Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Thatcher Frit

Recently opened government papers under the 30 year rule have revealed that the Margaret Thatcher revolution came to a juddering halt at the gates of State education and one paper dealing with possible privatisation or radical reform of the state system was marked in favour of maintaining the nationlisation of education.

This may have been the greatest failure of her rule as if real change is to be effected in a country's culture it begins with education and as a result of her unwillingness to confront the issue more generations have been blighted by the bankruptcy of the state education system which should have been completely opened up to the market to bring innovation  and academic rigour into the schools and to smash the union ideological hegemony in the classroom with the catastrophic results that have accrued.

We see the same hesitancy and loss of will over the NHS which Thatcher avowed was 'safe in her hands' and the disasters which that failure have brought in their train to know that the much famed radicalism of Thatcher had its severe limitations and that her tenure was more often characterised by caution than is generally appreciated.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Black Racism of Lenny Henry

There is something redundant about inviting left wing personalities to guest produce the radio Four Today programme as it is clearly produced by such types the year round but anyway Lenny Henry went the whole hog and insisted that all the journalists on his watch today would be, as it is preciously put 'of colour'.

The programme was a predictable ghoulash of political correctness.But here is the thing.What the positive discrimination arguers like him fail to recognise is that hiring someone because of the colour of their skin is just as racist as Not hiring someone because of the colour of their skin.Such black racism is actually worse than the common garden racism because it is perpetrated by the victims of racism themselves - an almighty own goal of epic proportions.At a stroke the moral high ground is abandoned and the ugly face of racism and its roots in collectivism is exposed and one injustice is substituted for an another.

Martin Luther King's invocation to judge people not by the colour of their skin but the content of their character is forgotten and the ugly face of black racism is enthroned in its place.It is to be hoped that most people will reject the backward black quota ideas of Lenny Henry for the vile irrational immoral racist policies that they are.Shame on the BBC for sinking to new lows.

Liberty and its false defenders

Watching a  a speech David Davies gave on the history of British liberty I was struck by his omissions and his conflation of liberty with democracy.This is really one to watch as it is common and cannot possibly be accidental as it is so patently erroneous.

A system where a man can vote to have his neighbour's property and income purloined through taxation is one where liberty has long fled and yet repeatedly the liberty /democracy conflation is articulated in the correct assumption that this package deal will go undetected so embedded through repetition are the democracy worshiping incantations, inducing in the listener   the effect of near hypnotic subliminal programming.

Mr Davies completely omitted from his near hour long discourse any mention of taxation - in a speech on liberty!God, or someone defend us from false defenders of liberty such as he.

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Living =Dying Wage

The fantasyland inhabited by the Living Wage protaganists is brought into sharp relief with economic reality this week as the package firm City Link announced it is closing down and the unions are predictably seeking government bailout of the beleaguered firm.The idiotic Vince Cable has been appealed to and asked to intervene but as his grasp of economics and business is practically zero there will be no  enlightenment from that quarter.

The cold hard facts are these,namely that companies are weighed down by taxes and regulation and the result is not a living wage or even a minimum wage no but no wage at all.The unions will continue to huff and puff and no doubt Mr Cable will make all the sympathetic noises and stand on his hind legs and bemoan the capitalist system but it is his statist policies which have driven City link and many others to the wall.1970's style state intervention in the economy via wage fixing and government second guessing the economy was a bad bad failed policy then and it is being replicated now and the only solution is free market capitalism with no government intervention in the economy which alone will give companies like City Link a fighting chance. (But no one hold their breath of course).

Islam the cult of death

A religion founded on a plagiarism of a plagiarism of a plagiarism,that urges its members to kill others of the same religion but who follow a variant therof,blows up mosques,beheads people,rapes and pillages across the world and whose founder was an epileptic shepherd who slept with an 8 year old girl,Islam the cult of death deserves no respect and deserves only contempt but is treated sympathetically  by the very people who claim to be fighting a war against terrorism.It would take our freedom away with mass surveillance whilst tolerating in its midst those who would seek to destroy us.The war on terror is a lie and Islam the cancer that seeks to devour us all is allowed to flourish unchecked.2015 and the age of barbarism is upon us.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Socialism and its true intent

When people are prepared to sacrifice liberty for security they end up with neither.This much repeated quote reminds me of a letter Churchill's daughter sent him in response to his attack on socialism as referenced in my last post.She argued that as state control had been so effective in winning the war against Hitler why should it not be mobilised to win the peace and bring social security to the British people?

 I do not know what his response was if any to this but for my part I would say that when socialists draw a picture of what they would like to do for people in their interests it always sounds benign and innocuous as it is couched in such terms but this conceals to the untutored the means by which such a 'fair' and equitable state of affairs will be achieved,namely through state coercion,erosion of liberty, the trampling of individual  rights and a mass leveling down by which the most competent and able are  reduced to the same level of helplessness via state incursion on their freedoms as that of the most helpless individuals in society.

