Saturday, April 28, 2007

Imbecilic George and Gullible Warming

We were informed by Mad Georgte that the earthquake yesterday was due to global warming. It happened in the 14 th century too but never let the facts get in the way of your delusions george and fellow flat earthers. They do say scratch a Green and find a Red.

The only tectonic plates he should worry about are the political ones that are going to sweep lefties to oblivion and usher in a new age UKIP BNP hegemony.

We have a university lecturer who is standing as a BNP candidate and I will probably vote for him or UKIP. As I have said before we have no Conservative Party anymore.

I am seriously thinking of staging a mock funeral for the Tory Party, marching solemnly through the streets with a Tory embossed coffin and wreaths. It is time to lay this sorry Tory corpse to rest once and for all and give it the fitting send off it deserves. Only then can we start the long process of building a real conservative party with Thatcheresque credentials. The limp wristed faggoty Camerons will be forced to call themselves by another name under the trades descriptions act. Suggestions. The Metrosexualives Party?

Wayne To Go

These are taxing times. One man has decided to fight back. Must find his website and write to him. Only last week I had the same idea of finding ther names and addressess of the tax scum parasites and posting them here. The battle against the parasites it would seem has truly been joined.

Planet Galloway

For those who are interested in science fiction a good place to visit is Planet Galloway, a strange universe on Talksport where all the laws of logic are stood on their head,where Lewis Carrol meets Edward Lear and weird moral inversions stride across the loony landscape like spasticated gargoyles grinning and grimacing in weird contortions of rage and splenetic fury.

Only those versed in Gallowayspeak can participate. Those who beg to differ are hung out to dry, ridiculed, cut off their words twisted by knaves and fools to their master's bidding.

Yesternight someone of Scottish extraction (a sine qua non for invitees onto Planet Galloway) called Cameron phoned in and informed us that life was so much better in Russia under the Soviets before the evil Yeltsin and co staged their undemocratic coup. Children and adults skipped through the daisies with beatific smiles on their faces glad to be alive and enjoying the fruits of Soviet beneficence. Why, our trusty acolyte went there himself to witness the delights of Soviet life firsthand and could vouch unwaveringly for all his astute observsations. The West has been roundly duped by the Moscow spring and the fall of East Berlin.

For these amazing insights into Soviet nirvana Galloway informed his avid listeners that the trusty Cameron will appear live on stage with his exalted self at a location in London where George, apparently, to rapturous applause and a full house regularly dispenses his pearls of political wisdom. Tickets can be purchased on his website and a telephone number is given out.

No kooky conspiracy theory no matter how weird or bizarre is exluded and is given houseroom on Planet Galloway. Group-think and all things counter intuitive are embraced with a glee and relish only possible from glazed-eyed acolytes of the Galloway Cult. One hundred callers a weekend clog the lines with their unique brand of Galloway Gibberish and are unfaltering in their benisons to the Master of tergiversation and doublespeak who can spout the utmost arrant melifluous nonsense with all the panache and aplomb of the most accomplished demagogue, without missing a beat. Tis truly a wonder to behold. The listener is transfixed, spellbound by the mastery of the verbal prestidigitation, as wild a priori leaps of logic are executed with faultless agility and mesmerising chutzpah.

The beloved Leader will periodically read out fan letters/emails from his flock, fulsome in their praise for him. Detractors will only be included if they are illiterate and praise Hitler with the clear inference that if you oppose the cast iron certainties and absolutes of George you are a fascist and only worthy of the flames of hell.

This week we were informed that our George has been holding it in for weeks due to the laws governing broadcasting during local elections! He has been holding back, repressing. What we thought were wild rants and irrational pronouncements of an escaped lunatic were but little ripples on the still pond of George's mind. Next week the torrents will be unleashed!

Why not visit now? The scales will fall from your eyes, your conflict will be over. You too will love Big Brother George.

Here It Is

Here. A freind in Dover has told me he heard a very large bang/explosion which suggests it wasn't a quake.

Earthquake or Nuclear Attack?

8.15 approx. My cupboard rattled and shook, the door almost opening. A sort of extra terrestrial shuddering that lasted for about 5 to 10 seconds. Thought it was a truck going by the road which sometiomes elicts a similar result but nothing like on this scale. Humphries on Today said there were reports of a minor tremor or quake just before signing off at 9.

Weirder still I woke up and the first thought I had was one morning I will turn on the radio and they will be talking of a nuclear attack in London. An hour later the shudder. My hand to God (as Woody Allen says in Broadway and Danny Rose.)

With only four hours sleep I have to admit it kinda shook me up slightly. Like Captain Spock I would like to apologise for that minor er, Fault.

