Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pergida anti death cult rally

Opposition to the forces of darkness in the shape of unreformed Islam will rally in Newcastle today and one hopes the Pergida movement will grow exponentially over time to counter the cancerous growth of political Islam masquerading as a peaceful religion.

The evil excrescence of sharia law is anti civilization and anything Pergida can do to draw attention to this totalitarian fascist chauvinist racist nihilistic death cult of Islam will be a salutary welcome  antidote to all the pro Islamic propaganda spewed out by the mainstream media,  Islam's useful idiots and lick spittle.

Allowing the UK to be the incubus of a violent anti democratic totalitarian political jihad via the massive building of mosques in its towns and cities will be seen as the most calamitous error and self immolating act in Britain's recent history.The Powellian words echo back across the years to haunt and rebuke with prescient force and resonance: we were busily heaping up our own funeral pyre.

Friday, February 27, 2015

psychopaths for God

It is clear enough that unreformed islam is a playground for psychopaths who have found the perfect vehicle to practice their dark impulses of nihilism and sociopathy.The length to which some muslim spokespeople will go to  to rationalise away the death cult of islam and seek to give it some sociological political rationale is part of the pathology of denial we see even amongst certain liberals.

Parents and friends of the psychokillers could all be speaking from the same denial script when it is revealed that the murderer and beheader is their son or former friend: he was such a lovely person,kind to old ladies,into computer nauseam.No,he had sociopathic tendencies which were brought forth and  given licence and intellectual justification by the rhetoric of islamism.

The message to Islam is reform or face military and political anhiliation.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Licence to Shill

The BBC tv licence is unsustainable in its present form a report concludes but it will continue for the next ten years and then it will be given another name.Radical or what.The BBC should be sold to the highest bidder -Murdoch for all I care and then paid for by subscription.Forcing people on pain of imprisonment to subsidise this left wing institution is downright illiberal and as such the BBC has no more legitimacy than the Russian state tv station RT.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Green's Red faces

We know Greenenomics doesn't add up and the leader's embarrassment at not knowing her numbers on the LBC interview - and she has past form on this sort of thing - is symptomatic of a much deeper problem with the party and movement namely its tenuous grasp of economic reality to say nothing of its far left malevolent anti freedom,anti capitalist bias.This is the most anti freedom party since the days of the British communist party and any exposure of its unsound fragile grip on reality is all to the good as this is a highly toxic ideologically nihilistic movement at its rotten core.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Malcolm EX

The vile Scottish slimeball Malcolm  Rifkind has finally got his just desserts and had his corrupt ass kicked out of politics and quite why he has enjoyed such a long career is a mystery wrapped in an enigma all of its own.

The welfare entitlement mentality of him and his kind is the very reason people have had it with politics which is no bad thing as the rot set in a long time ago and people may now be more receptive to the idea of smaller limited gov where such creeps and criminals are cut right down to size and their scope of corruption is severely curtailed.One can but hope.

Monday, February 23, 2015

The last Straw

Caught in a media sting Jack Straw is seen whoring his dubious services to a Chinese company for £5000 a day and has been suspended from his party, lifting the lid yet again on the stinking corruption when politics and business end up in bed with one another.One has to struggle to get one's head around the cynicism of politicians concocting byzantine laws and regulations tying businesses up in knots and then proffering their services to said businesses to negotiate and circumvent those very  bureaucratic Kafkaesque rules.

In Straw's case it was related to the EU that very embodiment of the Kafkaesque and illustrates if that were needed that the EU is the very antithesis of freetrade and requires the likes of Straw to negotiate the tortured rules it has constructed to retard trade and entrench protectionism. For a very large fee Jack will help you circumvent bureaucracy.

These are the political class who are going to clean up the tax avoidance evasion business class.Surely the word chutzpah was invented for Straw and his corrupt political class.Why does the public continue to trust such people one wonders.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jihadi Janes

The three so called British girls who have gone to Syria via Turkey are being presented very sympathetically by the media and the families are lamenting  publicly and choreagraphically it must be said over their trauma but I cannot help thinking the best thing that can happen is that they come to grief and certainly are not allowed back into the country.

Treachery of that sort is beyond forgiveness.Good riddance to very bad rubbish.This is how they repay the host country that has bent over backward to accommodate them.Piss be upon them.We are told they are very intelligent so at least the usual excuse that they know not what they do cannot be deployed.The hell with them.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Shades of hypocrisy

From the little I have heard about the phenomenon Shades of Grey with its depictions of stalking torture and rape its apparent popularity among women readers is puzzling to say the least.That it has now been turned into a film and advertisments for which  plastered over school buses as I witnessed in town the other day is depressing also.

