Monday, March 28, 2005

Tories must show mettle

Just when things were going well for the Tories they shoot themselves in the foot by over reacting re Flight and his 'injudicious' comments that more cuts on government spending will take place after the election if the tories win.

More government cuts is just what the doctor ordered and the tories should be proud of this intention,not shy and coy about it, let alone going so far as to sack an able minister for having the temerity to broach the subject.

A few cool cuts would include 20% off income tax, outright abolition of VAT, 70% off gas for starters.

The Tories could announce that the NHS will be privatised, State Education ditto and people will be given back power over their lives re health and education. Everything Government touches turns to dross -Midas in reverse. We need less politics,less government,more freedom.

Be bold Howard. Be Thatcheresque and finish the revolution!

Bush Brothers Fail Schiavo

What a pity the Bush Brothers couldn't step in and save Terri Schiavo. Rule by Judges is the ultimate tyranny and we have witnessed judicial State sanctioned murder here.

This is a not a Bush's Waco but it leaves a sour taste behind it and people will be left thinking the President sat on his hands and that Jeb like Pilate, washed his.

Tories Come in from the Cold

What was unthinkable just a month ago is now becoming a distinct possibility:a Tory win on May 5th with a working majority.

What has brought about this sea change in British politics? Quite simply the voters have rumbled New Labour. Taxes have gone up and public services remain poor and undelivering.

The Tories offfer clear blue water between their policies and Labour's. Low taxes, tough laws against asylum(welfare) seekers, proscription of law breaking travellers, tightening up of the laws on abortion, punitive action against criminals, with more jails and long jail sentences, swingeing cuts of Government bureaucracy, further privatisation of the NHS.

As more begin to recognise that a vote for Blair is really a vote for Socialist Brown red in tooth and clawback, that the liberals are just Old Labour in drag, and a protest for the BNP or UKIP will simply be a back door vote for the Blair Brown Switch Project, the clear and only alternative is to vote Conservative and end this 8 year nightmare once and for all.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Anti Iraqi Freedom Movement comes to town...

It's good such types crawl out of the woodwork occasionally so we can have a close look at them. Studying these specimens of social pathology may be unpleasant but you have to know the enema within.

Tony Bennign the avuncular Stalinist, Gorge Gallway the oil-eaginous piece of ordure whose skin is brown not from tanning at his Spanish villa but from having his head up Soddam's fundament for so long, the card carrying commies with their Che and Mao posters. I could go on,I won't go on...

Leftism: the love that dare not speak its name?

I've noticed that those on the right and conservative are quite happy to be categorised as such whereas those on the left are awful coy about it, and even insist that they are not on the left, which rather confirms me in my belief that leftists are:

shifty,dishonest,equivocating,dissembling,serpentine,satanic,lying,sub species of fecal matter!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Gordon Brown and the David Blaine School of Economics

With all the transparency of a fairground huckster Gordon Brown finaegled himself through 60 minutes of verbal obsfuscation,creative accounting and fiscal prestididgitation with breathtaking chutzpah. A vintage performance suggesting that if as seems likely, he is out of a job on May 6th he can always apply for a post at Enron.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hannibal Lecter let out for good behaviour

Well he killed and they let him out after 7 years. In the news tonight. Then he killed again. Then he ate some of his victim. But he was 'mentally ill' so that's ok. He was placed in a hospital 'for his own protection'. I'll say that again: 'He was placed in hospital 'for his own protection'. (No I can't make sense of it either)

Perhaps Mr Kennedy will be canvassing for his vote as he believes felons should take part in the democratic process. Let's have a new policy on murder. It gets life. He should never have been let out the first time. He should have gone to the electric chair or hung by the neck till dead. Mentally ill excuses nothing, as for mentally ill, read EVIL. The parents of the victim incidentally are asking tonight on TV for the return of the death penalty. Another Tory policy ripe for resurrection.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Africa needs Trade not Aid

If we had free trade and got rid of EU protectionism and tarriffs the African people would be able to trade on a level playing field in the global market economy and support themselves.

Africa should embrace capitalism instead of the voodoo economics of Marxism - the curse of post colonial Africa -look at Zimbabwe which has gone from being the breadbasket of Africa to the basket case of Africa with the age of mortality down to a staggering 34 yrs under mad Marxist Mugabe.

To borrow a Ghandism: what do I think about capitalism in the EU? I think it would be a very good idea.....

Friday, March 11, 2005

Dear Sir Bob Geldolf: #### Off!

I'm sick of this man. Saint Bob. He is at it again. Like a tired and stuck record. Demanding money with menaces. Telling Tony and Gordon to tell George that he must give loads of money to Africa. Why? To what end? To fill the bottomless pit of Black Africa,the corrupt, the wicked, the degenerate continent that sucks western money and turns it into pure waste and siphons the rest into Swiss bank accounts of klepto african presidents. Er, no thankyou.

If Bob wants to give his millions ain't no one going to stop him. But British taxpayers money? HELL NO!

