Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Soviet EUNION?

Britain was under Labour in the pre EU days and suffered economically.

To say the EU was a cure for UK economic woes would be like saying arsenic is a cure for cancer.

Yes Heath had a turn in office but he was a lefty anyway and coined the phrase 'unnacceptable face of capitalism'.

Fortunately Thatcher came along and cured UK economic woes. The EU retards our economy and we would be better out of it.

But the good news is, economic think tanks in the USA have predicted that the EU will collapse in 15 years! (That long?!)

Why? Because like the old Soviet Union on which the EU is based, command economics, centralist Statist sollutions do not work. Only the free market creates real jobs (not Mickey Mouse Gordon Brown public sector ones).

The only countries that seem to like the EU are those that have been in the last 60 years under totalitarianism such as Germany, France(under Germany), Spain, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Turkey etc.

It is like they are returning dog fashion to their vomit and are hankering after a fuhrer. The tyrannical undemocratic EU fits the bill

Sunday, February 20, 2005

10 commandments are not outdated!

Thou shall not steal is very relevant and is a proscription of socialism.

The socialist says give me your vote and I will take from your neighbour what is his and give it to you. This theft he calls 'redistribution of wealth'.

(Then is the thief similarly engaged in redistribution of wealth when he breaks in to your house and removes your goods.)

Ergo the 10 commandments preclude the evil of socialism.

Fox Hunting Ban in the UK

Adolf Hitler banned fox hunting too.

This law is a triumph for animal rights terrorism.

The only lesson that can be drawn is that violent intimidation is the way to get what you want.
I am sure that lesson will not be lost on the fox hunting fraternity. As they are better organised and more disciplined than the antis we are certainly in for some interesting times.


Blair's client group ups the anti

There is to be a General Strike before the election. Millions pf public serpents will down tools(will anyone notice?) because they don't like the idea of retiring at 65. They want it to remain at 60. (Oh yeh? 55 seems to be their average)

Well welcome to the real world you feather bedded parasites with your gold plated inflation proof pensions and your pen pushing ivory tower dwelling uselessness.

Go on strike - and DON'T COME BACK!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Reality conforms to gender stereotypes

On the 'Apprentice' last night with Sugar playing the Trump role the men and women entrepreneurs were put in separate groups and given the make a profit challenge. The men coperated and interacted as a group displaying emotional intelligence whilst the women bickered and bitched, fought female ego battles and were petulant. They lost royally to the men. The only woman who performed well was a pushy asian(a tautology?) and in order to sell her flowers she had to resort to cringing, in your face, semi mugging. It was so funny to see the women having the emotional vapours and acting with such sisterly affection. Perhaps they should stop trying to be men and become housewives as intended.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

NHS -Death Toll Rises

Maybe there was a sort of pretzellogic to the NHS sixty years ago when Britain was a hierachical authority driven society where people knew their place in the pecking order and the matron ruled the wards.

Then came the 60's Labour egalitarian project and now nurses think they are equal to doctors with their psychology degrees and don't want to do the menial nurserly tasks.
So full of themselves they deign to follow the basic rules of hygeine.

A train crashes, a few people die and people bleat about compensation. What goes on in the NHS is wholesale, corporate manslaughter, a train crash every day.

A sinister cult of silence and complicity surrounds what is effectively State sponsored Genocide.

15 years after socialism was allegedly consigned to the trash can of history it is still claiming its victims by the thousand.

NHS: Two 9/11's Every Year

7000 dead every year from NHS infections. Probably more, from botched operations. (Any other Shipman's lurking in the system still?!) Perhaps yet more from abortions - tens of thousands or is abortion only carried out in private clinics -I honestly don't know.

So NHS stands for National Hollocaust Service? Socialism sucks and the NHS stands there as an illustration of the fact. It is corrupt and morribund. Like socialism it kills people, it promises the moon and delivers green cheese.

Howard was right. It is supposed to be a National Health Service. Not an International Health Service - free for all across the globe. Not even the architects of this monstrosity ever designed it to to be so used.

How appropriate that a Third World service should be staffed by third world refugees who bring in TB and Hiv which costs taxpayers yet millions more.

Wind of Change -courtesy of BNP

The BNP are a catalyst. As such they must be the most successful political movement in the history of this country. What is everyone talking about? What are all the mainstream parties endlessly debating and forming policy on, and what are internet forums forever descanting on? IMMIGRATION .

The left has been dragged kicking and screaming into this debate - but debating it they are. Hell, even immigrants interviewed in the street on Channel 4, yes I said ch 4 - that great bastion of PC Guardianista-ness - were agreeing that asylum seekers should be screened for TB and Hiv.