Are we to read from this that many women have an ambivalent attitude about violence towards them and how  this speak to the victories of feminism god only knows.Perhpas many women covertly share the view of some men that there is rape and rape and that a woman raped in an alley by a stranger is not the same as a woman who has sexual intercourse against her will after going up to a man's appartment in a consensual arrangement.If this is what they believe perhaps they should say so as it appears to be the inference from the mass popularity amongst women of this fictional work.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Oborne Legacy

Peter Oborne's departure or self regarding flounce from the Telegraph on the  grounds of the latter's  non coverage of the left wing media contrived HSBC story is neither regrettable or surprising as this rabid left wing tory has always expressed an unconcelaed hatred of capitalism and perhaps can now enjoy a position at the Guardian or Independent where I predict he will end up and where he undoubtedly belongs.

The paper in its editorial takes a well justified swipe at the BBC and other hypocritical news outlets with their tendentious anti capitalist propaganda which in the case of the BBC of course is funded out of a State imposition of tax re the TV licence fee which people have to pay on pain of imprisonment.

Steve Hewlet the BBC's resident leftie media reporter did a critical piece on the Telegraph on radio 4 Today prog which was characteristically biased and abusive toward the Telegraph and as we are all forced to pay the lefty lickspittle's wages it is surely the licence payers who should feel justifiably aggrieved at this intolerable and morally untenable imposition.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Self abuse

The intellectual degeneracy of the left finds its full noisome expression in the reptilian Will Self explaining why he could not contribute to the debate after the Charlie Hebdo slaughter and the intellectual ratiocinations proffered by him as to why   would make the most accomplished sophist appear crude by comnparison.Satire  Self argued is supposed to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable and as the mohamud cartons offended all muslims it was therefor not satire and so not worthy of defence.

Moral cowardice rationalised as a principled postion indeed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Beware! Slippery sophists at work

In an oldish youtube of Peter Hitchens and brother Christopher the former makes a very slippery argument which is not uncharacteristic of him to the effect that liberty if perverted into licence will produce a backlash of authoritaianism and he states it in his matter of factness tone of voice as if it were an indisputable fact rather than a very dangerous fallacy and I shall hopefully explain why it is just such.

For a start he does not define terms.Just what does licence mean,it is a purposely undefined loaded term which may well mean any action of which Peter the stern moralist personally disapproves.Who know what he intends,we can surmise it would encompass such things as pornography and drug consumption and as a matter of fact I now recall he does refer to the former in the American context of the founding fathers who when framing their document on liberty ie the Constitution were so moral they could never have dreamed that an avalanche of porn would descend on the continent a few centuries after the document had been finished.

So liberty means comporting yourself in an upright moral way and if you deviate from the path of righteousness,well liberty is not for you and it will be  taken away from you.In the guise of forestalling authoritarianism Peter Hitchens end up advocating it.A very strange way of coming at liberty indedeed.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

You didn't build that, take two

To truly understand the pathology of left wing thought people could do worse than spend a day listening to radio 4 s political output but it does require a strong stomach.This from a caller to a phone in prog after the Any Questions ,to paraphrase: employers are basically criminals who not only evade and avoid tax but hire people on low wages and then keep all the profits and moreover they do not actually do any real physical work but just manipulate systems and they are ergo little more than criminals and should be treated as such.

This was pretty much the vein of the whole section on the recent tax avoidance evasion furore from the people who called in.To the gulags with them,send them off to the fields.North Korea and Cambodia invocations.Not one whimper of objection to this moral intellectual outrage and obscenity from the vacuous female presenter was forthcoming.

We should at least be grateful to be given such a terrifying  but instructive  and vital ventilation of the left wing view of the world.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Living in a Political World

Everything is political and that is a pretty good definition of the totalitarian.Yet the clamour never ceases for more politics,more political solutions,the refrain the government should do this or that is never far from any conversation and this should be a cause of grave concern and alarm yet it is not.The personal is the political was always an ominous statement and now we begin to see its ghastly and sinister implications.

