Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tebbit A True Conservative

What a breath of fresh air to hear Stormin Norman on radio four last night.It was a vintage Tebbit performance,laying waste to all before him.Classic stuff.He made the point I did a few posts back about HITLER BEING A SOCIALIST.The audience didn't like that of course.Then he layed into Islam with a vengeance.

It just illustrated how far the Conservatives have fallen from the true path to hear Teb in full flow.What a contrast with today's political midgets who dare to call themselves conservatives,what a savage indictment of a party totally at odds with its core values.How the mighty have fallen.Cameron,you partial birth abortion -hang your head in shame.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oaten's Liberals Rent In Two

Identity crisis seems to be on the menu with all three parties.Political transvestism is rampant.The Liberals don't know which way to turn.Huhne or Hughes - or is is Minging Campbell?Free market or flee market?

The Blair Brown Switch Project twists and turns.If Blair dies he will be spinning in his grave.New or Old Labour?It's pick and mix politics with all ideological lines bluairred.

The Tories,ah the Tories.Think I've said enough about them.How many nails does it take to nail down the coffin lid of toryism? Still they keep hammering away..

Only the UKIP seems to know where it is going.It has now outlined new policies in immigration,(tough) and is placing itself way to the right of the Tories on the domestic front now that a yawning vacancy has been left by their scurrying to the centre left political graveyard. These are interesting times.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tony Benn and Meine Kampf

His Lordship was on Radio 4 today tellling how he read Hitler's Meine Kampf as a 10 year old boy and how he had an argument with his brother and the book was split in two -he still has the copy.Now you don't have to be Sigg Freud to work out what is going on here.

Adolf was a Socialist -that was the name of his party.So Fascism is like the flip side of Socialsim -a sort of political schizophrenic dysfunctional dystopic State.Tony's book split in two symbolises the twin faced bifurcated mongrel philosophy of socialism/ fascism .

He goes on to say in the radio interview that bureaucracy is the curse of the working classes.Funny I thought socialism created bureaucracy not capitalism Tony.You see capitalism seeks to keep its costs down whereas Socialism thrives on bureaucracy -it is it's raison de'tre.Bureaucracy is the process by which money is turned into pure waste.Godd description of soialism wouldn't you say?

Anyway Mr Benn can be found at the Royal Geographical Institute givng a lecture on utopia and the welfare state. If you want a laugh pop along.Our Tony is full of humour -albeit of the unintentional kind.

You can find Adolf's book at all good bookstores. I found it at Waterstones.Perhaps the Austrians would like a word with Mr Waterstone -if he exists.One thing is certain.You won't find any books excoriating Muslims the way Hit did the jews.Wonder why......

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Conservatives Taken Over By Aliens

If you don't believe me go visit their Camoron sites.Entryism is rife -from tax and spend lunatics like Richard Gibb who left the labour party ,environmentalist wackos at the 'tory convert' blog,The party has been taken over by sexual deviants,Matthew Parris is the cheerleader apparently and the vile Michael Goave.

Poor William Hague has been roped in and Red Ken Clarke.Some have gone sheepishly to Washington to try and mend bridges with Bush after the debacle over Iraq where the Conservatives were snubbed by the Republicans. They should have visited the Democrats -they have far more in common with them. Pro gay,pro abortion,pro taxes.They have even said they would work enthusiasticlly with the anti christ herself Hillary if she became president.

Lurching ever further to the left they are reduced to mumbling buzz words like 'localism' but when asked about taxes evade commitment and stress 'economic stability.'

Islam: The New Fascism

The shadow of a new fascism hangs nover Europe like a deathly pall.De ja vous revisited,only this time in an even more virulent form.Fascism in the 30's was local and geographically limited and specific.Not so with the cancer of Islamic fascism which is as borderless as avian flu and a thousand times more deadly.

As in the 1930's there is a collective denial across Europe over the threat of Islam and a truckling appeasement to it which can only have the same result,capitulation to the forces of darkness and the concomittant genocidal bloodbath.

No criticism of Islam can be found in the liberal media,certainly not here in the UK.Just a sickening silent complicity to an evil masquerading as a peaceful religion.Mohumed,a monster by all accounts, guilty of mass murder and paedophilia,a raving epileptic lunatic is protected from scrutiny by a cowed politically correct craven media.

