Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fascist Brown Shirts On The March

The arrest of Damien Green by Gordon Brown's Fascist Goon Squad Marx a new low in British politics.A Kafkaesque nadir has been reached,the endgame of a corrupt morally bankrupt regime of power lusters and Marxist Stassi apparatchicks.The Fascist Left are emboldened by the financial crisis and now feel no need to hide any longer their totalitarian impulses.Be afraid,be very afraid..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

American Tragedy

The sheer scale of what has befallen America has left me reeling and bereft of the power of speech and words. Imagine 9/11 magnified a thousand times and you only begin to approximate the level of cataclysmic horror and social disaster that has been visited upon the country.A self inflicted wound this large can only be fatal and mark the end of the greatest experiment in human history that is America.A terminal cancer so malevolent and invidious cannot be addressed without mortally and fatally wounding the patient,not that it should not be attempted, for desperate times call for desperate measures.

It is now official - at least half of all Americans are stark raving insane and are not worthy of the name American. They have elected a terrorist loving muslim who hates America and will systematically destroy it using its own institutions and democratic mandate. Born in Africa this is truly no native son but a socialist Marxist Manchurian candidate communist change agent imported form the black Marxist hell hole of Africa to destroy America in a classic textbook case essay in germ warfare.