The politicisation of every thought word and deed is a poison that will corrode our liberty and we really need to examine how we have strayed so far from the concept of individual liberty and freedom and how creeping statism has now insinuated its way into every nook and cranny of  human existence and actually changed our use of language,the way we think and our culture.The abolition of the personal and the part that religion and philosphy has played in this process is something of utmost urgency to examine and there is not that much time left to do it.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Psychopathology of Faith

Watching Roy Masters for my sins I came across a comment he made about Steve Jobs Apple creator of the I Pad. The reason he died according to Masters is because re his invention he did not give acknowledgement of the achievement to God.He worked too hard he added.Is this the essence of religious faith I wondered.Apart from the sheer malice and contempt towards Jobs,the insult is instructive in illustrating the mindset of believers.

One wonders what achievements of the human race along the slow halting and tortuous path to civilization were ever arrived at through meditation ie sitting in a straight backed chair and being aware of the moment.The religious scientists who did achieve anything of note did so by keeping faith well out of their labours and only giving a craven and perfunctory namecheck to God at the end  a la Masters.

Religion stood at the gates of science and barred all from entering on pain of torture and death,it  gave us the barbarity of the dark ages and the enlightenment and the dawn of civilization only came with the defeat of the religious establishment and the unseating of its votaries by the sheer force of reason and its application in science.The technology that Masters cynically avails himself of whilst disrespectfully abusing   only came about through the defeat of the kind of medieval religiosity he lauds.

Russia the new Fascist frontier

There are not many countries that go from communism to fascism without  missing a beat but Russia has achieved this illustrating perhaps the fundamental commonalites between the two collectivst ideologies.The common characteristic of kleptocracy are key.As Russia slides inexorably towards full blown fascist dictatorship its borders seek to expand exponentially as it demands more territory to feed its voracious appetite for human and natural resources and to deflect attention away from its totalitarian internal policies by creating a common enemy of the other which is the eternal appeal of nationalism.

There are as ever always useful idiots among the perpetually aggrieved pseudo  intellectual classes who will lend their voice to the totalitarian beast in this case Putin's Russia and will protstitute what little intelligence they have to the service of the propaganda lie machine and these can be seen whoring their dubious talents on State run Soviet RT broadcast throughout Western Europe spewing out a steady stream of anti Western anti American propaganda and notable amongst these are the  noisome oleaginous soviet lickspittle George Galloway and Max Keiser,and Stacy Herbert and a whole host of pro Putin votaries towing the party line for financial emolument.

Russia's incurson into the Ukraine and its brazen annexation of Crimea are Hitleresque in scope and kind but do not warrant NATO involvement,the latter organization well past its sell by date but moral opprobrium heaped on Putin and ostracism will be a far more effective tool against this maladroit 20th century gargoyle.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The sophist argument for taxation

The pro tax statists argue that those who avoid paying taxes are criminal because they have used the health,education transport and other state services and not paid for them.They go on to say that the people they employ in their businesses have benefited from the education service etc and so indirectly, have their tax avoiding employers. This neatly avoids the fact that in all those interactions one thing is entirely absent namely individual volition.In all these instances there was no voluntary engagement in those services,they are entirely state coerced,with individual choice totally absent from the equation.

It is the height of absurdity  immorality and disengenuousness to say that one owes any duty to participate in one's own servitude by paying tax and that one should be grateful to receive services one had no choice in selecting and was forced to pay for under duress by the state.To demand that a person so deprived of their liberty owes a duty to comply with this arrangement is to demand a sanction of the victim which no self respecting person could possibly give.

Politicans/glass houses/stones

Politicians trade on the public's short memory.This comes in useful with the tax avoidance evasion furore as they can present themselves as the people who are going to solve the problem and crack down on the guilty when it was only a few years ago the whole political class was in the dock for fiddling their expenses and the system was exposed as rotten to the core.Now it has been ostensibly reformed and their opportunity for malfeasance has been curbed they now want to present themselves as on the side of financial probity,going after the avoiders and evaders.If there was a Nobel prize for chutzpah they would all be sure fire contenders.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Tax avoidance and evasion is Moral

The sheer scale of tax avoidance and evasion in the UK is proof positive that the tax levels are  prohibitive and punitive and gives the lie to the gov propaganda that they are competitive and reasonable.The thriving black economy further illustrates this with people who have little disposable income having to resort to avoidance and evasive methods to circumvent the greed and insatiable appetite and invasive depradations of the British tax system.

The tax zealots who see taxation as a  weapon to punish the productive and industrious seek to position themselves on the moral highground but it is the twisted perverted moral inverted universe occupied by all mafia outfits and criminal gangs who seek to justify their parasitic predatory operations with a pseudo moralistic front.