So to say that  Miss Churchill's comments were  disengenuous about the intentions of the socialists is too generous and that what the left do in general is seek to conceal their totalitarian impulses under a sugar coating of bromide euphemism and baby talk.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Churchill's Warning

In 1945 after  leading the victory against German socialism Churchill warned the British people of the dangers of English socialism via a general election win by the Labour party but they were drunk on victory and brushed aside his prophetic warnings.Chiefly he asserted that socialism was totalitarian in nature and that a socialist win would necessitate a stripping away of much fought for liberties going back centuries and that a police state eg a gestapo. would be required to maintain it.

He was scorned and Labour, led by the appropriately Lenin lookalike  Clem Atlee won a landslide victory and proceeded to nationalise all privately run businesses:energy,coal mines,health service etc.The State grew alarmingly and exponentially bigger than any time in Britsh history,taxes rose and liberty became a long distant memory.Gulled by a hideously distorted romantic view of Soviet Russia the Britsh people slowly but surely became socialised subjects,supplicants of a burgeonining state efectively selling their souls for a pair of nation health spectacles.

By the time people realised the horrors and truth of the Soviet system they were hoplessly ensnared in a socialist web of their own weaving and it was impossible to extricate themselves.Soviet invasion was not required for the British people had done it to themselves.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Outline to a written British Constitution

Government shall have no tax raising powers

Dissolution of the monarchy

Separation of church and state

Abolition of blasphemy law

Legalisation of drugs

UK withdrawal from the UN

UK withdrawal from the EU

UK withdrawal from NATO

Capitol punishment for murder

Abolition of television licence

End to all foreign aid programmes

Sale of all government property and land,that property which is needed for armed forces bases,police stations,law courts to be be hired from private owners and privatisation of roads,streets

Abolition of state education

Abolition of NHS and healthcare returned to the free market;drugs to be freely available from retailers,not limited to certain outlets as at present

Abolition of council housing and an end to all government involvement in house building

Abolition of Scottish,welsh and irish parliaments

Prisons privately run but subject to state oversight and regulation,prisoners to work and defray living expenses

Abolition of All quangos

Legalisation of fox hunting

Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Christmas wish

May the British people finally wake up to the absurdity of having a monarchy in the 21st century and divest themselves of this parasitic institution with its hangers on and  cease its fawning over this degenerate dysfunctional family with its entitlement welfare mentality.Selling off its possession and property bought with blood and tears and plunder over the centuries would pay off 7 billion of the national debt and free the country of its oppressive history and its forelock tugging obesiance to tyranny which the monarchy  is a symbol of today albeit in its delimited  form today. The mad would be king Charles with his eco obsessions and pro muslim sentiments has spent most of his adult life meddling in British politics and must not be allowed to assume the throne so it is essential for the monarchy to be dissolved before this happens.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Religion and its philosophical base

If a religious leader makes a speech on world affairs pretty much without exception its contents can be predicted as they follow a familiar trajectory unchanged for centuries and will contain certain elements varying only in minor deviations and detail as befits the events of the day.The unerring message will be that the problems of the world can only be addressed by unselfishness,self sacrifice,charity,love and that, translated into politics, this will entail:collectivism,socialism,redistribution of wealth,repudiation of profit, and all of this will be interlarded with an assault on private enterprise,attacks on individualism,materialism and the intellect.This was pretty much the message that the pope delivered in the EU parliament recently and needless to say it was met with rapturous applause.This phenomenon described can be the cause of only two things.Either this is a misrepresentation of the true message of Christianity on the part of the pope and this seems unlikely as he is a learned man or the very essence and philosophy of christianity is pure unadulterated evil.Assuming it is the latter then we need to examine what is at the heart of this philosophy which is common it must be said across all the main religions and probably all the other lesser known religions as well.The essence or base of this philosophy is of course altruism -the idea that humans beings exist not for their own hapiness and fulfillment but for that of  others who they must sacrifice  to and this and this alone is the only purpose to their life.And the only possible political translation of this philosophy is collectivism,the common good for whom individuals are to be sacrificed.All goverments justify their social programmes by the altruist code of self sacrifice invoking its religious roots and it is the prevailing ideology of the age and indeed most past ages.This is the moral evil that has to be confronted and it can only be done on philosophical grounds as this is the battle ground the collectivist have chosen to wage their war for centuries on man and the individualism that stands in their way to complete tyranny.

Statism versus the non- coercive State

When discussing the evils of statism with folk the standard response is 'so you are an anarchist then?' as if the only solution to an over bearing state were no state at all.The majority of such respondents say this out of genuine confusion but others deploy such an argument as a smear to deter people from exploring alternatives to statism.The answer to statism is a limited state,a capitalist system under the rule of objective law and moreover - and this is the essential element of the dynamic - a state funded by voluntary contribution,voluntary taxation if you will, thus removing the coercive element of taxation which is theft by the state.The state is not a necessary evil but a necessary good.Unlike most libertarians and anarchists the state is not viewed with hostility as something to be abolished but as the essential safeguard of freedom liberty and the rule of law within a capitalist system.The state has a monopoly of force and without it the anarchy witnessed in some african states and parts of the middle east would prevail.Imagine rival police forces and militias and rival legal systems fighting it out on the streets and you begin to see the anarchy and mayhem that would result from competing legal and police forces.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Torture. So What

