Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gaaza Reaps The Whirlwind

The timely assault on Gaza by the Israelis has been met with the drearily predictable and almost universal condemnation of it in the world's press.The rest of the world seems to hold Israel to a different standard, demanding from it behaviour it would never dream of applying to itself.Talk of 'disproportionality' is peddalled by the UN and other bodies of so called respectable world opinion,the same organisasions which have looked on as genocide takes place around the world without lifting a finger.

The protest around the world from hooligan semi barbarian foam-flecked arabs is also part of the tired and predictable circus that follows whenever Israel dares to stand up and defend itself from the psychopathic Hammas scum who hurl their rockets at civilian targets in Israel and terrorise the residents therin.London in particular seems to play host to these human faeces where no less than a thousand lay seige to the Israli embassy and the police were unable to contain them at first.Surely these specimens of human offal should be arrested and summarily deported back to the hell holes from whence they came.

Israel is no doubt mindful that it needs to sort out Hammas once and for all before the muslim terrorist loving Barak Hussein Osama arrives at the Whitehouse and sells Israel down the river.All right minded people will wish Israel all success in routing the criminal terrorist Hammas and sending a clear message to the so called Palestinians that if they vote for such a psychopathic regime which wages war on Israel and seeks its destruction they themselves will face anhiliation.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rowan's Archbishop Prick Laugh In

The Druid was at it again this morning on the Today programme, giving his Christmas lecture.What do you think it was about gentle reader? The scourge of abortion,the tragedy of single parent mothers of 16,the UK's highest sexual disease rate of teenagers in the Western world,the legions of people lost forever in the twilight world of welfare dependency,drug addiction and crime? Silly! It was about the scourge of(wait for it),unregulated Capitalism!

The country may be tetering on the edge of moral abyss but Rowan does not appear to have noticed,or if he has, thinks it not worth a mention.No,he is troubled about financial greed, the loss of collective consciousness,materialsm and of course,the environment.All the political fixations of the Left featured in the archbishop's ramblings, fetching up finally with his comments that it would really not be that a bad thing if disestablishment took place,by which time even the most ardent and traditional Constitutionalist could be forgiven for agreeing with him.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Up With The Fairies

Richard Branson attempted to cross the Atlantic in a yacht with his son and daughter.It was known to be a risky possibly life threatening escapade with the possiblity of breaking the world record.Why would he do this,threatening not only his life but those of his children as well? He asked the question and arrived at the rationale that life is about adventure.We tend to arrive at the answer to our questions that we want in self serving way dressing it up in high sounding language.

One explanation for this derring do is that modern man lives a relatively safe soft existence with no real life threatening events as his forefathers did and so seeks to artificially recreate danger and challenge in order to grow egotistically and derive energy from this interraction with danger,hence the phenomenon of 'extreme sports', where adrenalin-rush junkies get their fix dicing with death.

In Branson's case this could be tendency exacerbated by the fact that he lives surrounded by the luxury of the very rich and requires life challenging events to offset the ennui of riches and soft living.HIs mother told him to get out the car and walk home five miles when he was four years old.Unsurprisingly he got lost.Was this the trauma that set him on the path of high adventure? The mother's argument was that his childhood contemporaries were soft spoiled namby pambies going to birthday parties and she wanted him to be independent and strong. If a mother attempoted that today her child would possibly become prey to unwanted attentions of a paedophile, or be sent in to care.

At the end of the TV programme(on Virgin channel of course) Branson tells his daughter that if he could be a Disney character it would be Peter Pan the JM Barrie creation who never grew up. He would like to flap his wings at will and fly away,forever child-like.This could be good or bad.We have lots of men-children who retain their love of childhood things long after they should have relinquished them such as those who swear life-long allegiance to a football club or continue to buy pop and rock cds etc.On the other hand JC declares that no man can enter heaven unless he become a little child.

One gets the impression with Branson that for him there is no higher being than man,life is for adventure as he affirms,and that there is nothing beyond this life.If that is the case why not indulge in danger sports,carry on an open marriage(as he confesses, and sell condoms? Talk of a creator with a purpose for man would probably only elicit from him a bemused blank stare.

In place of God Branson seems to offer an ersatz humanistic religiosity.His business we are informed, is not for his children to squander in some playboy-girl fashion,dipping their fingers in his 'honey pot' empire for their personal pleasures.It is to serve a higher purpose,the community and environment.Perhaps he should come clean and admit that all those years ago when he was starting his empire the thing that motivated him was money fame and success,not some grim altruistic perverted philanthropic inpulse all entrepreneurs feel compelled to articulate these days, driven by some unwritten misguided politically correct ideology.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Shoe-In For Bush

No one can say George Bush has not seen action in Iraq. He ducked those low flying Iraqi shoe missiles with all the aplomb of a true military professional. I was so impressed.Pity we cannot have another four years.Maybe some grandson of Lee Harvey Oswald is waiting in the wings to save America from the horror just around the corner.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ex Post Facto Rationalisation De Nationalisation

It's Christmas, so that can only mean one thing: a postal strike! Was all of this carefully planned? First they whine and create a fictitious story about being made to trot at 6 miles an hour and a few days later they announce a strike to inconvenience a badly served public stuck with an antedelluvian clapped out socialist institution which is little more than a thinly disguised welfare programme for the workshy.

The Left love the post office because it holds up a mirror image of themselves,bone-idle, incompetent,locked in the past and morribund.Today a report reveals that this socialist monstrosity is about to bleed the taxpayers dry with a pensioners deficit blackhole which will mortgage future generations to infinity if it is not fully denationalised.As the tories seem happy to buy into the myth of the Post Office as social service and instrument of social cohesion there is next to no chance that we will ever be rid of this absurdist surealist nightmare of socialist State-bound mediocrity masquerading as a public service.

Ian Dumnkopf Smith

IDS sounded really wet today on the UK's asylum pile-up catastrophe.We have no control over our borders because of the EU which declares that anyone denizen from within the EU can pile into this overcrowded isle, and he was skirting round the issue in a most pathetic way, seemingly more concerned about the welfare of the asylum seekers than that of the British people who are the hapless victims of successive government's calamitous criminal open door come one come all immigration non policy.

There are about 10 million immigrants in the UK who have no business here at all and there should be a five year programme of shipping and flying all of these out of the UK and back to their country of origin.Only those who run lucrative profitable businesses should be allowed to stay,the rest are not welcome.A tiny island,we are sinking under the weight of alien hordes,creating a multicultural cesspit.Al queda operatives are walking our streets claiming job seekers allowance and housing benefits et al and the EU 'Human Rihghts' law renders us powerless to deport them.Only a country with a death wish would tolerate this state of affairs.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Murder Unavenged

The TV programme last night on the killing of Jamie Bulger by two 10 year olds a decade ago was chilling apart from the obvious reason of ten year olds going out with murder in mind in a cool detatched calculating premeditated cold blooded psychopathic fashion,but chiefly because of the way the judicial system handled the case which was nothing short of disgraceful and will be seen as a landmark case highlighting the moral abyss into which the criminal justice system has plunged.

There was no justice in this case as in so many others with the judiciary seemingly in the hands of people bereft of humanity who were hell bent on cosseting these two monsters and releasing them at the earliest moment possible after just eight years in the teeth of doughty opposition from the grieving mother who was no match for the liberal establishment of course who have given these two preternatural peices of human offal a whole new identitiy,and a brand new start in life with a legal order of silence imposed on the local authorities to maintain their anonymity.

It is clear that the only place these two belong is dangling at the end of a rope,but what can be said of the kind of people who run our judiciary who arrived at such a perverse counter intuitive judgement? For them there is no mitigating circumstances,no excuses,no exculpation,they stand condemned as moral delinquents,accessories to the fact, enablers of evil,facilitatos of gross injustice which cries up to heaven for correction.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

State Educashon - Dumb and Dumber

Soon all children will have to stay in some form of education till they are 18- a sort of protracted illiteracy programme to keep them off the unemployment rolls. The dumbed-down curicula is plumbing ever new depths with the government's numbingly moronic proposal yesterday to scrap subjects like geography and history in favour of a politically correct miasma of studies in touchy feelyism,exploring emotions and Mickey Mouse soft social non-subjects to boost exam results and further erode the last scintilla of academic rigour in the sorry State education system.

Now why would any government want its subjects to be geographically and historically ignorant I wonder?

Welfare Reform Groundhog Day

There is only thing more perennial than Christmas and that is 'Welfare Reform'.How many times must we hear this mantra from Governments of every stripe -and why do they think anyone believes their feeble promises, more crumbly than pie crust? The Left need have no fear and trembling over this one.Hell will freeze over before any government takes any radical steps to end the welfare gravy train.Too many vested interests are at stake here and as they say,characteristics are reliable.

Economic Illiteracy of The Left

I wonder if Gordon took time off from his er, busy schedule to watch the excellent series about money on ch 4 by the historian Niall Ferguson. If he did perhaps he will take the clear lessons Ferguson draws about the folly of Welfare Statism and the economic fallacy it embodies.He cited the salutary lesson of Japan whose Welfare State appeared at first to have bucked economic reality only to see its whole shaky structure come tumbling down in the face of an unforseen demographic timebomb dynamic. Exposed for a gigantic ponzi pyramid scam the parallels with the British experiment of welfarism hardly need making.

A second example was Chile which was run into the ground by Allende the mad Marxist in the late 60's, early 70's only to be rescued by the Friedmanesque monetarist policies ushered in by Pinochet, the Left's bette noire.He turns out to have been a percursor of Thatcherism,eschewing centralist command economic Statism for free market capitalism which saw Chile go from the economic basket case of Central America to its bread basket. A timely message indeed for a premier hell bent it would appear, on taking this country on one of the greatest State economic binges in recorded history.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mugabe's Genocidal Endgame

As the world watches Zimbabwe slide into the swamp of epidemic decay and death you you cannot help concluding that if this was a white dictatorship it would have been toppled a long time ago but because it is a black tyranny it gets a free pass from the bar of world opinion. Tony Blair's doctrine of benign intervention obviously does not extend to the black continent.