There is nothing moral whatsoever in the State stealing and plundering from the producers via taxation to redistribute to the non producers in order to grub for votes from the non working welfare classes to gain political power.This is corruption and extortion on an industrial scale by a ruling kleptocratic class all done through the poisoned channels of the democratic process and the ballot box illustrating once again the essential amoral depravity at the rotten heart of democracy.

At both ends of the income scale there is a covert revolt against the political taxing  elites and they should join together in commonality and begin an organised revolt against the parasitic predatory political ruling class of thieves and bandits all seemingly united and driven by a pathological ideological hatred of trade,commerce,industry success and capitalism.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nicola Splurgeon's Greekenomics

As the SNP has pledged to go on an  anti austerity spending orgy with the full expectation that it will be English taxpayers bailing Scotland out when it goes  the way of Greece it is surely incumbent on the British government to let the Scots know now that there will be no such bailout before it hurtles down its self destructive socialist path.

The liberal media deliberately talked up the prospect a yes vote during the Scottish referndum which forced the hands of a panicking coalition to offer the Scots incentives to vote no and which has left the English taxpayers with  the financial burdens of a defacto independent Scotland which has been granted  all the advantages of gov but none of the liabilities.

This will only cause resentment in England and hasten the inevitable day of its dissolution as a nation state.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Atheism next to godliness

 It is interesting to note how many atheists are liberal socialist in their politics including the late Christopher Hitchens.They may believe they have shaken off their religious heritage but in their very political positions ie socialism the root of which is altruism they are simply manifesting it in another form. As the heart of Christian faith is of course altruism, in advocating socialism they have in effect merely substituted the power of the state for the power of god.

Hitchens  argued that human goodness and a sense of right and wrong are innate - hence his rather astonishing claim  that a young child knows the difference between right and wrong without being taught, rather than being born tabula rasa and that it is perfectly possible to have a moral philosophy without any ties to religious thought and to suggest otherwise was an insult to all decent non believers.Whilst the latter is undoubtedly true the idea of innate goodness is of religious origin.

It was no accident  that the early socialists called their brave new world of socialist planing the New Jerusalem acknowledging thereby the religious foundations of altruist thought.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

God of taxation

The vile and noxious Giles Frasier C of E bigmouth is a good argument for disestablishment and on Today prog he was vomiting his usual totalitarian Marxism about taxation but with a Christian twist.The money we earn does not really belong to us but to God and taxation is simply an acknowledgement of this 'fact' and ergo politicians are merely carrying out God's work by taxing us.

 No one could have drawn a more graphic illustration of the straight line between faith in an other dimensional deity and secular collectivist  thought.The choice for man is therfor simple: bow the knee to a totalitarian God or its secular equivalent, the State.

As shocking and as obscene as Frasier's views undoubtedly are it is good to have them laid out so bare, in plain sight so one can see what one is dealing with. All the better to counter them with reason and show therby how such views are in existential conflict with individual rights and liberty ie the very requirements for human existence , survival, material prosperity and success.

The pitiful response from the Conservative Right to all this is to say yes, this celestial dictator does indeed own the human race but like a loving father he wants his children to be responsible and not dependent layabouts so he subjects them to tough love and discourages welfare  dependency.This is to face both ways and represents an existential contradiction:   man is born a slave and commanded to be free.

The only correct and consistent position to adopt is to say that man must be free from all coercion whether it come from another dimension in the form of a mystical entity or some earthly dictatorship of the state. No one appears to be doing this which represents a philosophical vaccum at the heart of political discourse.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Tax and the mafia state

Tax avoidance is a normal human response to physical force.Since when did it become illegal.Just as an individual would cross over the road to avoid a mugger the natural reaction to a predatory state is to take action to circumvent it. Everyone who can  does it hence the maligned black economy.If governments crack down on this perfectly rational behaviour there will just be another flight of business out of the country,the much famed braindrain of old.Instead of jumping on the anti business Labour bandwagon the gov should defend businesses from protecting their profits and pledge not to wage a vendetta against them.

