Tuesday, June 26, 2007

From Left Field..

The tory identity crisis continues. Whilst this old federast's defection is no loss to Cameron it is an embarrassment and a kick in the head. What he says of 'Dave' is spot on. Smarmy superfices do not a party make.

Meet The New Boss...

The madness of King George. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. As the coronation approaches the man who would be king has had years of experience extracting royalties from the people and is about to be crowned. A right royal screwing awaits. These are taxing times...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Constitution By Any Other Name

When is a constitution not a constitution? When they call it a Treaty.40 years of trickery over the EU and still it goes on. Nothing straight or transparent has ever come out of the EU. The biggest scam after the welfare state and they are still at it.

Politicians are so cynical and hold the public in complete contempt. Words mean what they want them to mean and if the public doesn't like something they are doing they will just give it another name and carry on doing it. The EU is a byword for treachery,deceit and scam. Its rotten heart needs tearing out.

The Satanic State

Brave New World. The UK State turning children into sex objects. No one on the media has commented on the absolute obscenity of this sinister development. Secularism's final triumph.

Will there be a public backlash against this? Ha ha will there.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Manning RIP

The scourge of PC Bernard Mannings was everything British humour should be, lambasting all targets with extreme prejudice. No race or colour was safe from his merciless wit. We shall not see his like again.

Sir Salman

A well and richly deserved award and one in the eye for muslims. Pakistan's response should be treated with utter and complete contempt.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pope's Got The Dope

Right again. Why would anyone support Amnasty when they are a bunch of left wing activists period though?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

What's The Fuss

I would be deeply concerned if they weren't torturing muslim terrorist suspects. Rendition is a legitimate tool of interrogation. If I were a cartoonist I would draw a picture of the UK after a nuclear terrorist attack. In the rubble are two injured and dying liberals. The one says to the other just before his dying breath "At least we preserved habeas corpus".

Keep Death....

Shouldn't they have to pay a higher insurance premium?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Not A Penny More

These people deserve Nothing. Why do we allow politicians to steal our money and funnel it down the black hole of Africa? This is wholesale larceny. How dare they present it as a humanitarian gesture. Africa is going to hell in a handbasket and we are footing the bill. Let them rot in hell. Foreign aid is an obscenity. Charity at the point of a gun. It is done to make politicians look good.Ignoble people seeking nobility through noble causes - that doesn't cost them a penny. We pay for their vicarious philanthropy.

Africa takes the Darwin award every time. Let us leave it to its well deserved fate. If you want to throw your money at this godforsaken continent no one will stop you. In my kind of world no one will be forced to give their money to lost causes. That is tyranny.

Political Correctness is the Nigger In The Woodpile

The brouhaha over Emily's faux pas on BB has revealed one thing about 21st century Britain, namely that it is a nation haunted by the spectre of totalitarian thought control. PC fascism on the march has brought about a liberal Spanish Inquisition.

In the abscence of religion a vacuum, a spiritual void has been exposed and false religions have rushed in. One of the most insidious being Political Correctness, a cult that seeks out heretics to metaphoriacally burn at the stake. Today we have the totalitarian show trial on TV where the guilty have to cravenly abase themselves and apologise for their incorrect thoughts.

As Andrew Marr's BBC programme on post war Britain attests the country was effectively invaded 50 years ago and is now at the endgame of an identity crisis, reduced to grovelling on its knees to appease the invading mongrel hordes of immigrant sub species who are raping and pillaging the nation on the installment plan.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another Mystery...

Why is it that Western technology is 21st century but Western politics is mid 20th with residues of late 19th? The incompetent dysfunctional lumbering leviathan State is still the prime mover and source of all that is good and true - (yeah right.) State worship is alive and well (in a virulent sort of way) casting a dark shadow on progress and enlightenment freedom and liberty.

A British citizen is less politically free today than his forbears were 150 years ago. He is taxed in his comings and goings in ways which a century and a half ago would have been regarded as inconceivable and downright unconscionable. This is back to the future with a vengeance.

Where, as I have asked recently, is the latter day William Wilberforce who will free the people from the shackles of State slavery?

State monopoly on education has mass produced statist mentalities working through government agencies to promote liberal pro totalitarian mindsets in the people and their vested interests will be very hard to counter so entrenched and fixed are they.

Leftism Counter Intuitive

It's okay to kill your baby. Give people things for nothing and you will teach them independence and self reliance. Let politicians run the health service. Levy high taxes and the econmy will flourish. Politicians should be trusted with the education of the youth. Pander to criminals and make excuse for their bad behaviour and they will become good.

No matter what leftist shibboleth you examine every one is counter intuitive and goes against common sense, reality, reason and human nature. Why then does leftist thought have such a stranglehold on the West to this day even though all its solutions have created the very opposite of its claimed intentions, leading to social collapse and civil degradation?

Search me.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Are Germans Mad?

Why not use live rounds on these anarchist nazis? The arrested moral and mental development of these young people is surely a product of the oppressive and extensive German welfare system. Someone tell them the 60's are over please.

Endgame For Faux Tory?

Has this fraud been smoked out? His grammar school debacle could be the start of his unravelling. There is time to fell this impostor and retreive the party before this bizarre dorian gray character destroys it forever.