The question arises,can blacks self rule? The post colonial evidence across more or less the whole benighted continent of Africa is an unequivocal negative.Is re-colonialisatiion the answer I wonder? It is certainly time this one time liberal feted genocidal maniac Mugabe met his maker the mad Marxist molecule.The ghost of Ian Smith is no doubt looking down and murmuring to himself in grim satisfaction, 'I told you so'.

EU Goosesteps Ireland Into Another Referendum

Beyond shame, the morally bankrupt EU is to force Ireland to hold another referendum on the wretched Lisbon Treaty with the implicit threat that if it votes 'no' again -which it surely will if it has a modicum of cojones - it will place itself in non- communitaire purdah.

This totalitarian bully no longer feels the need to disguise its fascistic nature and is brazenly going about its business of strong arming Ireland into compliance with its dictatorial will.Surely now everyone can see the ugly soul of the EU laid bare in all its toxic putrescence and will arrive at the only possible conclusion about its hooligan insolence and anti democratic delinquency: its dissolution cannot come a day too soon.

Greece In '68 Back To Future Psychodrama

Shoot the students! Use live rounds! The rioting moral retards of Grecian youth are a bizarre throwback to the student unrest of the 60's:Marxist caricatures of a backward,spoilt degenerate youth acting out their callow infantile regressive socialist-driven psychosis.

Their student tantrums are enacted in the face of a passive spoiling corrupting authority, standing back as it trashes all the capitalist symbols of freedom and liberty,afraid to confront the products of its own moral relatavist situationalist ethics.

Monday, December 08, 2008

UN Charter Of Inhuman Rights Celebrates 60 years Anniversary

Eleanor Ruseveldt the Wicked Witch of Un-American Communist Activities was a prime mover in ushering in the wretched world-wide criminal cartel known as the UN.It is she we have to thank for the 'Human Rights' industry, a cancerous socialist imposition on sovereign States, a veritable criminal's charter which bedevils us to this very day.

Needless to say the BBC went to town venerating this evil witch and salivating at her wretched legacy.Its hegemenony is so entrenched it no longer even feels the need to serve up a pretence of objectivity.

The social and economic 'aspirations' of the Declaration Of Human Rights (the empty pomposity of these words!) was given moral imprimatur from none other than the then Soviet Union.What more damning condemnation on this evil charter could there possibly be?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fascist Brown Shirts On The March

The arrest of Damien Green by Gordon Brown's Fascist Goon Squad Marx a new low in British politics.A Kafkaesque nadir has been reached,the endgame of a corrupt morally bankrupt regime of power lusters and Marxist Stassi apparatchicks.The Fascist Left are emboldened by the financial crisis and now feel no need to hide any longer their totalitarian impulses.Be afraid,be very afraid..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

American Tragedy

The sheer scale of what has befallen America has left me reeling and bereft of the power of speech and words. Imagine 9/11 magnified a thousand times and you only begin to approximate the level of cataclysmic horror and social disaster that has been visited upon the country.A self inflicted wound this large can only be fatal and mark the end of the greatest experiment in human history that is America.A terminal cancer so malevolent and invidious cannot be addressed without mortally and fatally wounding the patient,not that it should not be attempted, for desperate times call for desperate measures.

It is now official - at least half of all Americans are stark raving insane and are not worthy of the name American. They have elected a terrorist loving muslim who hates America and will systematically destroy it using its own institutions and democratic mandate. Born in Africa this is truly no native son but a socialist Marxist Manchurian candidate communist change agent imported form the black Marxist hell hole of Africa to destroy America in a classic textbook case essay in germ warfare.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Great Speech

Forget everything I have ever written about Cameron.This was a great speech.I felt I was watching the next prime minister.He is such a cool customer.He makes Blair look like a rank amateur.He struck the right note to perfection.It was measured,calm, impassioned,lucid,visionary,radical,progressive in the true tory meaning of the word,revolutionary,and he dissected the monstrous abortion of Brownism with forensic precision and aplomb.

Yes I would rather not have heard him talking up the absurdity that is the NHS and dishing up some rather feeble liberal whimsy about the underclass needing love and the obligatory nod towards eco ism etc but I know he has to throw the liberal bien pasant PC BBC metro elite a few morsels to salivate over and am hoping it is just that and not a genuine reflection of his true beliefs.The core message was salutary and a welcome antidote to the insensate Statism we had from Labour last week.
The mixed economy chickens are coming home to roost.An American on Radio 4 informed us today that this is the third time in 25 years Government has bailed out the banks.Small wonder they keep coming back for more.The Socialists love it because it gives their dracula nature another infusion of taxpayers money to gorge on,and appears to vindicate their crackerbarrel ideology of Statism whilst in reality it does the very opposite.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Osama: A Change Agent Is Gonna Come

With his faux sang froid and empty vacuities,the Manchurian Candidate took to the mock Romanesque stage and performed his one trick pony act. The power to emote with facile superfluities is what stirs the delinquent Democrat audience into a collective circle jerk and Osama was a hit yesterday. To any causal outside observer it was frankly embarrassing and pathetic.The pathology of delusion is a Democrat thing.The messianic sub Kennedyesque routine slid into top gear and all the worst aspects of this delusional jackanapes were on display. It can only be likened to the sickening self congratulatory performance of Neil Kinnock at the Labour election rally when he thumbed his nose at hubris with hillarious and calamitious results. I remain more convinced than ever that Mc Cain has a walk in the park to the Whitehouse.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Slick Willy is on tonight.The Manchurian Candidate Osama Biden laden follows him tomorrow.Hillary yesterday.The three stooges who should demonstrate to all Americans of sound mind that voting Democrat is anti American.Any American who cannot see that should have their vote gently but frimly removed from them.

Hillary tells us that Osama Barak Hussein will bring in universal healthcare.As I have said many times before,giving your money away may be construed as philanthropy but giving away other people's money is theft and the Democrats major in the art and even come off appearing virtuous so doing.That is some skill,the black art of dissimulation.

My prediction - for what its worth - is that Osama will collide head on with hubris tommorrow and in the coming months and his slick ersatz Kennedy pizzaz and phoney charisma will be exposed by Conservative media pundits and that the American people will get a reality check,withdraw from the Osama abyss and give Mc Cain a very healthy electoral ushering into the Whitehouse.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Home Truths

A friend maintains that property speculation is unChristian and unsocialist.I agree with the latter but un Christian? Property he argues is a necessity and essential and should not be used as currency for profiteers.What about food? Nothing is more essential yet we are happy enough for Tesco to make huge profits and provide us with a service.I think as a non property owner he may be suffering from sour grapes syndrome. There is nothing sacred about bricks and mortar which mustn't be tainted by the corrupting influence of capitalism.Property ownership is not a divine right.It is subject to market principles.The alternative has been tested to destruction.An Englishman's home is not his councils -thank God.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Origins Of Specious (Part 2 )

The Dorkins prog on ch 4 (of which I missed the first half) was predictably wooly minded and obtuse in its flawed ratiocinations.We had nature red in tooth and claw with the Dork in the jungle - a picture of mass carnage (which I must say is hardly the cuddly image of the animal kingdom depited by the animal rightists)and from there we were told Darwin worked out his theory of natural selction,adaptation and survival of the fittest.Fair enough but from there to giant apriori leaps of logic to extrapolate from animals to humans?!No recognition of the blindingly obvious fact that humans are not animals and you cannot extrapolate from one to the other without calamitously egregious and erroneous results.

It is clear that for the Dork Origins of Specious is a revered text and he is the high priest of its fallacious credo.If Darwin's theory were correct by now animals would have made evolutionary leaps to the human level but this is far from the case and the most humans have been able to achieve re training animals is to get them to perform a few juggling tricks with balls.I have yet to see any Shakespeare or Motzart of the animal kingdom.

The higher conciousness, philosophy,morality,the powers of conceptualization,the intellect, science,technology,conscience,metaphysical awareness - all things humans have and animals do not - renders the whole idea of evolution as applied to human beings absurd and ridiculous.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Environmentalism: Left Wing Death Cult

Lisa Jardine on Radio 4 typifies the arrogant delluded Leftists in all their totalitarianism.She objects to a recent ch4 programme challenging the environmentalist claims of doom and catastrophe.For her and her ilk there is only one truth and only leftists like her are privy to it.The rest are heretics to be silenced and villified.Liberal fascism is what she represents.There is to be no debate.The majority of scientists say global warming is man made so there can be no tolerance of detractors.This is collectivism with a vengeance.Enquiry,challenging the status quo,independent analysis of received wisdom - all of this is to be outlawed in a censorship of ideas in a craven obesiance to the intellectual consensus.This is a brazen attempt to shut down any critique of the flawed and tendentious politically left-driven environmentalist argument which is based on little more than fear-mongering hysteria and distortion of facts.

If environmentalists are on the side of the good and true obviously anything they do to save the planet is justified up to and including acts of violence and terrorism.The latest protest at Kingsnorth where the campaigners have pledged to close down the site is proof of this.What the owners should have said is that anoyone who breaches the wired perimeter of the the site will be regarded as a terrorist and shot.Threatening to destroy the providers of energy is an act of violence against the civilian population and should be treated as such.It is only because the offenders believe their criminal activities will be treated tolerantly that they have become so brazen.They need to be swiftly disabused of such notions.