The liberal's much ventilated and public angst over the torture by western governments of suspected islamic terrorists speaks not to their virtue but their moral decadence.In war the objective is to win as expeditiously as possible in the shortest amount of time with the least number of casualties to one's own side by whatever means available including torture.The notion of applying queensberry rules to Isis is beyond the absurd.The goal should be to terrorise the terrorists.Even friends trot out the argument that to use the same methods as the enemy is to be no better than the enemy but even a cursory examination of this argument is to expose its fallacious not to say immoral nature.It is immoral because it covertly and sinuously seeks to obliterate the moral distinction between the perpetrator of violence and the victim.By the very act of daring to retaliate against the perpetrator the victim condemns himself to moral equivalence with the perpetrator.One only has to ask who benefits from such a rationalisation to see the evil of it.If by the very act of retaliating against an agressor the victim is rendered   automatically immoral the only outcome is paralysis of the victim and the triumph of the criminal.Hence the moral evil and depravity of the liberal argument that to fight the terrorists with their own weapons is to be no better than the terrorists.The only possible outcome can be victory of the terrorists and the end of freedom which is what we can observe on the world stage today.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Democracy and its sollution

Democracy is illiberal ergo it cannot be ended via the democratic process.If as it clearly does democracy violates principles of liberty freedom and individual rights its continuation or otherwise cannot logically be subjected to a vote.As individual rights are inviolable and flow from the very reality of the requirement of human existence then they cannot possibly be subject to the whim of  majority decision.You cannot vote to enslave your fellow man and even if 99 people out of a hundred wish to violate the rights of the hundredth this they cannot do.So if democracy is to be ended it will not and cannot be done via the ballot box.This does not mean violence will be inevitable but neither does it exclude its possibility.It is for those who think individual rights liberty and freedom can be extinguished from human affairs via the democratic will to justify their position,not those who reject such a  monstrous proposition.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Life on Marrs

Watching a re run of the history of modern Britain with Andrew Marr recently I was struck and amused by his absurd leftist bias when covering the birth of that socialist monstrosity the NHS.Barely could he contain himself as he drooled over this great achievement of civilization, totally ignoring the erosion of individual liberty it involved;the desired end of 'free' healthcare totally justified the illiberal means to get there,ho hum.To the left human beings are not individuals at all but mere ciphers,a collectivist blob to be fashioned and shaped,to be pushed here and there to achieve the egalitarian utopia of fairness and equality for all.The fairness of course turns out to be unfairness and the equality the equality of slavery.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The left and its strange sympathies

Watching George Galloway interviewing the daughter of Che Guevara on the Soviet TV chanel RT,  drooling and   almost wetting himself in the presence at one remove of such a hero of the Left it makes me wonder why the left romanticises totalitarianism and hero worships an obvious thug hoodlum and criminal like Che Guevara.Perhaps its the same reason why some people romanticise the mafia - the Godfather syndrome.Whilst the left would recoil in horror at the totalitarian Right they seem to develop myopia when it is their side doing the tyranny.The end justifies the means I suppose.If individual rights,liberty and freedom have to be sacrificed to create their leftist vision of 'fairness' then so be it.When such contempt for liberty and disregard for individual rights prevails it is hardly surprising that the result is a charnel house of death and destruction on an industrial scale.There is very little difference between the martyrisation and deification of Che and that of the the Jihadi sucide bombers and Isil whose militant Islamism is not so different from  Marxism in its colletivist dystopic vision..

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Immigration and the debate we never have

One thing never heard in any debate on what we should do about mass immigration is the argument that we cannot have mass immigration because how will Tesco,Asda,Lidl,Pound shop cope with the demands of all those people coming into the country.No,we only hear the argument how can the NHS,our schools our transport,social services and all the state infrastructure cope with all the demands made upon it by the immigrants. The solution then is staring us in the face.Let all those services be run on capitalist principles,then there would be no shortages,no waiting lists.But of course we are wedded to a discredited 19th century ideology of socialism,so we end up vexing about how many people can come into the country ,in other words approaching the argument entirely from the wrong end .Open borders under capitalism are no problem but it is impossible when people are dependent upon inefficient corrupt state public services characterised by incompetence,protectionism,lack of innovation,  and stagnation.Capitalism is the answer to immigration,socialism is the problem.

Democracy's dirty big secret

What an ingenious thing democracy is! It enables you to steal from your neighbour  using the state as a proxy thief- via taxation but it also enables your  neighbour to steal from you! So everyone ends up the same except of course in the act of larceny everyone is morally depraved.No one has any power or autonomy,it has been taken by the state hence the inability of anyone to change the system that has us locked into mendacity with no hope of change unless the whole system of democracy is rejected and a system based on individual rights ie capitalism replaces it. Only an outright rejection of the kleptocratic model of democracy will secure liberty for the people.It has been rightly said that democracy gives each man the right to be his own dictator but the only thing this can result in is tyranny for all as anything you do to your neighbour they can do to you.Remove coercion from human affairs,let people come together through voluntary association to trade,take the state's power away to steal through taxation and society will flourish,wealth and innovation and entrepreneurialism will flow and people will get back their s liberty so craftily and artfully stolen from them.

