Friday, August 31, 2012

Taxation Human Bondage

Man's desire to enslave others is a primitive impulse that has been manifest throughout human history and can only be checked by law. But when the law itself permits this barbaric act what recourse can there be for the victims but the use of force to throw off such tyranny?

It is recognised that a man has the right to self defence if his property is violated by burglars and that he can repel them with force if necessary.But what does that avail him if the biggest burglar of all ie the State is busily robbing him all day long and he is without the means to repel it due to its monstrous power and reach?That is the ultimate definition of slavery yet for the most part of history this has been and continues to be the state of affairs across the globe and such boundless tyranny and State terrorism -for such it is - has been met with a mute and servile acquiescence and hardly ever challenged on any serious sustained and concerted level.We have to examine why this is so.

What has disarmed man throughout time and prevented him from throwing off the yoke of tyranny and reduced him to a state of servile supplication and obesiance to the ravenous parasitic taxing State on every continent that presumed to call itself civilized?What hypnotic thrall has subjugated the nations and led them by the nose to the shackles of human bondage via taxation?Surely they have been duped on a scale barely comprehensible to the imagination.A coup by the powers that rule on this scale must have suggestive post hypnotic conditioning verging on animal magnetism in its thraldom.

It is one thing to shackle people with actual chains but to be able to achieve this feat without them shows a sophistication and control beyond the run of the mill and we have to look beyond the crude application of brute force and turn instead to the greatest power of all namely ideology.If you can convice a man that his property does not belong to him,that he is selfish to enjoy it without sharing it with others you need not a gun.He has already been disarmed with sophistry.Just make him feel guilty for his achievement and success.Tell the child they must share their toys with the other children and you have the adult slave.

Here religion plays a major role in softening up the victim for self sacrifice as most religions teach this monstrous evil of altruism.Then it is given modern application by a secularised version called Socialism and Liberalism and the job is done.

Until people reject this evil creed they will continue to be enslaved by the terrorist State and millions will continue to be sacrificed on its altar.Individuals who seek to rebel will be silenced by vilification or jail.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Minimum Wage - Creator Of Youth Unemployment

The cause of youth unemployment which has gone up exponentially is the introduction by Labour of the minimum wage and it should abolished immediately.If a young person works 40 hour week on just £3 an hour they would still be bringing in twice what they get on benefit and it would be tax free but most importantly is the job experience they would get and a foot on the ladder and the opportunity to rise in the company through hard work and diligence thus setting them on the first step of a career path -all of which is being denied them as they are left to rot on the dole.

Anyone who truly cares about youth unemployment would support the scrapping of the pernicious job destroying Socialist minimum wage and free the youth from this State created blight of youth unemployment.

UK Tax Serfs And The Orwellian State

There is debate about whether to erect a statue of Orwell outside the BBC but the latter has suggested apparently from an irony free zone that it would be too political.It would on the contrary be most appropriate.Orwell worked at the BBC and many think his novel 1984 was partly inspired by his time there.With its monstrous reach and omnipotent sway over the airwaves the BBC had and still does have more than an air of Big Brother about it.

Orwell of course was something of a prophet and both Left and Right lay claim to him with some justification on both sides but there is no doubt his predictions have been fully realised.UK tax serfs show alarming characteristics of Stockholme Syndrome -they love Big Brother.Snitching on one's neighbour to the State is standard practice and the Welfare Socialist State has produced an envy between people re taxation that the State encourages and benefits from.

As to the statue in question,Orwell himself an inveterate iconoclast would be smiling wryly at the thought of it but regarding location the BBC has to be the most suitable and it might give the employees of said Left wing behemoth pause as they enter the building to reflect about the need for intellectual honesty and integrity re their journalistic standards.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Teachers Unions:Beyond Shame

It would be risible if it were not so darned serious how the teachers unions have come out in support of their poor pupils whose exam results aren't so good this year because very belatedly some rigour has been introduced into the system after decades of abuse and corruption and marking up grade inflation.Any further upward inflationary trajectory and it would have been on the Weimar scale.