At the core of environmentalsim is an undiluted hatred of mankind which takes the form of a compensatory love of the earth which has undertones of paganism and earth worship.The slug and the worm have more value to the environmentalist than human beings who are mere interlopers and defilers of planet earth.There is a Marxist,anti Capitalist anti life thread running through all environmentalist discourse.A hatred of production and consumption,a zero growth death wish of screaming nihilism informs all environmentalist argument.The left have embraced environmentalist creed with all the desperation of a drowning man clutching at the last straw.Their economic argument against capitalism being roundly trounced by reality and the facts they turned to the environment to save their discredited creed from the dustbin of history.Man is destroying the planet!His rapacious consumption is raping the eco system! Translated this reads,man is a producing productive being.We are not and wish to live parasitically off the achievements of others through redistribution of wealth.If we can convince everyone that being productive is evil and a sin we can then feel better about ourselves for not producing and not being able to achieve success through our own independent efforts.In short environmentalism is a psychological confession of inadequacy and fear projected onto the healthy wealthy and productive.The light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not...

Everything Is Broken

Liberals strongly object to the conservative phrase'broken society' because they know they are soley responsible for causing it.Woy Jenkins with his 60's liberal reforms created the broken society.It really is about time his ilk were held accountable for the mess society is in and the whole social experiment of liberalism was roundly and comprehenisively condemned and indicted before the bar of public opinion.Instead of which incredibly and staggeringly it still holds the moral highground and continues to spout its toxic poison on all media platforms masquerading as a moral ideology.This represents a wholesale failure on the part of Conservatives who have simply rolled over and accepted all of this with only a token resistance.Perhaps this is further evidence of my recent contention that liberalsim cannot be defeated within the Democratic system and sooner or later it will have to be dealt with on the streets with organised resistance.

Liberal Paedophillia

Corrupting young children seems to be a liberal thing.They cannot wait to subvert their innocence with untimely premature sex education,defiling their minds with images of perverted and unatural sex acts.This as I have said before is defacto paedophile grooming. Even when paedophiles are apprehended liberals are first in the queue demanding that their identity and whereabout be kept from local communities and have resisted laws such as exist in America to this end.Once again the rights and the welfare of criminals is ever upmost in the liberal mind. It is perfectly correct to therfore conflate liberalism with paedophillia and as has been mentioned by a recent commentor here the arch liberal homosexual propagandist and activist Peter Tatchell wants the law to allow boys as young as 14 to be sodomised.

Leftism And Its malcontents

The other day on the radio I heard someone making the familiar conflation of leftism with idealism re young people.Why does this outrageous canard go unchallenged and why have the Left been allowed to equate Leftism with youthful idealism? The only way it could be confused with idealism is if you think treating human beings as sacrificial animals on the altar of collectivism is idealism.It is the piety of the left I find so unpalatable.Roy Hattersly was at it yesterday arguing for a 'windfall tax' on the energy companies with his usal economic illiteracy and faux piety.Lets get it straight.Giving your money away can be seen as a virtue.Gving other people's money away is not.It is theft.It is immoral.It is vicarious philanthropy.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Evilution Devilution

For evolved beings why do so many humans act inhumany? That would be the question I would like put to the Dorkins fraternity.The hell on earth humans have created over the centuries totaly belies the central thesis of the Darwinists that man is evolving into a higher being. None of the 'other animals' have the problems visited on humans.Think of all the diseases,the psychological neuroses, disorders, conflicts and pathologies that he is heir to.All of this points to one obvious conclusion:man is a fallen being,dysfunctional, not functioning the way he was intended to,is in short,subject to the curse of Original Sin.In the words of the great Roy Masters,"even for the best of us life is a living hell".

There is one distinguishing characterisitic of most aetheists of the Dorking stripe and that is their unswerving leftism.They are almost to a man Leftoids.This is the religion to which they cling with all the slavish devotion they so contemptuously attribute to their religious enemies!

It is the littleness,the moral vacuum at the heart of aetheism that is so pronounced and glaring.When you only have yourself to believe in,when there is no over-arching otherness,no existential context for the human condition it is small and desperate indeed.You are left with the prattling of the Dorkins,with their delimited universe,devoid of meaning or purpose other than the perpetuation of the flawed ego,the narrow confines of the self where aggrandisment and delusion is the only compensatory refuge, in short, the self referential sollipsism of secular humanism and all its conceits.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Intolerance of The Fascist Left

Two obnoxious characters heard on the radio recently, Peter Tatchel and Richard Dawkins spouting their usual liberal fascist views reminded me as if I needed reminding of how bigoted and hidebound liberals are.In Tatchel's world no one is allowed to be anti homosexual on religious grounds.In Dawkins blinkered universe if one doesn't spout the Darwinistic claptrap that he endorses one is less than human and to be treated with contempt.How shaky are the foundations of this deluded man's false beliefs that he has to go round proselytising his perverted religion like the mad zealot that he is.

There is simply no way truth and falsehood can coexist peacefully.There is no peaceful way of reconciling good with evil.One has to prevail over the other.Either babies are killed or they are not.Either sodomy is regarded as normal and acceptable or it is not.One side has to win.We know which side has won.Evil flourishes,the liberals have won.On every front.Liberal hegemony is hell on earth.Nothing short of a war against liberalism will turn things around.Like that is going to happen.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Karadzic Anti Muslim Hero

Nothing but lies have been told about Kardadzic on the media.He was the scourge of muslims and was right to protect Serbia from their malevolent effects.Would we had a Karadzic to purge us of the pestilential presence of muslims in the UK. What a disastrous policy was pursued by the Western powers in the Balkans spearheaded by the twin evil of Clinton and the New World disorder of the UN.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ich Bin Eine Osama

Just embarrassing.Now he is pretending to be president.The Germans who of course have past form of being duped by a leader with messianic delusions took Obama to their hearts and he didn't disappoint with his usual aplomb at delivering empty flowery rhetoric and meaningless phrases such as 'improbable hope'.We can only hope this arrant charlatan will be kicked firmly in the ass by trusty old hubris.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cof E - Church Of Satan

Women bishops,sodomites,there is nothing the Church of England will not sanction other than common sense.A Mass exodus to the Catholic Church seems imminent.I am not into Churchianity but you have to respect the RC's for holding out against the suicidal secularisation of faith that the Cof E has indulged in.The idea that the Church should refelct all the madness and modish trends of society is so against the spirit of Christianity that one has to wonder if those at its head have been taken over by the other guy.Looking at Rowan Williams who has proudly referred to himself as 'a New Statesman Liberal' such speculation is not so far fetched.

Dubya: Strike At Iran Now!

Time is up for Iran.It has been given the benefit of the doubt where none should have existed.This is a rogue State that needs taking out.If Bush and Israel don't do it it will be too late and the whole world will be on the edge.The next few weeks will be crucial.I am no military logistician but this would involve temporarily removing troops from Afghanistan and Iraq to deal with the greater threat.You don't swat flies when a tiger enters the yard. The UN and the EU have assisted Iran with its delaying time buying tactics.Yet another reason to question the existence of both these flawed and corrupt organisations.

Knife crime UK: Cutting Edge Of Societal Devolution

We were told that capital punishment had to go by the liberals 50 years ago because it was the sign of an uncivilised society.Roll forward to the present day and people are being knifed to death on our streets for the most absurd petty slights.Life could not be cheaper now.Innocents are murdered and instead of the murderer heading towards the gallows they head towards a cosy cell with dvds,computer games,molly coddling guards told not to upset them and make them have low self esteem.Liberals want to give them the vote.They want to rehabilitate what was never habilitated in the foirst place.They want to counsel them,set them free to kill again.

Enough, enough.The liberals have had 50 years to experiment with people's lives in the criminal justice arena.It has been a catastrophic failure.It's time to do things our way now. Our liberal judiciary should be purged.For what they have done they should serve a very long jail sentence indeed.Will the real offenders ever be put in the dock?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Official:Peter Oborne Is Barking Mad

You have to hand it to Peter Oborne.The man likes going out on a limb.On Monday he was on Ch 4 telling us that 'British' Muslims are a persecuted minority.We don't understand them.People aren't being nice to them.They are victims of prejudice.If we were saying the kind of things we are saying of muslims about black people or jews it would be seen as unacceptable racism.Er, one little problem here Peter,the last time I checked there were'nt any jews or black people in the UK threatening the West with extinction and blowing themselves up on the buses and underground.

It is not enough that a large percentage of muslims think 9/11 was justified and that we should have sharia law in the UK and that thousands of mosques have sprouted up around the UK and that the establiushment is in a permanent posture of cultural cringe re muslims in the UK.We are now asked or told by the likes of Oborne that UK muslims are a persecuted minority and we should be ashamed of how we are treating them. Perhaps the man should seek help for his masochistic tendencies and should seek to exorcise them rather than excercising them on national TV.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

NHS 60 Years Of Socialist Medical Tyranny

It was perfectly clear from last nights' BBC2 programme marking - or should I say celebrating - 60 years of the NHS, that this was nothing short of wholesale appropriation of private property by a Socialist State using brute force, coercion and naked propaganda tools borrowed directly from totalitarian regimes.

The Stalinist Marxist Aneurism Bevan used every criminal machinating device to corral and dragoon the doctors into his Socialist dystopia of the NHS.His contempt for the doctors and their profession was apparent from the start.During a campaign speech the real dark motivations for his Socialist zealotry were revealed when he launched into an unguarded vitriolic attack on 'the tories' and here his ugly envy eaten class war driven inferiority complex/malice was clearly manifest as the motivating force for his drive to total State socialised medicine.

