Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Something Better Change?

Spare a thought at the coming election for the poor benighted disenfranchised libertarian voter with nary a political home to go to. As he casts his eyes on the existing field he could be forgiven for thinking he lives in a one party state for what is on offer from all the candidates of the various parties  but an orgy of public spending, endless promises of splurges of other people's money to throw at the dsyfunctional public services leading to a still a greater expansion of the oppressive state and taking us  down the long and winding road of serfdom.

There is hope however for if Ukip could change British history with just one member of parliament -and only that towards the end maybe too much store is based on it and the real solution for fundamental change lies beyond the gilded environs of Westminster.

What Will Civilize Islam?

1 Military take out of Tehran

2 Threat of the same to Saudi Arabia and any other Middle East country that threatens the West

3 Demolition of Mecca and Medina

With these three Islam would be bombed into the 21st century otherwise it could prevail by attrition till Europe is overtaken ,shariad and Islamified.

Until Islam is neutered like Christianity it will pose a threat to civilization and the West will be permanently lighting candles and having endless one minute silences. The time for silence and appeasement is over.

Does the West have self belief to do the above? There is little to no evidence that it does and that is its tragedy.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lie Back and Think of Venezuela

Is the unthinkable possible - a Corbyn victory? I have predicted a much more narrow win for May than she somehow thinks is her birthright  and said that it was a foolhardy unnecessary risk to go to the country on her part and certainly Corbyn appears to be catching up and narrowing her initial lead. Ideology v pragmatism could  well equal Venezuela as the public sleepwalks to the ballot box seduced by the siren call of free stuff for everybody dispensed with prodigal liberality by a demented Santa Claus bereft of all  his renowned former powers of discrimination.

Maybe if the prevailing othodoxy is pragmatism May will squeeze through but it is playing Russian Roulette with  the country's future and sooner or later the country will be forced to choose between Corbynism or the only real alternative,pure capitalism and now that ideology is apparently respectable or acceptable again what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander and the ideology of capitalism should be articulated.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Who or What Created the New Atheism

There has been an inevitable backlash against the new atheism in recent years with quite a lot coming from the left but I have yet to hear any of these critics cite the most likely cause of the new atheism. Peter Hitchens absurdly seeks to blame it on a desire for hedonism but there is a fundamental elephant in the room cause which I have not heard him or anyone else address: the rise of militant Islamism in the last few decades.

The global Islamist threat must be the number one cause of the new atheism. Up to its emergence everyone more or less thought faith and organised religion had been pretty much consigned to the rubbish bin of history until it came back again with a vengeance. Up till that point religion was putting on a respectable front particularly Christianity which had been neutered and defanged by the reformation and enlightenment when this old monolithic relic of Islam burst back on the scene in all its unreformed primitive literalist blood curdling horror.

Aping barbaric Christianity before it was civilized by modernity Islam has come back like a bad dream to remind people of just how evil unreformed religion is in its fundamentalist original incarnation when wedded to the State in theocratic unholy union. Far from being an aberration of a religion gone bad the true nature and essence of faith is manifested in present day Islamism for all to see and hence the reaction against it in the new  atheism.The latter's opponents should at least have the humility to recognise the  cause of this phenomena.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Cling to Nurse

Hold your nose and vote Tory unless you want a madman rampaging across the country wielding a hammer and sickle.Its a negative endorsement,there will be no conservative banners waved here but the threat of the Red Menace is so real it really is the only choice to hand.

Disenfranchised libertarians for want of a better word really need to start getting it together in future if we are not to be left every time elections come around with this invidious choiceless choice of different brands of spam.Spam spam spam spam spam.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

There are No Recovering Believers

It is quite painless to become an atheist. It may take some intellection over time but I have found there are no deleterious effects or withdrawal symptoms connected to loss of faith. It is like losing nothing, a vacuum, so insignificant and nebulous is the very nature of faith which indeed is little more than a foundationless assertion of belief. When it is gone it is not missed. It is little more than a bad habbit let go of.