Monday, December 01, 2014


The ridiculous slab monument of stonehenge the product of slave labour no doubt and sublime in its senselessnes and epic Sisisiphean  futility is a fitting monument to the sensless economics of the coalition as it seeks to build its way out of bankruptcy by piling up yet more debt for the slaves of the future to pay off in perpetuity.People come from all round the world to gawp at these monuments of nothingness,as vacuous as the operations of our present day neolithic politicians in their deluded arrogance and myopia.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

John Grey Anatomy of a liberal

A chief characteristic of liberals like John Grey is their persistence in presenting their opponents ie those who advocate free market capitalism as hopeless, comical  and deluded ideologues whilst Liberal statists likehim on the other hand  who believe the state is pretty much the answer to any problem moral or economic are UN ideological!For some mysterious reason they seem to get away with this unchallenged.Proceeding thus on the foundation of a deception they then attack capitalism and free market  totally ignoring the fact that such a system does not actually exist other than in theory as the system we live under and actually pretty much in all democracies around the world is a mixed economy,hedged in with gazillions of regulations and taxation -the very antithesis of capitalism and free markets! I wonder if it is possible to advance liberal philosophy without having to resort to deliberate and wilfull misrepresentation.If such a learned and intellectually acomplished academic like Mr Grey cannot manage it I think it is safe to say that it is not.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Andrew Mitchell Served His Ass on a plate

A most unpleasant character has finally been hoist on his own peturd and faced justice at last.A serial  well documented abuser of the police and profligate dispenser of other people's money to every hell hole on earth via foreign aid it is good this  public menace has been put out of action and bankrupted  as he has bankrupted the public with his perverted vicarious philanthropy.His pathetic green posturing with his bycycle riding thru London is another reason I and many others will be glad to see the back of him.British justice served I think.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Racist Thugs Loot and Rampage in Ferguson

The media has got  this all wrong, and it is deliberate.Falsification of character and events.The beatification of Michael Brown small time thug and petty criminal is now complete.The inconvenient truth of the video of him robbing a store is forgotten and airbrushed out.To refer to it at all is of course, (you guessed it) Racist.Take a look at where the hoodlums and criminals looters and barbarians are directing their anger and rage.Small businesses,stores,products of capitalism and industry and commerce, you know, products of  uniquely American values which most of the rioters are almost certainly unaquainted with.These are the enemy they wish to destroy.Why not let them have their wish and deport them to a more appropriate environment for them,one they would really feel at home in like Sudan where anarchy reigns and they can kill and loot at will in a looters paradise.They certainly do not belong in America.Shame on them,the ugly racist tribalist collectivist subhumans that they are.And shame of the western liberal media for so hideously and criminally misrepresenting these events and by so doing fanning the flames of unreason and barbarism to who knows what tragic end.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Redrawing the Frontiers of the State for the 21st Century

Analogue politics in a digital age is no longer sustainable..Its so 20th century and the electorate are getting restless and UKIP are riding the wave of national consciouness that is febrile and restless and intolerant of the statist hegemonists of two party politics.Something better change is the now general consensus although it is not altogether focused as yet.The trajectory to a smaller reduced state requires  clear articulation and reasoned argument that has barely begun.The challenge is great but must be risen to and a good place to start would be to point out that a big paternalist state that we have now infantilises the population,strips them of independence,denies them their liberty and keeps them in a permanent state  of impotence and resentment.Tapping in to current discontent such a debate would lead to the conclusion that the state should do less and then a disussion on how its frontiers could be redrawn radically, emphasising individual choice in areas such as health and education,removing the state from these spheres and introducing the notion that taxation is more an unecessary evil than a necessary good.This is but a very sketchy brief unfleshed out indication of the direction of travel towards the small state predicated on individual rights and away from the statism that has gradually grown over the last two centuries to our  present very illiberal State.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Ukip Ukip Hurray!

The latest UKIP win in Rochester and Strood is proof positive that there is a new force in British politics shaking up the corrupt ancien regime statist quo and bringing to bear shafts of fresh air and light onto the stale rancid fetid Westminster dungheap.The only caveat is the unfortunate but perhaps  electorally understandable UKIP tendency of appealing to disaffected Labour voters by tacking to the Left vis a vis support of the NHS and in an act of political contortionsm to the nationalist right at the same time with its anti immigration schtick when the real target should remain of course the evil empire of the EU and its nefarious criminal monstrous reach.But way to go UKIP and the trajectory is onwards and upwards.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Devolution Trojan Horse

It has always struck me as strange that when people criticise goverment and politicians their main beef seems to be summed up in the oft repeated phrase 'polititicans are too remote' whilst for me my main beef is they are not remote enough.How about moving them to Pluto? So as a supposed remedy they are now proposing that old impostor/sop/palliative called devolution.This is the now desperate politicians last bid for holding on to the power they see slipping away from them due to public disgust at their corrupt thieving ways.In reality all devolution amounts to is the adding of further layers of bureaucracy to an overladen State and worse still bringing Big Brother to your doorstep,localising the tyranny.It is the same socialist mindset,just nearer to home in the form of Maoist localism.The devil is in the devilution and it should be eschewed as yet another form of statism with the cynical application of a fresh lick of paint and a modish name designed to hoodwink the untutored in the dark arts of statecraft.Devolution is classic divide and rule tactics by a morribund political class,pitching region against region and effectively balkanising the nation State; all the more easy to control and diffuse any genuine revolt by the people against the depraved political liberal elites.