The doctors through the BMA were stalwart and stout defenders of their freedom from Statist intervention and fought a robust and courageous campaign against the brazen assault on their intelllectual and professional independence knowing full well the implications for them of being shanghaied into the service of a Socialist State-run medical system in terms of what it would do to jeopordise quality of service, their profesional autonomy, personal judgement and financial freedom.They would become mere State hirelings, working at the behest of uneducated political pygmies driven by ideological socialist mania -effective slaves of inferior rabble rousing politicos.

They voted overwhelming to reject the NHS but Bevan went over their heads to a sympathetic and influential supporter in the medical hierachy ironically none other than Lord Moran Churchill's famous doctor.He was effectively bribed and bought off by minor concessions from Bevan and with the help of vast sums of taxpayers money he launched a massive propaganda advertising campaign touting 'free' medical service for all.Clearly the phrase 'there is no such thing a s free lucnch' had not been born at that time. This 'free' canard was repeated endlessly by the BBC narrator and indeed has been ever since the NHS's inception. Clearly Bevan had learned from a fellow Socialist Hitler that "if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth".

So in the end the NHS was steam-rollered into existence and in the words of Ayn Rand: "The British people sold their souls for a pair of NHS spectacles".

This envy of the world - which hardly any other country has emulated - has been responsible for the deaths of millions of people like all Socialist systems are, and to this day obesiances are paid to this false God that failed,worshipped like the totem of a religion.

What was not reported was the vast 'brain drain' which resulted where thousands of self respecting doctors simply packed their bags and fled the Socialist Labour New Jerusalem and took their practice abroad where they were appreciated as profesionals and paid accordingly.Britain was left with inferior State paid lackeys of a dumbed down profession.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Civil Liberties Trojan Horse

We cannot extend civil liberties to uncivil illiberal people. How can we take seriously the likes of Chakrabati of the absurdly misnamed Liberty pressure group when she is a left wing crackpot with socialist leanings and so cannot possibly be a champion of liberty in any true meaning of the word? If her kind prevailed Al quaeda would already have won the war.

The silly David Davis who seems to have allowed the even silier chakrabati to gain an unhealthy ascendancy over his mind is one of the many useful idiots of Al Quade and the terrorists who cannot surely believe their luck in managing to get so many figures of the establishment to sing their tune and so smooth their path to total victory over the West.

That so many Conservatives have fallen for this civil liberties propaganda is an indication of how far to the left they have drifted.

Let us not take seriously the cry of civil liberties from people who have spent all their political life taking ours away with their dirigiste socialist policies.The hollow ring of their words when they unctuously utter the civil liberties mantra has become a deafening and cacophonous din.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why I Could Never Be A Libertarian

I was sitting on a park bench enjoying the summer sun when a moron came and sat down and lit up.Now her vile smoke was billowing in my direction and I was inhaling what she was exhaling.I am with Roy Masters on this one.People who smoke are not addicts but plain wicked.The idea that they should be permitted to wander around blowing their toxic smoke in people's faces is quite frankly insane and so stupid it is the kind of thing that only intellectuals /libertarians could believe in. Let them smoke in their own houses.Nowhere else.

Abortion is another reason I couold never be a libertarian.They would have people free to kill their babies right left and centre. The basic inhumanity of the libertarian is laid bare.

Homosexuality. The libertarians are keen to allow the sodomists free rein.Sodom and Gomorreah is ok with them.I'm for making it illegal again.

Drugs.The libertarians want to decriminalise these too.Is there no end to their moral degeneracy? How many argument can they be on the wrong side of?

Alcohol.The libertarians want people to be free to wander arund in public consuming alcohol.They don't like any restricitions on licentiousness.The kind of people who drink out of cans in the streets are anti social drunks and the public should be protected from them.

42 days.The libertarians don't want people locked up without trial even if they are plotting psychopathic murderous genocidal muslim maniacs.We can all be blown to kingdom come as long as we preserve our libertarian ideals.Er,sorry,this is the philosophy of the madhouse.

Libertarians want to give mad scientists free rein to create Frankensteinian monsters in the name of scientific progress.Monkeying around with genetics to create a Brave New World of of hybrid humanoids is apparently a libertarian ideal.

Beggary.I was again sitting on a public bench.The woman next to me asked me if I had 30p.I replied yes thank you. I took out my mobile phone to check the time and she asked me if she could borrow my phone to make a call.I said no.She then proceeded to ask every passer by if they could give her 30p.Most said no.This seemed to make her indignant.It's only 30p.What's the problem? she asked her drunken Irish cohort. Harrassing people is the problem with aggressive begging.I would do what the French used to do which is bundle both of them in a polic car ,drive them five miles out of town into the contryside and make them get out and drive away. No I am not a libertarian.

Whoever said libertarianism is the perversion of liberty sure knew what they were talking about

Saturday, June 14, 2008

David Davis Dead Man Walking

The Sun has its finger on the pulse of the nation which supports the 42 days. Kelvin McKenzie is a man of the people in a way that the sorry looking Davis will never be.Standing there making his awkward rambling speech he cut a sad pathetic lonely figure -looking more like a whipped cur than a leader anyone could possible take seriously.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

42 Days Is Way Not Enough!

For muslim suspects there should be absolutely no limit whatsoever to how long they can be detained.I like 'indefinitely' It would only apply to them, not to British people. We had internment during ww2.What's not to like?

At least most British people agree with this. This perverse,counter intuitive and I would say overtly cynical,amoral unpricipled tory opposition to 42 days detntion for terrorist suspects is yet another reason not to vote tory -as if there were'nt enough already.

Monday, June 09, 2008


BBC4 had a retrospective on Thatcher last night.It is clear from all subsequent events within the Party that she was an abberration.When it became obvious that she was seeing the EU for what it was she had to go.Matricide was carried out. What is left now? The party is peopled by glassy eyed adherents of the Cameron Cult -Cameronistas,running dogs of dirigisme,New Labour entryists,trashy novelist feminists like the obscence Bagshawe woman,sexual inverts,environ-mentalists,vacuous careerists.Only the shell of Conservatism remains,an empty vesel devoid of principle or moral compass.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Is Cameron A Latent Schizophrenic?

One reason why Tory leader Cameron refuses to fess up re his cannabis use is that it has left him with a spliff personality, a bifurcated bicameral-cameron consciousness whereby the patient holds two mutually exclusive belief systems at the same time.Left and right are waging unresolved war in his head and this manifests in his muddled pronouncements and contradicitory positions.All the classic symptoms of schizophrenia provenanced by cannibis abuse are exhibited in his eratic statements.

This personality disorder manifested in Cameron's conflation of political irreconciliables can prefigure severe psychosis if not treated at an early stage.Cameron should be forced to subject himself to a lie detector test re his past drug history before his unchecked path to power spells national doom.

Dianne Abbot Hypocritical Black Bitch

The smug awful woman Dianne Abbot on Desert Island Discs with her precious phoney cut glass English accent is a piece of work even by dismal Labour standards.Specialising in rank hypocrisy this is the woman who was on the hard Marxist loony left in the 80's who ended up sending her son to a private school plumbing new depths of hypocrisy and double standards.Even now she cannot admit that that she is a two faced lying bitch who likes to preach to the masses egalitarian claptrap and opts for elitism and privilege for her and her own.

This 'working class' woman whose parents (referred to repeatedly as 'mummy and daddy') owned property and rented rooms like any Rackmanesque landlord, were pre-Thatcherite Thatcherites yet Abbot with her leftist pretensions decided to infiltrate the establishment to promote her mad Marxist agenda,ending up at Oxford,on to the civil service and thence to Labour - at that time red in tooth and claw.

This is woman who looks back on the inner city black riots of the early 80's when Enoch's chickens were coming home to roost with something akin to relish as the launching pad for her ignominious carreer.She proudly reminisces on how she was at the vanguard of this seditious period,fomenting discord and racial strife,planning strikes and faning the flames of uncivil unrest.This is how the BBC uses licence payers money,putting on pedestals characters who in former times would have fetched up in the Tower of London.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Am I The Lost Conscience Of The Conservative Party?

The Conservative Party is a ideological wasteland,vast tracts of conservatism have been given over to moral derlection and social blight.Where it was once peopled by political giants bestriding the party like a colossus it is now populated by political pygmies,scurrying around to se what remaining values they can prostitute in their insensate lust for power. Sexual inverts,mad environ-mentalists,all are welcome into the broad church of conservatism.

Historical revisionism requires a total repudiation of the past. Ergo:Thatcherism was an abberration, an embarrassing episode to be airbrushed out of the tory record, a shameful period to apoligised for.All that is behind us now.We have embraced moral relatavism.There is such thing as society!Conservatism is managerial socialism.We will keep all Labour's tax pledges,will will just run everything more efficiently.The future belongs to us!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Conservatives Hate Criticism!

It would seem that if any criticism is levelled at Conservatives now over their values-free non agendas it prompts a veritable avalanche of ad hominem hate mail as the insensate reactions to my comments here show.Perhaps Teresa May was right: it is the Nasty Party!

I just wish all the power luster entryist who now seem to dominate the party would come clean and admit that all principles have been jettisoned in a naked pursuit of power for power's sake and that the party would stop flying under false colours and change its name to something more apposite.It certainly has no claim to the name Conservative now.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Stephen Fry: 50 And Not Funny

BBC4 is showing a repeat of the celebration of Mr Fry.An orgy of sycophancy is served up.One problem.All the clips of the 80's performances reveal a painful fact that the man was not/ is not funny.Maybe it was funny at the time, let us charitably allow.

A few days ago the same channel aired a speech the man made about public service broadcasting -the future therof.No surprises for guessing that it was pro.If they paid people for spouting melifluous nonsense Mr Fry would be on top dollar.Oh,he is!The words specious claptrap come to mind when searching for a description of his performance.Here is the only salient point.It was a carefully crafted piece of special pleading,a flagrant defence of vested interests,culture delivered at the point of a gun in the form of the licence fee.The Fry argument is that people who oppose public service broadcasting are phillistines and ideologically motivated.The fact that those defending public service broadcasting are equally ideologically driven is either beyond his grasp or something he chooses to ignore.

