Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Time To Flag Down Ersatz Patriotism

The display of the english flag from cars is actually inducing nausea in me right now. Steer clear of anyone driving a vehicle with such a display of phoney football patriotism. They have probably got a criminal record or are in a stolen vehicle.

I am actually hoping 'England' - full of foreign players of course- is knocked out immediately to end this sickening spectacle of couch potato patriotism.

For all the right reasons to wave a flag football is the one that is chosen, which is beyond sad, isn't it?

Monday, May 22, 2006

Camoron Oscillates Wildly

It has got to the pointwhere the only thing Cameron and I agree on is that The Queen Is Dead is a great albumn.He will be on Desert Island Discs next week so we will see what he chooses.Now if we could only persuade him to stay there forever maybe the Conservatives would be able to find a leader who actually believes in principles..

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fool Over The Hill

It is hard to feel sorry for someone with £850 million in the bank but I do feel for Macca in that he was married to the woman from hell who actually managed to make Lennon and Yoko seem like a good match.What on earth was the man thinking of -and not even a pre nup in sight. No fool like a ...

Watching her obnoxious performance on a recent prog protesting the fur trade I could not believe how the shrewd fellow could have fallen for such a piece of work. They were so mismatched -him laid back and urbane master of tactiurnity and dignity she in your face rampant egomania.

When it comes to spouting pious cant the animal rightists are peerless. If anything would make you want to go out and buy some fur it is Heather Mills. She even had the effrontery to say the Beatles weren't any good. If it wasn't for the fact they now have a child she should have been sent packing with an appropriate settlement -about 50p.

Another prog on animal rights terrorists on ch 4 had one mad woman saying that she would like to become a suicide bomber and blow up a animal lab.Let's hope she is arrrested and jailed before she carries out the threat. Don't hold your breath..If it had been a BNPer saying he wanted to blow up a mosque they would have thrown away the key by now.

Thinking Out Loud

Am I getting tired of politics and /or blogging?The couple of visitors I have may have noticed the falling off recently in the blog dept. You kind of get the feeling you are talking to yourself.When I see the average mundane sites that get scores of comments it makes you wonder what your blogging is for.So I may just be coming to the end of this.Being paid to write makes sense, this alas does not. What was once a pleasure is now a chore.

I could drag myself to the key pad every day and prose on about Blair Brown but at the end of the day (uggh) what does it achieve? Such blogs are two a penny anyway. Perhaps I will be like Green Carpet who takes long breaks. Or maybe a more subjective approach is in order.

Right now I would sooner be watching re-runs of the early Buffy on fx chanel or listening to my cd of child prodigy/ female Michael Jackson, Jo Jo.Or even struggling with Orlando Figes sprawling People's Tragedy. So it's time to Blog Off! Almost. Anyone see the repeat of the Arena Evelyn Waugh Trilogy on BBC4?Now there was a true Englishman and great writer. Perhaps I will just talk about such things now rather than descant on the moral pygmies who are forever scuttling across the political Wasteland,that barren and jejune landscape of despair...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Warning To British Muslims

If you wish to remain in this country you must renounce your false religion,divest yourself of the death worshipping cult of Islam,close down your mosques, denounce your cult,and swear an oath of allegaince to the crown,this country of Great Britain,the Union Jack and never dare utter one word of sympathy or support for terrorists,Paleswinians,or oppose in word or deed the War on Terror.Swear also an oath of allegaince to America and Israel, the lands of freedom and justice and the scourge of evil nations around the world.

How dare you bring your sick subculture to this country,create ghettoes and no go areas for the indigenous population, and refuse to speak our mother tongue and create a Muslim Parliament.How dare you!

If you cannot do all of those abovementioned things: GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTRY!