Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dyke Smokes Out Fag Reith

Reith was a fag! Greg Dyke revealed all on BBC 4 last night. A curmudgeonry fantasist and mediocrity envious of achievers in the real world like Churchill and delusional, Reith was the perfect head for an organisation with totalitarian ambitions which has achieved its goal of stretching a monstrous reach across the world's airwaves with baneful and pernicious effects on freedom of thought and enquiry. Like a oppressive pall it casts its hypnotic thrall, subjugating the masses with pc driven agendas and a malignant world view.

In the 40's George Orwell worked for the organisation and it was his experience there that imbued his worst nightmarish visons of state control and totalitariansm in his book 1984. This monopolising tyranny of the airwaves has reached its nadir of thought control. It is now clear that its founding leader was a delusional megalomaniac and it should be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Andrew Marr's Attack On Reason

The obscene sight of oleaginous Marr near wetting himself as he drooled over the creation of the NHS, slobering and slathering over the socialist miscreants of post war Britain -the architects of its ruin. A licence to propagandize socialist claptrap and he went to it with relish. When will this BBC Socialist dinasaur be burried?

Travesty Of Justice

These two should have been given 20 lashes and sent to guatanamo for 2 years. This sends out the message that treason and sabotage are okay.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Arabia Death Cult Gene

There is no other explanation for the Arab mindset than that a pathology of death worship imbues it. A suicidal death cult characterises the whole arabic continent with the sole exception of Israel and its worship of life and light. Darkness descends on Arabia and Israel the beacon of light is found guilty in the international Alice in Wonderland MSM driven Kangaroo court of injustice.

As the contrast between Israel and all the sub cultural Arab States of altered consciousness becomes more stark so the shrill voices of the arab advocacy around the world become more shrill and insistent that Israel must be brought to account. Such are the perverse ways of a sick world where death is embraced lauded and excused and life and goodness are pilloried and traduced.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Is The BBC A Cult?

I have always thought Panorama producers were mad. Here's the proof.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Altruism is ok when practised between consenting adults but watch out for Statist altruists who get some parasexual thrill from playing philanthropist with your money.Some unbounded diseased inverted egoism propels them to go on raiding parties to the midddle England heartlands pillaging all before them and then handing over their stolen booty to the non productive trolls who elect them to power up North.

Any radical conservative government would slash the State payrolls by a millionfold and those remaining would have their vote gently but firmly removed from them. Gerrymandering would be off limits. Millions of useless parasitic clients of the state would be robbed of their sustenance and the people unburdened of this fiscal drain.

No longer would state power lusters be able to get away with counterfeit virtue, to bask in the warm glow of unearned goodness. But for this to happen there would need to be some re education. The blogosphere is the tool of choice but whether it will be sufficient remains unclear right now. The MSM is like a juggernaut crushing all before it and it is manned by statist mentalities who will never let their status quo be challenged. Right now this roadblock appears insuperable. Is there anyone anywhere who will challenge the liberal hegemony and finish the Thatcher Project so fatally derailed and truncated by her Machievellian minions?

Statist Assumptions Must Be Challenged!

Two givens that rile me most are the Health and Education Givens - ie, it is the government's job to provide us with a health and education service. If those two assumptions could be challenged by some party and roundly defeated we would be a long way towards turning this country around. Of course it is the socialist ideology of state altruism underlying it that needs to be taken on but there is no organised opposition to that whatsoever so we are stuffed for the forseeable future.

The old lumbering corrupt clapped out State machinery is going to be clunking along destroying the wealth of the nation for a long time yet.Communism may have died in Eastern Europe but its spirit is alive and kicking right here in our health and education systems like a malignant virus for which there is no antitdote.

And One More Thing...

What most ticks me off is when the msm tells us over and over that Gordon is responsible for our great economy. There was me thinking it was the working people of this country when it was in fact that wealth producing dynamo Flash Gordon, starting up businesses all over the country, innovating business concepts, initiating cutting edge entrepreneurial processes, a one man GDP superkind. Where would we be without the media putting us straight on these things yegods?