Now there is talk of legal action which is further demonstation of how delinquent and morally bankrupt the Marxist teachers union are with their levelling down egalitarian Socialist agendas and how right this governemnt is to decouple the State schools from councils who are politically driven and don't give a damn for their charges future but are hell bent on dumbing down the youth with their 'everyone must have prizes' mentality.

Objectivists- Ivory Tower Intellectuals?

The abject failure of Objectivism to make any inroads culturally and politically after 50 years since its inception does raise questions of its practicality and whether or not its advocates are too much ivory tower intellectuals to take the battle into the public arena.

Ayn Rand herself was reluctant to get into the weeds of policy prefering instead to speak in broad principles and leave it to others to fill in the gaps but this has left a yawning lacunae in Objectivism as no one as far as I can see has taken up the challenge of transmuting it into concretes.They seem to have taken the cue from Rand and avoided the issue arguing as she did that too much intellectual groundwork and disemination had yet to be done to prepare the way for an Objectivist universe. But does that still apply half a century later?

Peikoff argues correctly that promoting Objectivism cannot be considered a career and anyone who spends their life teaching people that self sacrifice is evil has by virtue of their actions become an embodiment of altruism!

Is this the crux of the issue,the Catch 22?Someone said that trying to organise libertarians politically was like trying to herd cats.Speaking of which Rand of course despised the latter and totally disasociated herself from that movement accusing it of being irrational and plagiaristic and corrupting her teaching with perversions and shortcuts resulting in an incoherent mish mash of contradictory floating abstractions.

Of course Conservatives would and do argue that Rand was an extremist whose ideas were impractical and as they put it, that is not how things can be 'in the real world' which translated means the only way is compromise and half measures and the mixed economy,a mixture of freedom and slavery.Whilst that is a cynical and contemptible position it does behove Objectivists to get their finger out and start advocating in a way that they have up to this point lamentably failed to do.

Evil And Its Nemesis

In a deeply moving documentary programme last week with Kirsty Young random acts of violence and their aftermath was the topic and the triumph of the human will in overcoming such arbitrary madness and evil.Victims of taxi driver Raol Moat,Real IrA,drive by gang motivated shootings,Brevik and many others were included.Most people realised the importance of not hating the perpetrators and therby allowing them to continue their reign of terror through psychological trauma and conditioning.

Human beings have a capacity to allow rage to overtake them and when this is combined with the use of firearms the consequences can be devastating.In most cases the rage is incoherent and non specific and not targeted at a clear object and innocent people get caught up in the explosion of rage.In Brevik's case it was more calculating and delimited but no less innapropriate.

The salutary lesson to be drawn from these tragedies is the very rarely touched upon one of the need of self control and how the lack of it can lead to disaster and mayhem.We can see this in the phenomena of road rage and many varieties therof.

If all the inhabitants of our jails learned self control and non reaction to stress we could have empty prisons.On a smaller scale it can be observed in Big Brother where the competitors get caught up in petty rivalries and bitter confrontations and bullying.

Perhaps the schools should teach the art of non intimidation and we could breed a race of supermen but then there would be no need for most of government!Indeed society and the powers that be have a vested interest in people running amok and out of control because it makes them look like the good guy and gives them the excuse for draconian laws and controls and big government.A nation of calm strong non intimidated people the State could not handle.It prefers drugged up angry folk it can control with handcuffs and dismiss as lunatics.

Age Of Unreason

It is amazing to witness people's inability to reason in debate and it is not just the Left where you find this.Conservatives have irrationality as their default mode too and it runs through their dna.Take their defence of Monarchy - the random arbitrary rule of despots down the ages. They love it and seek to justify it with wooly ratiocinations interweaving tradition worship and the mysticism of divine rule and noblese oblige.Denial pathology in action.Small wonder they have such scant regard for freedom and liberty and are happy to perpetuate the tyranny of mob rule we call Democracy.

I do make a distinction here between European Conservatives who are more like Socialists and their American counterparts who are more pro freedom and Capitalism.