There is a process of disintegration as one lets go the airy premises of faith but the re integration that follows it,the adjustment to a pro reason outlook follows a logical progression that is as painless as it is rewarding.Like removing blinkers  the consequences of abandoning faith are salutary and the only regret is that one has wasted so much time believing something so ridiculous and absurd, realising one has been the victim of a scam or a hoax and feeling a little silly.

It can take a while however to fully divest oneself of the vestiges of faith for it is insidious and like an abandoned habbit it can make appeals upon one to backslide and capitulate to it on a subtle level that must be guarded against but such appeals can be quickly dismissed by the application of reason against which it has no defense or power and is consequently  thereby vanquished.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Foreign Policy by Displacement

Re the so called war on terror governments engage in displacement activity ie invading Iraq and Afghanistan rather than Iran and Saudi Arabia, it places innocent people under state surveillance and allows the terrorists to slip through its net and very insidiously rather than going after the known suspects it wages a phoney war on 'extremism' which is a deliberately vague indefinable elastic term that theoretically encompasses anyone with intensely held views and beliefs either good or bad since the term itself does not connote the contents of someone's given belief but only the extent to which they hold it ie consistently and uncompromisingly. I could be an extremist by that wooly imprecise term as I believe in limited government with 0% taxation and regulation etc. This is the danger of of a government policy based on such a term.

Displacement activity is classically illustrated in the West's doomed ventures in Libya and Syria and it seems lessons are never learned when it comes to governments engaging in proxy wars,half hearted doomed exercises in grandstanding adventurism with no coherent policy or objective,foreign policy by emotional spasm.

Naming the enemy and waging all out war against it? No, governements would rather go after google and the internet and close down websites to stamp out 'extremism' to signal their virtue and strip us of our liberties in the process.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

National Security Egalitarian Style

Time after time terrorist atrocities are committed by muslims who were 'on the radar' under a system that targets everybody and nobody because profiling is prohibited and re such a system a little old lady with a hearing aid is just as likely a suspect as a known muslim extremist. Egalitarianism dictates that no distinction between the two can be made.The toxi  ideological code of political correctness thus kills and led directly to the Manchester Massacre.

The evil swine and subhuman who committed the atrocity had even ben reported several times as being a potential danger and nothing was done. The national security apparatchiks were too busy monitoring everybody's phone calls no doubt and demanding their surveillance net be thrown over us all.

A suicide bomber is bad enough but a country  busy committing national suicide is the ultimate obscenity.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Time For Disestablishment

Religion kills and poisons everything. Disestablishment will send a clear message that the state is no longer aligned to religion  and  is non sectarian,non ideological and neutral and has no institutional links with monotheism. Then the fight against Islamonihilism can be uncompromised by religious affiliations by dint of  non association with primitive barbaric medieval religious beliefs be they Christianity or Islam which share the same roots.

To fight the evil perpetrated by the Manchester Massacre of innocents it is necessary to fight the source which is religious faith by cutting all formal historical institutional ties with it forthwith.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How Not To React to Islamanihilism -and how to Defeat it

The decision to suspend all electioneering till  the weekend in response to the Islmanihilist attack in Manchester although well intentioned is profoundly wrong as it allows the terrorists to determine people's behaviour and interrupt the democratic process which is their intention. They should never be permitted to stop the traffic and this is playing into their hands.By carrying on we are emphasising the impotence of the Islamanihilists and showing them that the human life force is far greater in breadth scope and magnitude than their inhuman death force.

We should also of course take out Iran militarily and threaten the same to Saudi Arabia and  any other countries who seek to emulate them and the whole terrorist thing would be over by the end of the year.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Sexual Predator Trump Visits the Pope

Did Trump visit the pope to have his sins blessed? The misogynist serial abuser of women has wrapped himself in religion to get into the Whitehouse and is seeking further religious imprimatur from the socialist pope.His next stop is visiting the Saudis where their gross human rights violations and misogynist culture will of course go unmentioned by Trump who is too busy sucking up to it and selling the Islamic Fascist state arms.