The NHS Cult

A health system run on socialist lines? (yeah,that oughta work).Mr Milliband seemed to think he had a clinching argument with the redoubtable aformentioned Myleen Klas when he sought to justify the Marxist mansion tax grab on the grounds that the NHS needed more money.And Dracula needs more blood! A need is not a claim on the lives of others and Socialism,a discredited ideological 20th century mistake is no basis upon which to base a healthcare system - or anything else for that matter, as history amply illustrates.Why when across the world socialism has been jettisoned into the dusbin of history do we still persist in applying it to  our healthcare system of all things?And why does the political class insist on a system that has killed hundreds of thousands of people which if it were a private company would have been closed down a long time ago and those responsible thrown in jail? This is intellectual failure on a simply staggering scale,a betrayal on a scale impossible to calculate or barely grasp,yet so it is.

Imagine getting a character reference from Bob Geldolf!

It happened to former foreign aid minister involved in plebgate whose name thankfully escapes me.Hasn't the man suffered enough?Small surprise that the Irish windbag would lend support to Mr Mitchel whose name has returned lol as it was he who like nothing more than to sprinkle taxpayers money on every godforsaken hellhole he could find across the globe with prodigal liberality.Of course such nonentites get the only self esteem open to them via this perverted vicarious philanthropy getting a para sexual thrill giving other people's money away.The UK is staggering punchdrunk under a mountain of goverment debt and these sociopaths think it a good idea to add to our debt burden and our children's children's  with yet more.Don't they belong in prison not for calling a policman a pleb but for their wholesale industrial larceny?

Why Democracy Sucks

Imagine going to a store for baked beans and being told you can only have a tin of peas.When you object you are told if you do not like it you will have to have a tin spagetti instead.Would you go back to that store again.Well the strongest argument the tories can muster to vote for them is if we do not and choose UKIP instead we will get Labour!The insanity of it all beggars belief but this we are told is the best system available,it is called democracy and people have died to secure it.No one believes this anymore,it is bollocks and we do not have to put up with it anymore.The game is up.Democracy is a raddled crone ripe for euthanasia.

Myleene Klass Act

Of course it is not difficult to make Ed Milliband look like a prize plonker but Myleen Klass certainly did it with panache as she laid in to the Marxist Geek about his Mansion tax grab.If the electorate give Labour back the reins of power it really will be a case of it the dog returning to its Gromit.Welcoming back the people who bankrupted the country and want to do it all over again,yes it does beggar belief but never underestimate British sado masochism.The Americans had their war of independence to rid themselves of a tax mad king and we are paying far more now to the State and whilst it would be nice if we regained our liberty by words alone you cannot rule out the use of force.All great struggles for liberty have been bloody affairs and ours may be no exception.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mob rule thru the ballot box

Democracy fetishisation is the curse of the age.To be against the god of democracy is to be a heretic,a pariah.Yet what is this god we worship without question and the few that do few on pain of social ostracism? A tawdry squalid fix of majority rule -mob rule gentrified only by the ritual of the ballot box. The very essence of democracy is anti individual,anti liberty,anti freedom and it should be eschewed by all with an ounce of care for freedom instead of worshipped blindly and unthinkingly which is of course the way democracy encourages and wants people to behave - groupthink fashion.The only way to counter democracy worship is to explain how it is incompatible with our fundamental liberties,individual rights and freedoms and how it represents collectivism,coercion and tyranny by the State.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

There is another Way

We are constantly told that the present system of democracy is what we must stick with because any alternative would be much worse and would involve something close to totalitarianism but this is the big lie and does not bear any scrutiny.It is the bugbear that is intended to close down all debate just as the establishment sought to silence the debate on the EU until UKIP came along and forced it on to the national agenda.We need a discussion on the NHS and the Welfare State and taxation just as urgently as we needed the dicussion on the EU and we must not allow the statists of the main parties to silence this debate.Some idiots and oportunists have used the present disatisfaction with the existing political order to propose what are antedeluuvian statist solutions involving an even greater erosion of existing liberties such as the ridiculous Russel Brand who seems to think the solution to an over weening State is yet more state,draconian taxes and a neo communist revolution.This is like proposing an intake of arsenic for indegestion and is beyond all rational debate.A serious plan to push back the state and slash taxes and dismantle vast swathes of the leviathan state can and must be proposed.It must be argued on moral grounds not economical ones albeit the economical benefits would flow from such proposals