There has been some grim amusement to be had in watching Conservatives go through contortions to make excuses for delinquent Harry-Hal and it does make one wonder what he would have to do before they passed censure.Let us sit down and talk of the madness of kings and queens and their supporters.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Brevik And Liberalism In The Dock

Norwegians are liberal to the end.Brevik mass murderer gets 20 years, illustrating perfectly the inherent contradictions of a philosophy that is so soft and weak it will destroy itself with tolerance.Like the British the Norwegians may come to see, hopefully before it is not too late, that their much famed tolerance was nothing more than foolhardiness.

But there is a complication here.Brevik was right.Norway has bent over backwards to accomodate muslims just as the whole of Europe has and it has been a ghastly mistake for which it has paid dear.

And it hard to imagine such a thing today even in Europe as a holiday camp for a Socialist Hitler youth group where they go to get indoctrinated into multiculturalism and appeasment to Izlam.Brevik took the view no matter how wrong he was in executing it that it makes sense if you see a vipers egg to crush it under your heel for fear if you do not you will end up with a whole colony of vipers.The West should wake up and smell the Izlam koolaid before it is too late.

Naked Truth Of British Monarchy

The latest Harry incident is one of many instances of innapropriate behaviour and hopefully one more nail in the coffin of the British monarchy.This parasitic elite who live at the expense of the taxpayers and who treat them as their feudal serfs are simply beyond the pale,a corrupt criminal mafia-like gang who through bloodlines have tyranised the British people over the centuries and have a long bloody history of mayhem and genocide behind them.They belong in the trash can of history.

How dare they seek in their delusioinal arrogance to muzzle the press and how the latter have grovelled and lickspittled to them in obsequious compliance.

Once again it was left to the heroic Sun to refuse to bend the knee to the Windsors and print and be damned.One more example of how the despicable kangaroo court star chamber of Levenson has had a chilling effect on our once proud and independent press.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ian Bradey and the Criminal Injustice System

Last night's programme on Ian Brady Moors murderer could have been an hour long advertisment for restoration of the death penalty.This piece of human garbage has cost taxpayers millions of pounds in drugs and litigation which he seems to specialise in and he has more carers and social workers running round him giving him 24 hour care than any war widow on a pitiable pension and the whole thing is a moral obscenity.They won't even let him die which has been his wish for the longest time.What kind of insanity has gripped the criminal justice system,what kind of people are running it and making such bizarre decisions?Only mad liberals who seem to run everything and who believe that psychopaths have rights too.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Politicians Locked-In Syndrome

I have some time for Simon Heffer which is why I was surprised to hear him say on the radio that it is for politicians to decide whether a person has a right to end their life if it has become insupportable due to an incurable illness, specifically in this instance the man with locked-in syndrome who has just recently had his case delayed.

It is an inalienable individual right to end one's life if one considers it has become unbearable and it absolutely should never be on the say so of any third rate politician or judge for that matter

The idea that a politician should determine that a person carry on living in abject misery and suffering is positively obscene and profoundly totalitarian a concept and methinks Mr Heffer should really know better.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gray's Anatomy

John Gray who appears on Radio 4 Point of View is typical of the Left wing intellectual establishment in his use of low dishonesty in public discourse by deploying the technique of subliminal insinuation to smuggle across his views rather than direct explicit exposition.He was at it again last night in a rambling piece ostensibly about the enduring appeal of the fictional character Sherlock Holmes but this was a mere pretext to launch an assault on reason and to denigrate its role in civlizational progress.

To mount his argument agasinst reason he bizarely cited Communism and Capitalism and their respective failure re Soviet Union and the present banking crisis to support his case that reason has fallen down on the job of directing man to the bright sunny uplands of progress.Bizarre because the idea that Communism was based on reason is absurd.Lenin railed against reason at every opportunity referring to 'miserable reason' in his contempt and excoriation of it.Hitler too the other Socialist based his philosophy on blood lines,irrationalism and mysticism.

Then we come to Capitalism which has allegedly failed according to Gray but if we examine our present pass what emerges is the failure of government in bailing out the banks thus making it doubly likey that they will not learn their lesson and will comitt similar follies again figuring that they can play it deuces wild with their reserves and the tax payer will bail them out again.The whole point about Capitalism is that if it screws up it pays the price and suffers the consequence of failure,not that the State steps in and gives it corporate welfare and a bailout.

