Thursday, April 30, 2015

MilliBrand digs his grave

He will rue the day he set foot in the Marxist clown's house and gave that ridiculous interview.The tax doging commie.dian is a self publicising  hypocrite of the first water and Milliband has sunk to the gutter in a desperate attempt to appear relevant to the young who being largely uneducated in the state system  are taken in by Brand's gibberish apparently as he has over a million 'followers' on youtube.Hitler had lots of followers too.

At least with his tacit support for Milliband Brand has revealed his true colours -deepest Red.

Opinion Polls: Lying tools of biased media

First they lied about the Scottish Independence referendum and predicted a very narrow finish which I knew at the time was wrong.The No vote won by sizeable 10% Now they are talking up Splurgeon and the SNP Socialist Nihilist Party and telling us they are going to end up running the country after the election.I predict a tory win and UKIP advance.Don't beleive the polls.They seem to be in symbiotic connivance with the liberal media.

Perversion of welfare!

The Liberals say the tories will cut child benefit and working tax credits -and what an Orwellian jumble of confusion is contained in that last absurdity - but it does highlight how the last labour gov deliberately spread the welfare net far and wide to encompass even working people which is a perversion of welfare's original intent namely to give succor to the unemployed.As flawed as that original plan was even the architects of the misbegotten welfare state did not intend for it to suck into dependency those in work.This was a cynical ploy to gain voters by Labour and it has distorted the wage price discovery of the employment  market as has the unemployment benefit system itself.

It is to be hoped that if the tories get back in which I predict they will getting rid of child benefit and the tax credits for working people  will be one of their early objectives.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Australia must act

The murder of 2 Australians in Indonesia by its government for drug smuggling should be treated by Australia as an act of war and retaliation should be swift and ruthless.Withdrawing some bureaucrat from an embassy is worse than doing nothing.This is state terrorism and Indonesia needs to feel the full wrath of the Australian state with a military strike.It should have given forewarning to Indonesia that if it murdered two of its citizens it would be regarded as an act of war and retaliation would follow.This it failed to do and its response is woefully inadequate and pusilaminous.

Instead of bleating on about how the smugglers were repentant,going to church and doing voluntary work to reform themselves the Australians should have said no crime was committed,it beleives in decriminalising drug consumption and selling and that it does not accept the barbaric medieval moral religious system of Indonesia and will not tolerate its imposition on its citizens.

It was reported that Australia actually sends welfare Aid to Indonesia.Lets hope that is brought to an immediate end and it starts getting tough with this subhuman country.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ideology and the left

The left ascribes virtues to the tories that they do not possess when it accuse them of being ideological.Most tories do not have an ideological bone in their body,they are pragmatists through and through who just lean to the right.The left sensing that people are distrustful of ideology seek to smear the tories in the public mind with this ideological tag when in reality if it belongs round anyones neck it is theirs with their big state agendas.

A biographer of Cameron said recently that when some of his speechwriters tried to inject abstract concepts pertaining to freedom and capitalism into his speeches he crossed them all out so distrustful is he (and I would argue as are all tories) to ideas and ideology.One need look no further as to the real cause of the tories being just neck and neck with Labour in the opinion polls at this late stage in the election campaign.

The lesson is clear.The politician with no ideolgy will always be defeated by the politician with one no matter how bad or immoral it may be.And let us not forget that an anti ideology is an ideology.Its called nihilism.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Food banks are good

Food banks are contrary to what we are told, a good development taking charity away from the State and back to the private sphere where it belongs.Instead of the state stealing money from people in taxes and very often giving it to the undeserving so called poor the work is done by churches or other charity outlets and less prone to corruption although we do see abuse of food banks by people who do not really need them.

The left hates food banks because it robs them of their political power base but it is they who have destroyed the whole concept of charity by nationalising it thus subverting it and creating social alienation as people's charitable impulses have been atrophied by state co option.It is the left that has a cynical view of human nature and effectively believes that unless a gun is pointed at the head of people they will not give and be charitable but the whole point about charity is that it has to be voluntary.To impose it by force is to destroy it.