The most the burk ever did was get out of the way and not obstruct this torrent of business genius and dynamism but to thank him for that is a bit like thanking a burglar for not burglaring your house. Would anyone claim that the desisting burglar was responsible for the creation of your wealth and possessions? Not in a sane world they wouldn't......

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Talking of Myths

After he has torn the guts out of the nation and reduced it to a servile state and multi cultural cesspit he asserts that it is the greatest nation on earth. What planet is the man living on? I always saw through this popinjay but but for a while I did cut him some slack and must admit I have been swayed by his oratory from time to time. Perhaps I am just more cynical or whatever but when I have watched him recently a whole other Blair has been revealed to me: shifty, evasive, shy, diffident, halting in speech a ham actor with a girlish charm belying his age.

What a gargantuan struggle it was for him to get the words out when praising Brown!He came not to praise but to bury in faint praise. It was risible and quite a contrast to Brown's fluent breathless torrents of words expressly designed by their rapid speed of delivery to obviate any objections on the part of the hapless media interlocutors. A second hand car salesman would envy this man's patter.

Pedalling Myths To The End

Commentators and retrospectives of New Labour's last Ten Years in government have all harped on a common theme including I'm Mandy Fire Me and Postman Prat Johnson and that is, The Middle Way or Third Way Myth. The squared circle way which when divested of its semantics and hair splitting amounts to a fudge, an ideological and linguistic sleight of hand.

The New Labour fiends knew the gig was up re overt smash and grab in your face taxation so they had to hide the larceny in the small print and like a thief in the night purloin under cover of darkness in the form of stealth taxation which Brown perfected to the point of evil genius. For this he is hailed as the New Labour second coming. Chutzpah matched only by depth of cynicism he got away with it and is now about to take over the Reigns of power in a coronation which should make all Democracy loving folk more than a little queasy.

Since when was it a virtue to thieve and plunder on an industrial scale? Under Labour's perverted ideology 'redistribution of wealth' from the dos to the do nots is the gift that keeps on taking and the amount of good and value that is accomplished in the bloated 'public sector' is always in inverse proportion to the amount of money extracted from the hapless and it would seem hoplessly psychotic sado masochistic British public.

Working on the Hitlerian adage that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth the old mantra is Trotted out that the old Left-Right divides no longer made any sense in 1997 - as if to say gravity may have been relevant before but now its laws have been suspended and we can all jump off high buildings with impunity. With no explanation as to why this amazing and miraculous state of affairs had occurred it was simply reiterated as a given, beyond challenge or debate. From here it is but a skip to assert as the same commentators did, that in this new age the old class divides have blurred. Specifically one cannot assume that working class people would automatically vote labour and business men vote Conservative. Whilst this is true in practice there is no earthly logic to it. Why on earth would anyone owning a business vote labour with its anti business ethos of taxing it to death on the instalment plan? Blank out.

As if to get in on the act of cocking a snook at reality Cameron comes along -Lord Snooty to some, and asserts more or less the following. 'For years we asserted in the face of fierce opposition from Labour that one and one was two. Twenty years later and after four electoral defeats they threw in the towell and finally admitted in so many words that we had been right all along and that one and one was indeed two. Now we had a dilemna. But we have solved it by asserting that one and one is in fact three, thus repositioning ourselves and offering a clear alternative to Labour.

At this point all self respecting tory voters run screaming into the night.That is where we are now.

Come Friendly Bombs...

Not something the government can lightly slough off

Brown: Salieri To Blair's Motzart

The dark brooding creature of the night hove into view, stumbled into a press conference with all the panache of an elephant in a crockery store, crowned his display of social autism with a door being shut in his face: heavy with overt symbolism, the door that had been closed to him for over a decade. An omen of when he faces the electorate and they too slam the door in his face?

Let this be the last time someone can sneak into no 10 through the back door without facing the electorate. Machievellian pacts conceived in a restaurant are no way to run Government but are more fitting to a banana republic. Hang on a minute! Dysfunctional government, corrupt, sleaze ridden - they are entirely fitting!

The incredible Sulk promised no u turns on identity cards, so is not exactly going to win too many friends and influence people.

