Friday, January 06, 2017

A Working Class Zero is Nothing to Be

Smash the working classes! Well, what I mean is to hell with them because the lumpen proletariat are merely the tools of the intellectual middle class agitators and socialists who rode to power in the late 20th century on their coat tails and wreaked the havoc of global revolution and ushered in the worst totalitarian nightmares of human history Hitlerism and Stalinism and all their lesser small scale petty horror states before they in turn were swept away with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the domino effect across the globe  was set in train re Thatcherism and Reaganism.

The working class yet stumbled on, neutered and enfeebled for a few more decades,carrying out timorous sorties and raids into the neo liberal polity,symbolic skirmishes with the liberal zeitegeist getting ever smaller in size and reach, dissolving and diluting into the arid wastes of political correctnes and the fetid waters of identity politics with all the rigour and vigour of an impotent fantasist reliving old long ago conquests,muttering to itself,retracing its footsteps in ever decreasing circles yet still with enough life in it to muster and murmur a few half hearted imprecations against globalisation and the inexorable march of time passing by it on the other side of the road.

But now the final death knell rings, the working class rump trembles at the sound, the now deafening sound of Mechanisation! The thing it feared the most has come upon it -it is surplus to requirements. It can either adapt or die.It can embrace the new,technology,skill up,tool up or face its inevitable doom.It can embrace change and innovation or it can listen to the sire call of the Trump who wants to strike a Devil's bargain with the working class.He will make America great again! How? By putting the clock back 100 years,reversing the course of time itself.It will not just stand still for the God Donald but will actually reverse! Magical powers indeed.Forget the art of the possible this is the alchemy of the mystics of old,the authoritarian Gods of Collectivism all concentrated in the power of the Master at the click of the mouse at the twitter of the twitterer in chief.Mass hysteria in the 21st century.Water will run up hill.

Pol pot did it for a season,Chairman Mao too.The country ran with blood though and it ended in a sea of tears.Sorry, the working class is dead,long live the middle class.Mechanisation is good.The machine is our saviour let us embrace it and spurn the mystical mumbo jumbo of collectivist in chief Messrs Trump-Bernie'Hillary with their magical incantations of doom dressed up as salvation.

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