Sunday, January 08, 2017

Objectivism is the Philosophy of Love (No, really)

All the propaganda against Rand's philosophy Objectivism aside, namely that it is a malevolent theory of man is just that,a canard of the left for it is on the contrary a benevolent view of man as a non sacrificial creature -neither sacrificing himself to others or sacrificing others to him. It is a live and let live philosophy, allowing people to work out their own destiny although Rand did not beleive in such but leaving people alone to succeed or fail by their own efforts. The Constitution enshrines  this principle as the right to the pursuit of happiness and there is nothing in the Constitution that says that man is his brother's keeper and that the role of the State is to provide people with happiness,welfare,healthcare,housing,education. All of that is statist collectivist talk totlly alien to the principles of personal independence of the Founding Fathers. Just as no critic of Ayn Rand has ever been able to cite verse and chapter of any of her opus where she advocates Nazism no one can cite any verse and chapter of the Constitution where it guarantees anyone a house welfare,education or healthcare search as they will in vain.

Rand's philosophy advocates a dog eat dog, Darwinian survival of the fittest dystopia say her critics. Really?Ony if not sacrificing oneself to one's neighbours is seen as an act of aggression which is pretzellogic crazy.Objectivism allows for personal charity and benevolence between men -but unforced and not enforced by the State with a gun.It enshrines the principle of non coercive force: no man can initiate force against his fellow man and force is only justified in retaliation to the one who initiates force.This perforce precludes acts of force by the State as well as the individual ie taxation,regulation,licensing,tarriffs etc. The only transactions between individuals must be voluntary and uncoerced and the State 's sole role is to protect individual rights and prevent those who would use force against others from doing so. To try and conflate allowing man to flourish or starve by his own actions or inactions with exterminating him is grotesque inversion of logic and an evil slur.

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