The success of food banks should lead to the only conclusion that all welfare should be privatised and taxation abolished over time so that natural human instincts can come to the fore with the additional benefit that individuals are much better at determining who needs help and who is playing the system than the politicians who more often are motivated by shoring up their power base and being elected to office with all the emoluments and financial advantages that therby accrue.

Politicans indulge in cheap at no cost to themselves pseudo virtue by giving other people's money away and this vicarious philanthropy,charity by proxy is the worst kind of moral corruption as it invests them with God like powers,their appetite for other people's money grows with the feeding and the public is robbed blind as they direct the monies to their electoral client base,effectively attaining power thru pork barrel politics,the very essence of political corruption.

Lets hear it for food banks then as they return power back to the people and away from the corrupt political classes.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

What will be the repercussions of UK EU withdrawal?

We are given dire warnings by the Euphiles that if Britain leaves the EU it will seriously harm its industry and cripple the economy but one has to take such warnings with a truck load of salt when one bears in mind the politics of those making the claim.They are hardly the defenders of business and love the EU precisely because it is Not business friendly and has imposed social charters and regulations and taxes on it to the point of strangulation.To hear such people express concern about British business should make anyone suspect their motives and treat them with the utmost skepticism.

But there is another clue as to the real motives for the EU philes making such an argument when one follows it to its conclusion where they claim that a UK outside the EU would be cut off from all the trade deals and agreements with the other EU members and it is here that they give the game away because what they are effectively conceding is that the EU is not about free trade at all but is in fact an insular inward looking protectionist bloc bound in by restrictions tarrfiffs bureaucracy laws regulations - which is why they love it so much!

Austerity,what austerity?

The tory's idea of austerity is the equivalent of Mr Cresote denying himself a wafer thin mint.The chancellor's shiftiness when asked where the future cuts are to come from is telling and it is a puzzle why he cannot see how evasive and shifty he sounds when he persistently ignores questions about it and goes off on one of his characterstic divagations interlarded with vague generalities.But then again it relects the contempt that the political class have for their dumb electorate as they know the latter do not really want to be told the truth about the country's dire economic situation -mankind cannot take much reality as TS Elliot put it.

This sort of complicity between politicians and voters reminds me of the old joke in the Soviet Union when a worker said of his State employer 'they pretend to pay us and we pretend to work'.We know how that one ended and Europe now is  not in much better shape.

In the end such dishonesty does not really pay off however as Ed Milliband is apparently ahead in the polls and is predicted to win and when a politician cannot defeat Gordon Brown or Ed Milliband it is really time for him to go and do something else which is what most people are saying Mr Cameron will do.

Max Keiser and the Red Terror -RT

Marx Keiser at the soviet state tv RT gets more hysterical by the day with his anti capitalist ravings and only state sponsored RT would give such a unhinged character airtime.His fruitloop sidekick Stacy Herbert interpolates his foam flecked harrangues with readings from bizarre obscure publications and internet sites feeding  his stream of conciousness ramblings.

Every so often he trundles on the psychotic paranoiac comedian Russel Brand who takes the programme to new levels of surrealism.This delusional character only exhibits humour unintentionally with his patheitic conspiracy theorist kindergarden agitprop and is a perfect match with Keiser as they feed each other's psychotic delusions and hatred of individualism.

HSBC exit of UK prefigures braindrain

Reading the writing on the wall re regulation,taxes and the dire prospect of an overtly Marxist Labour government red in tooth and claw HSBC statement this week that it was considering leaving the UK should not be seen as an idle threat.It did mention the uncertainty of UK s relationship with the EU as being another factor but no one has any realistic figures about what the repercussions of such an British exit from the EU would be so that is not the main issue here.

We do know however what the country always looks like after 5 years of Labour governments  and there are quite a few businesses who will decide that it is not something they want to hang around for with HSBC firing the starting pistol.Watch this empty space where businesses once stood.