Meanwhile the Trumpgate proceeedings continue apace and it is fully on the cards that this braggart and authoritarian fraudster will be ignominiously bundled out of the Whitehouse  long before the end of his first and only term.The damage it it will do to America is incalculable.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Why Altruism is still a Thing

Most people do not practice altruism and would not dream of feeding the next door neighbour's children instead of their own but they feel guilty for not practicing what is taught as a noble thing so they vote for the party that proffers altruistic programmes -especially if they are wealthy where their guilt is magnified proportionately.They get politicians to do on their behalf what they are unable to practice in their own lives. Altruism by proxy is the result.

Where does the guilt come from but the residual Christianity upon which the West has been indoctrinated for centuries. The outward forms of religion have  long been abandoned but the essential altruistic preachments of the gospels remain imbedded in the culture and manifests in politics.

People will accept a little bit of altruism in their politics but not in an unadulterated form as with Corbyn which is why he is unlikely to become prime minister although note that  people are still sympathetic to his 'ideals' but dismiss them as 'impractical' and vote instead for the diluted Altruism Lite of Theresa May. But the fact remains that she has to include elements of altruism in her manifesto if she is not to appear heartless and endorsing selfishness which is testimony to the continued and enduring influence of altruism and  all  politicians know they must invoke it to some degree in order to stand any hope of gaining power.

Until a morality of selfishness is invoked and a critique of altruism from a moral ethical perspective a la Ayn Rand is articulated altruism will continue to have a vice like grip on the culture and polity and people will continue to vote into office politicians who advocate suicidal collectivist statist altruistic socialsitic programmes that impoversih the country and erode the liberty and freedom of the people in an inevitable and ultimately invidious authoritarian direction.

The idea that the battle for ideas can be won on the field of economics is deluded and ahistorical. The people of Venezuela are dying of starvation,there are no dogs or cats on the street,they have all been eaten,there are no animals in the zoos,ditto but the people are still wedded to socialism as an ideal, all the economic logic to the contrary. It is ideas that move nations not economics and the conservative right made a terrible error when they chose economics to fight socialism rather than morality ceding the latter to the left with disastrous consequences. Without a vocabulary to challenge the faux morality of the left conservatism will continue to cede ground,appropriate socialist programmes (see Theresa May's Manifesto)  and thus pave the way for ultimate victory by the collectivists.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

May's Sinister Cadre

Timothy Lane is Theresa May's  evil Socialist Svengali, the unseen power behind the throne as May is essentially tabula Rasa with no discernible beliefs and in this she bears an uncanny resemeblance to her predecessor Cameron whose brow was untroubled by thought - other than the pursuit and the achievement of power for power's sake, another thing May has in common with him as well as yet another,their Remainer status.

It is no accident that Lane's political inspiration is Joseph Chamberlain, a leftist tory who introduced socialist programmes on tarrifs,taxation and welfare in the late 19th century and who even at the time was regarded by other tories as a Dick Turpin figure. Lane is undoubtedly pulling May's strings but as Corbyn is a red meat socialist those who wish there to remain at least some capitalist elements to the present system have no choice but to hold their nose and vote Conservative.

Funding Of Political Parties

The political parties are nationalised and funded by the taxpayer and this should end and the parties should be soley dependent upon private funding from individuals ,businesses and trade unions. It is immoral for someone to have to financially support a political party hostile to their own beliefs and values. There should be no financial cap on how much a political party receives in donations as individuals and groups should be free to support whatever ideology or beliefs they choose with no interference from the state.

Objections that this would lead to cronyism -as if it did not exist in the present system is false because the role of the state would be strictly delimited and the parties would not be in a position to bestow favours on any particular interest group and the cronyist lobby system would would come to an end as cronyism is a feature of the mixed economy where the state is intimately and intricately bound up with business in an unholy alliance and the latter has to effectively pay it of like the mafia to make it go away.

Ukip's Revolutionary Legacy

The lesson of Ukip's meteoric trajectory and ascendancy should not be lost for the invaluable lessons it  affords us on future political campaigns for whatever objective. That a political party for almost its entire life was able to literally change British political history with No member of parliament until the very end with Carswell who has subsequently left the party is testimony to the power of extra parliamentary activity to change the face of British politics and it should not be forgotten or airbrushed away as the mainstream parties would no doubt wish it to be.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Mayoist Great Leap Backwards

The Conservative Manifesto could have been co written by Corbyn himself with its vicious attacks on business,its persecution of enterprise and its statist interventions in what is left of the market. Employees are to have representation on governing boards giving them all the benefits of ownership but none of the responsibilities and liabilities which is a recipe for chaos and breakdown of said business. Businesses will be  punitively fined for having the temerity to bring employees in from outside the country,a rabid form of economic nationalism not seen since the emergence of the Third Reich. Caps will be placed on energy prices in a flagrant statist takeover of a supposedly free market in energy which is a chimera as it is a rigged market by the state in regulations and taxation and now defacto nationalisation.

