Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Age - Spiritual Leftism

Why are New Agers predominantly leftist? The meme of the New Age movement is anti individualism.The individual is an illusory concept.It is just a 'story' we tell ourselves.To New Agers reality is thus reduced and negated to a mere 'story', an illusion.There is no subject/object,no objective reality,all is subjective,the indididual is a fiction,a delusion,a dualist conceit.This plays perfectly into the leftist collectivism of we are all one,a societal blob of collective consciousness.Cue environmentalism which is another New Age article of faith,man is a rampaging animal despoiling the environment,disrespecting the ecosphere with his Capitalist marrauding,over population puts in an appearance too,another example of human being's inconsiderate selfish fecundity riding roughshod over the animal kingdom which should be worshipped as the totem and apotheosis of new ageism.The anti capitalist agenda is clear and defined,industrialisation took people away from the Rouseauian idyll of being in touch with nature in a rural environment.The intellect is the enemy with its false constructs and concepts,the mind creates this illusion of reality,give up your mind,become a blob,join the collective consciousness,turn your swords into ploughshares and experience your nothingness,yuour no thing ness.So at the very heart of New Ageism we see nihilism,irrationality,mindlessness,human stagnation and cretinism as the highest ideal.