A monumental sea change has taken place in British politics and we have the BNP to thank for it.

Suck it up Liberals!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Red Ken and the Fascist Left

With his nasal drone someone should slap a congestion charge on red Ken.

If it is true that the far left and far right meet at the extremes then it explains why Livingstone shares the same anti semitic views as the BNP. He will get away with it just as tom paulin did at the BBC because he knows it is open season on the jews.

With German Nazis crawling out of the woodwork in Dresden too, so much for the idea that the EU was a guarantor of peace in Europe, ensuring that THAT would never happen again.

What a surprise -the Germans are desicatted followers of Fascism!

If Ken does get the elbow perhaps he can become Mayor of Dresden?

Liberals and Drugs

Why do liberals take drugs? Surely because it is the only way they can maintain their distorted reading of human nature. When reality comes knocking and doesn't square with their false paradigm what can they do but escape back into their drugged psychosis.

Conservatives don't take drugs because they are more law abiding so their poison is alcohol. Liberals of course revel in their image of lawless free spirits so go for the illicit.

Hypocrisy of tories in attacking druggies whilst boozing up themselves? Indeed. Hypocrisy however is the tribute vice pays to virtue.....

Politcal Conversion

It is a fact that most political conversions are from Left to Right. The traffick is pretty much one way. Why is this? Because as people mature and gain some experience of reality (which those in their juvenescence are largely ignorant of), they become more grounded,more rational,logical,dispassionate,objective - Conservative! (Big or little c).

But what can be said of those over say 30 or 40 who are still liberal? Oh sad and stunted people of arrested intellectual and moral development! Clinging to exploded theories and liberal shiboleths, childishly chanting mantras slogans and nursery rhymes 'Bush the war monger', faces distorted with hatred and malice,lost in a twilight world of drug induced paranoia and self loathing.

I cling to the belief that most people on political internet forums are in their 20's, brainwashed by socialist educational system and probably not of this nation. (If I thought they were a microcosm of the English people I would lose the will to live.)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Whose Side are you on boy?

To all non indigenous people residing in the UK I have this to say. If you don't support the total war against terrorism you really do not belong in this country. Any foreign people residing in the UK who have the nerve to attend such an anti war march should be thrown out of this country. They are using and abusing the very freedoms of the UK they seek to deny to Iraqis.

It is Shia ungratefullness to take part in such a protest and is an abuse of Britsh hospitality. Make a choice. Either support the UK and US against terrorism or go back to your country of orign.

What of the indigenous people of the UK who go to such marches? The usual ragbag of moral degenerates, social parasites, spiritual criminals, Marxists,communists, enemies of freedom, traitors, treacherous malcontents, welfare scroungers, pacifists, fascists, kooks, socialists, anti semites, fifth collumnists, mountebanks self regarding specimens of social pathology? Lets just hope the secret services and the police are recording and videoing every slimy one of them.

This is total war. Which side are you on?

Friday, February 04, 2005

Internet Forums and the Enema Within

Trouble with the internet is you never know who is behind the postings. Sometimes people give themselves English sounding names but probably belong to some secret Muslim caballa or are al quaeidista sleepers subsidised by the taxpayer and working in public libraries posting anti British anti American pro insurgent propaganda. They certainly seem to have a lot of time on their hands...

In other words such people are enemies of freedom and promise abusing our free country and deploying the internet - that great manifestation of modern capitalist technology to promote what - a primitivistic atavistic collectivistic anti reason, Islamic ideology.

Legal Outrage against British Forces

It is an outrage that any British soldiers are being charged with assault in Iraq. That is what they are there for. We pay them to assault Iraqis . If they are not they are not doing their job.

We would not have won the WW2 against the Nazi foe if British soldiers were being prosecuted and court martialled every 5 minutes for assaulting German Nazis.

The legal system -probably connected with the EU or UN and some outdated false notion of human rights, PC driven and totally fallacious is undermining the war effort against terrorism. It should be ignored.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Yorkshire Ripper: You couldn't make it up

The Yorkshire ripper Stutcliffe has a TV and video in his cell, is free to correspond with women who send him insane love letters, has access to a gym and swimming pool, has counselling and round the clock care,( cells are open 24 hours a day) , gets to shower and bathe at will, has weekly discos and occcupational therapy sessions, has visits from women including a model and a married woman who came dressed in a mini skirt.....

Oh, and incidentally this hammer wielding psycho fully expects to be released in a few years time. Presumably for good behaviour?