Saturday, January 07, 2017

To the Finland Station

If anyone doubts that there is barely a scintilla of difference between Left and Right economically these days they need only look to Finland whose  centre Right government has introduced an automatic wage to its citizens the equivalent of £4oo per month -regardless of whether they are unemployed or have a job! This however is not really a new phenomena as socialism and right wing go together like a horse and carriage as witness Nazi Germany -National Socialist party -the clue's in the name. Hitler's speech and programme and  were interlarded with the old theme of the individual sacrificing himself to the Motherland State. The present day sees Marie le Penn and Trump on the right seeking protectionist tarriff imposing anti capitalist policies.Try telling them apart from the Left wing economic programme if you can.

This patent fraud on the public should have been rumbled a long time ago yet we hear the same old tripe about 'both sides of the polical aisle' perpetrated by the advocates of statism of course who seek to present Left and Right as opposite poles when they are ideological bedfellows with a minute insignificant variation between them.When or if the public every rumbles this ruse we may get a genuine choice at last -ie between the Left-Right statist parties and the advocates of small state free market capitalism on the other.

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