Liberals also have the insuperable problem that in order to deliver their liberalism a degree of coercion by the State is required from which any genuine lover of freedom would recoil.They thus reveal themselves to be profoundly illiberal.Liberal totalitarianism (elephant ,drawingroom).

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Capitalism Rules

Capitalism triumphs over all attempts to defeat it.Even avowed socialist like Galloway smokes expensive cigars,has a villa in Portugal, sells books and merchandise,goes on lectures which rake in the money,buys expensive clothes,They may speak socialist but they live capitalist.

Labour politicians are obsessed with money,they vote themselves their own pay increases,fiddle their expenses,invest in property.Proof if proof were needed that hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue.They worship Statism,but it turns out, for other people not themselves as many send their children to private schools or pull out all the stops to get them in the best State school other people's money can buy.

Rock musicians are purely driven by the bottomline but you wouldn't think it to hear their socialist patter.Socialism is the fig leaf they use to conceal their love of money.In fact those involved in the arts in general are the biggest bunch of hypocrites entirely driven by financial interests.Their disdain of the market place manifests in seeking money from the taxpayer through subsidies so they don't have to be contaminated with the commercial transaction.Someohow money that is filched from the taxpayers goes through a governmental cleansing process and comes out purified the other side in the form of state subsidy.

Teachers Unions -the most money grubbing group of mercanaries of them all!In fact all government employees with their gold plated pensions who have zilch vocational values and would sell their grandmother for a pay increase.Somehow we have bought the propaganda that State employees are more committed to their jobs and are there to serve the public rather than those in the 'private sector'(ie real world') who of course are only working for money!

Brown -Lost Leader

Never glad confident morning again! Just for a handfull of euros he shaft us,just for a ribbon to stick in his coat,found the one gift of which taxes bereft us,lost all the others - but let us not gloat.Marx and Engels watch from their graves...

This one eyed basilisk glowering in the dark, the darkness he carried around with him, was always Salieri to Blair's Motzart,playing second fiddle,fulminating with seismic sulks at his political eclipse,festering,planning for the day he would wear his master's crown.The hubris was waiting in the wings.Almost as soon as he set stumbling foot in 10 Downing Street the cracks started to appear.Unlike Blair he could never make a failure into a sucess with a few short spun sentences.The clunking inelegant gauche social autistic one lacked the magicians verbal conceits and sleight of hand.

As we watch the Greek tragedy unfold the sad fact is we have a pretty decent man way out of his depth,elevated beyond his capacity floundering like a fish out of water.New Labour was always a political defiance of gravity,an illusionist act,a linguistic trick, an ideological fudge,a giant confidence trick pulled off by sheer dint of political will,devoid of substance or rationale, sans substance,sans principle,sans everything.

For Brown it was always a case of obsfuscation means never having to say you're sorry.Even now he cannot bring himself to say the word re the 10p tax debacle,Having created the byzantine tax system how appropriate that he should have become its ultimate victim.They say most political careers end in failure but in Brown's case it actually began with failure.This is a politcal car crash, a bloody carnage and the only thing you can do is avert your eyes and not intrude into personal grief.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Matriachal State We're In

Dysfunctional families are caused and created by Socialist governments.They instigate feminist insurrection in the home.When the family unit is destroyed by their socialist machinations -easy no-fault divorce,normalisation of homosexuality,trashing of patriachal values,abortion,'equality' between the sexes,they step in to 'help' the very situation they created in the first place.

Operating the Marxist Hegelian dialectic principle they instigate a problem and they propose a solution which will make it worse and entrench their total control over the family.Bourgeoise values are anathema to the Statist Marxist.The family has to be trashed, the father figure domonised and marginalised.Taxes are raised, one parent income cannot suport the family, the wife is driven out of the home and transfers her allegiance to the workplace, the children are left with socialist chicken hawks who indoctrinate them with statist Marxist values,corrupt them with sex education and anti family ethos.

The emasculation of the male is the sine qua non of all feminised Marxist matriachal states.The male is feminised from an early age via the State Education system which is practically run by females,male role models are conspicuous by their absence.Political correctness driven curicula fosters a feminised mindset in the population.

Now the agenda is roled out to society at large and all its institutions.Leftist writers incorporate anti father,family ideology into their work deseminating it into the culture.Law and order through the judiciary is infiltrated with feminist thinking where the criminal receives soft sentencing,cosseted in jail and the victims are left unrestituted.A lawless society with uncorrected feral youths tyranising a defenceless population results.When anarchy threatens to engulf the nation the socialist totalitarians are there to usher in their Socialist dystopia.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fatuity Is A Feminist Issue

It is very difficult broaching the subject of feminism in a critical way without heaping upon oneself vitriolic opprobrium from all quarters as I can personally testify!Just as any critical discussion of immigrstion prompts accusations of racism, so too the slightest criticism of the 'men and women are equal' mantra inspires even the most normmally rational folk to start hurling around choice epiphets like 'taliban',chauvinist, misogynist,'sexist' and such like.This of course has the usually intended purpose of closing down all discussion on the issue.

This 'winning by intimidation' tactic is favoured by the Left who have no real arguments to support their case but simply hope to bludgeon the opposition into silence.It is beyond dispute that feminism is a variant of leftism and you cannot have one without th other.It has promoted equality of the sexes from the beginning with deletrious results.Easy divorce,abortion,homosexuality,posivive discrimination in the workplace ad nauseam, are all standard leftist feminist agendas.No Conservative would support any of them.

Islam Will Devour Itself!

The little discussed aspect of Iraq's tribulations is how most of it is visited on itself by conflicting muslim sectarian hatreds.It would seem that muslims hate infidels but they hate one another even more.This is all to the good.A religion fuelled by hatred is of course no religion at all.Foam flecked followers of paedo Muhammud are busily heaping up their own hollocaust.

Thw difference between the arab 'mind' and the jewish one could not be more stark.No jewish person would ever engage in 'suicide bombing'.The very concept would be completely alien to it, simply beyond all human comprehension.Only a self loathing race could commit such a nihilistic act of self immolation. Truly the revolution will devour its children.

Should Islam Be Banned in the West?

There is a very stong case to be made against not tolerating Islam in the West.Just as toxic substances are banned so too should toxic ideas.I have pointed out how liberalism is powerless in the face of Islamism because its very tenets of political correctness and moral relativism render it defenceless against the onslaught of Islamic moral absolutism.

Mosques up and down the country of the UK are the intellectual powerhouse of political Islam and should be dismantled. No liberal government of Labour or Tory stamp will ever get to grips with this problem.On the contrary, they are directly responisble for the terrible mess we are presently in.That is why I would urge all people to vote in the upcoming local elections for BNP or Ukip, both of whom have sound immigration policies.There is no longer any excuse about lack of choice.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Teachers As Socialist Change Agents

Hired underlings,leftised activists in the classroom,these tax supported parasites now dare to go on strike! Gordon Brown is barely in the job and half the country appears to be on strike.The usual offenders of course - government workers whom the hard real working people have to subsidise.It is never enough.They want more and they don't care who they inconvenience to get it.Why do the public continue to hold these people in such high estemm I wonder?

Half the working population have reading and numeracy problems courtesy of the State education they have had inflicted upon them. Give them more money?!

Churchill On Islam

Winston Churchill on Islam
The River War | 1899 | Sir Winston Churchill

Posted on 08 March 2006 02:30:18 by southernnorthcarolina

How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.

The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.

No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Islam May Save Us?!

Just as it was in the interests of the allies in WW2 that the fascists and communists should turn on one another,just as it is in our interest that Hillary and Barak Osama destroy each other -so is it in our interests that Islam in the West should destroy decadent amoral liberalism!

Lets face it,Christians are weak and have not been able to turn the tide of liberalsim engulfing us for forty Years.

Abortion,homosexuality,feminism,divorce,crime,wherever you turn christians in the West have had no influece whatsoever in ending these abominations.It has rolled over and accepted the whole thing with barely a murmur. Women priests is the final proof that the curches have capitulated to modish political correctness and have no standards, no morals and are mere empty vessels.

Islam on the other hand is uncompromising in its beliefs and wants to die to defend them.It may yet be the last bastion against liberalism in the West.Sad that it takes a crazy cult to destroy liberalism and we didn't have the cojones to do it ourselves.

Question is, Islam may save us from Liberalism,but who will save us from Islam?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lost Leaders

An associate claims that human beings are suggestible by design in that they are meant to be impressionable in order to be imprinted with the good or right way.This has the obvious downside of us being prone and prey to false teachings and ideas which seem plausible to us in our gullible receptive state.

From birth almost, we are subject to false teachings,in the space of a few years we have taken in all the garbage of the world.From our parents with their flawed nature to our teachers who systematically bamboozle and confuse, to the books we read, the media we are immersed in, the 'experts', the authorities we listen to, we are led up the garden path to confusion and error. A woman who had committed grave crimes was once asked what her biggest mistake was and she simply replied'"listening to other people".

There you have it. Listening to to other people. There is no such thing as an original thought, true enough but some people go out of their way to be second handers! Take the issue of money-making. Thousands of books are printed promising to make us rich. It is a huge industry. Business gurus make millions promising to show us how to think and grow rich. They have no record of success.They are hope peddlars.Dream peddlars.They are in the business of making themselves rich.They profess great love of humanity. They want to help us.Why are they selling their knowledge instead of giving it away if their motivation is love for humnaity? Logic is important here. If they know how to make millions why aren't they doing it instead of trying to sell us a business manual for $100 ?!? The desperate clutch at straws..

We may not know the right way to go but we surely have the capacity to know the wrong away and the sense enough to void it? Bottom line is surely, we are lazy and would rather have other people do our thinking for us and chew our food for us.That's why most of us working for someone else.We can then moan and complain and join unions and try and screw our employer for more than we deserve and demand a minimum wage and 6 weeks holiday and a job for life and divers other benefits.Our life is someone else's responsibility - and that's how we like it!

This way tyranny lies. Politicians know full well this disposition of ours to want the unearned,the free lunch.They tap into our greed and inherent parasitic nature and they exploit it to the full. Received wisdom is the tyranny that holds sway over us.Politicians are on the cutting edge of societal evilution.They love doing our thinking for us -and it always leads to disaster.Never mind, we can throw them out at the next election and vote in another bunch of criminals!

Women's Proper Role

What is women's proper role in society you ask? Very well, I will tell you.

1. To meet man's physical needs - seasonly, within marriage.

2. To bear children (not to rear them -that is man's job)

3 What was the third one? Oh yes, to do the dishes -to be man's help meet.

Thats it! In the words of Roy Masters who was once asked what is a woman's role in soociety: "Nada,Nicht, Zilch -she has no role in society."

Do I hear a witches chorus of "chauvinist,sexist,neanderthal etc? The usual noises of feminists who cannot think straight but resort to ad hominems thinking that is all they have to do to shut down the debate.

The best women can be is pale imitations of men. To quote Roy Masters again, "Men are better than women at everything - even at being women".

Gender morphing is the result of allowing the feminists to set the agenda leading to the ugly phenomena of Fe-males and She-males. Homosexuality is rife. This of course is partly due to the de-industrialisation of the modern world. Men no longer do manly labouring jobs but have been forced into soft service industries which lend themselves to the more feminine skills. Homosexuality is a Bi-product of soft decadent post-industrial modernism.

Female enfranchisement has eroded the obvious differences and distinctions between the sexes and led to the infiltration of women into male work territory with catastrophic results.The armed forces and the police have been seriously emasculated posing a real threat to the survival of Western Democracy. Schools have been largely taken over by female teachers destroying the essential base of male role models for boys.Social workers employ a regiment of women leading to further inappropriate and wholly inadequate role models for mentally disturbed male youths.

Politically the result of feminism as discuseed previously is Communism, Socialism, Welfarism, Liberalism. The case against women playing any equal role in society is thus palpably manifest and self evident.

This is not to denigrate women or detract from their talents and skills etc although it may come across that way. Women can be very accomplished in all areas and there are exceptions to the general rule. Think of Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, Ayn Rand,Margaret Thatcher.Admitteldy the list is rather short.)I can think of a few other great female writers for instance like,Olive Schreiner,Flannery O'Connor, Christina Stead and more recently Julie Burchill, Melanie Phillips. There are even a couple of bloggers I have linked to! But the general rule holds.We are not in a good .

place Society-wise and unpleasant uncomfortable truths have to be confronted..

Note Disclaimer Wrote this years ago and it is frankly er bollocks!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Those Who Can't Teach

Wouldn't it be good if we could forget our teacher's faces as effortlessly as they forget ours? Then we wouldn't have their wretched visages etched on our memories for a lifetime.

Forced into the company of these wretched mediocrities,bores,time-serving government hirelings and change agents, enemies of promise,blighters of aspirations,crushers of the human spirit -surely there has to be a special place in hell reserved for these malevolent spiritual criminals and tormentors of youth?

Bitch From Hell In Heist Of Century

This evil witch has chutzpah oozing from every pore.Now (in her words) she can fund her charities with the spoils.Has this brazen bitch no shame,has her self awareness been amputated along with her leg? Another illustration of the parasite playing the victim role.The whining self pitying whore!
Hat Tip to fhuiac Al Fulchino for including my article on Feminism-Socialism on his new website which I have now linked to under warzoneus.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

1968 The Year Of Moral Delinquency

1968 was a very bad year for Western Democracy.Now we have to re-live it as the liberals of the MSM who spent their golden years rioting and causing mayhem on the streets reminisce through their pink tinted spectacles and history gets re written once more.

The students were revolting, the liberal decadence reached its nadir,flower power and hippy loopiness gave way to naked violence and the rise of the Fascist Left seeking to overthrow the compromised democracies of the West through street violence and Marxist agitation in the State funded universities.

Political posturing, 'happenings', demonstrations,gesture politics were the order of the day.Loss of nerve from the Establishment sent signals to the unwashed hippies turned street thugs that they were in with a chance and they pushed their advantage.France nearly fell to the Fascist Left and was saved by De gaule.Communist change agents in the universities funded by Moscow fomented social unrest,the liberals staged a coup at the BBC and promoted their soft Marxism across the airwaves.The only saving grace was perhaps the flowering of creative pop music which served as a backdrop to the general anarchy lending it a roseate hue wholly at odds however, with the stark reality of what was happening on the ground.

Pseudo mysticism was the flavour of the day as embodied by the bizarre figure of the Maharashi exponent of 'Transcendental 'Meditation given prominence by the Beatles.John Lennon became a figurehead for the Peace movement which ammounted to little more than appeasement towards every evil power wishing to destroy the West.We have him to thank for the pop celebrity turned Saviour of Mankind,the 'Geldof Syndrome' which is an egregious legacy indeed.

So 1968 was a very bad year where collective insanity reigned,whole nations lost the plot and almost fell prey to a pan communist tyranny.The idea that it should be celebrated and looked back on with fondness by its architects is frankly depressing and perfectly illustrates how people who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it -ad nauseam.

Mr Osbourne Is A Typical Spineless Tory!

Perhaps the Conservatives will tell us if they think 60%(plus) tax on petrol is ok and if not what they would reduce it to.No one hold their breath for an answer!

Has any other country got a tax level like that? Mr Osbourne says he cannot see a way to cut taxes.If that's the case he should resign and be replaced by someone who can and will.

Voting is like signing a blank check. There are no payments by results in politics as there are in business.That's the problem.There is something rotten and corrupt in the State and no one is promising to fix it.Turkeys don't vote for Christmas do they?

Conservative Choice: Principle Or Popularity

People pleasers want to be liked.They are chameleonic,all things to all people. They have no principles.In politics they are the ideological free-zone. (Yes, I'm talking about the Tories again!) They worship at the altar of pragmatism.They actually pride themselves in not believing in anything.What they exhibit is a dogmatic uncertainty.An eye to the main chance,power for power's sake.

A far cry from the 80's when Thatcher brought principles back into politics.This was such a painful experience for the Tory grandees and caused them so much pain and conflict that in the end they had to stage a coup to get rid of her. From then on it was back to business as usual.

With Cameron this values free politics has reached its nadir.He is the kind of person who would apologise for his virtues if he had any. A man without qualities,a moral vacuum,a supercillious popinjay he is surely the perfect figurehead for a party that abandoned principles for political expediency, with a gaping void where its soul used to be.

What Do Conservatives Believe?

Conservatives don't seem to believe in anything these days. Mr Osborne sees no room to cut taxes which suggests he is either very stupid or a Socialist.(Either or?!) What else do we have to judge the Conservatives on but their words and actions? They have sold us down the river on the EU.They support the leviathan State.There is hardly a Socialast institution they don't think they can't manage better than Labour.Conservatism is the waddling quaking duck of Socialism!

Where's the fire,the passion the integrity? Listening to Milliband demolish Hague in debate on the EU recently was like witnessing the proverbial savaging of a dead sheep.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Patriachism Or Socialism Part One

The feminine guileful spirit resides in the socialist. The socialist shemale seeks to subvert the natural hierachical order in the home to insert the Mother State into the family unit and so destroy it. The feminist movement in the early 20th century began this process.

Beatrice Webb was an early socialist who began her career working for the great sociologist Herbert Spencer but she did not benefit from the experience, taking a sharp turn leftwards and was the Shirley Williams of her day,do-gooding around, pandering to the feckless and indigent poor,promoting socialist programmes ostensibly to help the wretches but in effect laying the foundations of 'social reform' which would lead to the establishment of a full-blown socialist welfare state -the baleful effects of which we are Labouring under to this day.

Those who resisted female suffrage were no neanderthal troglodytes as they have been portrayed but prescient beings who could see what would result from the incursion of feminist values into the polity. An emasculation of the body politic began,eroding manly values of independence,industry and social stability.The femal spirit of enabling and entitlement supplanted thrift and individual responsibility. It no longer rested with the father and husband to be the head of the household taking care of his charges,rearing them on the straight path. The State muscled in to this dynamic and assumed the role of provider and nurturer,supplanting the male principle with the guileful feminine State Welfare one, 'securing' the family members 'from the cradle to the grave' A serfdom spanning a lifetime with no release or reprieve!

How did these predatory socialists with alien European values imported from Asiatic countries like Russia gain a foothold on British soil? Through the middle class intellectuals, the Bloomsbury set, the self-loathing liberal intellectual elite with subversion of bourgeoise values on their mind.They were imported like some malevolent and toxic baccillus, infecting the intellectual climate and establishment -the first recorded case of effective, de facto intellectual germ warfare.

It was not long after female enfranchisment was effected that the first Labour party came to power promising bread and circuses.The two events are inextricably bound up with each other. For reasons not know by myself as I have done no research into the matter this first Labour government failed and soon bit the dust.But it learned from its experience and the '45 administration was full blown socialist and nationalised everything in sight including human social values.

Thus began the decline of the British character and its supplanting with the British Social Man;no longer a self-made individual but now a mere social construct, a servile vassal of the State,taxed and regulated to within an inch of his life, a mere extension of the State,designed to do its bidding,to serve its ends, reflect its inverted moral values, to be a mere mouthpeice of the totalitarian will as embodied in the State. Politicians of the day truly did see themselves, in Stalin's words as: 'Engineers of human souls'.