Africa Deserves Ebola

For being backward,primitive,tribalistic uncivilized there is a price.It is called ebola.Many of these African countries have had independence from british rule for over half a century but have chosen the primitive socialist route and have paid a heavy price.Many in the West are justifiable sick of the begging bowl posture of much of Africa and to have to bear the wretched Bob Geldolf on our screens yet again talking his pious twaddle and lecturing the West instead of pointing the finger firmly where it belongs on the wretched dark continient,well it is nigh too much to bear.A plague on all their houses.Anyone who goes over there to treat the infected and come back to this country should be treated as terrorists every bit as bad as Isil.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Death of Politics

We do live in interesting times do we not.The end of politics is in sight.In an age of individualism people will simply not put up with political behemoths sprinkling their socialist manna down from a great centralist height on the collective blob of humanity.UKIP has driven a coach and horses through their collectivist hegemony,Labour and Conservative have effectively had it and its time to read the funeral rites over their rancid festering corpses.We have seen the future and it does not involve them.Of course they will not go quietly and there are mutterings from the Left about compulsory voting but this is a desperate bid by a discredited diminished rump of yesterdays power lusters whom people will no longer tug the forelock to. Democracy is in the dock and  the verdict of guilty is only a beat away.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I emailed Dr Peikoff as to whether there is a objectivist manifesto/constitution and whether there is a political objectivist  party in the US or anywhere else and if not why not  -and got an email back saying tersely: No. ! No explanation as to why there is not such was given and it has prompted me to wonder whether in fact objectivism is nothing more than an intellectual ivory tower construct that cannot be translated into political reality as its critics claim.There is certainly a marked reluctance on the part of objectivist to step into the political fray leaving  liberals and leftist statists to rule unchallenged.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Not Brand New

Listening to the precious popinjay Russel Brand's spoutings  you would think he was promoting some new revolutionary ideas when all he is doing is serving up the same old tired mouldy musty rancid leftist views dressed up as new and radical.The BBC radio 4 fellow guests on Start the Week of course swallowed it all whole and uncritically.Now what would be truly revolutionary would be for the BBC to invite some defenders of liberty and individual rights on to the programme,some libertarians, but of course,do not hold your breath.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Banned from Conhome!

I consider it an honour that I have been proscribed by Conhome the weasly conservative website and for what? Calling the ridiculous Grant Schnapps a plonker!I also advocated bombing Mecca and Medina to rid us of the murderous death cult of Izlam but that did not seem to bother them!Coupled with a banishing from the Mail online Peter Hitchen's website it has been quite a month.It was such a waste trying to wake up the dead on those sites it will leave me more time to concentrate on posting here.


First the state tells you what kind of healthcare you will have and creates a monopoly and when as all socialist plans do it results in rationing it begins to lecture people on the food they are eating,levies taxes on unhealthy food, bans food outlets near schools,bans advertising and thus we see the socialist ratchet effect of one incursion on individual rights begetting many more on the inexorable path to socialist serfdom.The fact that this socialist NHS behemoth has killed hundreds of thousands of people over its 60 year reign of tyranny bothers the socialist ideologues not a jot as they continue to laud a healthcare system in thrall to the discredited morally bankrupt ideology of socialism.The NHS death cult has many slavish adherents not least the conservatives who are forever wearing their socialist heart on their sleeves and promising yet more tax  infusions to the voracious blood sucking socialist NHS beast.From NHS to NHSS it goosteps its way through healthcare and no one stands in its way as the political class fall over one another to salute and champion its monstrous advance on the nation's liberties and health.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Demokracy's Endgame

As the whole rotten corrupt western Ponzi welfare mixed economy model collapses upon its own internal contradictions and is kept alive on the dripfeed of printed money no one is calling time on it but rather everyone is happily whistling thru the graveyard of demokracy and characteristically blaming capitalism and arguing for yet more of the same failed statist solutions.How long this danse macabre wil continue is anyone's guess meanwhile it is those few who argue for pure capitalism unregulated and untaxed who will eventually be heard if they speak loudly and clearly to the horror that is unfolding.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Democracy. The Grand dellusion

Every 5 years the electorate sign a blank cheque to their political 'representatives' in the mass illusion that this constitutes proactive participation in politics when in fact it is the exact opposite, being the ultimate expression of passivity.Viewers who phone in to vote for their preferred X Factor contestant on ITV are more pro actively engaged.Somehow their elected dictators have convinced the voters that handing their lives over to them constitutes political engagement.By voting in the present system people are effectively contracting out their lives to politicians and this can only have a pernicious infantilising effect on the electorate.The masterstroke of our political leaders is convincing the people that this system of democracy will ensure their liberties when in fact it is the very thing that has ensured that their liberties have been removed.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Capitalist Party