Comemorating a dead and disreputable past

Here we go again with yet another moribund celebration of past non glories this time the Anzac defeat in the gallipoli dardanells disaster.What is the matter with this country that it must wallow in its past that was never any good to begin with? Its just too embarrassing.

The more I think about it there is absolutely no grounds for patriotism for the British. Configured by statism from the start to the present it has to manufacture something to remember as an anaesthetic to kill the pain of its nothingess.We have seen the enemy and it is within.Orwell had it bang to rights in his dystopic novel and we have a daily dose of regardant collective wallowing.Bound by self mannacled chains we peer misty eyed to a mythical past where heroes traversed the continents spilling oceans of blood for meaningless causes to empower the state and render their own people slaves.Ruled Britainia,waive the celebrations why don't you.

Starkey raving bonkers again

He caused a bit of commotion arguing with the ridiculous Helena Kennedy last week but the main outrage which went completely unnoticed was David Starkey's incredible statement that the people accepted the Magna Carta which secured their liberty by agreeing to taxation.Think about it.They bought their liberty with chains around their necks,allowing the government to extract monies from them in perpetuity,rendering them slaves of the state.I know,it is rather hard to get your head round such a complete contradiction and this from a renowned and accomplished historian.

When even the best of our intellectuals are so mired in confusion and contradiction what hope indeed?

Red Milliband Peril

With his announcement of rent controls if  Labour wins it is becoming obvious that milliband is a threat to the country that should not be countenanced.If Labour  win I favour a military coup to overthrow it.He and his cabinet should be thrown in the tower of London,tried and executed.It must be remembered that democracy can lead to dictatorhip as it did in Nazi Germany where Hitler was elected thru the ballot box.Democracy is no protection of tyranny but rather a facilitator of it.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Pathology of modern politics

There is something about the run up to a general election that brings the whole rotten corrupt system of democracy into sharp relief with its faux debates on concretes,its militant avoidance of principles and articulation of ideology and underlying philosophy and the implicit agreement amongst the supposed rival parties to fake disagreement where none exists as all share the same collectivist statist premises which they connive to conceal from their hapless electorate voting fodder.

This sordid and tawdry spectacle would shame a banana republic but in what is supposed to be the heart of a supposedly free highly advanced modern state it is nothing short of a catastrophe and a moral disaster.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Statism we're in

There is a much publicised disillusionment with modern politics in democracies generally but no one appears to have got to the core of the problem or even aprroximated the cause of this profound phenomena.An obstacle to finding the cause I believe lies in the sacred reverence in which democracy is held by its advocates and defenders.To question it is to invite opprobrium down on one's head and to be roundly excoriated . I should say  if anyone dared to attempt such a transgression for so hypnotic a thrall  has democracy cast over even the most astute of commentators no one even dare attempt such act of iconoclasm.

Unless we can break the spell that democracy has cast over people's minds, to cooly examine the  sacred cow we will continue to stumble around in the dark unable to get to the heart of the national frustration with politics.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Notes to the Alternative Manifesto

The challenge to statism and its halfway house  the mixed economy has to go to the root which is philosophical.Unless the core beliefs that underpin statism and mixed economy are challenged head on people will always choose  statism and its application of welfarism and redistributive taxation based as it is on the fundamental religious principles of altruism. It is those principles that need to be challenged as even though they lead to economic disaster people will opt for them in the belief that morality trumps all.This is the task for those who wish to place capitalism as the heart of a  moral system of enlightened rational self interest.

Alternative Manifesto

As an antidote to the slew of statist mixed economy 5 Year Plans of the political party's manifestos I offer the following.

Dissolution of the Monarchy.This will release £7 billion of property that the parasitic royals are sitting on to pay off some of the national debt.

Disestablishment.The Church of England is a whore of socialism,a nationalised religious obscenity and will be privatised.Britain is no longer a religious country and not even its adherent in the Cof E actually believe in the fiction of God and they do not represent or speak for anyone but themselves and their narrow clique of primitivistic clericalists.