Racism, The Left's Dirty Secret

We usually think racism -a Left-coined term - is the preserve of the Right. But the Left has its own virulent brand of racism all the more toxic for being covert and concealed. The liberal hate that dare not speak its name of racism flies under the false colours of Anti-Americanism and Anti Israelism. Such is its sugar coated poison that an arrant knave like George Galloway can hurl brickbats at rightist racists and then come out with anti semitic bile such as: 'All roads lead to Israel' and roundly abuse George Bush with foul obloquoy as a mass murderer.He will then claim that he is not Anti American, just anti George Bush. But George Bush IS America, he represents its soundest values. To hate him is to hate America and all that is stands for and to be de facto, racist.

Friday, May 11, 2007

At Last! Anti Feminist Backlash Begins

I like this if it is a trend. The surrendered wife. Women are beginning to learn that pretending to be men will only lead to grief. They are at last learning their place! Perhaps English men will no longer have to go to Asia to find a woman who knows how to be womanly.

Law, Ass, Ass, Law

Look here

What I want to discuss is the left wing coup of the judiciary. In the 1960's the angry young men of the militant left were on the streets of Britain throwing bricks at police and fomenting the revolution in their fervid and feverish brains. After the fall of the far left student rebellion in France when it became obvious to these starry eyed Marxists that the revolution was not going to happen they changed tack and realised that if they were to turn society upside down in a political and social social seismic way they would have to work from within the institutions and undermine them there.

Many of these failed street revolutionaries chose the judiciary as their point of entry where they would lay seige to the moral values upon which the judiciary was predicated.If we wonder why murderers and rapists can be jailed and out walking the strets in a few years to murder and rape again it is to these leftist entryists into the judiciary that we must look. What better way to destroy the society they hated and loathed with a passion than to unleash upon it all the social and moral detritus from the jails?

Witness their daily low level attempts to turn reason and justice on its head in the above link of the dogbite incident.

But the first thing they had to do was abolish the death penalty. If murderers are killed how can they be used as a deadly weapon against civil society! Child torturers and murderers have rights too! While they are incarcerated we will will make their lives as amenable as possible. Why, we'll even give them the vote! Who will they vote for -the Conservatives?

Identity Crisis

The surveillance servile society gathers apace. I'm against identity cards. Just target the Muslims who are the cause of all our troubles on the security front and problem solved. Muslim profiling is essential. Don't target the whole country and make us pay through the nose for your politically correct false consciousness, you governing elite morons!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Princess Tony's Whimpering Valediction

With all the fake sincerity of an Elmer Gantry Blair takes his leave and hands over to Quasimodo ending the most bizare double act in British political history. Ten years of smoke and mirrors. Small wonder that a recent poll has Britsh politicans being more mistrusted than second hand car salesmen. Blair's legacy and one that only he could dare to be proud of.

Quasimodo waits in the wings. You Couldn't make it up....

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Not Star Crazy

I have always like this bloke. Even more now.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Portillo goes native on radio 4

Mr Portaloo (because he used to hang around men's toilets? - a little Cottage on the Heath?) did a prog on radio four about the welfare state and NHS yesterday. Turns out Winston Churchill wholeheartedly approved of the NHS and there was an extract of a speech which was unequivocal. He also introduced pensions prior to WW1 or just after, so two black marks for the old boy.

Far from being embarassed by all of this Portaloo was crowing about it.The fact is the tories did precious little to stop the welfare onslaught and must share at least half the blame for it. Instead they seem to want to trumpet their craven collaboration with this alien communistic assault on British Liberty. Shameless.....

Maggie French Election Victory

Sarkozy has made me like France. It was like 1979 all over again.

The liberal bien passant/ have choked on their croissant.

Maggie Rules. Ca Va?

Mayday Mayday Musings

May day.I don't like it. Without the benefit of any research and only going on memory I think it has something to do with Universal Workers Socialism or something. Michael Foot aka Worzell Gummidge introduced it as a holiday way back or some Labour Leader. Should be scrapped. (If any of this is factually wrong my stalker commentators will no doubt put me right.)

Cardinal Error, Mac

A most unwise foray into secular left wing politics if I may say so. The Church has enough on its plate keeping the sodomistas away from its adoption system, fighting off women priests, standing firm against baby killing and the condom culture.

Kiddy fiddling and now promoting illegal immigrant's "rights" are two black marks it doesn't need.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Reading: Unalloyed Good?