Now our very civil liberties are under threat from a government that is afraid to attack the evil in our midst-Islam- and instead wants to take away the liberties of the indigenous population and make it illegal to criticise and lampoon this absurd death worshipping cult of Islam.

What can be done? Simple.All muslims must be reaptriated to their country of origin and all the mosques reduced to rubble. Islam cannot live with the West.It must go.It is a deadlybacillls, a malignant cancer on the body politic.It is Nazism revisited replete with the most obscene anti semitism.The only thing missing is the Swastikas.There are no moderate Muslims just as there were no moderate Nazis.It is showdown time at the OK Koran.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Camoron: Poster Boy For Self Loathing Tories

We've all heard of self loathing Liberals but it has taken new boy on the block Camoron to introduce us to a novel mutation of that political pathology: the Self Loathing Tory.

A fascinating phenomena it is too.Sly,sneaky,covert,slippery,apologetic,cringing,sado masochistic are just some its more salient features.Protean and chameleon shape shifting and vote gathering The Camoron plumbs new depths of political sociopathy.It might be hurling great gobs of spit on the Tory grave,but its smiling shiny happy people persona will propel it ever forward to the sunny uplands of electoral victory.What it will do when it gets there is something else of course.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Are Nurses Modern Nazis?

As I mentioned below my friend in hospital has daily run-ins with the nurses.Today he was moved to another ward.At the end of it two people were watching TV and he could hear it loud and clear.They have the facility to use the TV over their bed which is pay per view but to save money they have opted to watch the TV with no headphones.My friend complains.Here's the dialogue more or less verbatim, as he put it:

Well that's how it always was,the nurse says.

Well it is an irritant my friend replies.

No it is not.

Who are you to decide what is an irritant to me?

Well that's how it used to be anyway: TV's on for all to hear.

One of those listening says'I don't want any trouble' and moves to turn it off. The nurse rushes to prevent him and says Don't mind him,he's a troublemaker(referring to my friend)

Was that how you were trained to talk to your patients?

No reply to that.(Of ourse that was not how the nurse was trained and she knows it.)

Then they get in the head nurse.The nurse gives her one sided version of events and my friend is outnumbered and no logic will prevail so he says:Either you have that turned off or I will go and sleep in the corridor.They of course back down and he is moved.

This is a ward for people who are recuperating from a stroke. World War 3 more like it.

Nurses with attitude.He claims every single nurse has the same thing.This sort of contempt for the patient.It is systmeic,endemic,institutionalised. You don't see it in private hospitals.They wouldn't dare.

If you get ill think twice before going to a NHS hospital -it could be the death of you.

Camoron's Dodgy Advisors

A chap called ed vaizzey is apparently 'advising' 'Dave' on economic or political matters.He writes for the Guardian.Figures.The UK Conservative would be the equivalent of the US Democrat:pro Gay, pro abortion,pro high taxes.It is no accident that Bush snubbed the onservatives a few years ago and that they have links to the US Democrats.It is all of a piece isn't it?

I would like to join the Conservative party just for the pleasure of tearing up my membership card.A mass exodus by its members is the only thing that would wake it up. But can you wake up the dead?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nazional Health Service part two

The committment of NHS blog doctor and his ilk to his profession is admirable and into the relam of the heroic but personally I feel modern medicine has lost its way.Everyone thinks there is a pill for everything but that is against nature really.If people want to buy into such a system fine,let them pay for it in private practice.I oppose therfor the NHS and all its works.Imagine they spend money killing babies and elsewhere they spend money on IVF treatment.Cosmetic surgery. NHS has lost its way big time.

I don't trust the tories to sort any of this out -in fact the way they are now I wouldn't trust them with used toilet paper.

The NHS encourages neurosis and hypocondria because it is free(ha ha) at the point of abuse.It feeds into a malingerer's ethos,as thousands with their imaginary illnesses clog up an already malfunctioning system.If they had to pay upfront for every visit they would soon discover the benefits of good health.

Mainly I oppose thr NHS because it is a socialist system and we all know how lethal that is to your health.If there was to be a real Capitalsit Party (and I predict there will be one in a few years if not sooner) getting rid of the NHS and all its evil works will be number one on the list of 'things to do'.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tories To Bring Back Hanging and Fox Hunting

How many more dreams?! In my Party of One (all free to join) which I have called The Capitalist Party,we will hang people regularly -well really only once.Imagine old Hamster dangling on the end of a rope and that shoe bomber,and that Soham chap and,the pond life who killed that teacher outside a school and is now free,etc etc ad nauseam.