Abolition of the minimum wage -the biggest job destroyer of them all and blighter of youthful aspirations and opportunity.

Abolition of inheritance tax.

5 year phasing out of all taxation -the tool of tyranny.

Bonfire of all anti business regulations

Withdrawal from the EU

Abolition of Foreign Aid

Privatisation of the NHS

Legalisation of all drugs

Withdrawal from the UN

Withdrawal from Nato

Abolition of the Barnet Formula

Psalm to the Non-integrated conciousness

If you want to know how liberals 'think' then BBC Radio 4  Points of View is essential listening. This week it was the turn of the comic jewish novelist Howard Jacobson and  he pedals the familiar line of other earlier guests to the programme like John Grey that all ideology is suspect and  the antithesis of art and that anyone who posits a system of thought based on a consistent philosophy of life is the equivalent of intellectual poison which will lead to the gas chambers and Gulag or at the very least bore everyone to death.

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater Jacobson makes the common mistake of concluding that the answer to bad philosophy and ideology is no philosophy or ideology at all. A distrust of intellectualism is however a perfectly understandable defense mechanism except for the unfortunate fact that it is no defense whatsoever against bad ideas because in rejecting the field of ideas completely it is left wide open to the bad philosophers and ideologues to co opt it to nefarious ends unchallenged, which is why having the field to themselves they wreak so much havoc in our culture and polity today.

The unilateral intellectual disarmament that Jacobson articulates is an abject surrender to the field of ideas and can only lead to the rushing in of a monstrous regiment  of amoral knaves and collectivist hobgoblins of the mind who will willingly occupy that empty space where reason and rational philosophy has fled.The sleep of reason brings forth monsters indeed.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

What part of No don't the SNP understand?

icola Splurgeon may be personable pressing the flesh and kissing babies  but so was Hitler and Stalin.Just as the liberal media told us that there was going to be a yes to scottish independence in the recent referendum and were wrong they will no doubt be wrong about the extent of SNP success in the general election,bigging up the poisoned dwarf whose attitude to the No vote seems to be we need another referendum because the people voted the wrong way last time.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Homeopathic mentality

The war on reason takes many forms but the growth of interest in alternative medicine and homeopathy is surely its most virulent.A person does not have to be of a mystical bent to subscribe to this phenomena but it certainly helps.If someone can accomodate the concept of an entity that has created the universe from another dimension then believing in homeopathy which has never been scientifically proven in any objective analytical tests is a walk in the park.

Accompanying an interest in alternative medicine is invariably a distrust of the pharmaceutical industy -'big pharma' as it is pejoratively called which borders on the paranoiac and feeds in to the whole conspiracy theory industry for such it now is and which narrative is, to compress: there is an unholy alliance between big business, government and the drug industry whose objective is to poison people with toxic pills and to divert them from from natural cures,such as herbals and various snake oil confections which now poliferate.

The solution to this problem in so far as it exists is to have a complete separation of medicine and State and people will be free to avail themselves of either conventional medicine or alterantive medicine and no taxes will fund either or the research thus eliminating the claim of such alarmists that the whole research field has been co opted by 'big pharma' and the regulators to boot.Conventional medicine and alternative can then fight it out in the market and no one will be forced to subsidise either one.

Reality check time

If a burglar broke into someone's house brandishing a knife or gun would the homeowner sit him down with a cup of tea and discuss the philosophical and social advantages of non coercion in human affairs? Absurd question maybe but if so how much more absurd it is to think that one can have a similar conversation with the state about its coercive criminal depradations on life and property and to suppose that going from podium to podium lecturing on freedom and capitalism is going to make a wits difference to the power elite with the full might and force of the state behind them and all the vested interests in statism they represent.