We are told that reading is good per se and children should be given every encouragement to do so but is this so? Reading can all too often dull the mind, easily leading to geekiness, introversion, passivity and - somewhat paradoxically - imaginatioon deficit and stupidity.

In a recent debate the great Burchill no less laid into Jamie Oliver and the most damning thing she could think to say about him was that he boasted that he had never read a book. According to Burchill this is the unfogiveable sin, Oliver is 'boring' and she wouldn't want to be stuck in a lift with him. Well I have watched Jamie on Naked Chef and he is anything but; very articulate actually and with a street smarts that most bookworms would gladly trade for their dusty tomes.

Not reading, claims Burchill in her autobiography I Told You I Was Right, "can screw you over in a major way". Perhaps this is why she hates Richard Branson - a self confessed academic duffer and dyslexic? On the Today prog Miss Julie claimed that dyslexia was just stupidity and an affliction of the middle classes. More likely it is a product of the stupid educational system that chooses perversely to teach children to read by pictures and guess work rather than the tried and tested phonics.

Whatever the case, book learning is no substitute for the school of expereince and university of life. It leads to unoriginality of thought, hagiography, worship of received wisdom, intellectual and moral sclerosis.

The written word has caused revolutions. Thanks to Marx millions of people have been slaughtered on the altar of a perverse and poisonous creed. Intellectuals on the whole are a nasty unpleasant lot. If you don't beleive this read a book by Paul Johnson, Intellectuals on the subject and see the damage they have done.

Reading can lead to intellectual laziness, a sort of letting other people do your thinking for you. The world is drowning in words, the printed matter is at critical mass but it doesn't solve anything. Our politicians lead us by the nose. Perhaps the educational book centred learning has actually set us up for intellectual and political slavery? Without books there would be no socialism. Put all the books written about socialism next to those on capitalism and you will see I am correct. The more you have to lie to convince people that one and one is three the more books you need to write. The obvious hardly needs stating. As a book seller said to me when I complained that all the books seemed to be written by lefties: "well perhaps conservatives don't feel the need to write books" End of.

Contradictory here? No. I have read lots of books but I am beginning to see I would be a lot more advanced in so many other areas not least financial if I had not spent so much time with my nose in books.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mother Socialism Or Father Capitalism?

The French have got a real choice which means that their Democracy is much healthier than ours right now.Lets hope they spurn the Royale bitch. She is a perfect illustration of why women should stay out of politics.

Liberal or Libertarian?

Those on the left who are in favour of gay rights, abortion and liberal drug laws have bedfellows in the libertarians. The latter do not like to be classified as liberals but they really are. Conservatives on the other hand stand alone in opposing all three abominations and much more besides.

The liberals do have a further agenda which differentiates them from their coeval, co-evil libertarians, which is to empower the State for their totalitarian ends. First they promote licentiousness. When the social collapse that inevitable follows from such freeing of moral constraint occurs they are ready with the handcuffs and the Nanny State, monitoring their subject's every move via modern technology. Of course the innocent come under such State surveillance in the process, which is their design.

When I say Conservatives I should add American Conservatives. British Conservatives are of course Liberals flying under false colours. They wouldn't know a moral issue if it kicked them in the teeth.

Feminised Education

Something rotten in the State of Education methinks.

School -and University is for girls. They like academia whereas males tend towards the practical and entrepreneurial. There are horses for courses but the State educational system is a one size fits all and boys are getting the short end of the stick.

The idea of forcing them to stay in this system till 18 is merely adding insult to injury. The system is bust, instead of fixing it they want to use State coercion to maintain their captive audience into near adulthood. Yet another reason to have a separation of school and state it would seem.

Welcome Trend

Is the tide turning against legalised infanticide? It out Herods Herod and now people are beginning to challenge this death cult. Certainly it should not be done on the NHS.

With now 6 million murdered the NHS stands for the National Hollocaust Service. In the NHS killing fields the death toll is probably double when all the botched operations, misdiagnoeses and bugs are taken into account. How many more homicidal maniacs a la Shipman are practising their psychopathy under Hippocratic cover?