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Godless God Of Socialism

And they said communism wasn't a religion?

Methinks Russia like the Leviticus dog is returning to its vomit.

Government Health Warning

Never mind Gullible Warming. What about a Goverment Health Warning? OK: Government is Bad for Your Health.

What are politicians but parasites sucking on the public teat? Politics is little more than Organised Crime and we would all be better off taking our chances with the Mafia. The latter has less scope for menace, less reach and less power by a millionfold.

The least we should do is stop voting for them. Sanctioning evil. That is what we are doing.

Now the local elections are grinding into gear we have to witness the insufferable spectacle of people all sensible folk would not entrust with used toilet paper knocking on our doors and spouting their unctuous drivel with as much sincerity as a double glazing salesman or estate agent. (Sorry, I malign the two latter.)

Allowing ourselves to be ruled by these inferior beings -why?! I've puzzled over this for decades and have yet to find an adequate answer. It is the proverbial elephant in the drawing room: we are the electors and authors of our own downfall. Sado-masochism? A self destructive gene?

Every day we see evidence that shows us that market based solutions and services work. Yet we entrust two of the most important services, Education and Health to the State. 60 years of brainwashing will be hard to counter. No one on the political horizon is even attempting this. We have no Conservative Party any more. If one of them comes round here I will spit in his eye. It is a party now full of faggots - and crypto Cameronian communists. Con Servitude Party more like.

My disgust is positively Tonbridgian for these mock Tories, limp wristed, effete Camp followers. I can't see Lord Snooty's face without wanting to punch it.....

BBC Sinks To New Lows

The Britsh Buggering Copulation is broadcasting a 'Gay Mass' this Sunday.( Sorry, no link yet. ) Live from Sodom And Gon-a-rear?

The church of the poisoned behind. Is there no level of depravity the Beeb will not descend to?

Satans' Black Mass. Licence payers are in for a real treat. A licence to satanize indeed.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Raised By The Hand Of God

Last night's Channel five prog was somewhat disturbing. Familiy homeschooling and bringing up their children through Bible teaching. A mother administering a beating to her 6 yr old son for claiming he had cleaned up the dishes when he hadn't? This was sinister, creepy and contained parasexual elements that were disturbing.

For a start it is not a woman's job to administer such corrections. Secondly it was totally unjustified, thirdly it was followed by comforting which is just confusing for the child. Fourthly the woman needed a damn good thrashing for her impudence and malice.

An otherwise good programme was undermined by the whacky whacking mother and the positive message of homeschooling and Bible oriented child/ adolescent rearing totally eclipsed.

Wrong Place Wrong Time

What was she doing there? What were her parents thinking of? Sad, but in so many of these cases young people stumble towards their fate blindfold and alone.You see it on Crimewatch. Young girl murdered, raped etc. She is walking home alone at midnight through an alley...

Grumpiness Causes Diabetes

Makes sense. (Of course my grumpiness is purely intellectual so I'm OK.)

The Unacceptable Faeces of Faggotism

So it wasn't only the country he was buggering up

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

What happens when you disarm a University campus. Only mad MSM liberals could conclude from the Virginia incident what is needed is More Gun Control. The whole university was a gun control zone. Unilateral disarmament kills ok.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pirates Of The Carribean

They say you can take the boy out of the country but you cannot take the country out of the boy. The black gangs in the UK doing the shootings should be rounded up and deported back to country of origin, third or fourth generation 'British' notwithstanding. You cannot let in people from uncivilised parts of the globe, slap British citizenship on them and expect them to meld into a non existent melting pot. These are tribal people and their atavistic instincts are to kill and despoil. Their natural habitat is the jungle from which they have been plucked. They have turned our urban streets into jungles.

Send in the army and disarm them, using live rounds on them if necessary. If the countries of origin will not have them back just fly over, give them a parachute and drop them.

To refer to the 'black community' is to indulge in fancy euphemism and to dignify the subhuman. Blair was right to accuse this so-called community of being the problem but he was castigated by the stupid black 'leaders' as making racist comments. Lets call them what they are - gang leaders - and deport them too.

Socialism's Lexicon of Lies

Orwellian manipulation of language is socialism's lifeblood. Free at the point of use is a weasel concept which translated into plain English means not free at all. Now even the lie has caught up with the con artists as it always does. Whether it will be enough to wake people up to the gigantic fraud of Socialism is another matter....

It was the arch socialist Hitler himself who reflected "The broad mass of a nation are more likely to fall prey to a big lie than a small one".