I do not know the name of the philosophy the likes of Gray peddals,it could be called skepticism for all I know but it involves the argument that reason cannot soley guide a man's actions because it is inadequate. What I do know however is the implication of it,namely that we rely on some non rational entity,be it faith,or intuition,or hunch which can only lead in one direction -back to the Middle Ages,where reason was unknown and gargoyles and mystical beings ruled man's actions with all the horrific consequences that flowed from that abandonment of the mind.

I have no problem with the likes of Will Self and John Gray appearing on Points of view.It would just be nice if the BBC would invite on intellectuals from across the aisle so that the other side of things can be aired.

Pussy Gaol-Or Not

I don't hold any brief for Putin who appears to have dragged Russia back to its old Soviet ways in some respects but on the issue of public protest I think he has got it right.Many people in the West make the common mistake of conflating freedom of speech with the right to express it any place they choose be it a church or so- called public space, the latter of course being any oxymoron of which more later.Your right to express your views does not give you licence to come on to my property uninvited and express them there.So it is with the girl punk group Pussy Riot who made their protest in a church violating its laws and rules in a crude egregious and inapropriate way.The sentence they got was of course draconian and no doubt politically motivated but the fact remains they had no right to stage their protest where they did.

Here we get to the crux of the matter (pardon the pun) for it is on the issue of'public spaces' and the inherent ambiguity of the concept that so much mischief is made for the conflict of interests it throws up is insoluble because all the while it occupies this indeterminate status of no man's land the public space becomes a battleground for contending protest groups whose conflicting demands cannot be resolved.

This dilemna can only be resolved by two means,namely the Putin way of banning political protest in public across the board or privatising all public space leaving it for the owners of the land to determine who can and cannot protest on it which of course is the resolution I favour.All the while we have public space the right solution is to ban all protests there.

School For Failures

Like so many kids I hated school and it was a complete mystery to me what it was for and what I was doing there.All the teachers appeared to be speaking in a foreign language and what was going on outside the window always seemed more interesting than what was going on in the classroom even if it was just passing traffic on the main road.It was a catholic secondary modern but even so the lessons were over my head, modern maths being a particularly arcane mystery to me.So I left school feeling somewhat cheated and drifted in and out of dead end jobs and to this day have never had a trade or career and have had to resort to living by my wits to some extent.

Of course each individual has to find their own way through life but the schools do not help or facilitate here and if anything can be a road block to progress by screwing with children's minds and crippling potential by uninspired lessons and an incoherent disparate curicula that can stunt growth and impair and arrest cognitive development

It was only due to the fact that I discovered books at about 14 that I was able to glimpse a new world of ideas and literature that would enable me to have something approaching an intellectual inner life.One day my mother told father to take me to the library when she discovered I had never actually read a book.It may in retrospect have been a fatal error as I was later to be accused of forever having my nose in a book and not doing anything practical but anyway at the time I was not relishing the prospect of having to read a book.I grabbed at random a few titles,one a huge coffee table book of the Monkees which had mostly photos in it and little text but I did include a proper book as well and later that day idly opened it and soon became engrossed in the story of a junior James Bond type adventure involving a geek who would climb out of his bedroom window at night and solve crime and then go back to his geeky persona come morning.I was hooked,I wanted more of this stuff.

A world to escape into,adventure excitement.Ghost stories,horror, stories,crime,I seemed to go from genre to genre,exhausting one then discovering another with whole yawning vistas opening up before me until I came across a book by Iris Murdoch called Bruno's Dream and it was like nothing I had ever experienced before,a weird world that yet was somehow strangely familiar imbued with a dream like quality peopled by odd characters with deep psychological flaws,just plain weird but intoxicating.I became a Murdoch fan.Then it was Truman Capote,Hemingway, Fitzgerald,Dickens,Shakespeare, Kafka Proust,Joyce et al.

I may now in retrospect be very skeptical of these writers but at the time they offered an alternative reality that was far more interesting than the mundane everyday world that most people appeared to inhabit.

