Saturday, October 28, 2017

R4 Today prog celebrates 60yrs of Broadcasting Hegemony

The highlight of the self regarding love fest was Gove who confessed live on air as a politician to stealing billions of pounds of taxpayers money and encroaching on their liberties but wait for it: the larceny was ok because the state broadcaster the BBC was going to hold him to account!

Yes folks the Bolshevik Broadcasting Company is a guarantor of your liberties. Next it will be grilling a mafia boss and speaking more truth to power.

The most abused Orwellian word in the English language is Independent. As the State encroaches on the very last smidgeoens of private life remaining if there are any it constructs silo agencies and labels them 'quasi autonomous' - (ever seen aquasi pregnant woman? Me neither).  It attaches to them the eupehmism 'independent' to advance its inexorable State creep. Thus the BBC is 'independent', the whole of quangocracy is 'independent' and freedom dies by a thousand cuts.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Treason May Chokes on her Socialist Vomit

The toe curling May performance at the tory con-erence was an illustration of Niconoclast's ironclad political dictum that those who do not have an ideology are condemned to follow those who do. But in May's case it is more true to say that she does have an ideology of left wing toryism and if there is someone in the party brave enough to do it now is the time to plunge in the knife and finish her off.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Left v Right Mythology and the Alternative

It's way beyond time the old canard of the political spectrum of Left at one end and Right at the other be comprehensively debunked and rejected  as its falsity is plain for all to see. As Theresa May makes her socialist not so  lite speech about building council houses  and the threat of a socialist rule by demagoguery Corbyn style hangs over the tory conference and the country it really must be confronted head on.

90% of the State should be eliminated. In a capitalist system that would happen but we are far from that and it is getting harder and harder to tell Labour and Tory apart anymore. In a supposed democracy this is a terrible and intolerable state of affairs.

True, there is no political movement or party at present or indeed in the forseeable future that is prepared to discuss this matter and all we can do now is lay the foundations of what could comprise such a movement, articulate its aims and objectives and some of the policies that would comprise a manifesto but only in broad outlines and  thumb nail sketch as it were, plus a declaration of political philosophy and ideology that could counter the statism of all other political parties - without exception.

Some headline grabbing features of this radical pro freedom capitalist movement would be: The proposed abolition of the monarchy,the separation of church and state through disestablishment and abolition of the lords, re privatising the bank of England and declaring a separation of economy and state, abolition of all quangos.privatisation of the BBC and an end to all foreign aid and a complete end of all corporate welfare and the notion that business and the State are in a partnership in a corpocracy, one of the worst excrescences of the mixed economy. A repeal of all anti freedom of speech backdoor blasphemy laws of hate speech and thought crime.would also be included. The UK's membership of the UN should be put under serious review with the end goal of withdrawing from the corrupt  dangerous bloated organization.

Separation of school and state - privatisation of schools and a systematic staggered phasing out of the welfare state over a generation with the concomittant reduction of taxation,simplification of the tax code with the eventual conclusion of complete abolition of taxation and removal of all regulation on trade business and industry would complete this admittedly radical manifesto for real change.

The above will of course be dismissed as fantasy politics,la la land policies but they would have not inconsiderable appeal to the youth and give them some genuine radical revolutionary politics instead of the pallid conservative stale statst establishment faux revolutionary middle class witterings of Corbyn.

The philosophy and ideology underpinning this programme would be pro reason,individual rights and a reasoned critique of altruism and identification of its philosophical roots of faith, a defence of capitalism and the limited state it is predicated on.