Saturday, December 31, 2016

First they came for the business men....

Well it has been an eventful year. The low was definitely the relentless and near criminal hounding and scapegoating of Phillip Green by the media hyenas particularly the Daily Mail and I cannot help thinking some of it is pure anti semitism. The Mail has a dark history of suporting Fascism in the 1930's  after all.Green committed the cardinal sin of being a successful entrepreneur who legitimately sold a business all perfectly above board that had pensions liabilties which were passed over to the new owner. As the man said if you sell someone a car and they crash it its not your fault. Impossible standards are demanded of the wealthy that are not applied to anyone else and they are treated like moral lepers, a persecuted minority who are fair game and ergo subject to inhuman villification and prejudice and its permanent open season on them. Envy is an ugly emotion at the best of times but when it is passed off as moral indignation it is all the more nauseating and vile. Spare us all from the faux moral outrage of moral pygmies and envy eaten mediocrities who go by the name of hacks.There is no more sickening a spectacle than such in full cry. Meanwhile the great man has been hauled in front of a kangaroo court of third rate politicians standing in judgement on him and small wonder he has retreated to a foreign land nursing his wounds and bemusedly asking journalists what it is with the British media that so hates successful people and seeks to character assassinate them. The real villain of the pieice is undoubtedly the sanctimonius pipsqueak Frank Field who has turned this witch hunt against Green into a personal vendetta and crusade. Had he lived in another time one can imagine him in full Nazi regalia persecuting his jewish victims in a show trial with obscene and sadistic relish.

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