I don't know what it is like in schools today forty years later but from what I hear there does not seem to have been any improvement at all and generations are being turned out disaffected and ill equipped to meet the challenges of global competition.Our universities have dumbed down,grade inflation has destroyed the qualifications system and a radical overhaul is now under way to turn things around.Will Gove succeed or will the institutionliased inertia of a Marxised union driven State education system mean that stasis prevails and the rot continues.We will have to wait and see.

Friday, August 17, 2012

What Philosophy?

Most people don't sit down and ask themselves what philosophy they are going to live by.They usually hold a mishmash of contradictory positions picked up, often unconsciously, from the culture and media around them if not from the religion they have been brought up in which they may or not reject.It is strange that we live in a culture where it is not even considered important to have an explicit philosophy and indeed such is frowned on as dangerous and indoctrination.This allows the education establishments ironically to insidiously promote a philosophy in a covert way undetected and with thus potentially destructive and pernicious results.Examples of such would be multiculturalism,environmentalism which are both Marxist at root.

Without a proper grounding in philosophy the student is a prime target for such indoctrination and the history of philosophy itself is anyway a graveyard of misbegotten irrational intellectual constructs totally divorced from reality and are mere corruptions of religion and mysticism which students will traverse at their peril.

I can only point the direction of travel which a student of philosophy should take namely a belief system grounded and rooted in reality not an artificial construct concocted out of thin air by a so called intellectual.

Is Objectivism For The Common Man?

One of the criticisms of objectivism the philosophy of Ayn Rand is that it is elitist and has nothing to offer the common man and on the surface this argument may appear to have some validity.If you are an ordinary working stiff,never aspiring to anything beyond your lowly station at Wallmart or Macdonalds,both honourable institutions I might add,then it is hard to see immediately how objectivism will speak to your situation.Objectivism, this argument goes,is for the high fliers,the ceos, the movers and shakers. All the main characters in Rands novels are super heroes of industry, prime movers,not the zeros commonly represented in modern fiction.

So yes,on the surface Rands philosophy of superman may have little to offer Mr average but even the latter likes to hero worship,hence the popularity of batman and other fictional heroes.We all need something to aspire to. Kitchen sink drama and reality programmes are well and good but they do not serve our deep rooted spiritual need and hunger for the depiction of greatness which is why the olympics enthralled so many.The race is to the swift and a philosophy that champions rather than seeks to denigrate and besmear them is a universal human requirement and sustenance no matter what station in life one occupies.

My one caveat with objectivists is that they do tend to fetishise work and speak of it as man's highest value but for the vast majority of people work is a means to an end namely survival,to pay the bills and correct me if I am wrong but I am guessing that a huge majority of the working population alas do not wake up every weekday morning and say yipee I am going to the thing I love,my job.

Brand Of Gibberish

Claiming that drug addiction is a disease rather than a volitional choice is the standard and pernicious cop out-of junkies and their apologists and it was the tired old canard the preposterous Russel Brand was pedalling in a BBC 3 documentary last night.

This absurd assertion is popular amongst the weak minded because it allows them to present themselves as victims of something beyond their control.Their habbit and lifestyle choice becomes instead a disease like cancer or tuberculosis and is thus conveninetly removed from the realm of volition morality choice and responsibility.Any hope of effecting a cure is foredoomed if this line is taken hence its preniciousness.

The wider issue totally unadressed was the role the State plays in prohibition and the obvious solution namely decriminalisation.Throwing people in jail for putting substances in their body is an egregious abuse of the criminal justice system and a gross violation of individual rights.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Rugged Trousered Individualist

The individual poses an existential threat to Democracy and is public enemy number one.Independent schools teach independence.State schools teach Statism.The latter discourages individualism and encourages groupthink,enforced by Marxzoidal teacher unions whose job it is to miseducate and provide more welfare fodder and thus keep Labour which they bankroll in power.They teach employee mentality not employer mentality.

Entrepreneuralism is a threat and the young are taught to be dependent on others to employ them rather than start their own business.Employers are seen as the enemy to be controlled by taxes,Red tape,regulation and turned into defacto State employees,running a welfare service rather than a business.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Towards A UK Objectivist Republic

What would an Objectivist UK look like and what would it involve? I can only offer the following very broad sketch. Firstly, an outright rejection of Conservatism and its tradition worship,its lickspittle allegiance to monarchy and its mystical belief in altruism and State patronage and of course Labour with its undiluted statism.

