Friday, September 29, 2006

Tesco: Why Some Hate It

The anti Tesco brigade were out in force on radio 5 this morning. The same tired old arguments were trotted out in what was obviously an orchestrated campaign of phoning in.

A profile of the antis would probably go like this: lefty, Guardianista, anti capitalist/ free market/ enterprise/ pro -managed socialist economy. Except of course the antis never come clean about their true agendas. They throw up a smoke screen of false manipulated bogus economic figures and sophistries.

Fortunately there was a strong spokesman for Tesco who was able to rebutt the nonsense they were spouting despite some failed attempts on their part to shout him down. The aggression and hostility coming from these callers was the tell- tale sign of their leftist disposition, the desperate resorting to hooligan tactics.

The same Leftist suspects operate in the US with their remorseless hate campaign against Wallmart. I think the general public which supports Tesco and the amazing shopping experience it provides are beginning to see through these activists and their real ugly motives.

Look at what happens when the State runs things -NHS and Education. The above described people would like to see Tescos run similarly. Wating lists for basic foodstuffs, Moscow Soviet breadlines. Apples and pears? Come back in six months.....

I'd be happier if Tescos took over the NHS....

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bi Polar Bears No Scrutiny

Stephen Fry, who I have to acknowledge is quite the most charming and greatly gifted fellow has been on a two part BBC documentary about manic depression, now called bi polar disorder. Most patients of this condition are on permanent medication with lithium etc to keep the extreme manic symptoms at bay.

I am not so sure deploying psychobabble terms such as bi polar, attention deficit syndrome etc to mental states is at all helpful. Very often it obscures the matter and renders it harder to address.

What in the past would have been understood as common garden anger, rage, resentment, self pity, petulance is given a pseudo scientific name and thus excused. The person is no longer responsible for their infantile regressive delinquency and becomes a victim. Thus is a vice transformed into a virtue.

This is good business for the legions of psychobabblers and quacks and the legions in pharmaceutical industry pedalling their chemical coshes but it is nothing short of disastrous for society with its moral compass smashed and its worst vices pathologised away.

Socialism and its Malcontents

Speaking to a friend today who I respect in many ways, we got on to the subject of inherited wealth, specifically re houses. My friend expressed vehement opposition to the idea of handed- down wealth. Right there I sort of got the whole picture of the socialist mindset - the hatred of achievement, the hatred of progress, the desire to make every year year zero, no building on the past, or respect for the past, a sort of mindless worship of regression, atavism and primitivism.

Civilisation is built on progressive steps by the generations towards self improvement and realisation. Each successive generation improves on the last, hands down its collective wisdom, passes on the baton to the next, wishes it a better life than it had, in an ever evolving vertical direction.

What does socialism proffer by way of an alternative? An appropriation of wealth and achivement and its redistibution to the non producers, the non achievers, all in a perverted, inverted, etiolated, anti concept of egalitarianism, which divested of its conceits and evasions is little more than plunder and larceny.

Envy of achievement is always disguised as a virtue, a desire to help the unfortunate. Except it never rings true. You don't have to talk to people with such views for long to see that they are consumed with hatred for those who have managed to achieve a modicum of material assets and want nothing more than to divest them of those things in order to mitigate their own sense of failure.

Blair: Great Great Speech

And I only heard the last 20 minutes! Can any Labourite hearing him today not be thinking what on earth have we done to jettison such a brilliant classic labour leader for a third rate speaker who has all the charisma of a used teabag?

Just as the Americans couldn't understand why Thatcher was dumped - for John Major (!) they find it incomprehensible why Blair's party should be relinquishing such a great leader. Could this be the start of Labour's wilderness years all over again?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Open Letter To George Galloway on Talksport *

I used to think Tony Benn was the biggest fruitcake in the UK - until I heard your programme. Now I know he is the second...

Why not invite on some challenging guests -like Christopher Hitchens who would whup your sorry ass as he has done so many times in the past and give you the mother of all drubbings -instead of your delluded cronies like loony Benn.

Benn may be able to believe 7 impossible things before breakfast but you clearly Mr Gallway can accomodate at least a 100. If you believe even half the things you claim to perhaps we could meet up sometime and I could sell you some dud jewelry.

If they paid people for self publicity you would be on top dollar. A group lie-in in the the road as protest? This is juvenile puerile student stuff. You are an interesting study in arrested moral and political development.

The usual suspects were at the protest: the great unwashed mad Marxist Socialist Workers party, CND, illegal? immigrants. You clearly have not learned that 'he who lies down with dogs gets up with fleas'.