 Any businesses seeking to protect themselves from crippling taxation will be hounded and punished like common criminals rather than the engine of growth and creators of wealth and prosperity they are.

No promises have been made not to raise taxes which is like a Damocles sword hanging over all businesses and individuals creating mass uncertainty and caution over expansion plans.

Theresa May seems intent on throwing red meat to Labour voters and thinks she can take her core vote for granted and she may be correct when they survey the field for alternatives which is further proof for the need of a new pro freedom capitalist party to challenge the tories, exposing their amoral cynical opportunist unprincipled anti ideological chicanery.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Demographic Logic of Care Cost Changes

The gov is right to change the system re care costs as people are living longer and will have to make provision for costly care expenses that cannot be born by the taxpayers ie the young.But it should be phased in over decades not straight away as people were led to believe they would be taken care of and so made no provision. For the same reason if welfare was abolished it would have to be a phased change so younger people would know in advance the system had changed and factor that in to their money management over decades whilst those over say 35 who have paid into the existing system would still receive the State benefits..

Criminal Injustice System

Ian Bradey is dead and it cost the taxpayer £10 million over 50 years of incarceration many spent is a hospital as if he was mad rather than bad - and pure evil. Even when he wanted to die they would not allow it and force fed him so the legal system clearly is mad. The death penalty was the only solution for this monster and his assistant Hindley but even when this was abolished idiot religious types like Lord Longford were campaigning for Hindley's release on the grounds that she had found God and was a reformed character. Knowing how evil religious people can be and often are that would be grounds to keep her in jail, which fortunately she was.

To reduce expenses the prison system should be privatised and the inmates put to work to pay their room and board. The prisons are clearly run by criminals with the collusion of the corrupt union controlled guards and whole system should be swept away and run  on market principles at no cost to the taxpayer at all.

Liberal's Smoke and Mirrors

Kudos to the Liberals for proposing the legalisation of cannabis although it is done for unsound motives and why not all drugs and be principled about it? The drug of choice of liberals is taxation and spending and they will use the legalisation of weed to feed their habit as they intend to control it through regulation and tax. It is  not done for principled libertarian reasons therfor, but it is better than nothing. Perhaps the reason why most Liberal policies don't make sense is now revealed -they are potheads.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Return of the Red Menace

Not since 1945 has there been such an extreme left wing Labour party threatening the very foundations of a free nation with its blood curdling threat to nationalise everything and reduce the UK to the state of present day Venezuela and it is for this reason that I will be voting Conservative,something I never though I would be doing again. When a country is under existential threat one has to take extreme measures,so holding one's nose and voting for Theresa is the only option to avert this potential looming disaster of a Corbyn government.

What is dispiriting is the lack lustre non response of the Conservatives to the Red Manifesto, who seemed more interested in focusing on the shambolic way it was presented and leaked and the incompetence it betokened  rather than  the horrendous illiberal totalitarian content it comprised -this is the truly shocking thing for one expects the state neutered  and regulated broadcasting system to be non committal unlike the free press but for the party that is seeking to remain in office to have nothing to say about this extremist document beyond 'it will take us back to the 1970's' is truly shocking and is wholly consonant with my contention that ideologically Theresa May is a statist through and through with soft socialist tendencies.

Voting tory is merely a way of buying time as they will take us down the statist road at a glacial pace rather than the Corbyn gallup and hopefully a serious defeat for the latter will spell his political doom and  the Labour party itself  will take a very long time to recover from its humiliating defeat,if ever.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Is the Trump Denoument at hand?