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oxfam Veers Leftwards

The leftward politicisation of charity groups will ultimately backfire on them. Seen as just another pressure group public support will tail off. These latest pronouncements will just confirm many people's suspicions that Oxfam are beyond the pale and are using their charity cover to promote their insidious left wing views. Jeopardising their charity status in the process will hardly help the people they pretend to care for.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Banality Of Evil

As crude and banal as the evil rogue State of Iran is it has well got the measure of the West. The outrageous hostage taking was just a trial balloon to see how we would respond. The obvious lesson is we are a roll over, patsy, weak, vacillating, appeasing, grovelling, truckling, pusilaminous, fawning, obsequious, toadying, Chamberlainesque, defeatist, craven, cowardly,pathetic.

To send out such signals to a deranged demented psychopathic regime is downright madness in itself, and is a indication of the moral decadence of the West in the final throes of a death wish .

Sodomistas Have it all Arse Backwards

The Cardinal did pretty well in this interview but I wish he could have been a bit more robust against the shirt lifters instead of so apologetic. They sure do have chutzpah in spades and they organised a phone in campaign (as they so often do) in which they presented themselves the victims of the church's unchristian attitudes.

They are not the problem, it is the church for failing to sympathise and support them in their depraved acions. This sort of delinquent projection goes unchallenged every time and Mc Cormac did not address it at all and in his ommission and failure to do so many stupid people would have come away thinking the problem lay with the church rather than the sick perverts who are whining about 'unchristian' attitdes towards them.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Soul Of a Socialist Laid Bare

I wouldn't trust this man with used toilet paper. Nor it would seem would a majority of British people if the latest opinion polls are to be believed.

Another Sacrifical Victim on the Altar of Feminism


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Feminism In the Dock

Knife crime is caused by the feminisation of society. Policewomen send out a signal that the police are soft and weak and feminised. Criminals wax strong. They come from fatherless mother dominated 'families' and are dysfunctional rage filled feral and delinquent. The socialists created this sick society, it is hardly going to salve it.

Feminism wanted the destruction of the family and the patriachal order. Now chaos is come again.

Lacking self respect and moral autonomy the Lord of the flies children seek to impose a phoney respect at the point of a knife. Instead of a public whipping they will probably get (if caught) namby pamby (female) social workers filling their stupid heads with liberal nonsense about self esteem and social worker jargon.

Public hangings for murdering youths would send out a clear message that the great liberal experiment is over and the new order of male authority and discipline has dawned.

BBC Mouthpiece For Terrorism

From Lord Reith to Lord Haw Haw the BBC is the conduit for every terrorist outfit it can give air time to. It mouths its propaganda and presents it as news. A smart bomb on Bush House is in order. Hopefully the Gaza correspondent who has been taken hostage will meet a grizzly end. Would we could send all the Middle East reporters there to be devoured by that which they have so uncritically embraced.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Winston's 1984 Revisited

Churchill was a prophet as well as great war leader and historian etc. He said in the 1945 election that a Labour victory would entail a Gestapo to enforce its Socialism. The left was outraged -as it always is when it is nailed. Roll forward 6 decades and we have this and police arresting people for having the wrong thoughts, cameras that speak and tell people off in the street,children brainwashed by the PC cult in schools.

All the signs were there in Labour's 45 election manifesto which read like the communist one. Hell, Atlee even looked like Lenin. As the American poet said 'they did not listen then, they are not listening now. Perhaps they never will..'

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Woke Up and it was a Chelsea Mourning

Monstrous regiment of women indeed storm another barricade. When will men be invited on to Woman's Hour etc....

A Damn Good Thrashing

Chickens coming home to roost. It is so good to see British hooligans get a good drubbing. Why can't our police show the same vigour towards our hooligans? Well done Italy.

Wasn't it hillarious to hear the indignation of the Brit fans and the unconscious irony of their complaining.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What Blair should have said to Arm A Dinner Jacket

"Listen you monkey in a suit and worshipper of a paedophile prophet. We're gonna kick your sorry ass for taking our people hostage. No crying to the UN or 'EU'. Nukes are coming your way. How dare you , you pygmy. For this hooligan insolence you will pay dearly."

Instead Blair whimpered his way through the whole sorry saga, told Iran 'we bear you no ill' (?!) and the MSM organ grinder did the monkey's bidding. File under How the West was lost..

Monday, April 02, 2007

A Woman's Place is in the Home

Feminism aka collectivism seeks to destroy capitalism. It wants to turn business into a giant playpen. To feminize the workplace and make it dysfunctional and inoperative. Feminism is the cancer that eats its way through the political businesss world and devours it to the marrow.

PC Faggot

The link between the sodomistas and Fascism is now established. Bent coppers are on parade. God hates fags but the police will bend over backwards to accommodate them.