Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Comments Conservativehome censored

'This site(Conshome) represents the last death throes of a morally intellectually bankrupt party craving power for power's sake.It is rudderless,amoral, self serving, power lusting,cynical,opportunist and frankly corrupt.Half its members or more have been caught with their fingers in the till including its leader and it has the brass neck to seek to run for office.It offers no hope,no promise,has even hinted it will RAISE taxes supports the criminal cartel of the EU which makes the gangsters of Italy's mafia seem moral by comparison.The country is on the brink of bankruptcy and it offers no vision,no hope no clue.No wonder it wants to shut up its critics!Its belauguered position in the polls is testimony to all this.The worst Labour government,economic Armageddon and Conservative gutlessness is betokening a hung parliament. Its sollution? Lets shoot the messenger!' (It seems Conservatives don't like Home truths!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

State Ponzi Scheme

In the UK on the eve of an election you would think there would be some serious debate about the role of the State,what Government is for but instead we have the cult of Personality,kindergarten politics to disguise the ugly truth that there is not a cigarette paper between the ideologies of the contending parties.They are Statists all,but the greatest offenders are the Tories for pretending that the EU which they support, can be reformed from the Supra Socialist state it is to the freemarket association of States they favour.This is the Big Lie and they peddal it relentlessly.Pyramid schemes are illegal and those who practice them can go to jail.The Welfare State is such a pyramid scheme so how come our leaders are not facing a long prison sentence? At least Bernie Madoff did not force anyone to join his scheme...

Tax Revolt

Acts of violence against the individual by the State are criminal and unlawful.Yes, we are referring to Taxation, the use of force by the State against a disarmed populace.When elected leaders indulge in orgies of vicarious philanthropy with tax payer's money it is time for revolt.The power is with the people.Simply by witholding taxes it can bring down the Government.At the moment the population is in an open jail but is so conditioned that it will not walk out.There are no locks but the conditioning runs deep. A velvet revolution is possible.European Socialism may have hypnotised the masses but the spell can be broken.Is a Tax strike possible? I believe so.It may be unprecendented but not impossible.Just say NO. All self employed people should not fill in their tax returns.Employers should cease being unpaid tax collectors for the government. The message should simple be Stand up to the Bully State.It commits acts of aggression against private individuals because it is a bully.Concerted action against it,civil disobedience is morally justified and totally legitimate.Power to the people!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Nice but Dim Tories

A mad Leftist dies and the Conservatives are falling over backwards to praise him.What is a Foot? Conservatives are too nice.Never mind the Nasty Party.They are not nasty enough!Imagine as I said yesterday if it had been Thatcher who died rather than the ghastly Foot.Would there have been an outpouring of love and fawning praise?So why this grovelling apeeasement by Conservatives and does it not betoken moral weakness masquerading as compassion?This moral weakness is endemic in Conservatism and is the reason why under the worst Labour leadership for decades they are barely making any inroads into the Labour vote.People sense the lack of any moral compass,the pandering to public opinion,the leading rather than following that characterises modern conservatism and it is a turn off.The bottom of all this is that Conservatives are pragmatist,hedgebetters,with no ideology,no core values,adrift in moral relatavism,more into psephology than philosophy and it shows.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

One Foot In The Grave

Michael Foot has died.I never did go along with don't speak evil of the dead.Foot was evil.His sick philosophy killed hundreds of millions of people.May he rot in hell.What is nauseating is having to listen to Conservatives laud him.The Left will not have such grace when Thatcher dies.Wait for the floodgates of hatred to open then.Socialism.We will bury you...