This sinister development, this radical shift barely registered on the political radar as all its advances were characterised as 'social reform'. To be in favour of this social experiment was to be seen as 'progressive' and 'enlightened'. Those who opposed it were dismissed as 'reactionary' 'backwoodsmen'. The Conservative party were effectively cast in this light but instead of challenging this egregious misrepresentation they (characteristically) bought into the categorisation and thus began the long and ruinous collusion between the Tories and the Labour socialists known as the 'post war consensus.'

Of course the irony doesn't escape us that this cosy and corrosive con-sensus was smashed by none other than the great Margaret Thatcher who handbagged socialism into the history books - I exaggerate alas! - (proving if nothing else that God has a sense of humour).

Where are we now? Well,the cultural wars have been won by the social engineers.Women are free to murder their babies,divorce at will and claim huge alimony settlements,third ,fourth fifth generation welfare dependents replicate to spread their human misery in fatherless ghettoes ridden with crime, prostitution,drugs and violence in a short squalid meaningless existence subsidised by the real working classes taxed to the hilt to further this social experiment of down-breeding, this inversion of eugenics wherby the fit and healthy are immolated and the sick and depraved are supported and facilitated in the promotion of their compromised and diseased gene pool.

The ravages of socialism can be seen the length and breadth of the land, sretching like a human scar across the benighted landscapes of post industrial Britain,a living pustulating indictment of socialism in all its satanic works.

With a camera on every corner Socialist Britain has a beady eye on us. Not the criminals of course who always get a free pass, but to keep an eye on the law abiding.It is all very simple. The businessmen are criminals and the criminals are victims. Victims of poverty, adverse circumstances,anything but their own stupidity. The Left give criminals a free rein, releasing them from jail with derisory short sentences to wreak their revenge on society for giving them everything and teaching them the value of nothing. Working on the principle that 'property is theft' the left unleash the criminal classes on the hapless populace and allow them to indulge in widescale looting and urban terrorism, a variant of redistibution of wealth by proxy minus the middleman State.

Parasitism Organic And Social

We all know about parasitism in the animal and insect world.The creatures who lay their eggs in others bodies and use them as hosts eventually devouring the latter and using it to serve as sustenance. As gruesome as this is there are human equivalents and at least animals have the excuse that they are obeying their natures and the animal kingdom is a survival of the fittest with no rules of engagement as such -dog eat dog, each one obeying their instincts for survival.

What excuse do human parasites offer? They are doing it for our benefit! Sucking the life out of us, extracting tribute in the form of taxes they present their parasitism as service! Philanthropy. The organic parasites are more honourable.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Personal is The Political

The role and the only role of the State is to defend and uphold individual rights.The initiation of force by the State against the individual is a violation of the individual and any State that commits such an act is immoral evil and illegitimate! Such a State has forfeitted the right to exist and has no moral legitimacy.

We refer to such a system as Democracy and revere it and give it our moral sanction! This is surely the very definition of masochism. In the UK the three main political parties adhere to this status quo and merely differ in detail,in substance,not in kind.They actually connive to maintain this tyrannical system by pretending to offer an alternative when they are merely representing the vested interests of the elite political classes.

Self defence is within the rights of individuals against those who initiate force against them.Taxation is the inmplementation of force to deprive a person of their livelehood and property and the individual is perfectly within his rights to use force against the plunderer.Just as one can repel a burglar robbing ones house so individuals can repel the State when it violates property rights and takes by force that which belongs to the individual.

We as individuals may not be able to do anything about this at the moment. A disarmed population is powerless aganst the leviathan State with tentacles into every area of our existence,with its vast array of extensive and intrusive arbitrary powers to coerce and force us into submission.But what we do have is the power to withold any moral sanction of such an evil.That we do not have to give. If we do we are acting in symbiosis with the evil.We are the handmaidens of our own destruction, the enabler and facilitators of our own immolation.

The tyrants who hold sway over us demand our acquiescence and validation.Withold it! Do not participate in this charade.Do not ventriloquise their evil and lend it your imprimatur.Not content to enslave us they desire to have us see their enslavement of us as an act of service and love, a moral virtue.That we cannot and must not allow.

If we just start calling things by their proper names and not allow the psychic vampires of Democracy to get away with their sophisms and Orwellian euphemisms we will go some way in turning the tide of totalitarianism which is slowly engulfing us.The lexicon of lies needs to be challenged.No longer can we allow political change agents to get away with in effect declaring that words mean what they want them to mean.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Democracy - Ponzi Scam

It's a big lie! The biggest con of all time. To lie to people and convince them they are free when they are slaves.That is Democracy. It is repeated like a mantra.The very word lulls people to sleep,puts them into a mild hypnosis.It has a soothing semi religious power to put people in a trance,to persuade them to leave their critical faculties at the door when they check in to Hotel Democracy.

It requires a willing suspension of disbelief. It's subliminal power is the potent force in the politician's arsenal.He only has to utter the magic word Democracy and the power is his.

I personally beleive the only was to defeat the Democracy chanting demagogues is through force.Give me liberty or give me death. These people are not going to go quietly. I am not addvocating force and violence. I am simply stating that these fascists of Democracy will not be unseated through the 'Democratic' process because the institutions are designed and shaped to enable them to prevail with force and violence using the power of the State.

The instigation of violence by the power elite, the elected demagogues, is a gross violation of individual rights. The levying of taxes,euphemistically called 'redistribution of wealth' is theft and nothing more -it is a violation of property rights and as such is an act of violence perpetrated by the State by force of arms against the disarmed civilian population. It is tantamaount to an act of war.

Budget Schmudgit

'At the end of the day' politicians can do what they want and we have no control over them.They indulge in vicarious philanthropism -with our money. Many people are slowly realising that re-Democracy they have been sold a pup. If only they stayed at home election day the politicians would finally get the message.Either that or vote libertarian.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Socialist Mission Creep

All taxes start off from a very low base to minimise dissent. That's how the Minimum Wage was introduced. In the last nine years it has risen by 60%. The yea sayers claim it hasn't affected employment figures which goes against logic and commonsense.

The Tories should promise to abolish this socialist intervention in market forces but of course they won't for the reasons I gave below. Scratch a blue and find a red!

Barak Osama's Terrorist Links

And he could also be a closet fag! Americans need to wake up. Fast

Saturday, March 08, 2008

If It Waddles Like A Duck...


Yes! Here's why:

Conservatives are for high taxation. They support the NHS. They are pro State Education. They are pro abortion, pro BBC,pro foreign aid,pro state funded art,pro environmentalist pro EU,pro Welfare State. What else do they have to beleive in before they are named what they are: SOCIALIST! Suppport for any or a combination of the above defines a socialist!

The mystery why Conservatives have always been hesistant and timorous and defensive about capitalism is now obvious.They don't beleive in it! They damn it with faint praise,they defend it half-heartedly, apologetically,feebly,weakly.Their pusilaminous defense of freedom and liberty is worse than no defense at all because it creates the impression that theirs is a guilty,furtive,shameful,embarrassing belief, a love that dare not speak its name.

Why then have Conservatives been represented as pro-freedom and anti-big government when all their actions in office have contradicited this? Have they ever challenged the fundamental tenets of welfarism?

The most they can commit to is a better managed organised Socialism, a reformed socialism.Thus the argument against collectivism is never made and the collectivists orthodoxy prevails to decimate yet another generation and advance its inexorable road to serfdom.

Taxing Commonsense

The BBC World Service had a business programme on taxation this morning. All three guest speakers (surprisingly!) were pro taxation. One of the panel was from a London School of Oriental studies or some such and his remarks were telling. Taxation was a moral good,all those who 'stepped out of line' ie attempted to protect their earnings from predatory state confiscation should be 'named and shamed', the equivalent of being 'put in the stocks', an 'iron fist' should be used against them.

You can hardly imagine the same person using such violent language in the context of punishment for some criminal burglar or mugger. No, these words are directed against those criminal types who seek to keep what they have worked to achieve.

Until we can challenge this flagrant inversion of morality and expose it for what it is - a brazen assault on reason, values and liberty there is no hope a change in the culture will be effected.The defenders of taxation will maintain the higher moral ground by default and their monstrous impudence and chicanery will go unchecked.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Lisbon - A Betayal of the Political Classes

I am still trying to work out why a referendum on UK membership of the EU is a bad thing and why we are villifying the liberals for proposing it. One thing the Lisbon 'Treaty' House of Commons debacle has surely proven is that we cannot trust Parliament to get us out of this mess.

The Conservatives are constantly fighting a rear guard action on the EU,debating the layout of the deckchairs on the EU Titanic whilst it is sinking fast.Are they merely embarrassed that the liberals have exposed their precarious and untenable position on the EU?

I want a vote on UK membership on the EU and a vast majority of Conservative voters do too.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Will Democrats Usher In A New Race/Gender War?

It is scary to think American people are voting on ethnic racial gender lines. That is so Un American! The Democrats are fomenting tribal warfare -the kind of thing you see in African states - Kenya most recently, where the country is riven with tribal warfare and ethnic cleansing is the result.

There should be no hyphenated Americans.The kind of politician who plays on such divisions and manufactures them is not worthy of the name American.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Bitch Is Back

Just as it was propitious for the Nazis and Communist Soviets to wipe each other out in WW2 on the battlefield, we should all welcome the cancelling out process which has seen Hillary come barak from the dead last night. The ridiculous posturing fake Barak Osama has had his wings clipped somewhat and now they can proceed to knock six bells out of each other while we sit back and watch.