By the time a burglar is hoving into view with knoife and gun and the state is plundering and committing wholesale larceny on an industrial scale through its taxation programmes it is way too late to sit down with a nice cup of ta and debate and reason with the parties concerned which is why the objectivists have made zilch progress in reducing the power of the state despite the thousands of debates and lectures they have given to the cause and will no doubt continue to do  ad infinitum.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A better way

Imagine a world with an absence of coercion in human affairs,where no state initiates force against its civilians in the form of taxation and regulation.Such a world is possible but not being offered because a corrupt morality is keeping people enslaved namely altruism,the philosophy of sacrifice,self immolation and its roots are in religion which preaches the primitive tribalistic crude corrupt ideology of human sacrifice.

Until the human race abandons this inhuman philosophy implicity or explicity exressed in its cultural mores human beings will continue to view others and means to their ends and the results will be destruction of all human life,hope aspiration happiness and existence itself.

A new morality needs to supplant the old inhuman one of altruism and when this is done the welfare states based on coercion and state tyranny will disappear into the dustbin of history.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Can a post election capitalist party emerge in the UK?

There is a political vacuum at the heart of British politics that none of the extant parties are addressing being as they are in various degrees statist in constitution.The emergence of the Greens is the most extreme of this tendency going along a continuum with Labour,Liberal,conservatives and then Ukip at the end where it comes to a screeching halt and this is the party that has just endorsed the continuation of the socialist behemoth NHS. 

Here the vacuum begins and nature demands this abhorrence be corrected with a capitalist party that takes an uncompromising position against state coercion in the form of taxation and regulation.Now is not the time to fathom the mystery of why this vacuum exists other than to posit that statism has sucked the energy and creative possibility of any alternative amongst the intellectual academics and left the field barren and open for anyone who so chooses to occupy it with new radical revolutionary ideas of freedom liberty and individual rights in a delimited state.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The rotten corruption that is Democracy

You can have any colours you want as long as they are blue or red.That is what we are being told by the power elite in Westminster.People are being bought with their own money!They steal it from them in taxes and then use the stolen money to buy their support at the general election so that they can then go on stealing from them afterwards.THIS is the system we want to export around the world??????

An alien from outer space on being enlightened on this system of democracy would think it had landed on a planet inhabited by imbeciles.This is the best we can do?

The silence from what are loosely termed libertarians in this election circus is deafening.The enormity of the insanity of this system can be intimidating but it behoves dissenting voices to be raised or we can say bye bye to whatever is left of our liberty.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Eric pickles Evil Fat pig

Disgraceful Eric Pickles announced as part of conservative manifesto for the general election the introduction of mandatory 3 days a year leave to do voluntary work for every employee employed in a company with more than 250 workers in a move that one would expect to see more in China or Cuba than in a relatively free democratic country such as the UK..

As it is not April 1st one has to assume that the ridiculous and obscenely fat Pickles was not having a joke and that it is actually a serious proposal in which case he has clearly taken leave of his senses.Even the liberal BBC s Justin Webb sounded incredulous as he quizzed a very defensive and uncomfortable sounding Pickles over this statist imposition.The fat one wriggled, answered defensively, shiftily evasively and resorted to abuse of the interviewee but the one who clearly came across as a prize plonker was Pickles himself for surely the most absurd proposal the conservatives have ever put forward.

Red rag to a bull

In a desperate bid to appeal to women voters who apparently are immune to Farage's charms the party has announced that it will remove vat from tampons.How jammy can you get.They are also supporting the existing paternity and maternity leave which is pure statism and very regrettable.Bleeding heart liberals...

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Drunken Valentine Massacre

What on earth possesses the likes of Duncan Ballayntane the multi millionaire to support Labour and specifically the Milliband proposal to scrap domicile status for tax purposes? It can surely only be confused thinking and a desire to be seen as a good person in the eyes of the public when of course it is an abject unforgiveable betrayal of all the principles Ballantyne applied to be the success he is :independence of mind,rugged determinism,entrepreneurialism, non-dependence on state assistance.