The nurses have got above themselves too and act like doctor manques. A little nursing wouldn't go amiss but then service is a dirty word to Brits. Perhaps they don't like working under a Hippocratic oaf.

The NHS has a totemic significance for the British people because with the death of religion nature abhors a vacuum and they now worship the God of Medicine. Even though the shaky edifice is crumbling around them they cling to the rubble of the bankrupt Socialist 'free at the point of use' mantra even though its hypnotic thrall has long since ceased to work its magic and they end up paying for a compromised de facto pyramid scheme which had it been dreamt up by Big Business would have seen its architects locked up in the slammer for the duration.

Bevan the author of this instituional monstrosity is lauded and deified by Lefties. If the NHS is the monument to Socialism its critics are surplus to requirement. There it stands, in all its gothic horror, a fitting etipaph to a morally and spiritually bankrupt ideology.

Parents From Hell

I hope they get charged with criminal negligence. Leaving a three year old child in a house while you go dining out is not something any sensible loving parents would do. Don't expect the media to point this out anytime soon.

They checked on her every half hour. Dumb and dumber. How long does it take for the chicken hawks to swoop?

Britain's Death Wish

Britain has lost the will to live. The Muslims haven't. Even if they are just breeding suicide bombers.

Britain, a mongrel mix of global effluence washed in by the New Labour Welfare-Open Borders tide is now a multicultural swamp from which has been dredged subhuman forms from the sub continent.

Like the Roman the grim visaged ghost of The Prophet Enoch looks down on the sorry mess, the heaped up funeral pyre of miscegenated abortions and snuffed out glory as the stench of decaying hopes and aspirations wafts in the vaporous pall of Death.

The walking dead march solemnly zombie-like to the poll booths and put a cross by their executioner and in one fell swoop vote in the Balkanisation of Britain. New Labour unleashed the genie of Nationalism via devolution and the balkanised chickens have come home to roost. "We didn't mean it" they cry crocodile fashion as the homing Salmon ushers in his Socialist coup.

There may be a l;ot of ruin in a nation but the tipping point has surely been reached. Failed suicide attempt after failed suicide attempt can only have one final ending.

The fat lady may not be singing, but she is clearing her throat...

S. Pacific To Stop Bottom Trawling

Perhaps Boy George and George Michael should follow suit?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Life Is A Pill

To the Godless medical chemical solutions are all they have.

They don't understand the metaphysical human dynamic and are poor earth-bound creatures with the comprehension of a flea. Where else can they go but the pill- popping rout. But the Drugs Don't Work and they are having to up the ante to a quite alarming degree. 70 pills a day?! Its that pesky codeine that is the must have.

One thing they cannot tolerate is self awareness and the drugs dull the pain of their stupid existence. Evolution? Evilution more like. Humans are degenerating and there are not enough pills in the world to block out reality try as they may.

All Smoked Out

In town today sitting on a bench. It was windy but a woman sitting a few feet away from me was smoking and I was getting the full benefit of her smoke stream. Sorry to all you stray libertarians who may visit here ocasionally but I am in favour of an outright smoking ban. Excommunicate me from the Church of Libertarianism if you will. I don't want to breath in that foul odour.

Maybe I am maligning the Libs but most of them I know at least are against all such constraints on perspnal liberty. But this isn't personal, it is public and my liberties to breathe unsmoky air are being violated. Maybe I AM the true Libertarian after all?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Told You So

This kind of validates what I said here, and got some grief for saying it. Ah well, that is the price you pay for being one of the last lone dissident voices and remote outposts of anti political correctness I suppose....(sigh)

Pay particular attention to the words from Civitas regarding the issue of Black gangs in the UK from abovementioned piece:

David Green, director of the Civitas thinktank, said: "We are importing 15, 16, 17 and 18-year-olds brought up in countries with an anarchistic warlord culture in which carrying knives and guns is routine.

"That is no exaggeration. We are asking for trouble if we do not confront this issue, and co-ordinate Government policy properly." He claimed "squeamishness" was preventing the Government or the police tackling the issue.

"If people come from a culture which is anarchistic, they are more likely to be violent, but the police will be frightened to target these people.

"The fear is that it would be called stereotyping. Actually, it is a valid group generalisation."