Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Who will resist the Corbinista Red Menace?

It's the 1980's revisited on Corbenn steroids but where is Maggie? We may have someone who apes her mannerisms and external appearance but Theresa May is no Maggie. In her ideology such as it exists under her typical tory pragmatism - which for some reason she and they appear to take pride in as if it were a virtue instead of the abject renunciation of moral principles values and integity that it is -we seem to have someone who as I have said has been captured by a fuzzy touchy feely leftistism full of vague half hinted at subliminal statist interventionist  tendencies but never overtly enunciated or explained which is the mark of moral cowardice and cynical opportunism so typical, common and rightly despised by all those heartily and wearily sickened by the corrupt amoral manoeuvrings of  politicians on the make, in other words the whole stinking parasitic political class.

So in the far left corner we have Corbyn and in the  other fuzzy left corner we have his half sister Theresa. Who is likely to prevail in that contest? Theresa May but who's to bet on it. Opinion polls have proved a catastrophically unreliable captured as they have been and still are by establishment groupthink. We may be sleepwalking into the Red Terror so passports at dawn ladies and gentlemen. And do not look to UKIP for salvation as under their superficial old Tory exterior beats an old Labour heart with protectionist,statist, restrictive practices tarriffs and nationalisation running through its dna like the writing through Brighton rock.

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