As far as I am concerned they can all starve to death and die of Aids.I'm sick of it.
A moratorium on Foreign Aid.No government has a right to steal money from the working man's pocket to feed useless non productive hordes in a far away continent. Don't feel sorry for the damned.

All you bleeding heart liberals can give as much of your own money as you want -no one is going to stop you. You can even fall for the Red Nose Day scam if you want.I could care less. As long as I don't have to watch any of that ugly manipulation and phoniness that has subverted and corrupted the very essence and spirit of true charity.

UK Asylum Tsunamis

Brilliant programme by Rod Liddle on ch 4 TV exposing 'asylum' seekers as disease ridden,crime bringing, welfare draining, religion corrupting bacillus. A defacto form of germ warfare on the indigenous UK population.

When I see a skyline of Mosques in the UK I experience a visceral recoil of repugnance that completely bipases the cerebral cortex. First impressions are right every time. Then comes the intellectual analysis that delivers the same verdict: this is not what I and millions of other Brits want for our country.

Let the entrepreneurs stay here,the restauranters,takewayers,businessmen that have contributed so much to this country,but the unskilled,non english speaking freeloaders -chuck em all back - and I don't care about due process or Geneva Convention or the EU or the UN or any of those other corrupt criminal bogus institutions. To hell with the lot of them. We knew and practiced fair play long before any of those wretched organisations existed.

It is time to use the D word -and a politician in Holland uttered it on the programme yesterday: DEPORTATION!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

What Planet are these Judges From?

I can't believe they are letting out known terrorist threats -and one is coming out tonight! If these people are wanted abroad -and at least one of them is - they should be sent there. I don't care if they face torture in those countries -all the more reason to send them there!

There is a muslim cleric who is particularly obnoxious and he too is to be released in the next few day - a kingpin of Alqueida. He needs a bullet in the head.I just cannot believe this is happening. AM I going insane? Does nobody else see the sheer madness of all of this? Who is letting out these people? Judges.The same judges we are being asked to entrust with future decisons about terrrorist suspects. I wouldnt entrust them with used toilet paper.

I am mad as hell about this. In fact if I hear any more about this wall to wall insanity of judges I am going to need a strait jacket to contain me. Hang the terrorist suspects. Hang the Judges .....!!!!!!

(Nurse, hold him down!)

IRA Shoots itself in the foot

The IRA offers to 'shoot' the guilty parties for the murder in the pub! Thought it was supposed to be democratic and disbanded its militia? It exposes many things most of us already knew: how incredibly stupid it is, how lacking in self awarness it is, what a fascist goon squad terrorist outfit it is. Yet even now it will not be excluded from talks with the governemnt. How about inviting Osama for talks? (Amazing similarity in looks between Gerry Adams and Osama)

It has to be said that Labour's appeasement of the IRA all the way down the line must have had an influence on alqueida and the 9/11 attacks. After the Canary Warf bombing the IRA got everything it wanted. Terrorism was rewarded and notwithstanding this latest embarrassment for the IRA will no doubt continue to be rewarded.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Dead Tories and New Labour Identity Fraud

John Redwood on TV yesterday had all the vitality of a used tea bag. Most Tories look like undertakers and the corpse is the Party. They lack passion. There is no Maggie. The Party lost its soul in 1990(Novemeber). In the Tories we have seen the protracted twitchings of a corpse -the longest death bed scene in political history and now 'something of the night' is master of ceremonies.

How appropriate that we had some ritualistic shroud waving this week as they fought over another corpse -the NHS. Ugly scenes at the bedside. Should we allow the NHS to slip away -a sort of politically assisted suicide? Pull the plug. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear...

The only hope as I said before is a Bush like revival, a vision,passion, belief, fervour all the things the present tories just don't have.

Into the vaccum we have the Blair Switch Project - New Labour - the first recorded case of political transvestism. They didn't just steal a few items -it was wholesale larceny.

Think it was the great Rush Limbaugh who once said: 'today the only way liberals can get elected is by pretending to be conservatives.......'
Odd that we live in a 'police state ' yet in a few weeks highly dangerous terrorist suspects are going to be released from Belmarsh and the gov is desperately scurrying around trying to get laws passed to give the public basic protection against these people. Perhaps if it fails everyone should protest outside Belmarsh to ensure these people are Not released onto our streets.

How many times in recent years have France and America begged the UK to send terrorist suspects to their countries only to be met with Blunket refusal which can only mean that we Are a haven for terrorists -and boy do they know it. Hundreds of them are loose in our towns and cities waiting to be activated. Ken Livingstone the anti semite entertains extremist muslim clerics at taxpayers expense, the Hook is able to preach his hatred for years and blocking up the road in the process and was given police protection and ooodles of tax payers welfare. Yeah, we really are living a police state....

Perhaps the real villain is the EU and the Human Rights Act which the Gov supported and is now seeking to circumvent to assure our basic freedoms.

