Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Capitalist Party

The Capitalist Party totally rejects the mixed economy model that has been practiced by every Western democracy, allowing for variations, over the past 60 years or more.It further rejects the concept of democracy itself as it violates individual rights at its core and is a form of gentrified mob rule via the ballot box,denies individual rights and asserts the rights of the collective above them and destroys liberty therby.It has a twenty year programme to eliminate taxation entirely as it has rightly been called the tool of tyranny and this would give people enough time to adjust and not be a sudden wrench.It does nt advocate anarchy but its antitheisis ie capitalism under the rule of law.It does not see the State as a necessary evil but a necessary good as it alone can secure liberty by defending individual rights though its monopoly of force via the armed forces, police, and the courts under a system of objective law.The sole purpose of the State is to protect individual rights through its monopoly of force but it must not initiate force by exacting taxes for instance or it ceases to be legitimate.Statism is the predominant ideology of all existing political parties in the UK where we are focusing our campaign and there is little to choose between them as they all advocate mixed economy policies and operate under its premises to a greater or lesser degree and the arch compromiser with statism is conservatism which is quite happy to preside over a welfare state claiming that it can make it work more efficiently than the socialists! It could probably do the same for cannibalism and would if it thought it was a vote winner.Conservatism is a non philosophy and there is no point wasting any time on it as it is responsible for the mess we are in with its compromises and betrayals over many generations and anyone who thinks the way to capitalism is voting conservatism is hoplessley delluded.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Democracy versus the Non Coercive State

As Ed miliband was delivering his blood curdling Marxist diatribe at Labour conference yesterday it reminded me of those ISIS videos of beheadings and the threat and intimidation and fear they are designed to engender in the viewer.Look he was gloating,this is what I am going to do to you British people and there is not a thing you can do about it.And indeed in a democracy there is no a thing we can do about it.It is the gentrification of tyranny thru the ballot box.If the mob votes for it,it will happen.There is no protection,no freedom,no liberty no individual rights.This is what we are so proud of and want to export globally.There is an antidote to Democracy of course and it is liberty.A non coercive state is desirable and possible and would preclude taxation the ultimate coercive act against a disarmed population.Do not let anyone tell you it is wildly utopian,unrealistic,impractical because what they are saying is liberty and the upholding individual rights are those things,products of a deranged mind.But that is not so much a statement of fact as an ugly psychological confession, namely that human bondage and slavery is the natural state of man and to challenge it is to go against centuries of history and man's natural fate.It is civilized to enslave oneself to the masses,to the needs of otheres and uncivilized to refuse to do so.An inverted moral universe is revealed here by the collectivists and democracy lovers,to whom man is an end to the needs of others not himself,a mere cipher or pawn to be moved around the board,exploited and used to the service of anyone's need but his own.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bye Bye Scotland (Part 2)

If the vote is No the English should have a referendum on whether to get independence from Scotland rather than promising to stuff yet more English gold down Scottish throats. The freeloading chippy Scots need a few home truths but instead we are bending over backwards to beg them to stay so they can carry on leeching off us.John Major Major has outlined albeit unwittingly many reasons why we should welcome a Yes vote such as we will have less clout in the UN.Good,it is an immoral criminal organization and we should have no truck with it.Again he says a Yes vote will leave us with less influence in the EU.Is he kidding?! We want out from that criminal racket as well.And then he says we will have less clout in NATO.Again,good as it is a clapped out cold war relic long past its sell by date.There are no downsides to a Yes vote and if it happens the English should be dancing in the streets.Good riddance to bad Socialist rubbish!

Friday, September 05, 2014

Bye Bye Scotland

Despite the best efforts of the BBC and the rest of the liberal media the Scots are unlikely to vote for independence as they know if they were to do so the only thing they would do is starve as the English Welfare spigot would be turned off and the dwindling oil reserves would not pay to keep them in the welfare state to which they have come accustomed and dependent. The larcenous Scots may talk the talk but at the end of the day their lavish English funded welfare system will sway them away from a Yes vote. The English who have been disenfranchised and have no say in the matter would almost certainly vote Yes given the chance and if they were in possession of the facts which have been denied to them thanks to the slavish pro independence media who have facilitated the nationalist obfuscation programme to a slavish craven and criminal degree.If it were not for the socialist sasenachs there would not have been Labour governments down the years and parliament would have been free of their scourge,with a yes vote we would be free of any more Labour government so for that alone we should pray for independence.When the Scots begin to die off from hunger after a yes vote they should expect no foreign aid from England and as a wretched satrapy of Brussels which has bankrupted Europe they can expect very thin gruel from that quarter.Let us be rid of these chippy neo Communists across the border and embrace the sunny uplands of freedom and liberty separated at last from Scottish parasitism.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Democracy or Liberty

It is hard wired into people of the West that Democracy is the best of all possible systems of government and of course politicians like to  reinforce this Big Lie at every available opportunity as they know the suggestive power of the very word alone, Democracy, to put people into a deep hypnotic trance as they chow down to a large dollop of conformity and groupthink.So powerful is this mass delusion that Democracy is the last word in human organization that its adherents s go forth to prozelitize the message far and wide to other less fortunate nations that have not yet seen the light and embraced this marvellous system of collectivism and majority rule. Where in our schools or places of higher learning is this institutionalized canard ever challenged or analyzed for its veracity or otherwise?It is fed with our mother's milk that we must bow down and pay obesiance to this given and never utter a word against it for fear of charges of barbarism or uncivilized thinking.It is this monstous fraud perpeetrated on a prostrate and duped people which has allowed politicians to ply their statecraft with impunity and to such deadly effect having all but destroyed concepts of liberty and individual rights in the minds of the people in the process, reducing them to sheep herded into the ballot box every 4 years to put their cross beside their chosen oppressor with the blue orange or red rosette.In a cannibal society Democracy would consist of voting for the candiate who advocates the amount of people that should be eaten per week.Candidate a) advocates 3 people,b),2 people,and Cc)one person.Take your pick -it's Democracy!We have yet to see a candidate who might voiciferously proclaim the utter barbarity of eating human beings period.But we should not take any comfort that we are any more civilized really with our wholesale contempt for individual rights implicit at the rotten black heart of Democracy.Its a numbers game,if enough people are in your gang you can have your will enforced at the point of a gun by the State in a Democracy and no one bats an eyelid at this monstrous injustice so immune are they to reason and the call of liberty.So what can be done you ask?Obviously people need educating urgently about what individual rights mean and how they are absolutely in conflict with the collectivist principles of Democracy.A man has a right to his own life to pursue goals that will lead to a fulfilled life but right at this very point the State steps in and says No, Democracy dictates that he subordinate his life and property to others who are 'less advantaged',who 'Need' things that he,the  poor sap must provide though the enforced purloining of his money through taxation -the very tool of tyranny!