The Capitalist Party totally rejects the mixed economy model that has been practiced by every Western democracy, allowing for variations, over the past 60 years or more.It further rejects the concept of democracy itself as it violates individual rights at its core and is a form of gentrified mob rule via the ballot box,denies individual rights and asserts the rights of the collective above them and destroys liberty therby.It has a twenty year programme to eliminate taxation entirely as it has rightly been called the tool of tyranny and this would give people enough time to adjust and not be a sudden wrench.It does nt advocate anarchy but its antitheisis ie capitalism under the rule of law.It does not see the State as a necessary evil but a necessary good as it alone can secure liberty by defending individual rights though its monopoly of force via the armed forces, police, and the courts under a system of objective law.The sole purpose of the State is to protect individual rights through its monopoly of force but it must not initiate force by exacting taxes for instance or it ceases to be legitimate.Statism is the predominant ideology of all existing political parties in the UK where we are focusing our campaign and there is little to choose between them as they all advocate mixed economy policies and operate under its premises to a greater or lesser degree and the arch compromiser with statism is conservatism which is quite happy to preside over a welfare state claiming that it can make it work more efficiently than the socialists! It could probably do the same for cannibalism and would if it thought it was a vote winner.Conservatism is a non philosophy and there is no point wasting any time on it as it is responsible for the mess we are in with its compromises and betrayals over many generations and anyone who thinks the way to capitalism is voting conservatism is hoplessley delluded.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Democracy versus the Non Coercive State

As Ed miliband was delivering his blood curdling Marxist diatribe at Labour conference yesterday it reminded me of those ISIS videos of beheadings and the threat and intimidation and fear they are designed to engender in the viewer.Look he was gloating,this is what I am going to do to you British people and there is not a thing you can do about it.And indeed in a democracy there is no a thing we can do about it.It is the gentrification of tyranny thru the ballot box.If the mob votes for it,it will happen.There is no protection,no freedom,no liberty no individual rights.This is what we are so proud of and want to export globally.There is an antidote to Democracy of course and it is liberty.A non coercive state is desirable and possible and would preclude taxation the ultimate coercive act against a disarmed population.Do not let anyone tell you it is wildly utopian,unrealistic,impractical because what they are saying is liberty and the upholding individual rights are those things,products of a deranged mind.But that is not so much a statement of fact as an ugly psychological confession, namely that human bondage and slavery is the natural state of man and to challenge it is to go against centuries of history and man's natural fate.It is civilized to enslave oneself to the masses,to the needs of otheres and uncivilized to refuse to do so.An inverted moral universe is revealed here by the collectivists and democracy lovers,to whom man is an end to the needs of others not himself,a mere cipher or pawn to be moved around the board,exploited and used to the service of anyone's need but his own.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bye Bye Scotland (Part 2)

If the vote is No the English should have a referendum on whether to get independence from Scotland rather than promising to stuff yet more English gold down Scottish throats. The freeloading chippy Scots need a few home truths but instead we are bending over backwards to beg them to stay so they can carry on leeching off us.John Major Major has outlined albeit unwittingly many reasons why we should welcome a Yes vote such as we will have less clout in the UN.Good,it is an immoral criminal organization and we should have no truck with it.Again he says a Yes vote will leave us with less influence in the EU.Is he kidding?! We want out from that criminal racket as well.And then he says we will have less clout in NATO.Again,good as it is a clapped out cold war relic long past its sell by date.There are no downsides to a Yes vote and if it happens the English should be dancing in the streets.Good riddance to bad Socialist rubbish!

Friday, September 05, 2014

Bye Bye Scotland

Despite the best efforts of the BBC and the rest of the liberal media the Scots are unlikely to vote for independence as they know if they were to do so the only thing they would do is starve as the English Welfare spigot would be turned off and the dwindling oil reserves would not pay to keep them in the welfare state to which they have come accustomed and dependent. The larcenous Scots may talk the talk but at the end of the day their lavish English funded welfare system will sway them away from a Yes vote. The English who have been disenfranchised and have no say in the matter would almost certainly vote Yes given the chance and if they were in possession of the facts which have been denied to them thanks to the slavish pro independence media who have facilitated the nationalist obfuscation programme to a slavish craven and criminal degree.If it were not for the socialist sasenachs there would not have been Labour governments down the years and parliament would have been free of their scourge,with a yes vote we would be free of any more Labour government so for that alone we should pray for independence.When the Scots begin to die off from hunger after a yes vote they should expect no foreign aid from England and as a wretched satrapy of Brussels which has bankrupted Europe they can expect very thin gruel from that quarter.Let us be rid of these chippy neo Communists across the border and embrace the sunny uplands of freedom and liberty separated at last from Scottish parasitism.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Democracy or Liberty

