Sunday, January 22, 2017

Time for an Employer's Union?

We all know the tail likes to go on strike but what about the dog? An employer's union seems eminently sensible and way overdue. Forget the CBI and the Chambers of Commerce,these are dogs that never bark and do not represent the interests of business big or small and it is mystery why they even exist or what purpose they serve. No, an employer's union is required,a united front against big government as an interim or interregnum until the Constitution is enshrined in law that will give the ultimate protection of individual rights to employers to run their businesses as they see fit with no government intervention whatsoever re taxation,regulation,employment law,wage fixing,hiring and firing etc.

An employer's union carries with it the implicit right of unions to call a strike. This will obviously not involve downing tools and closing businesses as that would be self defeating and self harming but rather a refusal to perform the role of tax collector for the State,re deducting national insurance and income tax etc. This would bring pressure to bear on the State to require all employees to fill in a tax return themselves rather than employers having the onerous bureaucratic burden of doing the government's job for it.It will also lead to clamour for a massive simplification of the tax code so the ordinary Joe can actually fill in his tax return without the need of hiring an accountant and in addition such simplification will result in transparency re taxation, letting light in to a deliberately opaque byzantine Kafkaesque obfuscatory system designed to baffle and confound the hapless taxpayer. If as well the State is mandated to break down what the tax is being spent on this too will shed light on the waste and misappropriation of taxes that is so widespread at present.

As the elimination of taxation altogether is something that could only be implemented over a generation the above suggestion would be a useful first step in that long process,raising people's consciousness about taxation and shedding  light into an operation the State has hitherto   carried out in the shadows, covertly implementing its exponential expansionist and parasitic agendas.

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