Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Will Messrs Wilders and Le Pen strike a death blow to Frau Merkel's Fourth Reich EU project making it crumble to dust like the Berlin Wall from  which she sprang? And should not all Americans who understand the foundations upon which their country was born tell Donald to Tear down that Wall idea - you are nicht bin ein Berliner. Although it must be said he is shaping up to be quite possibly the best President of the United States the Democrats never had.If they were not so caught up in their own emolument seeking personal struggles for power and narrow partisanship they would embrace him as one of their own and support his what are clearly socialist economic programmes and agenda dressed up in Republican language.

There is a lot of transgender political posturing and cross dressing going on but when the external garb is stripped away Democrats and Republicans are still statist ideological brothers under the skin fighting for a narrow strip of political turf upon which they can express  their narcissism of small differences.

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