The shrill harpie feminist witch can go head to head with the racist muslim loving black commie and the American people can hopefully say to themselves a 'plague on both your houses', we'll go for the urbane patrician patriot Mc Cain who won't sell the country down the river to the muslim foe.

You don't have to be of a patriachal bent (though you should) to be more than uneasy about a woman putting herself in the manly position of running for president(even the writer Ayn Rand was against a woman president)especially when the woman in question exhibits all the worse feminine tendencies of instability, hysteria, emotional incontinence and irrationality as Hillary does in spades(and that's just on a good day)

Contrast her with the dignified elegant black woman called Condoleeza Rice and you get to see how far Hillary has betrayed her sex for an unseemly Lady Macbethian scramble for power.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Barak Osama

The Democ-rats are surely screwed. Their internal internicine battle rages on and looks like dragging on for months to come and now there is little doubt that Osama is indeed a muslimista.The dressing up, the words,(waddles like a duck,quaks like a duck) all things point to a most unsavoury un American candidate even by deplorable Democ-rat standards.

Mc Cain the liberal left Republican surely now has a clear path to the Whitehouse?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Taxation Is The Tool Of Tyranny

There is now no longer any reason for those who loathe Collectivism and Socialism and massive Government 'redistribution' of earnings through taxation to vote Conservative.Here is the alternative.

For too long the Tories have pretended to be pro-capitalist and anti-Socialist but all their policies have belied their protestations. Time after time we have given them the benefit of the doubt,held our noses and voted for them and time after time we have been screwed over.

In recent times they have even given up the pretence of being pro small governemnnt and have taken to boasting about how they will maintain Labour spending pledges. Well enough is enough. Let them vye with and out -Labour Labour.We have Laboured with the Tories long enough. They have gone native.It's time for a divorce on the grounds of irreconciliable differences.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Something Rotten In The State

Politicians are people pleasers and for the most part delluded inadequates who have never held a real job but who enjoy controlling those who do.They like to play vicarious philanthropism with other people's money.They pull the kind of stunts which if pulled by individual citizens would land them in jail but - they of course have immunity.

The system is corrupt.Democracy is a flawed concept because it gives 'each man the right to be his own dictator' to plunder from his neighbour with the politician being the middle man. Unless individual rights are enshrined in law democracy is little more than mobocracy -rule by the mob,of the lowest common denominator.

Man has gone to the moon,we have rocket science but politics is stuck in the the middle of the last century with all the old socialist structures - we are all socialist now.Tories apologise for their existence and promise not to lower taxes and tory voters are disenfranchised.(I could go on,I won't go on)

Daily Hell Seeks Brown-ie Points

The only reason carrier bags clog up rivers and streams threatneing wild life,and are seen entangled in tree branches is because litter morons and cretins drop them instead of disposing of them properly. This is primarily a litter problem not an enivornomental one.

Better Late Than Never

I don't really understand Israel's and the US foreign policy these days. I had expected Bush to have struck out Iran's nuclear installations by now with the assistance of Israel. I guess that isn't going to happen. At least this is something -but why so late?

De Ja Vous - All Over Again

Like a bad meal history can repeat on us..

Friday, February 29, 2008

Class Envy

The malevolence of the left is relentless. They just cannot tolerate the idea of academic excellence. Not content with trashing the grammars they turn to the educational vandalism of the few state schools that have acheived and seek to turn them into centres of mediocrity by bussing in the non achievers to effect some egalitarian socialist levelling and dumbing down. Schools have become laboratories of social experimenting and engineering instead of places of learning.

Now there may be a lottery used for selection. Choice is to be replaced with chance. Choice according to them is merely a 'mantra' and egalitarianism must prevail even though its baleful consequences have left a trail of devastation and educational bankruptcy across the State system.

Cut taxes radically and everyone would be able to afford private education. That would stop education being used as a political football.A governemnt dictated curicula is the sine qua non of totalitarians -which is probably why leftist love State Education.

The EU (Based On An Idea By Franz Kafka)

If the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance the cost of unfreedom is eternal billions

Useful Idiots Directory

It's good to have the enema within collected together in one place.

Council Tax Gold Plated Pension Scheme!

On the Portaloo programme we saw the old newsreel footage of the Poll Tax riots which putatively brought down the Thatcher governement. Here's what has replaced that system.Where are the protestors in Trafalgar Square - why strain at a gnat and swallow a camel?

Welfare Waffle

Politicians come and go but the welfare state endures. We have periodic hand wringing, a flurry of new policies -and nothing changes,except that we have yet more people dependent on welfare programmes.

You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to work out that this is by design. Politicians need a client base and the unemployed or 'disabled' as they now call them are that base.They certainly know how to keep their customers satisfied..

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Webb Of Deceit

I find Justin Webb's despatches from America for the BBC hard to listen to because he is so anti American, anti Republican,anti Bush. I do admire him however for managing to get away with his brazenly tendentious despatches on what is supposed to be a neutral,impartial public broadcasting service.(We call that chutzpah round here)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Soviet Eunion Fines Microsoft

This beggars belief -but it shouldn't. What does is that Microsoft are rolling over and taking it. Not a murmur of protest or objection. Almost an apologetic tone from them. That is spooky.

Has it come to this when one of the most corrupt criminal instituions since Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia should dictate terms to a company that has done more to advance creative technological innovation bringing prosperity and enlightenment to tens of millions of people the world over? What has this miserable bovine,inert, morribund monstrosity called the EU ever contributed to the advancement of civilisation? Zero,Nada,nicht.

Bureaucracy is the process by which money is turned into pure waste and the EU in all its corrupt and miserable defalcating,kleptocratic mendicancy is an indictment on the West which has allowed itself to be shackled to this monster.

The British Are Coming?

Forewarned is forearmed...

I'm A Liberal?!

Redraw the political maps - the liberals support a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU! The Tories are covered in shame. That it takes the leader of the Liberal party to table a motion (or whatever is the arcane language of Parliament) proposing a debate on UK withdrawal of the EU is frankly staggering and mind blowing.

Of course it was frustrated and rejected by the Commons toothless old hag whose only prupose now is to rubber stamp dictats from Brussels. If you want to see a ghost ridden echo chamber turn on BBC parliament where the debate of ratification of the Lisblon Treaty is broadcast nightly and witness the last remnant of our great bastion of freedom reduced to defending itself against the EU fascist juggernaut with only a dozen people in the chamber. All MPs should be forced to attend and give an account of themselves.

If we ever pull back from this nightmare and survive it people willl view and regard the noble and valliant defender of our liberties Bill Cah in the same light as they did Churchill in the second world war.

When In the UK...

When people leave their home country it has to be assumed for purposes of logic that they are doing so to improve their life and environment.No one leaves a bad country for a worse one. They leave to get away from horrible conditions of ethnic ,economic,political,religious strife.

It surely follows therfor that when they come to their newly adopted country that they leave their cultural ethnic religious political baggage at the border and not seek import it into the welcoming country. To simply arrive at the latter and then start reconstructing their old country in the new one is madness incarnate.

The UK skyline is littered with domes of mosques. The old adage is illustrated that 'you can take the boy out of the country but you cannot take the country out of the boy'. This should never have been tolerated. Now we face the task of of dimantling this toxic architectural blot on the landscape and that cannot be done without anything but apprehension and great difiiculty albeit it must be done.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's History, But Not As We Know It

I only lasted 30 minutes with the BBC programme last nigh by Michael Portillo on Thatcher. There is only so much hysterical revisionism one can take. Was this man Ever a Tory? So many misreadings of events he was seemingly witness to! Mind blowing. All the tired conservative leftists were Trotted out, EU federasts ad nauseam.

The great historic events were skimmed over or ignored and with obscene haste Portaloo was at the Maggie demise ten minutes into the programme! That was dwelt on with something approaching relish and even the given causes of that was fallacious. The woman was victim of a left wing coup by the Heseltines -nothing to do with the Poll tax which was a darn good idea -or her views on the EU which were spot on, prescient and 100% bloody right.

Yesterday's terrible programme was another reminder why I will probably never vote Conservative again.

(I know I only watched half an hour but that is quite enough to get the tenor of a programme and to see where it is going.)

The most absurd comment amongst so many was when Portaloo claimed that all Dragons had been slayed and Maggie was seeking to create artificial ones.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm A Libertarian?


Gervais: Lenny Bruce Meets Coco The Clown

Only Gervais could get away with a politically incorrect joke like this: (paraphrase)

I saw that gay rally to reduce homosexual consent to 16. All those people protesting - people power. The Government had to give way. Didn't see any 16 year old boys there though. Just 40 year old men.The 16 yr olds were probably doing their homework ,or watching the rally on TV and thinking; 'God,we're buggered!'

In the ch 4 celebration of his work last night we also saw him taking the royal piss out of charity aid on TV in a quite merciless way. I haven't quite worked out what he does or how he gets away with it but it does demonstrate how you can get a point across with humour much more effectively sometimes than normal political discourse. It disarmingly gets under the radar and scores a direct hit.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Faggots Cause Earthquakes!

An associate of mine insists that negative humanoid vibes can cause seismic climactic shifts. Someone in Israel seems to think so too...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ve Have Vays Of Avoiding Income Tax!

Bravo to German businessmen,hundreds of whom have apparently successfully evaded the punitive crippling Socialist Communist German income tax system by banking their money in neighbouring Lichenstein. To listen to the BBC World Service and the various German commentators one would think it was the German businessmen who were the criminals rather than the tax sytem which takes over half the earnings of the most productive German people and squanders it on lavish and foolish welfare provision which saps the moral energy of the most productive and supports the indigent worky shy.

One very confused person in the street bemoaned the actions of the busineesmen on the grounds that 'people should work for their money'! And then presumably have said money taken away to feed those who don't?!