Sunday, December 25, 2005

Entertainment: The God Of Aetheists

If you take away the emotional reaction of entertainment be it music,comedy or sport etc there is very little left. The New Religion of Entertainment sucks in its audience who can vicariously emote to artificially created scenes and diversions.

The modern amphitheatre of the rock concert or pop video lends itself to this idolatorous worship.Films pull in the masses and emotions are engendered and manipulated.

A documentary on the comedian Spike Milligan last night revealed him to be a manic depressive,suicide personality who claimed his problems began when he was shell shocked during WW2.I wonder if that was really the case and if he didn't have a prior condition.Whatever the case we were invited to have sympathy for this tortured genius who suffered for his art when all I could muster was a bored indifference.

Self pity seemed to be Milligan's bag and no one it seems, told him to bend over to a receive a swift kick in the pants but rather indulged him in his dellusions of importance and angst.

He was an emotional wreck who sought to sublimate his neurosis in comedy with the predictably disastrous results.

Small wonder when he got immersed in politics it was of the Left variety where the emotionally unhinged collect to act out their infantile and regressive psychosis.

Emotional incontinence across the board seems to be the prime mover in the artistic field;not always but too often.The only thing the audience can do is not get emotionally involved in the proceedings and thus maintain objectivite to the manipulations of the Entertainers.

Conservative Defeatism

It's amazing how demoralsied the Conservatives now are.They are Back to the Future circa 1970 where there was a thing called the 'consensus and all politicla parties had to genuflect towards it.

Thatcher smashed that consensus but since her regicide by Heathite Tories in 1990 the dog has returned to its vomit;to mix metaphors the Tories are worshipping the Golden Calf of Consensus again.

We cannot get out of the EU,we must redistribute wealth,we cannot cut taxes except to a derisory degree,we must perpetuate the Public services,we must be New Labour in drag blah ba ba.

This moral bankruptcy masquerading as new realism is a counsel of despair,a cynical opportunist,craven abasement to the rotting carcas of Consensus.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas is Crap

People giving each other things they don't want under a hypnotic compulsion.Obligation,a 'give to get' phoniness,all dressed up in religious language -'Christmas'. What Christ -what Mass?

Tinsel and trees -all are satanic pagan idolataries,occultic observations the masses slavishly buy into, unconsciously,subjugated by a hypnotic thrall.

At Christmas people are even more phoney than they are the rest of the year -and that is quite an achievement.

Happy Christmas All(!) My Readers.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Oliver LeftWing Wants More

Tory chap Ollie Letwin is now in favour of Redistribution.He was on the BPC telling us all about it. When challenged on what he actually means, if not taxation- redistribution he said 'I'll be happy to come back in 2 years to explain'. He hasn't worked out how he can redstribute without taxation.

So why go on radio to tell us about Redstribution?

Perhaps he thinks if Labour have been so successful speaking Tory and acting Labour these past 10 years,the Conservatives can be equally successful speaking Labour and acting Tory for the next 10.

Or does he actually believe in Redistribution via taxation? Thus are the perils of speaking in code and Orwellian Double Think.It corrupts the political process and like we need any more of that Mr Letwin.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It Does Make Sense....

At first I had to do a double take when I heard that veteran broadcaster David Frost is going to work for Al Jazeera but then I thought, no, this is all of a piece.Here is the man who with the help of a few other suspects staged a defacto left wing political coup at the BBC ( now renamed BPC) forty years ago.

David Frost has found his spiritual home.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Prezza Boxes Clever (Yeah,right)

Seething envy eaten mediocrity Fat Controller Prescott rages against 11 plus type selection and Blair's educational reform.He failed the exam and has been raging internally about it ever since.

Well such 'failure' didn't stop him from becoming Deputy Prime Minister (scary though that is).

Maybe the reforms will be watered down as a result of cabinet or back bench rebellion but they are no great radical change anyway. The Nut-ters have got such a stranglehold on education along with the lea's that I will believe it all happens when it happens.

The Conservatives are right to support the modest reforms but not if they are watered down any more.Of course they should really be advocating total privatisation of the educational system but that would be to expect an ideological clarity that is alas quite foreign to them.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

My First Link!

Thanks to my nephew for initiating me into the arcane art of linking.If it works...

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Reflections On The British Revolution

Sometimes I wonder if it is productive to dwell on the leftist insanity in society.It could furnish you with material for eternity but does it serve much purpose?

I feel that it is no substitute for action.Capitalism needs its Lenin.In my more delusional moments I dream that role could be mine.(It lasts till the caffeine wears off..)