Someone as transparently corrupt and blatant in his moral delinquency as Trump clearly is has all the hallmarks of a sociopath who is so convinced of his power to control his environment that after a while he does not even try to  any longer dissemble or conceal his misdemeanours and moral breaches but commits them in plain sight.

Surely impeachment is only a matter of time now as this out and out scoundrel and villain has overplayed his hand and his lifelong corruption and cronyism has finally caught up with him as he has sought to use his political position for personal financial gain dragging the presidency even further into the gutter than Obummer..

Blowhard Bill Blusters out

The  disgrace of Bill O Reilly was long overdue. This over rated nonentity was a shallow irritant with no discernible virtues or talent but it now turns out that he was a sad dirty old man as well. There is something particularly despicable about a man abusing his superiority in the workplace to extract sexual favours from his staff and job applicants not to mention the lamentably  incredible low self esteem in the perpetrator it betokens.

Any man who has to target vulnerable  women or those dependent upon him for employment advancement is immoral. It is the equivalent of a man taking advantage of an intoxicated or drugged woman, a physically or mentally disabled woman,a vulnerable child or a teacher with a pupil or someone who needs money in straitened circumstances such as a prostitute. It is an effective admission that the man in question cannot from normal relationships with women on his own level,his equal and has to use coercion with someone he has power over. Sad and good riddance O Reilly.

Why is only Statism in its variants on Offer?

As I have had cause to point out on numerous occasions, to the point of tedium it must be owned, statism and specifically socialism will never be buried once and for all as an ideology until the  philosophy underpinning it has been morally defeated ie altruism - the remnant of Christian belief that people pay lip service to  and politicians dog whistle to get the requisite predictable Pavlovian response from the electorate. Note here that altruism cannot be explicitly argued for as no one would sacrifice his children to the next door neighbour's children but they have enough programmed residual Christian  guilt about not living up to the altrusit 'ideal' to vote for the politicians who implictly  advance it .

It is up to those who see the immoral evil of altruism to out it,name it,expose it, to dispel the human slavish support for something that no man can live by and which any  attempt to do so can only lead to the disaster of  self immolation and the destruction of all human values.

Welcome to the Henry Ford School of Politics

You can have any political colour in this election as long as it is statist. Deepest Red Corbyn with wholesale nationalisation,Blue with Theresa who refuses  to rule out  taxes rises and plans to socialise the energy market with 1970's style price controls and in her speeches is more Mother Theresa than Maggie, orange with the liberals who are profoundly illiberal in their statism across the board and purple Ukip proffering economic protectionist nationalism a la Le Pen. Never mind a rigged market this is a rigged politics. NOA way should be the response - None of the Above.

Monday, May 08, 2017

French vote for 'Not Le Pen'

It is hard to believe that the by all accounts  nonentity  Machon who seems to think that the only thing wrong with the EU is that it is too liberal ie too free market oriented(?!) is going to be able to turn round the sluggish sclerotic under-performing French economy with Thatcherite-like reforms which will be fought,literally, on the streets by both left and right as the former only lent their vote to Machon because of fear of something worse, Le Pen.

The irony is that the left have far more in common with the protectionist policies of  Le Pen  than with the more centrist Machon but could not bring themselves to vote for her nationalist policies - although an even greater irony is that her anti immigrant position would also benefit the left in keeping out low wage earning migrants.

This cynical triangulist approach of Machon will almost inevitably crash on the rocks of political reality and then the wicked witch of nationalism  waiting patienty in the wings will swoop to victory at the next election.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

More Nonsense from the Tribune of Faith

Religious nutjob Peter Hitchens claims there must be an afterlife and a God in order for there to be justice  as there is no justice here on earth in man's kingdom and the weak are always victims of the strong. How so? If a man robs or murders he will be apprehended sooner or later and serve a jail sentence -maybe not as long as Mr Hitchens or we would like but that is something that can be changed and tweaked and needs no mythical heavenly intervention to effect.

And if a man drinks heavily over a prolonged period he will invariably succumb to liver disease and die prematurely, likewise those engaged in narcotic abuse and the morbidly obese - all of these will face a kind of justice for their indulgence. Liars cheats,deceivers all pay a heavy price for their delinquency in terms of low self esteem and psychological malaise so the idea that there is no justice other than in the mythical heaven is as absurd most of what Hitchens comes out with.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Will National Socialism Triomphe in France?

