Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Geldof Fatigue

Will no one tell this embarrassing ridiculous posturing imp from hell to shut up - forever?

If I hear or see this morally deformed high priest of cant on my TV screen anymore, ranting and fulminating about who knows (or cares) what, I don't know what I will do.

And we've got weeks of it yet. I resent every penny of mine that goes to that black hell hole called Africa and now we have to be lectured by this moral retard into giving yet more when the best thing to happen to Africa would be wholsale regime change.

No more foreign aid to such basket cases - or moral lectures from guilt mongering has- been noise artists.

Jackson Innocent -Simple as ABC

There was never any doubt that the fellow was innocent of all charges and a victim of celebrity status and success. The trial was a travesty of justice and totally un -American.

The vile evil reptilian Snedon should get his ass sued off by Jackson.

It should not be a crime to be an eccentric genius but it should be a crime to be an oportunist,lying duplicitous scum bag of a lawyer.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


A dying morribund system choking on its last -who would have predicted the EU would unravel so spectacularly(well,me actually). As the old crone lies on its deathbed it only remains for Blair to pull the plug when he takes over presidency of this corrupt and clapped out institution -but will he instead try and breathe new life into the corpse?

The old Europe squabbling amongst itself is amusing to watch with France and Germany close to economic collapse. The FrancoStein EU monster is turning on its creators with a vengeance. Glabrous day!