The Liberals still don't get it. When dying from an anthrax attack, their children by their side,as they draw their last breath you will say 'Niconcoclast was right. Why didn't we listen to him? There are no civil liberties in the graveyard, if only we had seen the light and become neocons.....'

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Shock-horror -I like Blair

You don't win two elections by being an incompetent leader. I don't know which way the election is going to go but I have to acknowledge Blair has had a good war and Winston and Maggie couldn't have done better. Cometh the hour..... And a Labour leader as well.
I thought he stood up very well to the onslaught on ch 5 when all those members of the public were mauling him. It showed courage to face his critics like that. He is obviously a decent chap -and a church goer.

Of course being a tory I would vote for the Real Tory party (rather than the 'I can't believe it's not the real Tory Party' )but he has kept the office warm for us with his neo conservsative policies. Thanks Tone!

By the way folks I predict a Christian Tory Renaissance and we will have Bush like policies in the next few years. That means a tough stand on abortion and homosexuality and a backlash against criminals, immigrants,and the parasitic chav class with their welfare payments funded by taxpayers money.

The writing is on the wall for morribund liberalism. Where America goes the UK follows.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Civil liberties part two

It always makes me laugh when arch liberals who believe the State should have control over every last aspect of people's lives start bleating about civlil liberties when measures are put in place to thwart terrorist atrocities. We can all be forgiven for not taking seriously any lectures from these johnny come latelys about civil liberties. In fact it is almost as if they are frustrated that the terrorists can't break through our security seals, they hate our country so.

Sorry self loathing liberals your concern for civil liberties is as bogus and agenda driven as all your other fake concerns for 'the people'.

File libbys fears for our civil liberties re terrorism under ' swallowing camels and straining at a gnats'.

BBC Licence Review Charade

There was never going to be any other outcome of licence review under a labour government than the outcome we've just got: business as usual.

When all the Hewitt window dressing (down) is stripped away what we have in the BBC is a defacto Labour institution left intact. Hell, they even confessed recently to being pro EU and institutionallly biased to the left. Since when did confession to wrongdoing exonerate the confessor? Confess the crime then carry on committing it seems to be the BBC's MO.

This flagrant violation of freedom - tax funded leftist propaganda is the kind of stunt you'd expect in a totalitarian state. The BBC has been getting away with it for years and its licence to distort truth and turn in on its head has just been given another ten year extension.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Girl wins right to wear muslim headress in school

It appears the girl is being used by extreme muslim groups to push their agenda. The school in question had already bent over backwards to accomodate muslim dress. She herself came acros as trucculent and arrogant but being only 16 not the greatest crime.

The only solution to this intractable problem would be a complete separation of school and state then people can send their children to secular or religious schools befitting their beliefs. That way tax payers would not have to support with their money schools percieved by them as inimical to their own beliefs.

If the status quo of State funding were to be maintained I would argue that the bias would have to be towards non religious uniform. For heaven sake at the end of the day we are still a nominally christian country, not a muslim one (thank God).

To drag the criminal human rights into it is to compound the folly and I found it particularly ironic that a muslim woman appeared on ch 4 news from an organisation the Muslim Human Rights. Now there is a oxymoron to conjure with.

Rule by Injudicious Judiciary?

There are no civil liberties in the graveyard. During WW2 we had our 'civil liberties' curtailed - for the duration. There were signs that read 'careless talk costs lives', British Citizens were encouraged to keep an eye on odd looking people, to eavesdrop etc. Nothing wrong with that, just civil defence.

The shoe bomber would have succeeded had not people been vigilant and tackled him.

They introduced internment for Japs and Krauts, Italians living in the UK. We are too PC and cowed to do that but at least we must target the most likely group to committ terrorist atrocities and sorry folks on here but that does mean focuinsg on our muslim bretheren - and before you have a hissy fit, a woman on ch 5 the Wright Stuff this morning concurred with that - and she was a British Muslim!

The home secretary must decide, not judges who are nototiously liberal and would have the likes of Ian Huntley wandering the streets if they had their way.

The tories are a disgrace not supporting Clarke and playing politics with our lives. We need a Guatanamo Bay in the UK.

Our criminals are treated like royalty and the US could teach us a lot about penal rectitude.

Habeas corpus can be suspended in times of emergency. The French lock up people similarly and cannot understand what the fuss is all about.

Come on all you pro EUers and support Clarke!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Told you So?

A while back I predicted that Bush will do for Islamafascism what Reagan did for communism: 'we will bury you'.

Scoffs from liberals but now we see Egypt edging towards Democracy, Lebannon people power against Syria, no Palestinians celebrating the sucide bomber this week, Iraq fighting for its Democracy against Syrian backed terrorists.

This is nothing less than a domino effect. Just as the liberals were wrong about the American caused defeat of communism they are now proving to be wrong about American caused Democracy in the Middle East.

And just as they refuse to this day to admit they were wrong about communism they as sure as eggs is eggs will not be able to admit they were wrong about Middle East islamafascism either. For them denial really is a river in Egypt.