Hugo Chavez the greatest man of all time? I'm wondering if there is any blood- soaked tyrant you haven't sucked up to. Too bad Hitler and Stalin were before your time. Just be glad they don't shoot people for treason any more. Clearly you believe to Haw Haw is better than to War War...

How sad that you choose to use your considerable talents (not the least of which is charm) to such base and evil ends.

Why not read this, if only as a counterbalance to the regular love-in you conduct with your fawning mentally-challenged acolytes?

*(my letter was not posted on the website or read out for some reason.....)

Dear Prudence ( Brown's Prudence will cost us Dear)

Would you want him as your accountant let alone PM? You would end up in jail for dodgy book-keeping . What in the world of business would get you a jail sentence in the world of politics apparently brings you respect for 'prudence'.

I haven't heard his speech yet but no doubt it is already being bottled for sale as a cure for insomnia. I don't care if he is dour, or socially autistic or a Scot come to that, the only criteria should be, is he up to the job. On that count of course the answer can only be no. A Red in tooth and claw socialist, Brown as prime minister is the stuff of which nightmares are made.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

X Factor Upturns A Can Of Worms

Why does the X Factor make for such compulsive viewing? Perhaps because of the sheer self dellusion exhibited by so many of the contestants when confronted with their patent inability to sing. When they come before the judges it is probably the first time in their life they have been subjected to an impartial and brutally frank assessment of their performance -in any field. It is a cultural shock they are simply not equipped to handle.

In the 'all must have prizes' ethos of the state education system these youngsters have been sold such a bill of gooods about their inherent worth, been given such unconditional approval totally divorced from any concept of merit or earned value that they simply cannot take on board any criticism whatsoever. Every comment is met with petulance, disbelief, rage and tantrums.

Hence the compulsive viewing syndrome where the viewer is transfixed by the sheer trainwreck he is confronted with, of people so at odds with reality that the disjunct between it and their delusions provides vast scope for amusement and hillarity.

The government of course breeds this climate of malign egalitariansim. 'No child left behind' captures it perfectly. Imagine a race where that is the objective. It could only ever be realised by handicapping the most able, by holding them back. A level playing field becomes code word for equality of outcome.

Oliver Wants More

I know some of my fellow bloggers disagree with me on this one but I think Jamie Oliver is the best thing since sliced (organic) bread.They claim he his part of the Nanny State but it is not so. If they want to feed their kids processed slurry that is their affair but it shouldn't be part of the school menu.

Just as we have every right to object to the poison the schools are feeding children's minds - the left wing ideology and political correctness - we should be equally concerned about the poison they are feeding their bodies.

Oliver is a multi millionaire and has achieved more than most, if not all of his armchair critics at a very young age. The amount of abuse has been subjected to of late smacks of the 'tall poppy syndrome' to me.

As for the parents sneaking in junk food to their hapless children, what more proof of the old adage: problem children, problem parents?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Way To Go, Pope!

He's only gone and done it! Said what most sane people around the world know and see to be the plain truth: Islam is an evil ugly death worshipping cult. A cancer that must be eradicated. Nuked.

We must nuke Mecca....

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I Have A Dream...

If I were to run as an independent and could get financial backing I would propose the following in my manifesto.

Ban abortion and homosexuality.

Repatriation of all muslims and dismantlement of all mosques.

End all immigration.

Reintroduction ofCapitol punnishment.

Tough harsh prison conditions without any of the present liberal namby pambying of criminals.

Public thrashing of burglars and muggers,rapists etc.

Repeal of easy divorce laws.

Right to bear arms(already in bill of rights)

Purge the police force of all PC commissars and dictats

Privatisation of BBC

Denationalisation of NHS,

Denationalisation of State Education.

Abolition of income tax and vat and the thousands of stealth tax introduced by Stalinist Brown

Sack the million or more government public serpents/ parasites

Dismantle the Welfare State

Abolish inheritance tax and stamp duty

Abolish the minimum wage and all the thousands of red tape NU labour legislation on business

Immediate UK withdrawal from the EU and UN

But what would I do in the afternoon?

Nuke Iran!

( I'd spoil their whole day......)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Naseem Evil Scumbag

Released early from prison for crippling a man with his reckless driving the evil muslim scumbag preens and swaggers and bemoans his lot for missing a family event while in jail. He needs a damn good thrashing.I hope the man who's life he has ruined sues him for all he has got.

Early release from jail for criminals Is criminal.Who cares if there is overcrowding? That is no grounds for letting the toe rags out early.