Doesn't it give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside -a sort or relief that justice will return to these shores after its long sojourn, that it will feel the collar of the guilty as they shudder, catching a glimpse of the shadows of the night,the gallows standing before them and intimations of the hell to which they will be despatched?

Fox hunting; tallyho! Yes that great tradition will be revived.We'll have that old Marxist loony Tony Banks spinning in his grave yet.So much work to do.So many things to be reversed. ....

Tories To Scrap State Education

I keep having these dreams.Then I wake up and remember Tories are Socialists.Everything falls into place.For years I couldn't work it out.How come tories who are pro capitalist support the state educational system even though it has comprehensively failed endless generations?They have been corrrupted by the same fatal error as the socialist Labour party, new or old -let's not play with linguistics here.Nanny knows best in both case except the tories think they are better managers.We are talking cigarrette papers again.

If the likes of john Prescott running and determining our education system doesn't give the most dyed in the wool Statist pause nothing will. We are pushing at an open door here.Look at the ingenious lengths middle england will go to circumvent the Stalinsit State system to get their child a half way decent education and you just know that if a party were bold and promised de nationalisation of the whole corrupt system there would be widespread support.

So why this paralysis of will,this loss of nerve by the main parties?As well ask why do scorpions sting.It's their nature.We must stop looking to the conservative party for answers to the problem -they are part of it and we keep giving them the benefit of the doubt and they keep on stinging us.They think we have nowhere else to go.What if we have and we take all their supporters with us?Nothing else will stop them from the suicidal course they are now on.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Tories To Scrap All Foreign Aid

That is my fantasy headline of course.But they should.Foreign Aid is welfare writ large and it is a catastrophic disaster,a form of organised crime with Government in the lead role.Foreign Aid is socialism and no Conservative should support it but as we have seen in my previous posts todays conservatives(and yesterday's) are Socialists.

Loony Benn Hillarrious son of mad Tony has just pledged £5 million (is it?) to -The Congo.The snake.How big of him to give our hard earned money to uncivilized never to be civilized lesser breeds without the law.Kleptocracy of Africa administered by Hillary whose father specialised in that black art in tax mad Labour of the 1960's.These people are still at it.This is grand larceny.Stugggling to pay your council tax?-never mind Hillary has just left the country with £5 million to give to the Congo.

Foreign Aid is theft by the state.Any party worthy of the name Capitlaist would put a stop to all of that immediately.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

What Can Be Done Part Two

We are told by the liberal media (and we believe it) that people like a big State,they want the NHS and State Education,they want Nanny telling us when to go to the bathroom.Where is the evidence for this?Sure the recipients of this tax funded largesse want it but then the criminal wants his bag of stolen goodies but such a want is not a moral lien on those who are forced to supply it at the point of a gun.Isn't that what government has become -a form of Mafia,bribing its victims,with a protection racket that would have put the Godfather to shame?

Polly Toynbee tells us that the British people want the Welfare State and the welfairers have won the argument.Well they have in the Guardian but the rest of the population are not so in enamoured these days.They see a creaking compromised health service which is a money sucking funnel down which more and more is sent with no discernible improvement the other end except to the fat cat administraiitors who have creamed off the tax windfall.Just as these very people now think nothing of using a different phone company to BT it would not be that difficult to get them to see that they could also enjoy cheaper health care and have a choice in that area which at the moment they are denied by 20th century labour neanderthals through idelogical spite and power lust. Car insurance,house insurance,health insurance -no great leap of faith would be required,with the right presentation -if only someone would dare to make such a presentation.

I am jumping about here I know,just touching on a few areas but one that comes to mind at this point is the BBC.If we want to see a capitalist system the BBC will have to go.It is a licence to satanize and patronise.It is a Big Lie machine,the institution George Orwell used as an 'inspiration' for his novel 1984 and the Ministry of Truth.Since a left wing coup there in the early 60's it has been churning out a steady stream of anti capitalist propaganda -all paid for by the hapless captive licence -tax payer.These mad left wing journalists are the people David Cameron has to suck up to as he veers ever leftward like a drunkard pro picking up her next customer.Sorry Camoron,truckling to the BBC will not butter any parsnips with core conservative supporters.Just for a hand full of silver he left us...

