Sunday, January 15, 2017

Democracy Pt11 Why politicians love it

Why do they love it ?because it takes away the liberty of the individual completely and gives it to the mythical artificial construct called 'society',the 'public' the 'public good', and since every human being is an individual everyone is automatically robbed of their rights and freedom. Ingenious when you think about it but that is what the banal invariably is which is why no one can ever see it.The politician will forever invoke those false and fallacious collectivist constructs and purport to be their spokesmen.He will cite the public interest whenever he is about to violate individual rights and depradate the polity. Who could be against the 'public interest' -its disarms the victim before devouring it, it is the paralysing venom of the human snake politician -a veritable Ickean shape shifting reptile indeed. No one has ever met 'society' or the 'public', it always seems to be someone else, some amorphous aggregate from another dimension perhaps with mystical properties that demands propitiation usually in the form of huge amounts of money filched through the democratic process called taxation,commonly known as theft.It's a stand in for apple pie and motherhood but is of course the get out of jail excuse for every every socio/psycho/spiritual criminal, small time politico huckster and snakoil salesperson on the perennial take in the political go round called Democracy.

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