The vile socialist witch bitch Margaret Hodge of the Public Affairs Comintern star chamber tried  on the radio 4 Today pro to equate tax avoidance with benefit fraud  seemingly unable to distinguish between an attempt by business to keep hold of its earnings and a welfare troglodyte gaming the system. Apparently the businesses in question  in her twisted universe are somehow, depriving the taxpayers although even in her crazy pretellogic this is surely  a cognitive contortion too far.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Left un thought crime

Chalked mesages on the pavement outside a local library included such gems as 'books not war' and 'keep books free' and other such doggerel serving to illustrate  one of the salient features of the left namely its sloganeering that succeeds in bipassing the conscious   part of the brain which is a key part of its attraction for those who prefer to emote than reason.

Such an approach leaves the door wide open for demagoguery and downright lying of course -' keep books free' being a case in point.Someone is paying for them,they are not free.This is not just sloppy language but intentional deception.The essential infantilism of the left is exposed as like children they demand things imperiously and will brook no dissent.Ends are divorced from means and instant gratification is demanded accompanied by histrionics and threats if the demands are not met.A self righteous tone of course goes with the territory.

The eternal appeal of the demagogue is to make the unreasonable sound reasonable.Leftism, will never go away, alas.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Labour and the politics of hate

Under Labour will business people have to wear some insignia on their clothing to identity themselves as its anti business campaign morphs into  the new anti semitism? There is for sure something of an ugly persecution of business in Labour's recent pronouncements that are ominous enough.

Tax havens are excoriated and Milliband is going to be on their case.A proper response from the latter should be stop persecuting your business people who are the backbone of any nation,stop plundering them of their resources in taxation and they will not have to take their money out of your country to protect it from your parasitic and predatory policies designed  to reward your political base with welfare and handouts.

A meek response is the more likely one but we should not forget that first they came for the businessmen......

Friday, February 06, 2015

Liberal Larceny

It is easy to forget that it was the liberal party at the turn of the 20th century that ushered in the collectivist state we know today,prefiguring the welfare state and its punitive tax base and redistributive follies.The father of the welfare state was Lloyd George and the Gladstone reform acts were the pathway along the tortuous road to welfare serfdom.

So it was no surprise given its ideological provenance that Clegg announced yesterday part of the Liberal manifesto for gov involving taxation of the wealthy as this is par for the course for liberals who think human beings exist soley to service the rapacious state in its egalitarian socialist ends of larceny and wealth redistribution.This despite the liberal's ceaseless efforts to position themselves to the right of Labour, as the moderate point between the latter and the tories.

They love to play good cop to the tories bad cop but it is all window dressing as the Liberals are the most illiberal when it comes to seeing human beings as the material means to socialist ends of big government.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Is this all there is?

It is often said by those of faith that man cannot live by bread alone and needs a spiritual side to his nature and not just an arrid materialism.This is to misrepresent those who live by reason as the spiritual and transcendent for them can be expressed in art,music,literature,relationships etc.One can marvel and appreciate nature in all its manifestations without thinking it is the creation of a mystical entity from another dimension.

For those governed by reason the spiritual is the mind and all that can be achieved by it and its unlimited potential and capacity.There is a certain malevolence and belittling of human achievement in the religious whine of 'is this all there is' as if all the vast possibilites of the human conciousness were somehow of naught and to be derided as the pathetic attempts of human beings to be the architects of their own destiny,to be beings of a self made soul which is manifestly what we are.

Mythologising Left

How many times do we hear the phrase global capitalism trip glibly from the lips of the left as if it were an actual fact rather than a created myth.It seems incapable of honest debate and has to conjur up fictions and pedal misrepresentations to gain support from an already credulous public.

It is no accident that the economic crash of 07/8 occurred in the most heavily state regulated markets namely banking and housing.It was gov that strong armed the banks into lending to those who had no visible means of paying back the money and even had an agency in Fannie May expressly designed to that end.When everything fell apart the state then declared there to be a failure of capitalism and unleashed another avalanche of regulation!

Global capitalism, another paper tiger of the left that is ripe for the shredder. For such a defintion to be accurate there would have to be a total absence of taxation and regulation rather than the mixed economy confection we see globally.

And let us not forget that the cause of the housing shortage in the UK and many other countries is again down to state interference as the planning laws are so onerous,the bureaucratic paper trail so tortuous that an artificial shortage has been created, compounded by green belt preservation restrictions and the state monopoly of land which it has no business owning.If such restrictions were lifted and a truly free market of land and property unleashed there would be an abudance of housing for all who required it rather than the present state induced scarcity.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Labour macht frei

To Labour business is organized crime and no amount of anathema poured over it is ever enough.A flight of capital and business out of the UK seems inevitable with the very real threat of a Labour victory at the polls in May.With a Marxist leader way to the left of Michael Foot who seems like a social democrat in comparison business has every right to feel threatened by a Labour government.