Privatisation too far? I think not.We have only just begun.We need to lose about 500,000 public serpents -I mean servants.GordEnron Brown said he would but he cannot sack his core voters can he.We could and would.We must be bold though.If the bugle sound the uncertain cry who shall follow?No apologies,no approvsl seeking people pleasing condescension.Just plain talking.People must be trusted to make their own decisions, to be empowered to think the unthinkable and take back their lives from the malevolent overweening State.The velvet revolution is only a motion away,the bowels of State must be emptied of their foul contents....

What Can Be Done?

Someone once referred to the cult of moral greyness.We are living in such times.Conservatives are shape shifting reptiles,and the times are out joint.Things fall apart,the centre cannot hold,the the worst are lacking all conviction,the best are full of passionless density.What can be done?

As I said below the time is ripe for a fourth party,the 'fourth way' namely through capitalism and such a bold gambit is there for the taking.A new era could be upon us where people are given a clear choice between bankrupt statism with one in five people working for the Leviathan,most in non productive non jobs,or the sunny uplands of opportuinity and hope where people are free to make their own decsions on a whole arange of things which now they are forced to abdicate to a shop worn State bereft of purpose or principle other than that of self perpetuation.

Think of all the areas where the State has forced its ugly snout,devouring the substance of the people,rapaciously trampling over the hard won freedoms and liberties of our forefathers.Have you seen the little big piggies in their starched white shirts? Some are more equal than others in this political barnyard.

Where to begin?Is there an area where the State has not usurped,where even thoughts and feelings are now nationalised in a Gramscian grab for the very souls of the British people?Take the Arts for a start. What is good,and what is not good -do we need anyone to tell us these things?Art and politics -if any two things should be kept separate surely it is these -and yet the State wants us,nay forces us to subsidise the utmost bilge of non representational art to keep unemployable wasters in the manner to which they have become accustomed.Not in my name.

The Arts council must go.The Melvyns will just have to tout their wares on the free market,the State should not patronise the Arts.Whenever I hear the wordCulture I reach for my Revolver -(The Beatles Albumn of course.I refer you to the track called The Taxman.)

The phone goes please go to my next post below.

The Capitalist Party

Is this the time for a fourth party in British politics? We now have three socialist parties: the liberal socialists, The labour socialists and the Conservative socialists. The liberal socialists cannot wait to join Camoron in his latest socialist experiment which is defacto fascism as I explained below.

So perhaps now is the time for a capitalist party.It would share some of the aspirations of the UKIP and BNP re EU and immigration but a radical free market approach to such areas as the NHS and Education system would mark it out distinctly from the three main socialist parties.The BNP are of course socialist as well albeit rather more virulently than the main three.

Conservatives lacking the nerve and self confidence are of course the nearest to capitalist in their policies but without the courage of their convictions always opt for statist sollutions re education and health and are so timorous and defensive about taxation,so terrified of being called names by the BBC and the liberal Guardianista establishment that they are paralysed and when actually moving gravitate towards the centre left of 'judicious' State spending and redistribution. Thus are millions of conservatives left disenfranchised, at the mercy of a weak,compromised and intellectually confused party forever looking over its shoulder for someonone to apologise to for its virtues.

I do not think it is possible to convert the tories to free market capitalsim because they are like traumatised chickens, cooped up battery hens trying to be coaxed out into the sunshine.They will have none of it.Ten years in the political wilderness have made them desperate for power and they will do anything to get it,sell their grandmother down the river,jettison all their values,play to the crowd.

What they don't seem to recognise is that people are crying out for leadership and principles.They know the NHS is bust.They know the education system is in complete meltdown.They would be ready for radical ideas.All they get is cynical,piece meal pseudo reforms,a promise to run the clapped out morribund services more efficiently.They could probably run a brothel more efficiently but it would still remain a brothel. Pausing for breath, in my next post I will attempt to outline the areas where a fourth party, a capitalist party would offer the public an exciting revolutionary approach to the nation's very serious problems and a way out of them.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Nazional Health Service

The Camorons are keen to preserve the NHS and for that reason they are Socialists.National Socialists.Their plans for the NHS are corporatist/fascist/whereby the State maintains overall supremacy over instituions but leaves the day to day running of them to those on the ground.This 'localism' as they are now calling it is a cop out and constitutes a total break with liberty freedom and capitalism of which the Conservatives are supposed to be champions.

