Friday, January 13, 2017

How Conservatism Sold Capitalism down the River

The faux competing pathologies of Left and Right have their provenance in the post WW11 era when in a collusive pact both within the US and the UK they conspired to foist Welfarism on the people through propaganda. Britain defeated German Socialism but succumbed to English Socialism straight after and the US went as equally seamlessly from war Socialism to Peace Socialism and compounded their folly even further by bankrolling the UK's welfare state in its foolish lend-lease programme fostered by the Leftist economist and rabid statist Maynard Keynes.

Neither the US or the UK benefited whatsoever from its involvement in the Second World War and without such involvement it is an absolute certainty that neither countries would have succumbed and fallen prey to the deadly socialist welfare delusion and both would be looking and faring a million times better than they are today bedeviled as they are by crippling national debt and an addiction to State subsidies,regulation,taxes and ever exponentially expanding statism.

One has only to look at the blatant propaganda put out by the British coalition government during the Second World War laying out very clearly what amounted to demands for a socialist welfare state after the war to compensate for all the sacrifices engendered in that struggle. But one statist encroachment begets another as the poor British were shanghaid and conscripted into the 'war effort' and were effectively hostages to the State and so felt entitled to claim recompense in the form of housing,jobs etc after the battle was won. War Socialism indeed leads to Peace Socialism. The State and its ever expanding emissaries and aparatchicks are the only beneficiaries of course.

Conservative governments of both sides of the Atlantic put up practically no resistance or opposition to the massive wholesale welfare programmes of Roosvelt and the Labour Party whatsoever because they were largely in agreement with them and had no ideological position from which to launch any objection both priding themselves on their militant pragmatism which they still do to this very day. This sytematic betrayal of the Right over generations is the greatest indictment against them and why the Right should be seen for what it is and perhaps always has been, essentially a fundamentally statist socialist oriented movement with a thin gloss and scintilla of capitalist sympathy which it invariably protstitutes compromises and betrays at every possible opportunity and turn.

In the light of all this the only course is for those who support these intellectually bankrupt Right parties to totally reject and break from them and form  new Capitalist parties stripped of all association and ties with the discredited conservative movement with its amoral and opportunist statist power lusting.This should be relatively easy as with the advent of Alt Rightism and Trumpism the conceit that there is any ideological/ economic difference whatsoever between Left and Right has been comprehensively exploded, albeit that it is undoubtedly the case as I have had cause to mention before that Nationalism and Socialism have always been haindmaidens  re National Socialism.

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