This sorry episode is a salutary reminder that when it comes to defending liberty and the limited state there will be no assitance from the very people who depend on it most,the businessmen and entrepreneurs who are totally schizophrenic in these matters,applying as they do logic and reason in their business life and throwing them away in their politic affiliations in an unfocused orgy of altruistic sentiment.

Labour Macht Frei

The news that red ed Militant wants to remove domicile status from foreigners living here is of course no surprise and is par for the labour cause which is out and out theft of private income and property.The fact that Blair has come out in support of Milliband is again no surprise as he is another EU zealot with totalitarian impulses and they both share an unwillingness to let the British people decide the matter in a referendum.

The only weapon against these statist power lusters is a clear uncompromised defence of liberty and capitalism but all we hear is an eerie deafening silence from all the other parties. This  Invasion of the body politic snatchers does not seem to alarm anyone but me....

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Ukip Bringing it all back home

It is a bit rich,ironic and highly insulting for the Conservatives  to be urging their one time supporters who  have defected to Ukip to come home again like some repentant prodigal errant when it is they themselves the tories who have wandered too far from home and abandoned their values and went whoring after the EU and did everything in their power to fob the British people off when it came to confronting that evil organization.

They have been dragged kicking and screaming due to the rise of Ukip into offering a referendum which they think they can fix to a yes vote with some cosmetic EU reforms.Mixing delusion with arrogance they will find in May that their former voters are not to be bought by empty hollow promises and that they will stick to Ukip and kick the tories into the dustbin of history.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

The Statism we are in

It is quite bizarre to hear the Greens being presented as something radical and new when it is just the rump of the old British communist party reconfigured and the SNP which the BBC is bigging up night and day are cut from the same cloth and are offering up statism on steroids for the witless Scots and any idiots south of the border who seek collectivism with the Splurgeon pint pot Nolan sister.

But the good news is that the SNP may wipe out Labour in Scotland which has been their petty fiefdom for too long and little sympathy for them when it was they who let the Scottish independence genie out the bottle with the setting up of the Scottish assembly  and they are paying the price for that folly.

Where does that leave the small minority of us who say to all parties a plague on your statist house and wish for the minimalist state? Out in the cold and voiceless until a Farage like figure appears and offers a vista of the sunny uplands of liberty,a delimited taxless state, where individual rights are sovereign and cannot be voted away by the mob through the ballot box,that genteel cover for all tyrannies and oppressive majoritarian collectivist states.Perchance to dream the non democratic dream.....Happy non Easter to all.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Turkeys,Meet Mr and Mrs Christmas

Just like the Jewish people who paid for their train fare to Auschwitz the British people will be standing in line  to vote for their oppressors in the modern concentration camp called democracy.How entertaining! Lets listen as our tormentors tell us what they have in store for us pathetic munchkins and how they will make our prison cells all bright and sparkly!

Please enslave us,we grovel and fawn before you o great masters of Demagog! We are but pathetic creatures mere supplicants to your will and whim,we truckle before your beneficience,we quaver and tremble in quiescent obesiance,please take everything we have and give us a scrap in return, a mere welfare morsel in recognition of our abject servility. Tax you say? How high we say.

Free us from the narrow pinched confines of reality,make a,b and 1 and 1 3.Liberate us from the tyranny of reality,tell us how much you care,save us from ourselves,pour your copious blessings upon our miserable heads for without you we would not know what day of the week it was,what to think,how to act,what to do.You have politicised and collectivised our very souls and we are grateful for it.We love you Big Brother.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

More Self abuse

Because he talks in byzantine sentences and is master of the prolix one has to be able to deconstruct (to use one of his poncey words) the drivel that comes out of Will Self's mouth but in the service of humanity I step forward to perform that onerous task.Just recently he was opining that our politicians are not being honest with us as they are limited in what they can do because of the global market.Translated what this means is it would be nice if our government could control the rest of the world and impose its mad statist collectivist welfare policies globally but because it cannot we will all just have to make do with liberty instead,its regrettable but there we are.

Socialist slimeball....