Whence this degeneracy of the conservatives from principles of freedom and individual rights to Statism and collectivism so beloved of their supposed opposites on the Left?

It all began in 1945 when the first Labour government proper swept to power after WW2.Having had a taste of war socialism the British people were prepared to gamble with their freedoms and liberty for some Peace Socialism -even if it meant selling their souls for a pair of National Health spectacles -although they never consciously made such a decision but rather sleepwalked into this supplicant dependency culture of Welfairism.

Rather than challenge what was effectively a political coup by plebescite where private property was seized by the state in an egregious act of brigandige and promptly nationalised, the conservatives went along for the ride and were duly corrupted by the associaction,seduced by the power such nationlisation gave them to hold sway over the people and buy votes by pandering to the electorate with promises of more largesse -paid for by the tax paying dupes.

They have been at it ever since and like the junkies they are cannot relinquish the fix of Statism and will hang on to the morribund NHS,promising to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear because they think this is what the public want.

Thus Tories are Socialists in disguise and are therfor worse than socialists for they seek to promote the evil creed of socialsim under the guise of freedom and thus negate nullify and discredit freedom rendering people rip for tyranny.

NHS: Should It Carry A Government Health Warning?

Here is what i posted on the NHS Blog Of Dr Crippen. Sorry I have forgotten how to link.His reply begins with 'oh dear.. '

Can anyone explain why my elder friend who had a mini stroke and went to hospital and who has secondary diabetes(less severe one) and who got his sugar level down to 6(I think) prior to going to hospital by dint of Atkins like diet,found 6 days after eating hospital food which comprised of 'diabetic food' such as ice cream and custard (sweets) his level shoot up to 18(I think)?What do they put in this diabetic food -sugar?

Even more alarming than this, when he pointed it out the nurse didn't want to listen and neither did the doctor.They have now put him on insulin.According to him none of the nurses or doctors listen which is a rather strangecommentary on the 'profession' or am I missing something?They also have a cavalier attitude to his drug regimen and do not consider his own legitimate concerns over negative reactions to specific drugs of any consequence.niconoclast Homepage 11.02.06 - 11:13 am #

Oh dear, niconoclast, I can't answer or explain all that. Except to say that in the old days, the nurses gave out the food and so made sure that diabetic patients got appropriate food. They do not do that now as they are playing at being doctors. And the junior hospital doctors now are probably tucked up in bed with their cocoa as they are not allowed to work hard....maybe therefore they do not know what diabetets is.Dr John Crippen Homepage 11.02.06 - 1:15 pm #

Islam:Inverted Gramscism

It seems Islamistas have learned Gramscism well.The politics of fear and indoctrination have been utilised by the Islamopaths to great effect with the willing and active participation of the Liberal Media.

With no Soviet Union to truckle to the Left went in search of another anti freedom movement and found a new devil to sup with -radical Islam.A marriage made in hell,the far Left and the totalitarian Muslimistas have been cohabiting in symbiosis and cynical power politics for the past decade.

Like the radical Left and assisted by them the Islamopaths have used standard tactics of terrorism and PR media infiltration - to great effect.The public are cowed and are under de facto occupation in their own country.Muzzled by a Muslim compliant and totally corrupted police force the Islamistas are just a beat away from victory.

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Fatal Flaw of Modern Conservatavism

Socialists are sociopaths.That is the inherent weakness of conservatives:They don't know their enemy and keep on ascribing virtues to them they do not possess.How can you challenge an evil,let alone vanquish it when you think it is just a misguided good?If you mistake malevolence for good intentions you are defeated before you've begun.You end up accepting that Socialism is a good ideal,but impractical.People will always opt for the ideal whatever the monstrous results(NHS,State Education ad nauseam).

You then fall into the terrible trap set for you by the socialists who lay claim - totally falsely - to the compassion ground.You have to go round apologising for not being compassionate and damning yourself for your virtues.Sound familiar? Tories are so dumb -and morally confused.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Camoron,Chameleon and Caricature

The latest surveys of voters opinions seem to suggest that people do not trust the blue eyed boy;that he is 'all things to all people',he is saying what people want to hear etc.Who'da thought?

