Thursday, January 05, 2017

Death of Sir Humphrey?

One down tens of thousands to go! We know and indeed I have discussed it before how the civil service is crawling with statists and bedevilled with rampant federast Brusselphiles and putting them in charge of Brexit is a bit like putting Gary Glitter in charge of child welfare. They went native a long long time ago. Their panjandrums are not just Our Men in Brussels but Our Men Of Brussels and we should not trust them with used toilet paper.  Thatcher attempted to purge the fellow travellers in Whitehall decades ago but they have exponentially reproduced their alien spores and now infect every department and office of state with calamitious effects on trade, industry and cultural polity. Sir Humphrey clones have taken over the lunatic asylum. This latest ignominious departure from the Brussels quisling  whose name I have already forgotten is so symptomatic of the deep malaise in the civil service and it like the Lords and judiciary is ripe for purging and  radical deep systematic root and branch ideological cleansing. Removing a man here or there and reshuffling the pack when it is so infected is deckchair re arranging on a Titanic scale.

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