better. In the West we could start by bulldozing all the mosques. In the East we may have to take more robust action to finish off this evil cancer.

From what I've heard of Guatanamo Bay it sounds like a holiday camp to me -the islamists are even allowed to read the koran and the US soldiers are not even allowed to handle it themselves but must wear something to ensure they do not make any contact with the book. Talk about pandering to the delluded fanatics. They should be given the Bible.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Galloway Bluster

Full of sound and fury signifying nothing was the terrorist loving galway's performance at the senate hearing.

Why did they let this moral delinquent and Soddom appeaser grandstand unchecked. Never once addressing the questions over politely proffered, he used the proceedings to spill his anti american bile in a red mist mentalist hissy fit of a rambling rant.

Could we beg the American authorities to keep this evil muslim loving toe rag -a spell in Guatanamo Bay would suit.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Brown is ready for his pound of Blair flesh

A victory for the unreconstructed neanderthal red in tooth and claw Socialist Brownian troglodytes is about it. They are already moving in for the kill,they can smell blood and are ready to pounce on the half dead corpse of Blair. Only a matter of time before the putsch is effected and the Brownains will usher in a defacto Socialist State. Be afraid and very afraid.