Small wonder New Labourites and Liberals are queuing up to get into this centrist cynical party.The liberals are buggered up,New Labour is in the sands,the blue eyed boy beckons with his cherubic twinkle and they come running leaving their unsafe seats behind them,thus creating an unheard of phenomena:Homeless Conservatives.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Send In The Clones

The Camoronians are getting rattled.One of them accused me of 'right wing nihilism' on their website.Let me see now; a left wing entryist faction takes over the party,jettisons all their core values and accuses those who insist on keeping their values instead of prostituing them of nihilism?There is projection going on here I say.

Camoron must be Blair's evil twin.The way they smile at each other conspiratorily over the despatch box is disquieting.Here is my sucessor in whom I am very proud appears to be Blair's take.

What is most bizarre is their belief that winning is everything and Camoron is vindicated by the fact that more people are coming over to the Tories since he became leader.That is the clinching argument for them and how can you communicate anything to such concrete bound (quite frankly) morons? 'Here we stand,the New Tories.Our beloved leader Camoron has principles -and if you don't like them,he is prepared to change them'.

The Prophet Gets A Free Pass

In all the debate about free speech re 'the cartoon' not one commentator or comment has been made about just who the prophet was and the life he lived. I have been told that he was a warrior and had sex with a minor but I haven't done my own research on the matter.One thing is clear: the life of the prophet M has not to my knowledge been examined in the Western media in any detail if at all - or have I missed it?

So why this coyness,this reticence about this apparently major religious figure in history we are all told must be revered and respected?Ask anyone in the street what they know about Mohummed and you will get back blank stares.

Could it be the Muslims want his life to remain shrouded in the cloud of unknowing?By all accounts there is a lot that would not bear close scrutiny about this shady character.

We do know one thing.Islam seems to be a religion of intolerance and those who appear in public professing to be followers of the Prophet behave in a distinclty hysterical hate filled undignified manner which is hardly a advertisement for their religion.Or perhaps it is? Perhaps Islam is just that: a religion of hate, a death worshipping cult.It certainly comes across that way.

Whenever they appear in public it is to burn books and flags,set fire to foreign embassies,issue death threats,bedeck their children with hate filled placards,and that is not to mention their Nazist Anti Semitism.

Perhaps it is time to recognise that such types do not belong in a Democracy and have them deported.Mosques in England's Green and Pleasant land it seems was an accommodation too far and have sown the seeds of hate amongst the Muslimistas.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Confessions Of A Reader

Publishing this week in the newspapers a list of ten novels writers believe children should read before leaving school I couldn't help thinking this is not the way to encourage reading amongst young people. Had I been told to read Shakespeare at 15 I am sure I would have loathed it ever after.

I never read a book till I was 14 and then never stopped.Everything the teachers touched turned to dust and I was a rebel without a pause. Thank goodness I wasn't forcefed the classics. I was ordered to the public library by my mother however and told to come back with two books.One was a cop out -a coffee table book of the Monkees(it was 1967) but the other was a 'real'book, something called James Bond 5 and a half about a geeky boy who would climb out of his bedroom in the evening and have adventures solving crime.I was hooked.Couldn't stop me then.I ate books.Detectives first, Agatha Christie - Ten Little Niggers (sorry!),then Horror and Ghost books,Arthur Hailey blockbusters,Airport and Hotel,Wheels,and then somehow I came across Truman Capote's Breakfast At Tifanny and the Grass Harp.Strange, but entrancing.Iris Murdoch's Brunos Dream was like entering the weirdest world,totally mystifying yet somehow familiar.I was never the same again after reading Murdoch...

Then it was Dickens and Shakespeare,Wilde,Orwell,Kafka,Proust,Huysmans (am I boring you already?)Gide Sartre,Camus,Tolstoy,Turgeniev,Checkhov,I was mad in my devouring. I went through distinct phases.There was my Hemingway period,Fitzgerald,Dostoyevsky ad nauseam.An obbsessive compulsive streak made me have to read the oeuvre.

There is nothing like reading books to make you a totally useless human being.'Why don't you do something practical' I would be urged by parents now, (perhaps regretting setting me on such a non productive Odyssey) 'read a manual or something'. No use.The die was cast...


Whilst I despise Rap music I have to confess that since getting satellite over a year ago I have been converted to Eminem.His videos are little psychodramas and quite intriguing,like a therapy session where his demons are exorcised (or excercised.)

I can handle this because he is white and I know he is just playing at it whereas for black people Rap has been a disastrous thing because it glorifies their wretched condition and besides ,they appear to lack the wit and intelligence and irony of Eminem.He actually beats them at their own game in the same way the Stones beat Mudddy Waters etc.