Could it be possible to finish the Thatcherite Revolution?When I look at Camoron I despair.The Conservatives could not be further away from bringing that about.

Where on earth could one start?Are we powerless to effect change?Have things gone too far?Are people beyond reach?

How come Conservatives have won the argument but the Left have won the war?They even have to pretend to be Conservatives...

The trouble with Conservatives is that they are too weak.All this compassion guff of Camoron is proof of this apologetic craven self abasement.

More on this another time,my head hurts...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Query

(If anyone can explain why a great big gap is left at the bottom of my posts I would be grateful.It should and very often does adjust itself to my short comments and only a small gap is left at the bottom - not a yawning chasm!)

File Under: 'You Couldn't Make It Up'

When a woman who works for a child agency expressed misgivings on a BBC Radio Five programme about homosexuals being able to adopt children she had a phone call the next day from the police investigating her 'homophobic' remarks.

Any comments from me would be superfluous really.....

Monday, December 12, 2005

Arnie Frying Tonight

That psycho killer on Death Row must be given the chair.Why has it taken so long?

We need Sparky here in the UK.These days liberals think punishment for murder means taking the perpetrators library card away.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Off His Head

The 'peace' protestor Mr Kember being held hostage by the islamic terrorists referred scathingly to 'Tony Blair's War' in a video released by his captives.Now he has revealed where he is coming from I for one hope they do lop his head of.It will teach these peacenics you cannot parley with madmen.

As dumb as they are the terrorists know he is worth more to them alive than dead and if I were to predict the outcome he will be released.

As the spokesman of the British Coucil of Muslims said Mr Kember is on the side of his captors so he will not come to any grief.A stagering but true statement.These peacenics truly are on the side of the terrorists.

Law Lord's Judicial Activism

Hardly surprisingly the Law Lords have ruled that evidence got from terrorists suspects subjected to any form of torture will not be admisssable.

Liberal judges making it harder to stop terrorism? Who would have thought it!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Thought For The Day

In the UK if a black man is murdered by a white man it is a racist crime.

If a white man is murdered by a black man it is a statistic.

Friday, December 02, 2005


How come there are no product shortages in Tescos or M and S etc? (he asked rhetorically.)
Only when Government is involved do we seem to have shortages and waiting lists and the NHS is surely an illustration of the failure of Socialism writ large with waitng lists the equivalent of the Moscow bread lines.

Surely it doesn't take an Einstein to work out that the market delivers goods and services far more efficaciously than the cumbersome and unwieldy centralist bureauacratic sclerotic ossified State? A 5 year old child could figure it out.

My beef is not so much with the architects of this monstrosity than the with the Conservatives for going along with it for the last 60 years.What's their excuse?

Britsh Justice? A Black Farce

Are we going to be assailed by the sad Walker case for the next 10 years like Lawrence and Damiola?

So the murder of a black person is more serious than the murder of an old aged pensioner -and warrants a longer sentence?


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Conspiracy Of Modern Socialised Medicine

Why do people tell you about their medical symptoms? Surely it is a lack of self awareness that makes them think that their boring symptoms could be of interest to anyone other than themselves.

Hypochondria seems to be on the increase and could the NHS have anything to do with this as people have unlimited access to their doctors and can avail them of all their imaginary illnesses without paying what the market would normally stand - that is to say neurotic hypondriachs would under a private insurance system have to pay a higher premium,as would smokers,drinkers,drug addicts,and obese junk food addicts.

The root of hypocondria and neurosis is surely our old suspect below alluded to: Self Pity.We live in a narcissistic,sollipsistic,self referential culture,encouraged to feel sorry for ourselves,fixating on our symptoms without exploring their psychosomatic root.

No doctor is going to tell his patient that he or she is a neurotic self pitying excuse for a human being are they?They would be struck off and lose their profession.Hence a very unheathy collusion between patient and doctor has arisen, a conspiracy of evasion and silence and a catastrophic legal drug culture where people are addicted to medication that is treating the symptoms and ignoring the causes.

Socialism's Moral Abyss

Socialism means never having to say your sorry.Why? Because it's not your fault.It is someone else's.And you can claim compensation from them.

Self pity is an ugly emotion but in 21st century Britain it is a badge of honour,to be worn on your sleeve alongside your heart,to be vented and expressed and if that display can be public all the better glossed as it is as sensitivity and moral virtue.

Legions of special interest groups exist soley to exploit the human condition of self pity and victimhood,to go beating the bushes for new recruits into the blame culture.

The whole scientifically challenged discipline of psychology is put to the service of this moral delinquency,excusing despicable acts by referencing the 'victim's' abusive childhood and providing an out for every form of deviant behaviour.