Friday, June 29, 2012

Enough Is Enough

BBC radio four plumbs new depths of craven inanition.On the Today programme prof Skidelski on why people don't know when they have enough acquisitions and how they should be taxed in their consumption to stop them.The only response to Left wing professors when they serve up this arrant Socialist nonsense and offensive authoritarian guff is: 'how dare you presume to tell us what represents 'enough' in our private affairs -go fuck off and die'.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Democracy and The Age Of Barbarism

The greatest con trick ever perpetrated on the human race is Democracy.It presents itself as a noble ideal,as the flower of civilization when it is nothing but barbarism with lipstick.Democracy gives each man the right to be his own dictator as someone said but to hear people utter the word with a beatific look on their face as if they had uttered a pious incantation shows how easily gulled and fooled the masses are.Human beings do have parasitic tendencies and the politicians who slither to power being the sociopaths they are know this proclivity fully well and utilize it to gain power and build a career out of the legal plunder that is Democracy.Instead of having to work for values, simply by marking a cross at the ballot box the electorate are offered a slice of other's property and wealth forcibly extracted through taxation.This is the essence of mob rule and it is Democracy.Under a republic this could not occur.The rights of individuals would be protected and no majority would ever be able to threaten them.As Thomas Jefferson observed:"Democracy is 51% of the population's wealth and property voted away by the other 41%".Under a Republic not even 99% of the people would be able to vote away the wealth and property of the other 1%.No more pious cant is ever uttered than when in the defence of Democracy.We have just seen it at work in Egypt where the muslim brotherhood have been voted into power.Authoritarians love Democracy because it is the legitimizor of groupthink and mobrule sanctified by the ballot box. Under Democracy we have Conservatives and the liberal left and they argue in phoney opposition about how much wealth should be plundered from the people through taxation.The former are in favour of lesser degree of plunder than the latter but because they have conceded the moral argument that such plunder is moral and legitimate the only winner is plunder as a moral good and it is only a matter of time before Democracy degenerates into its logical conclusion of tyranny. Before the masses can be enslaved by Democracy a language has to be created to present this barbarism as benign.Words like 'fairness' are used and 'equality',and anyone who opposes such noble things are labelled as selfish and anti social and thus is debate stifled and all opposition silenced.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Government Obesity

BBC prog in three parts has been discussing how food marketers made everyone fat by increasing portion sizes,encouraging grazing and in between meal snacking and adding huge amounts of sugar to soft drinks and sweets.Being a BBC programme of course it was not long before the agenda hove into view:the government should tax sugar.No mention whatsoever of who is to blame for this 'epidemic' of obesity: the people who devour such stuff.Did the marketers pin them down and force-feed them this confection of junk?There is only one threat to the people and it is not supersize burger or coke but supersize government that wants to tell us what to do every minute of the day,to police our eating habits and all our comings and goings.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Taxation As Terrorism

The news that comedian Carr has been avoiding tax has provoked a cacophony of phoney outrage by the establishment for whom taxation avoidance is deemed a heinous crime when it it is of course a perfectly natural response of anyone towards a mugger seeking to separate him or her from their property except of course in this case it is the State that is the mugger and its predatory attentions are harder to evade.The moral case against taxation is totally absent from public discourse.No politician would dare to broach it as their political existence is dependent upon the predatory State and its kleptocratic designs.