A Le Pen victory tomorrow should not be discounted as she proffers a heady seductive mix of nationalism and socialism, appealing to both left and right, cutting across political affiliations, with a  nationalist virulent anti immigrant (specifically muslim) rhetoric and   a  statist socialist interventionist protectionism as well as representing  the disillusioned anti EU Frexiteers who may be more numerous than hitherto supposed. There could indeed be a political earthquake across the channel in less than 48 hours.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Religious People Say the Dumbest Things

Oddball peter Hitchens says in a talk that the two things that brought him to religious belief were reason and experience.(!?) He goes on to say that religion is responsible for civilization. In an age benighted by religious maniacs wreaking havoc around the world that is some cognitive dissonance going on in Hitchen's head.The mad islamists are behaving exactly the way Christians behaved until they underwent reformation and de fanging. What part of that blindingly obvious fact doesn't he understand?

Hitchen's was brought to faith by an ancient painting he saw in a church of sinners being sent to hell partly because the doomed looked a lot like his contemporaries and one even like himself. That's a clinching argument -a painting!

The even madder religious cultist Roy Masters said that children have to develop their egos before they become spiritual therby acknowledging that human beings require their ego to grow and develop as humans for it is what makes the world go round. Once the ego is allowed to thrive Masters comes along and trades parasitically on man's virtue ie ego to peddal his anti life anti man ideology.

Why There Can Be No Deal With Brussels

Leaving aside the risk as I alluded to of Theresa May routing her own Brexiteers in the election and doing a deal with Brussels it is more likely that there is no deal to be had as Brussels cannot allow it to be seen that the UK can flourish outside the EU for the message it sends to other skeptical countries.The only solution is to sit out the negotiations and then invoke the Wto rules or ideally to have zero tarriffs with all countries  and let the consequences follow.

 Too much energy expended on a chimera of a good deal would be folly once the nature of the EU beast is fully understood which is essentially a hostile unfriendly protectionist racket. It is for this reason that the EU is incapable of agreeing deals with countries outside it which takes years and come to nothing and as the UK will be outside the EU we will meet with the same brick wall of intransigence as are we are experiencing already.

May.chievelli routs Ukip

Kill off Ukip by pretending to be a rabid Leaver,get a tidy majority and then reveal the old Remainer underneath and do a stitchup with Brussels? Looks like the plan and it may well be effective. Ukip had two good policies of slashing foreign aid and abolishing the BBC tv licence but they look like going the way of the Mauritius dodo. Either way the public is given the bleak choice of two rival mafia gangs to choose from. The very low turn out rate, in places under 30% suggests they are beginning to rumble this obvious fact or have succumbed to a severe attack of ennui.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Return of Ideology

There is a good sign in the culture of a return to ideology after a long period where the political establishment had gathered together in a cosy consensus of mushy middle ground social democracy. Now with the advent of Bernie Sanders Trump Le Pen and Corbyn etc we have a chance to revisit the old battles that were never fully resolved even in the Thatcher era.

There is however a stubborn refusal to recognize this radical shift in politics and it is coming from the right ie conservatism.For the latter it appears to be business as usual rather like a team playing by rules that have been torn up and they haven't noticed.Theresa May is playing the Cameron Blairite role but even when the Labour party has abandoned it for socialism, making May in consequence look shifty and Corbyn principled which is an accurate characterisation.

The media is uncomfortable with this new state of affairs and is still acting as if it had not occurred,presenting Corbyn as a mad man for having the temerity to actually believe and advocate strongly for his principles in clear, totally uncompromising Thatcherite terms.They would rather concentrate on his quirky untelegenic personality and where they do attack his ideas it is for having the nerve to articulate an actual ideology.

People might contrast the principled Corbyn position with the shifty anti ideological opportunism and shallowness of May who appears to be concerned with attaining office above any guiding principle or idea. People may begin to wonder if Corbyn can argue for pure socialism why can't the tories argue for pure capitalism if it is now ok to wear one's ideology on one's sleeve.Now that would make politics interesting again and the battle of ideas could then be truly joined.