It is hard wired into people of the West that Democracy is the best of all possible systems of government and of course politicians like to  reinforce this Big Lie at every available opportunity as they know the suggestive power of the very word alone, Democracy, to put people into a deep hypnotic trance as they chow down to a large dollop of conformity and groupthink.So powerful is this mass delusion that Democracy is the last word in human organization that its adherents s go forth to prozelitize the message far and wide to other less fortunate nations that have not yet seen the light and embraced this marvellous system of collectivism and majority rule. Where in our schools or places of higher learning is this institutionalized canard ever challenged or analyzed for its veracity or otherwise?It is fed with our mother's milk that we must bow down and pay obesiance to this given and never utter a word against it for fear of charges of barbarism or uncivilized thinking.It is this monstous fraud perpeetrated on a prostrate and duped people which has allowed politicians to ply their statecraft with impunity and to such deadly effect having all but destroyed concepts of liberty and individual rights in the minds of the people in the process, reducing them to sheep herded into the ballot box every 4 years to put their cross beside their chosen oppressor with the blue orange or red rosette.In a cannibal society Democracy would consist of voting for the candiate who advocates the amount of people that should be eaten per week.Candidate a) advocates 3 people,b),2 people,and Cc)one person.Take your pick -it's Democracy!We have yet to see a candidate who might voiciferously proclaim the utter barbarity of eating human beings period.But we should not take any comfort that we are any more civilized really with our wholesale contempt for individual rights implicit at the rotten black heart of Democracy.Its a numbers game,if enough people are in your gang you can have your will enforced at the point of a gun by the State in a Democracy and no one bats an eyelid at this monstrous injustice so immune are they to reason and the call of liberty.So what can be done you ask?Obviously people need educating urgently about what individual rights mean and how they are absolutely in conflict with the collectivist principles of Democracy.A man has a right to his own life to pursue goals that will lead to a fulfilled life but right at this very point the State steps in and says No, Democracy dictates that he subordinate his life and property to others who are 'less advantaged',who 'Need' things that he,the  poor sap must provide though the enforced purloining of his money through taxation -the very tool of tyranny!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Michael Brown Evil Thug

A church service is being held for small time thug and hoodlum Michael Brown but you would think it was for Ghandi such is the nauseating reverence for this delinquent creep whose only virtue appears to be that he was black which is an automatic stamp of goodness for the black racists and agitators who have used his timely death as yet another excuse for an orgy of looting and vandalism the only thing it seems the black community is capable of with tedious and predictable regularity. The media of course will fawn over this vile piece of human waste,deify him and give airtime to the spoksemen race hustlers who purport to speak for black people with their grievance mongering hate speech and rabble rousing demagoguery but a picture or in this case s video clip speaks a thousand words and we can see this specimen of social pathology in action terrorising  a shopkeeper after raiding his store using his brute force as he exits the store.This is the man the left are lauding as some sort of fallen hero which illustrates the evil of the left and their defence of the indefensible.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Muslim Extermination Programme

Instead of intervening in the middle east should we not rather sit back and welcome the spectacle of muslims killing one another on an industrial scale? The nihilistic death cult of Islam is self immolating and we should stand back and watch it go up in flames.If an idiotic photo journalist goes into the maelstrom and ends up losing his head he does so at his own risk,it is certainly not a reason to get involved.Let the damned destroy the damned and hopefully the world will be rid of this self negating death force called Islam.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Israel's Right to Mow its Lawn

The anti Israel hysteria is noxious and pure anti semitism.The Zionophobia of the media is nauseating. Why is Israel the only country on earth not allowed to defend itself?Why does the so callled international community hold Israel to standards it would never apply to itlelf? Did the West not fight a war against Germany in which tens of thousands of 'innocent German civilians' were burnt to a cinder?What sickening hypocrisy.Why does it perpetuate the lie and propaganda about 'occupied territory' when it is clearly Israel territory captured in a war it did not start?Why should Israel cease the blockade of wretched Gaza when it is a known and established conduit of arms intended for use against it by the psychopathic Hamas regime?Why is John Snow on channel four allowed his anti Israel rants, acting as a Hamas lickspittle?What a betrayal of journalistic standards, the man is a disgrace. The UN is an immoral rabble of racist anti semites and should be closed down as it has more sympathy with Hamas than Israel. If a man throws rocks at his neighbour's house from his own with his children at his side and his neighbours retaliate with rocks and his children are killed who is responisble for their deaths but him for using his own children as human shields,counting on the expectation that his neighbours knowing he has children in his house will not  respond in kind?  Yet the media says Israel is wrong to retaliate against Hamas rockets,Israel should turn itself into a human sacrifice and let the psychopathic Hamas prevail.Maybe Gazza should be razed to the ground.Whatever it takes.Go Israel.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

UKIP and the Road To Freedom

We know it is coming,the end of politics as we know it,the birth of liberty based politics,the end of the ancien regime of statism collectivism the old politics of corruption cronyism and mixed economy.Ukip will take us half way there and then a libertarian breakthrough of limited government and the small state will do the rest.Watch this space and say farewell to the corrpt liberal elite who have misruled for countless generations.The people will no longer bow the knee to their illiberal masters,a new age of non deference to the corrupt elites is upon us.It is glad confident morning again.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chicken Kiev?

Do not profess to have watched the street antics that closely in Ukraine but cannot help thinking that whatever the protesters want it must have precious and scant relationship to liberty if they choose to hitch their wagon to the fading corrupt,illiberal even undemocratic imploding star of the EU.They may have a choice between the devil Putin and the deep blue sea of EU but on balance I think I would opt for Russia.