An abolition of all taxation over a ten year period with its implicit abandonment of all welfare programmes and the funding of armed forces police and courts on a voluntary basis.

Others can fill in the details.I am not a policy wonk or a Ryan Paul.Simple declaration would say the State is not your parent.It will not police who you sleep with,what you ingest,what healthcare you purchase,what school to send your child to,how you spend your money.

The State's sole purpose is to protect your individual rights and to punish those who would seek to violate them.When it becomes the violator of said rights it is illegitimate and should be overthrown.The right to bear arms is in the Bill of Rights and people have a right to defend themselves against a tyrannical state.Capitalism is the only system that guarantees the above and any attempt to regulate it is the first step to Statism via the primrose path of the mixed economy on the altar of which all the main political parties worship.

Borris Is Redder Than Ken

The collapsing disintegrating tory party is clutching at straws in bigging up the ridiculous Borris Johnson who with his messianinc delusions, cult of personality and Socialist agendas is every bit as Red as Ken.

Whenever Tories get into office their feet are barely under the table and they have gone native and are empire building like the very Leftists they pretend to oppose.Grandiose infrastructure schemes,featherbedding industry,taxing,regulating,grandstanding,they become like the worst caricatures of liberals.The sorry Borris episode is one more reminder if one were needed that Tories and Leftists are all brothers under the skin and any rivalry between them is phoney and the mere narcissism of small differences.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


It is sobering to reflect on what little freedom there is in a democracy.Fundamental issues of choice are denied and no one appears to even notice.Whether it be in the area of education,health or how one's earnings are spent,all these things and more are now decided by politicians and government bureaucrats and the broad mass of the nation doesn't bat any eyelid as they hypnoidally file to the ballot box every five years to select their new tyrant.

As the years pass I have more and more sympathy for Guy Fawkes.In these more civilized times perhaps another method could be found to achieve the same ends.The rallying cry could be something along the lines of: 'starve a politician today - don't pay your taxes.'I am acutely conscious however that in this matter I appear to be a solitary figure crying in the wilderness.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Religion And Its Malcontents

Anyone can see the lunacy of David Icke and his ideas but many of those who do so are quite likely to hold a set of beliefs that are no less bizarre but because they are centuries old and are embedded into the culture they are not questioned or thought at all odd such as Christianity or Islam to name but two.Once supernatural ideas have been accepted their detail matters little,whether it involve christ resurrected,or a shape shifting reptile,both require a suspension of reason and disbelief,an abandonment of the mind and a reliance on faith.

A breach of the mind has been effected at this point and credulity and non thinking will now by default guide a person's life.Having had experience with believers I have seen myself how irrationality rules their daily lives and how their beliefs have given them licence to be irrational and then rationalise their beliefs to suit their agendas!No matter what happens to them they can always interpret it as a sign from God,the ultimate flexible friend.I can only conclude that as Freud said a century ago,all religious belief is a form of mental disorder.To be more up to date, Scott Peck said 'most people's religious beliefs are neurotically determined'.

Many in the religious establishment realising they are on shaky ground have sought to anchor their belief system in science itself,to coopt it in an attempt to legitimise it for a modern more skeptical audience and this is illustrated in the recent phenomna known as intelligent design theory.One religious leader even wrote a book called Finding God In Physics which begs the obvious question if you can do that why do you need faith,the very bedrock of religion?

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Soham Travesty

The television programme last week about the murder of Holly Wells, the tragic child victim of killer Ian Huntley brought home starkly just how obscene the injustice of the liberal criminal justice system has become.The argument that if the State kills the offender this brings it (and by token us) down to the same level as the killer is crazy ill sorted liberal pretzellogic.

It is not killing the perpetrator of heinous murders that brings us down to the same level of moral depravity as them.The whole point of the justice system is to achieve a balance between the crime and the punishment.When those two are out of kilter, as they clearly are today, the injustice occurs.