This is coming out as racist isn't it? Let's just say that I think there is something redeeming in Eminem's work,almost purging.(Enema perhaps?)

George Bush said he is the biggest threat to American youth since polio.His anti Bush video was a joke but his latest video When I'm Gone hints at an intelligent and nuanced sensibility.

Dorkin's Unintelligent Design

It was amusing to hear Richard Dorkings of the militant aetheist tendency on TV recently railing against religious propaganda in schools. The blanket socialist humanist propaganda of most State schools bothers him not,including I am sure the Gramscian assault on morality that he and his ilk so assiduously champion.What a jerk.

Goodness, however diluted threatens his delluded world of academe and he is self appointed to stamp it out.All he can muster is a great deal of stamping of feet and fulminating in exasperated apoplexy.A naieve dupe of rationalism Dorkins cuts an absurd figure,genuflecting to the scientific faith with all the myopic obbssesivenes of a true believer.

I tried to make some comment along this line on the Butterflies and Wheels blog where Ophelia reigns in all her constipated intellectual glory but she was having none of it and deleted my comments.These aetheists are so insecure in their faith huh?

Sartyr And Dubeauvoir Equals Nausea

Radio Four serialised the biography of the Odd Couple last week and it turns out they were into paedophile grooming,with Dber seducing her young female students and then passing them on to old uglyface.Today they would probably both be behind bars -or is that sort of thing considered normal in France?

When they were not indulging in convoluted and perverted menage de trois (I think they call it),they were sucking up to Communist dictators and being worshipped by very stupid left wing students who were quite revolting especially in 1968 when with the valliant help of the diabolic duo they distributed Maoist literature,ever ready to defend democracy in foreign lands.Well that's how it was presented in the serialisation read dreamily by our Eleanor Bron.

Perhaps radio four listeners are quite able to believe six impossible things before breakfast but I felt distinctly nauseaous by Wednesday.

When Sartyr died thousands followed his coffin and dbe posed dramatically by the grave.They were the (un) thinking man's Scott and Zelda -with one difference: they were both mad.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Random Thought For The Day (or two)

Would it be possible to have a 'Supernanny' going round our schools sorting out the unruly pupils? It would be like the Jamie Oliver effect.The only good thing I heard Camoron say is 'social entrepreneurs'. Send in Supernanny.Or at a pinch I could do it myself.Now where is my birch?

And.The Muslimistas are protesting in London about those cartoons.Some are chanting 'death to America' and 'death to Bush'.Will they be arrested and hauled up before the courts as BNP leader Nick Griffin was? Don't anyone hold their breath.

Finally,I am being accused by Camorns of being nihilistic in my criticism of the girlyman.Sorry,my powers of nihilsm could never match those of MrCamoron who believs in nothing,says nothing,stands for nothing.Fellow Conservatives get a grip: you have hoisted your wagon to a fooling star.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Funny Religion Has A Mohummadon Fit(Again)

The latest furore over the cartoons lampooning 'The Prophet' reveals only one thing.How silly Muslims can be.Or at least those who represent them.Which means most muslims I guess or they would not follow such silly leaders.

Carcicature is surplus to requirements however when the very religion being targetted becomes self caricature,a cartoon religion,frothing mouthed and hysterical.

In protesting so violently against the cartoon depiction of the prophet they merely reinforce the truth of the depiction. How dumb can you get?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

School Of Scandal

Rock School on ch 4 was interesting.The lead singer of 70's group(Lenny..?) Kiss has a mission to visit the UK schools and create a rock band from selected pupils(yes - another'reality' prog).

He went to a comprehensive school at a seaside town and the place and the school was a dump.The irony of this ex rocker lamenting the lack of discipline in the school was amusing enough but what was so depressing was the poverty of expectation of the pupils,their studied surly,silent indifference.Destroyed by an educational system so abysmal that even the greatest writer would not be able to adequately describe it.

One pupil was a 'socialist' and, -lets call him Lenny- said, in so many words:' this guy is truly pathetic,not a thing in his head,totally brainwashed,by this socialism/communism'. There was an undercurrent of anti Americanism towards this larger than life US character amongst some of the pupils but he largely won them round,but not before one of the more beliigerent of them (again ironically) dismissed him as being 'too aggressive'. This is one to watch. Part two later this week.