With no understanding of business the only achievement of a Miliband gov is another brain drain as was witnessed in the 1950's and the only business that will remain will end up in a Gulag of tax and regulation, nationalised by stealth to pay for the Greek like expansion of the state and the public sector all organised and controlled of course by Labour's paymeisters the unions.Back to the future as the old labour dog returns to its gromit.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Reflections on democracy...

A whole programme devoted to democracy on radio 4 recently manage to spend its entirety discussing process without questioning democracy itself.What does it matter if 33% get to vote your liberty away or 99%,when the end is identical -a denial of liberty? If one man's liberty is taken from him liberty is denied.The democracy pardigm is utilitarian,what the majority want.Nothing could be more illiberal.To vote to abandon democracy is a contradiction itself so logically anyone who opposes democracy should not go to the ballot box to do so as to do so would validate democracy.Unless I am missing something...

Monday, February 02, 2015

Conservative anatomy

A Conservative Telegraph journalist Kate Maltby I think on Question Time last week prefaced her comments by saying: 'I am not a socialist'. She then proceeded to give a long emotive speech in defence of the NHS.Working on the premise of never underestimating the stupidity of a BBC audience she of course got away with it but it is illustrative of conservative 'thought'.

Perhaps I am being too generous toward the woman in question.She could be so confused and muddled in her thinking that she really believes that one can support the   NHS and Not be a socialist. As the NHS is a political ideological socialist construct through and through it is hard to see how this could be the case however especially as the woman was introduced as a historian! So I think it is safe to say she knew exactly what she was doing, namely to completely deceive her audience which is hardly the behaviour one would expect from a historian.

Looking at recent Conservative history this practice of deceit is one of its most salient characteristics -one only has to take a cursory look at how it has systematically misled and lied to the public about the UK's membership of the EU for decades and indeed continues to do so.

So dissimulation is one of the Conservatives sine qua non. As it professes to be anti ideological,pragmatist,non philosophical this gives it an awful lot of wriggle room which is an essential  requirement for political office or so it thinks

This sorry state of affairs does illustrate one thing perfectly and that is the inpossiblity of being ideology/philosophy -free.The quaint/bizarre thing about Conservatives is they truly believe that if you do not explicitly name the premise,ideology and philosophy that is driving your policies that will mean you are not being guided by them.

Although this is hard to comprehend it is of course possible that a person can be so divorced from the conceptual realm of thinking they can put forward policies that are based on an ideology and philosophy that they have never identified so that policies become floating concretes to be applied arbitrarily completely separated from their conceptual provenance and such is the nature of conservatism.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Greece, the EU and the UK Left's Hypocrisy

Funny how here in the UK anyone who dared to challenge the supreme wisdom of the the EU and all its works over the decades has been branded variously by the British Left establishment as the devil incarnate,'little Englanders,racists,bigots,'anti Europeans' and altogether socially, morally and intellectually beyond the pale.Yet when a bunch of extreme Left/Communists/ hooligans in Greece decide to confront and challenge the EU grand   project  there is not a peep from the UK left.Suddenly its the brave and plucky Greeks against  the cruel apparatchiks of Brussels.Albeit self awareness has never been one of the Left's strong points,the rest of us are surely entitled to marvel and reflect on the sheer brazen hypocrisy and double standards from them on this issue.

Hostage to fortune

Some debate over whether an individual or State should do deals with hostages but my provisional rather than definitive view is that they should not as it gives sucor and financial aid to terorists who will be emboldened to carry out yet more hostage taking so that in paying ransom to free one's loved one or State's citizen it is tantamount to aiding and abetting terrorists,contributing to future hostage taking and it is therfor a criminal act of collaboration and collusion.

There is more than one way to support the enemy and it makes no difference whether the support is material and financial or spiritual/intellectual.A prisoner swap whilst not adding any direct financial benefit to the hostage takers gives them cachet,emboldens and empowers their cause and leverages their influence and therfor their ability to wreak destruction and terorise in order to achieve their stated objectives.(It is for this reason that the famous broadcasters nicknamed Lord Haw Haw who contributed propaganda to the Germans during world war two was rightly considered a traitor to the West and who when he was apprehended was put on trial and executed as a defacto enemy combatant as he had lent intellectual succor to the Nazi war machine which was hell bent on the destruction of Britain).