Saturday, June 25, 2016

Will Self is not happy

The sight of Will Self angrily stabbing his finger into the face of a black Brezxter on ch 4 yesterday evening was an encapsulation of a liberal establishment prostrate and incandescent with rage at its wholesale defeat and rejection  by the people who dared to challenge its decade's long liberal hegemony. As he twisted and writhed like a snake on a stick hissing his venom and impotent fury I could not help deriving exquisite pleasure from his obvious dicombobulation. Now you know what it feels like Will to be spurned and  rejected and alienated. We are the mainstream now, suck it up. You  can no longr condescend to us, look down on us with lofty disdain,ridicule our aspirations and desires and mock our ambitions. Never glad confident morning again for you and your patronising liberal elites who have misruled for decades. Now you are shaken to the core as the old liberal assumptions lie in ruin before you and your faux composure is gone and all that is left is undiluted rage out in the open for all to see and that dear Will is the icing on the cake of yersterday's historic victory. You were the future once. Now crawl back under your stone.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Our work is all before us

Brexit is not a guarantee of bringing about a capitalist revolution in the UK but it is a precondition of it. A country that can make its own decisions and formulate policy can go any way it chooses which it cannot do under the statist straitjacket of the EU. So the obstacle of EU has now been removed but the work is all ahead of us.

End of the affair

The way the hate filled left wing mob descended on Borris Johnson this morning illustrates perfectly the infantile entitlement mentality and illiberal nature of the fascist left who wanted Britain to remain in the evil Marxist EU construct. We have lanced a 43 year old boil, righted a 43 year old mistake and the left are now in retreat as their master plan has been scuppered and they are left only with their molten self  devouring rage.

Not since the fall of communism has history thrown up such excitement and now we can enjoy the spectacle of the domino effect around Europe as the whole misbegotten project starts to unravel and go into reverse. One by one countries will demand their chance to bid for freedom,to be free from the shackles of a behemoth that devours their substance and gives them bindweed regulations in return and issues arbitrary Kafkaesque edicts with the express design of making them slaves to an insane moribund ideology.

End of the Establishment

It is glad confident morning again as I predicted it would be in the face of a near terrorist- like assault on the British people by the corrupt elite Establishment which they would not bend to. This was their finest hour. So many good things have happened. Cameron is going Osbourne is surely only a beat away from going also, Corbyn may be ousted, Borris is waiting in the wings.

Even a corpse dragged onto the stage  would not sway the doughty British voters who saw through the lies,chacanery,dissimulation,tergiversation dissembling and wanton intimidation from all the crackpot institutions who tried to bully them into submission. Steadfast they remained amidst all the lies of pollsters who after their third failure in a row must surely be discredited forever and not given houseroom by any self respecting media outlet again.

So many frauds,criminals professional liars peddlars of outright untruths have been comprehensively routed and scalped by the British public I do not  remember ever feeling so proud of them, I did not think they were made of such sterner stuff. Think of the rogues gallery of liars and low rent politicians and personalities who have been found on the wrong side of history,  Geldolf, Major, Heseltine,Darling,Postman prat Johnson,Blair,Brown, Kinnock, Rudd, all the media luvvies I will not lower myself to name -all owned by the British voters  and forever discrdited as the mountebanks and unprincipled scoundrels they undoubtedly are.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Why we will Leave

Opinion polls lie as we saw with the the Scottish independence referendum and the last election. It will be Brexit 60 to 40. You saw it here first. It is the individual versus the corrupt establishment elites and it will trigger a revolution and the dominoes will fall across Europe and the EU will implode and be no more. The gig is up for the power elites and they know it hence their hysterical Goebelles like black propaganda. There will be a day of reckoning for them and it will be soon. The Conservative party and the Labour party will not survive in their present form as their electorate have turned their backs on them both. Massive realignments will take place.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Master non Ego

Of all the arrant lies and misrepresentations of religious mountebank Roy Masters the most egregious is his claim that  the ego is evil and represents the death of man and the birth of the risen ape. Here is the prime example of how religion seeks to dethrone man with his pride and achievements and replace him a sniveling apologetic pathetic quivering bowl of jelly  of low self esteem and non achievement, grovelling for forgiveness from his alleged maker.

The human ego is what gets man out of bed in the morning to create the amazing technologiocal civilization we all take for granted today. The religionists must first destroy this if they are to regain their power of old when they held tyrannical sway in the Dark Ages before the Enlightenment swept them away with their evil priestcraft,hatred of science reason and man.

So let us celebrate the ego and reject the anti life philosophy of religion and its evil miscreant emissaries.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Fancy a bet

Pathological liar and religious crank Roy Masters excoriated the Us government for its involvement in the lottery claiming it was dangerous for man to place himself under the law of chance or for the state to sanction such behaviour. But religious people do something far worse,namely they place themselves under the law of faith which is the biggest gamble of them all.

Religion has always been hard on gambling and yet it urges its followers to place and entrust their lives on an unknowable entity from another dimension. I would sooner take my chances on the lottery.

Someone called the lottery the idiot's tax but at least people have a choice about playing the lottery unlike paying taxes so if the State has to be funded by one or the other the lottery is preferable.

Master Race

Roy Masters small time charlatan is obsessed with the Jewish race to the point of being a racial supremacist. In a recent video he castigates George Soros for being a self loathing jew and to all those who question my fairness or otherwise towards this absurd character in said video he actually challenges Soros to a cage fight! Go check it out. To see someone mentally disintegrating  has a certain compelling fascination to it but someone should really take the poor man aside and suggest that he calls it a day.

The equally dubious purveyor of the higher nonsense Krishnamurti told his inner circle to stop him when he went gaga and Masters should have done the same. Too late now I guess.

Demonstrating that he has a tenuous grasp of capitalism as he does of everything else  he accuses Soros of becoming rich by stealing from the British when he shorted the pound during the ERM crisis when in fact he was performing a useful corrective function of price discovery and precipitated the UK exit from the disastrous ERM. Soros s real crime is being a hypocrite in benefiting from capitalism whilst advocating socialism for everybody else.