We have also been told that the death penalty cheapens life but again this counter intuitive argument has been exposed as another liberal fallacy, for killing is very cheap today -you can practically get off with it scot free.People are killed for the most trivial of reasons,a pair of trainers,a mobile phone and it doesn't come cheaper than that.

Most reasonable people ie anyone who does not have their liberal head up their fundament would conclude that Ian Huntley never got his just deserts for his barbaric and evil deeds and that his only rightful place is dangling at the end of a rope.

Funny Thing About The Intellectual Left

Watching various appearances by Will Self on Youtube and whilst acknowledging that he is an interesting fellow with his monotone delivery and sesquipedalian peppered discourse I could not help but be reminded of an interesting characteristic of those intellectuals who lean leftward,namely the utter banality of their thoughts the minute they veer into the political.From complex ideas they slip seamlessless into the kind of banalities you would only expect to hear from a pub bore with an IQ in single numbers.Don't ask me to explain this phenomena, I only seek to drawn attention to it but it does fascinate me, almost as much as why people hold left wing beliefs in the first place!

The Tyranny Of Hurt Feelings

The tyranny of hurt feelings dictates that a person's freedom of speech be circumscribed by another's right not to be offended by it.We have the police arresting people for thoughtcrime,the expression of politically incorrect views on twitter and social network sights and this exactly a year after the police stood back and facilitated the wholesale looting and destruction of towns and cities across the country by feral yahoos and youths totally exempted from the rule of law.It is clear that the police have become a criminal corrupt arm of a corrupt State and that we are slouching inexorably towards totalitarianism.The Endgame of Democracy is staring us in the face.

Curse Of Izlam

We are all supposed to be terribly concerned about what is going on in Syria but I am not.I actually think arabs killing arabs is a good thing,something to be encouraged and facilitated rather than stopped.If they are killing one another they are not killing us.We know the self loathing amongst arabs is the death force that drives them,the endgame of their nihilistic belief system which is a corrupted plagiarized version of a plagiarisation (ie christianity) and it is entirely in our interest that they self eradicate themselves,raize each others mosques to the ground and put one another to the sword or roadside bomb and that they continue to do this on an industrial scale.

The only bright spot in the whole Middle east is Israel but for some reason we seem intent on demonising it whilst perversely championing the arabs who are primitive,barbaric,uncivilised and parasitic and have no redeeming qualities and instead have sought to destroy the modern world with the disgusting despicable amoral support of the so called intellectual Left.

The camel f#####s would still be living in tents if the West had not drilled for oil because they are too stupid and primitve to do it themselves,lacking the technological know-how.Then like the parasites they are they sought to nationalise the achievements of the West and we are in the mess we are today as a result.

Just as the Fascists killing Communists during the Second World War was a welcome development so the arabs and islamists killing one another is too.We should seek to deracinate arabs from the West,dump them back in their Middle East hell hole and let them finish the job of self extinction.

Boredom,The Last Taboo?

You never hear anyone talking about boredom in public.Children whine about being bored but for adults it seems like the shame that dare not speak its name.I sometimes wonder if I am the only one prone to it and it is a personal failing.As I only inhabit this space and no one else's I cannot tell for sure but I guess it is a universal human condition,a manifestation of what one associate long ago termed an awareness of 'the pain of one's existence.'

So if it is metaphysical in nature what is its provenance?Those of a religious bent would say, as the previous quote suggests, that it is the curse of fallen man,the painful awareness of one's sinful nature and being flawed and human we seek to escape from this feeling with endless distractions and pleasures.

All of modern life in this context could be seen as a flight from reality,a doomed attempt to escape from the realisation of our plight as sinners.I am not entirely sold on this explanation but it would explain the existential angst one periodically experiences.Boredom is a bit like a spiritual cancer that corrodes the soul.It steals up on one like a thief in the night but unlike the latter is reluctant to leave and hangs around for an hour or so and then goes as mysteriously as it came.Maybe it is a modern phenomena caused by too much leisure.

I actually find the average person very boring and cannot to be in the company of people for that long.Domesticity,the mundane,commonplaces,all these can set one off down the ennui path and of course if one is bored when alone the worrying yet ineluctable conclusion is that oneself is boring!